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2019-03-18 - Anyone willing to share their first time stories? how was it? 


2018-12-22 -


Summer of Regrets- Christian girl's first time

2018-09-23 - Anyone like this story as much as I did? I liked these parts of the story of a good Christian girl surrendering her innocence to a guy: Quote: Ann felt she was keeping things under control as she enjoyed Tom's kisses. As they continued to kiss, Ann settled lower on the couch, vaguely aware her dress was riding up as she did so. Tom pushed Cathy back on the couch and so she was laying down with him half on top of her. She could feel his very hard manhood against her upper thigh and hip and thought about how good Don's hardness felt against her clitoris when they made out. Ann's legs spread almost involuntarily and Tom just naturally slipped between them. Ann felt his penis rub her clitoris and didn't try to stop Tom as he again massaged her breast through her dress. The intensity of Ann's feelings increased and then she suddenly climaxed. At almost the same time, Ann was sure she could feel Tom's penis pulse against her and was pretty sure he had climaxed too. She was moments away from losing her Christian innocence. Quote: This time they sat together on the couch and as they kissed Ann did not object as he put his hand first on her breast and then inside her shirt gently squeezing her nipple. However, Ann stopped him when he tried to put his hand down her shorts. Instead they ended up laying on the couch again and her legs opened to feel him stimulate her. As she felt Tom's hard penis rub her clitoris, Ann couldn't help but wonder what it looked like and how it compared to Don's. ..... As the movie progressed, Tom slipped his hand inside the top of Ann's dress and she enjoyed how it felt and how it made her feel all over. After a while, as they kissed, Ann felt Tom's hand on her leg and moving up her inner thigh. She again felt confusion as she thought of moving his hand, but also thought about how good Don's fingers had felt inside her and how good Tom's hand felt high on her inner thigh. Her legs opened enough his fingers reached her panties and she caught her breath as he stroked her clitoris. Tom then undid his pants and Ann could see the top of his penis pushing against his underwear and noticed the wet spot there. I like how Ann did put-up some resistance and at least attempted to remain this "good girl." Quote: Still when Tom tried to remove Ann's panties she stopped him. Deciding to distract Tom, Ann straddled him and enjoyed the feeling of his penis rubbing her with only his underwear and her panties between them. The above, when she straddled him and placed and "rode him" with her virgin pussy, she showed Tom she was almost his. Quote: She did not object as Tom lowered his pants and underwear, kicking them off. The feel of his penis so close to her vagina was so good as she felt it push her panties between her labia. The good Christian girl was getting introduced to sex. In a matter of moments, Ann would lose her sweet virginity which she'd promised her fiance. Poor Don who had no idea what his bride was experiencing, being humped and fucked passionately in all sorts of position. But... she was a "Catholic girl" so Don likely knew nothing of her sexual escapades Quote: Again his kisses felt good and Ann allowed herself to be pushed back on the bed again. As Tom put his hand on her breast again, Ann felt a tingle in her clitoris and spread her legs slightly. Tom continued to kiss her and then slowly moved half way on top of her then completely on top of her and she spread her legs again. Being a good Christian girl, she clearly didn't want to go all the way, and thought she could get by and satisfy the guy she was with the way she did with her virgin fiance, through a lot of oral and fingering. Quote: This time there were no panties between Tom's penis and Ann's vagina. Ann was a virgin, but Tom was not. Tom's penis felt incredible between Ann's labia and felt even better as he rubbed the head right up against the opening of her vagina. Ann knew she had to stop, right now, but didn't want the good feelings to end. Still she told Tom to keep the tip of his penis up higher. The naive Ann (Julie, rather) was playing with fire. Of course, Tom "promised" to keep his penis away from her pussy opening. Any guy (even a Christian man) would want to proceed and shove his hard cock into her. Quote: As Tom and Ann kissed, he again slid down her body slightly and Ann could feel the head of his penis between her labia at the opening of her vagina again. She didn't say anything and didn't try to stop Tom as he slowly slid into her. Though the naive Ann didn't expect Tom to move his penis in her, it shouldn't have been totally unexpected. The virgin girl was laying naked next to him, carefully allowing him to rub his penis up against her pussy. This is the part of the story I would love to have personally witnessed, the guy deflowering the innocent Christian virgin. Quote: The feeling was incredible as his penis passed between her inner labia and pressed against where her hymen should have been. Ann noticed a slight pain as Tom pushed forward and then he was fully inside her and she could feel his balls against her. Tom picked Ann up and took her to his bedroom, laid her on her back and settled between her legs again. Again Ann felt the tension and then release and she climaxed. This time she knew she felt the pulsing of Tom's penis as he came all over her panties. Tom finally slid his penis into her sexy virgin pussy, which she gave him completely. "OMG, Tom!!! What are you doing ???" she might have explained. "I want you, Ann..." Tom may have responded. Ann remained quiet and acted as the submissive Christian woman as Tom's penis pounded her. Quote: Tom slowly moved in and out while sometimes pressing all the way in as she rocked her hips to move her clitoris against his pelvis. Ah.... Ann's rocking of her hips to his carnal thrusts shows him she wanted him after all, despite the "good girl virgin" act. It's like this with most "good girls" who really want to get fucked, as Tom learned. "I know you're a Christian who doesn't believe in fucking before marriage," Tom likely told her. "But I want you. You're a beautiful woman and I want to bring you to new heights. You can remain a Christian girl and still fuck. I've been with many good girls and taken their virginities." Quote: Ann's breathing became heavier as her state of excitement increased. Suddenly, she felt her entire body tense as the muscles of her vagina contracted around Tom's penis deep inside her. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before as she found out what was missing from dry humping. In becoming a woman, Ann realized what the "everything...but" she engaged with her fiance' lacked. Tom's penetrating her gave her new feelings and made her want to fuck her fiance before marriage. Too bad her fiance wouldn't go along with her repeated attempts to seduce her. If I were in her fiance's position, I would've taken her up on her offer to make love. This part is telling and sounds autobiographical. She liked to be fucked but was concerned this relative stranger's cum inside her would make her a mommy, which wouldn't go over too well with her Christian friends. Quote: As Tom began moving in and out of her again, Ann thought of their complete lack of protection. She didn't want him to release inside her, but she also didn't want the feelings to stop. Her valid concerns came a bit too late as she realized Tom's passion was filling her. Quote: Suddenly Tom drove deep inside her and with a grunt of pleasure, began spurting his sperm laden semen deep inside. Ann was amazed at how good his pulsing penis felt in her as she felt him release. For the rest of her life, Ann remembers the sound of Tom's grunts and groans and the slapping of his balls against her vagina as he "introduced" her to the world of dating and sex. As a "Christian" girl, I wonder if she thought of her faith or the consequences of giving this man her womanhood, particularly as he thrust his spermy pagan cum into her. Another critical moment for religious girls is when their guys position their penises just outside their pussies. Will they give in? Or "enforce" their "good girl" no-sex-before-marriage dictum? I sorta wish I was with the devout Christian girl then, to comfort her and assure her she will be okay as she gives-up her innocence. The guy won't hurt her, his penis piercing her holy hymen won't sting that long and she will soon love to fuck. She needs to know this is what men are like. Though it wasn't in the story, Ann likely cried as Tom's hungry forehead burst her holy hymen, as naive and "innocent" Christian girls do. If not on the outside, so Tom could see it, at least inward, the naive Christian girls feel a sense of her loss of innocence. I use the word "innocent" loosely as prior to finally allowing their guys to penetrate them, many engage in A LOT of foreplay, which includes heavy amounts of oral in "everything...but" activity where they get to taste a guy up-close and discover how his forehead reacts to her lips. They're also not too resistant to letting their guys eat their "innocent" Christian pussies. But that remorse was likely short-lived as they, like Ann in the story, come to enjoy their guys' thrusts and match his carnal movements by moving their vaginas to their rythymns, as Juilewife described from her actual experience in the story. And that's the way it should be. There's nothing "wrong" with lovemaking. Can see a nonChristian guy like Tom asking a girl like Ann, during his thrustings and kisses, "so, you're a Christian girl ??" "... uh... uh.... yeah... I ... am ... a ... Chrst- ... ian .... OMG !!! Don't talk !!! Just fuck me!!!" she answers, her responses "punctuated" to his passionate thrusts. Would love to have seen the look on Julie's (Ann's) face as Tom deflowered her. As he entered her pussy, he likely gazed into Julie's loving innocent Christian eyes and appreciated the fact his pagan penis was "conquering" or introducing the Christian girl to the real world. Like Julie will long remember Tom's grunts of satisfaction, Tom will likely remember how she looked him in the eyes as she gave him her sweet virginity. Her pussy was now completely his. Hope Tom appreciated the "treasure" he got, knowing many Christian women won't give it away so easily. Can see the girl responding that way, which shows the guy what she at the moment prefers.... and desires. It also shows she really did want to fuck, despite her "good girl" resistance. The story also shows how guys like Tom, who could care less about the girl's feelings or her Christian morality, only need to be patient and do the things they need to do to get their pussies, like caress their pussies with their fingers and enter them digitally, as well as rub their penises up against their unprotected bushy cunts, as Tom did to Julie ( Ann ). After all, it only takes one slow (but loving ) push to "complete" the couple's lovemaking and make the girl a woman... Like in Julie's case, she likely won't stop the guy from entering and forever removing her Christian "innocence." Though Julie (Ann) likely wanted to "save" herself for her fiance, she ultimately realized Tom should get that honor of being her first. That's the reason she didn't try to stop him when he began to slowly slide his penis into her. Another reason was she wanted to experience for herself what it felt like to have a penis in her. The virgin had only engaged in oral and dry-humping, so Ann was ready for a good fuck.  


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