Ever fucked someone just after some else did?

Keith (guest) 2017-11-23
Has this ever happened to you, whether you knew it or not? I have had a
couple of instances where I found out later the person I was with
fucked someone earlier in the evening, and it really turns me on to
think about it.

It's also a turn on to enter a woman after someone else has just been inside her in a group sex scenario.

Would love to hear your thoughts.
havefunxoxo 2018-01-28

it is so hot,,,,when fucking a well fucked pussy filled with cum,,,,,

JF Sebastian (guest) 2018-06-01

I like to send my gorgeous girlfriend out to a dive bar to pick guys to fuck. I then watch her on close circuit TV. When the guy leaves I'm ready to fuck her. Sometimes before he's out of the parking lot I'm on top of her cumming. 

She fucks a lot of black guys! We both like that

A couple of times I've dared her to take home the first guy who hits on her at a bar. However, I set it up with losers I find on Craigslist. I send them a pic and text them where she's going. She got fucked by a really fat guy a few months back. Probably the best moment of his life. 

She looks like Racquel Darrian in her prime, but she will have sex with anyone. I've even had people pay me to fuck her. I just pocket the cash and enjoy the sloppy seconds. 

Always wear a condom!


A couple of times yeah... Was a bit confused and taken back the first time around but later on it became normal

SBruce (guest) 2018-10-07

my wife and I always have the best sex after she comes home after fucking another guy.

she will text me she's met someone she wants to fuck and will be late. She will slide into bed next to me and take my hand to finger her with her loves cum still in her. After I get her off she takes my hand and makes me jerk off. 

Most of her lovers are black and she loves to tell me how big they are and how many times they cum in her before she comes home.

We enjoy it.






My wife & I entertained a number of friends who were work mates of my wife.

At a recent party my wife thew for wokmates I had to go to bed early as I had a very early start next day. When I went to bed there was only a few guests still their.

About 1am my wife woke me when she came to bed & as I was feeling horny I began kissing & playing around with herh.  When I fingered her to my complete suprise I found her cunt was extremely wet with somebodys cum who had fucked her.  This immediatly gave me a hard on & my cock became hard as I went down between her legs to taste her lovers cum & the odor of their lovemaking gave me an instant erection.

We fucked for ages & to this day we both think it was the most exciting fuck we have both had.

I want her to get fucked by other guys so my penis can swim in their sperm.& i can enjoy the salty taste of their cum in my mouth. Forever!












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