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Do one liners work?

2018-11-25 - Do one liners really work? Like .... your lips look like they are aching to please my cock...just wondering ...


Post the title most recent song that you listened to

2018-09-12 - What was the title and artist of the last song you listened to?For me it was I'm so lonesome I could die by Hank Williams


How to let a guy know you require condoms????

2018-09-05 - So I started talking with a guy and we’ve hit it off on chat pretty well but he’s doing all of these fantasies were you know he’s coming all over me at Cetera and I’m like dude you need to wear a condom. Like I haven’t even met him in person yet and I was planning on it but how do I let this guy know that I’m not gonna go bareback?


how do u make masturbation pleasing again?

2018-06-06 - Hi my name is Megan and I am pretty new to this website and all sites like it. but anyway the reason i joined this site is that since recently i find my own self-pleasuring lacking and i need to know how to rejuvinate the feeling i once had


Angry kitten sex

2018-05-01 - I'm seriously sexually frustrated, and I'm not dealing with it well. I'm also having trouble connecting with people emotionally, like on a level I feel like I need to either. I always have serious problems finding partners that are okay with me not being submissive. People telling me what to do tends to make me fantasize about punching them in the liver repeatedly. I tolerate it to a certain degree sexually, because kinky people seem to think that there must be a dominant and a submissive, or it's not legitimately still kink. I guess I would be more dominant than not. I also don't feel it necessary to try to control people overly much as long as everything is going agreeably enough without it. It's not what flips my switch. I used to work as an interrogator peeps, so I promise your resting Dom face doesn't scare me. yawn I'm frustrated, and lately when I want to have sex, that there is almost no hope of finding someone who is actually going to give a shit about what I want sexually. It's like being promised a steak dinner only to be handed a pimento loaf sandwich and being told to be grateful for it. I feel like I have a super power, the magic pussy of infinite orgasms. I'm bored with sex, and that is not a great sign for my mental health. I can't wait to start sparring. Boxing is helping me burn some energy off in a useful way, so at least there is that. My life is pretty great, it's just mental health and my sex life that need to shape up.


Height difference

2018-03-07 - I am short 4’10”, I love being on top, the problem is my legs are too short to get as much movement as we would like. Does anyone have any suggestions or “tools/props” that might help?


Pick Your Punishment

2018-02-27 - Punishment is one of the fundamentals of a Dom/sub relationship. It’s one of the simplest but most effective ways of taking your Dom/sub relationship up a notch. In the same way that beginner subs can get started making a list of ways to prove their devotion, they can also make lists of forms of punishment that they’ll accept if they get out of line. Here are some ideas of ways the sub could get punished: A spanking, with a hand, paddle, belt, whip, or other item. Having nipple clamps applied. Not being allowed to orgasm. Not being allowed any sort of contact. Getting a certain task to perform. Can be explicitly sexual (like giving oral sex) or not (like doing the laundry). Having to start from the beginning with a specific task. Being called a name.


Does anyone else use lucid dreaming to live out fantasies?

2018-02-05 - When i first started to learn how to lucid dream, it was mainly to fly, time travel, visit other planets and sex, but once i really began to master the art form of lucid dreaming, it completely threw my kinks into the stratosphere - not only could i act out any fantasy no matter how crazy, perverted or dangerous - i became like an addict pushing it further every night. Now iv calmed down but i still use lucid dreaming to act out different scenes - am i the only one that does this, or are their more of us lucid dreaming kinksters out there. If you dont know lucid dreaming is when you teach your mind to become conscious while you sleep. Its like a whole other life when u drift off, but you are in complete control of your dream and ur universe where if you can think it you can do it If you want to get started its fairly easy, its mastering it thats the hard part. 1. Dream journal - i know it sounds so lame but its really important. You brain has spent your whole life thinking dreams are not important and dont need to be remembered. Writing down your dreams teaches it to remember dreams as they are important, and reading them teaches it to keep those memories of those dreams 2. Lucid Dreaming Music - I find this the easiest way for people to start, just play it next to your bed each night, it has some triggers that help your mind wake up while you sleep in your REM stage - it also matches your sleep frequencies - this is my favorite one to use (Outside links removed by mod) or this one if i want a boost into a sex themed dream(Outside link removed by mod) 3. Reality Checks - Questioning your reality while you awake allows you to question your reality when you are asleep - thats one of the ways that your mind wakes inside a dream, a good one is look for a clock, if the hands or time dont make sense, you are in a dream, and then you will think "this is a dream, im dreaming, awesome now what do i want to do " well i wasnt expecting to do a guide this was more just to see if there are any kinksters that use lucid dreaming like i do? especially for those fantasys you think about but dont actually want to do. Dreams feel just as real as reality, so they dont feel like dreams....they feel like memories of things that have actually happened. I have had many dream orgies and much more. So does anybody else share my kink lucid dream passion


Word for the day

2017-11-15 - What is your word for the day? Mine is 'Relax'


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