pale girls?

Sandwich999 2017-09-04

well, I'm very pale and I'd like to know what you think.. do you like pale, just tanned girls or whatever? anyway.. speak your minds!
Maciej 2017-09-04

DragonMike 2017-09-04

DragonMike 2017-09-04

BallChinian wrote:

Good god! You have traumatized me with this. It's not even light out where I am and I'm putting on sun screen.

Good, then my work here is done-
and youll have healthy skin !
pecht 2017-09-04

Interesting thing about weight and skin lightness.... historically being on the fatter side showed you were wealthy and could afford to eat a lot, and as such it made you more attractive. The same was true with having lighter skin (not tanned). It meant you didn't have to work out in the sun all day, and thus, your skin was not tan. This applied to women in particular, but also to men.

How times change... and for so many different reasons.
jackharris493 2018-01-14

I love a pale girl. 

Lucifer (guest) 2018-01-18

Love pale girls...

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