Best position to do anal

Megan (guest) 2018-02-07

I use to love anal but i havnt had it for along time so when i try it again it hurts is ther. Way thst better at doing it

Evan 2018-02-07

Doggy style :-) But take your time and lube up


When I do anal I would have you kneel on the couch so that I am in a standing position, I have given many women the anal pleasure that they seek.

 So I am steve and I would like to have you come to me and I will give you the pleasure that you seek, this is my cell number "Two one eight four two nine one one eight zero" 

Bad_Therapy_Man (guest) 2018-05-01

The best position for your next ass-fucking is clearly bent over my couch, spreading your asscheeks for me.  Does that help?

There is no bad position if your cock fills thr gap (guest) 2018-07-03

i like when my cock is about to pop,letting gravity take over drop it grpm above..

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