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Voyeur Stories

2018-12-26 - I'm finding that I'm really into voyeur stories, particularly where the voyeur gets caught watching and the couple doesn't care or invites him/her into the sex. Does anyone know of a story where this happens? Anybody got some interesting ideas for a story like this? Maybe I'll write it, or we could try a collab story.


25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer...

2017-09-04 - This one might be of interest to some of my friends here..."25 quotes that will inspire you to become a fearless writer"...some good stuff here, check it out my fearless friends... 25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliapugachevsky/quotes-that-will-make-you-want-to-take-more-risks-with-your


Help needed

2017-09-04 - I am a prolific author but I badly need an editor, I have two stories awaiting publication on here, is anyone willing to assist me?


can someone help me

2017-09-04 - i need help writing a story can you help? if so send me a message please


A YouTube channel, and site about Grammar than might be of interest to some here...

2017-09-04 - A YouTube channel about Grammar than might be of interest to some here...appropriately enough called GrammarREVOLUTION... Check it out my grammar loving friends... YouTube - GrammarREVOLUTION https://www.youtube.com/user/GrammarREVOLUTION They also have a Facebook page, with daily grammar type hints and stuff... English Grammar REVOLUTION https://www.facebook.com/EnglishGrammarRevolution And actually they have a website, and a bunch of other stuff... English Grammar REVOLUTION - Learning Grammar Can Be Fun http://www.english-grammar-revolution.com/


Help...I've been arrested by the grammar police

2017-09-04 - I tried to publish a story and it was rejected due to "bad dialogue structure". Silly me, I thought I was writing an erotic story and not a paper for English class. Nevertheless, I have looked over my piece and cannot find the offending sentence structure. Maybe someone can read it over for me a second time and help bail me out of grammar jail. Thanks in advance!


Question for Gold members who've used Lush's editing

2017-09-04 - I published several stories here a few years ago. Recently, I published another one and plan to do more. In the interim, the various levels of membership were instituted. I'm curious about the degree and type of editing that's available to Gold and Platinum members. I use transcription software to write. The software creates errors of its own and unfortunately I don't always catch them. A commentator on my most recent story, Jessica's Power Panties, kindly pointed this out to me. My intent is to alter my self-editing to get rid of as many of these as possible. There's no excuse for turning in sloppy copy and expecting an editor to fix it. I've been an English teacher and professional technical writer. So in some ways, I meet a high professional standard, or at least try to. The editing I'd most appreciate would be on the lines of does this story work? Does this plot element work? My stories, like those of Boss01, tend to be longer and have more character development than short stories that get right to the sexy point. For those of you who have been edited as a Gold or Platinum member, how would you characterize the editing you received? Thanks in advance for any replies. Paddler


First or third person?

2017-09-04 - When writing erotic fiction which do you think is better, to write in the first person point of view or the third person point of view? For example: ie. His balls slap against my pussy, stimulating my clit as he fucks my virgin ass, grabbing my nipple with one hand while his other hand rests on the back of my neck. Bending over me he bites my shoulder as I feel his body shake and his groin muscles tense up. I feel him explode and blow his load inside of my ass, his cum oozing out as he pulls his cock out of me slowly. We both crumple into a heap on the floor of the shower stall, the warm water still flowing over our sweaty, shaking bodies. or His balls slap against Tiffany's pussy, stimulating her clit as he fucks her virgin ass, he grabs her nipples with one hand while his other hand rests on the back of her neck. Bending over her, John bite's Tiffany's shoulder as she feels his body shake and his groin muscles tense up. She feels him explode and blow his load inside of her ass, his cum oozing out as he pulls his cock out of her slowly. They both crumple into a heap on the floor of the shower stall, the warm water still flowing over their sweaty, shaking bodies. Which description would keep you more interested in the story and make your imagination wander?


Translator(s) needed - Czech (and russian)

2017-09-04 - Hello people! Bit of a special request that time. I'm currently writing a story, and, not wanting to spoil the location or anything: I need a translator from english to czech. Only a few sentences, for ambiance. Shouldn't take more than a minute for a native. Also, if someone speaks russian I could get use of it. And before anyone gets smart: I've seen what Google Translate does to my beautiful french language, I'm not about to trust it with Czech or russian. :)



2017-09-04 - con·sent kənˈsent/Submit noun 1. permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. "no change may be made without the consent of all the partners" synonyms: agreement, assent, acceptance, approval, approbation; permission, authorization, sanction, leave; backing, endorsement, support; informalgo-ahead, thumbs up, green light, OK "the consent of all members" verb 1. give permission for something to happen. "he consented to a search by a detective" synonyms: agree to, assent to, yield to, give in to, submit to; allow, give permission for, sanction, accept, approve, go along with "she consented to surgery" it's simple. if it doesn't exist in your story between every character, man or woman, please do not submit your story - it will be returned. thank you.


characters thoughts in quotes?

2017-09-04 - What is the rule regarding a character thinking to herself, are quotation marks used?


Showing corrections made is a Great Learning Tool!

2017-09-04 - Thank you!! I don't know who made this decision and I don't care. For someone like me that learns visually, this is a Great Idea. Thanks again!!



2017-09-04 - I have a terrible vocabulary, so I often use thesauruses. I found this website which is quite cool, and allows you to visualize the thesaurus: http://www.visuwords.com/


The Writer's Chatroom...resource for writers...sorry, no cyber here...:)

2017-09-04 - Welcome to The Writer’s Chatroom! We’re so much more than a mere chatroom. We’re a vibrant group of writers whose work spans all genres, who join together to encourage one another and to share important information regarding the profession of writing. The Writer's Chatroom www.writerschatroom.com Anyone ever tried this site? Someone check it out and give us the full report... Sounds good though...


various word processing apps

2017-09-04 - I've been using the "Word" app in Office XP and whenever I post a story it prompts me with 'Clear Word Format?' and assuming it is a necessary step, I click yes. I haven't tried no, yet. Invariably I end up needing to do some editing of paragraph breaks. Is there a tutorial on how to create a story on my PC without having to do so much work on the story on the website? Is there a formatting trick I can use with Word to make it easier to submit stories? Is there another word processing app that would work better? I have been using word to do technical writing in my IRL career so I am very comfortable with it and hate having to learn new things (unless I have to). I've also got Open Office, Microsoft Works and Adobe PDF creator I can work with. Anybody got any tips for me? I simply want to be able to write a story, copy and paste it into the submit page and wait for the comments and votes to roll in with minimum hassle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lie versus Lay - which is which? Authors PLEASE READ

2017-09-04 - As a story verifier, this is one of the commonest problems I come across and often find myself correcting, rather than sending back. Where most people go wrong is using lay when they mean lie. Below is a quick guide to how these verbs should be used. To Lie: To lie is to recline or relax on a bed or a sofa. Present tense: I lie down on my bed when I'm feeling sleepy. Past tense: Yesterday, I lay there thinking about what to cook for tea. Past participle: I had lain there all afternoon, just waiting for her come home. Present participle: Lying there, thinking of my girlfriend, my hand crept inside my panties. So, when you want to get jiggy with someone, you ask them to 'lie on the bed' and not 'lay on the bed.' To Lay: To lay is to put something down on a flat surface, like when you lay a table cloth. Present tense: As I walk past, I lay my dildo on the bed. Past tense: As I walked past, I laid my dildo on the bed. Past participle: I had laid my dildo on the bed for the last time that week. Present participle: Laying the dildo on my bed, I could only dream of my girlfriend's return. However, note: 'I lay on my bed and drifted off to sleep.' BUT 'I laid my head on the pillow and drifted off to sleep.' So, to summarise, with the most common misuse of these verbs: We laid there all night, in each other's arms = WRONG! We lay there all night, in each other's arms = CORRECT! Finally, please note: Layed is not an English word. Danny


HELP needed! How do I write a text message exchange/conversation?

2017-09-04 - Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help out. I am writing a chapter for an ongoing story that I am writing and I want to convey a text message conversation as part of the story. The two main protagonists have a text (sms) conversation during the chapter and I want to know what the most acceptable way of showing this is? Is it to just write like script: Name 1: Blah Blah Blah Name 2: Blah Blah Blah Or, is there a better way of showing this on a page? Advice and guidance desperately needed! SDIMDM


Writing Experiment

2017-09-04 - Normally, when I write stories, they tend to emerge quite organically; the tale, as they say, grows with the telling, and I must confess to being very bad at plotting out my stories before starting them. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprise at what happens as the story unfolds but at other times they can be a complete washout (a bit like real life really) and sit unfinished on my computer. Similarly, I don't plan my characters but base them loosely on people I know. Also, egotist that I am, the main male character is usually based on an idealised version of me, which is why I normally write in the first person. The major exception to this was my story My Daughter - The Hooker which I wrote in the third person, mostly because, while I liked the story, I didn't like either of the characters very much. Recently I have been checking out Morgan Hawke's website and came across her plot generator. I have also been reading her advice on writing and thought I would try an experiment. Instead of my usual, 'start writing, see what happens' approach, I would take one of the plot lines from her plot generator and try and plan everything in a lot more detail before writing. If no one objects I thought I might post my thoughts and workings here, take advice as the planning proceeds and see what happens. Hopefully it will be of use to both myself and other aspiring writers. Thanks in advance


One at a time, or several stories going at once?

2017-09-04 - So, when you're writing, do you start a story and see it through to the end or do you have multiple pieces under construction at any one time? For the most part, I try to finish the thing I'm on before i start something, but sometimes I break that rule ... What about you? Which, and why?


"What's the rule?" she asked.

2017-09-04 - What is the rule for a sentence enclosed by quotation marks that ends in a question mark or exclamation mark, but which is followed by, for example "she said"? I know that it should be - "What's the rule?" she asked. - but I cannot easily come across an explanation for it. I've looked in the books I have and I've looked online, and haven't tracked down a general rule or explanation. I would like to know because I'm proof-reading and editing for someone and I need to set him straight with some justification for it. His spellng and grammar checker insists that "she" should be capitalised, and as he put it "Microsoft can't be wrong, right?" Yeah, that made me laugh too. "This drive me crazy!" she exclaimed. Thanks for any help.


Hardcore/Anal (Male Perspective)

2017-09-04 - To whom this may concern, :p I am currently writing (or at least attempting to write) a piece that involves a hardcore/ anal scene. But here is the thing about it. For one; I am not male haha. For two; my writing style tends to be romantic, sweet and soft, even when writing my "sex scenes" and this piece requires quite the opposite. So here's my shout out into the void. Anyone who either a) is willing to help me write such a scene, or b) is an avid reader of this genre and can comment on which words/ phrases really work, please drop me a p.m or comment below for further details etc. But of course, only if you are interested. Much appreciated, Violet ovoxoxoxoxo, mwah mwah mwah


Looking for best way to move from one scene to another.

2017-09-04 - I am writing a story with several transitions from one scene and characters to another setting and characters. Example: Mother and daughter exchange dialog in living room. The story next focuses on the father dealing with an issue on his job at the same time. The two situations are related and come together later as part of the overall story. Do I begin the second scene with: Meanwhile,....? Suggestions welcomed. Adom


Keep your story with you anywhere.

2017-09-04 - Maybe everybody else already knows this, but I just figured it out not long ago. I hate saving things to a physical device, and then carrying that physical device around with me, just so I can access it if I want to. There are always little compatibility issues that come up, and then maybe I want to write something but I don't have my flash drive... If I'm ever writing a short story to be submitted on a website somewhere, I use my gmail account to store it online. I just start a new email to myself, write my story as the text of the message, and save it as a draft. I can access it from anywhere, from anyone's computer, and work on it any time I have a yen to. The same thing works for photos I may want to edit, as well.


A little guide to British and American spellings from Oxford Dictionaries...

2017-09-04 - Here's a little guide to British and American spellings, along with some tips on usage from Oxford Dictionaries that some of my writing-type friends here may find of interest... British and American spelling - Oxford Dictionaries (US) http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/words/british-and-american-spelling


Don't let negatives dictate what you write

2017-09-04 - I almost did that with my novel - I'm on Ch 15, and someone helped me out with the first few chapters (no one from this site - don't worry) - and she had nothing nice to say about my main character. Details aren't needed, but it came down to her not liking my main character's concern over her appearance (she's ean, muscular, and wearing ratted old work clothes when she meets a guy. She prefers to have met him while she was wearing decent clothes - looking her best, instead). Well - I let this person's comments about my character eat away at me for quite some time, to the point of me considering a redo of my character (which would have overhauled the entire book). Just as I was about to give in and shift gears - I went to look over that person's comments again and realized that in her PHOTO - her real photo of herself - she's decked head to toe in clothes that my MC WEARS when she dresses up. Hello - makeup, jewelry, even the same colors. I laughed my ass off. I was about to rewrite a character because someone critiqued my story and didn't like how my MC was even though they actually dress ALIKE. I even wrote her and asked if that was her real photo and she said yes. See - never let someone's negativity bring you down. If they don't like your characters or what you've written to the point of finding nothing beneficial to offer as far as a critique goes then they aren't going to be buying the book - they won't be a fan. It's that simple. odds are, it's personal to them. I have a feeling that she wasn't being objective *of* my MC when she critiqued it, but instead, she was being opinionated *about herself* It's impossible to please everyone, don't bother.


Ellora's Cave Publishing - Authors take note!

2017-09-04 - Hi, I just had a nice message from Ellora's Cave via Twitter: Quote:Been reading the stories. Wow. Some hot stuff. I"m always looking for new authors, so I'll keep reading. :) Thank me when you're in print Nicola


Click, or Clique?

2017-09-04 - Here is one more set of sound-alike words with different meanings. Click, from Dictionary.com: Quote:[klik] –noun 1. a slight, sharp sound: At the click of the latch, the dog barked. 2. a small device for preventing backward movement of a mechanism, as a detent or pawl. 3. Phonetics . any one of a variety of ingressive, usually implosive, speech sounds, phonemic in some languages, produced by suction occlusion and plosive or affricative release. 4. any one of a variety of familiar sounds used in calling or urging on horses or other animals, in expressing reprimand or sympathy, or produced in audible kissing. –verb (used without object) 5. to emit or make a slight, sharp sound, or series of such sounds, as by the cocking of a pistol: The door clicked shut. 6. Informal . a. to succeed; make a hit: If the play clicks, the producer will be rich. b. to fit together; function well together: They get along in public, but their personalities don't really click. c. to become intelligible. 7. Computers . to depress and release a mouse button rapidly, as to select an icon. –verb (used with object) 8. to cause to click. 9. to strike together with a click: He clicked his heels and saluted. Click would be used as a verb in a sentence as follows: The new student didn't click with the popular crowd. Clique, from Dictionary.com: Quote:[kleek, klik] –noun 1. a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set. –verb (used without object) 2. Informal . to form, or associate in, a clique. Clique would be used as a noun in a sentence as follows: Therefore, she wouldn't be invited into their clique.


Submission call - Holiday themed menage short stories

2017-09-04 - Hi all, Naughty Nights Press is looking for short stories with a holiday theme which include three or more characters. 2500 - 8000 words. Only two weeks left to submit, so get pen to paper now! Full details are available here: http://naughtynightspress.blogspot.com/2011/08/holiday-themed-erotic-menage-short.html?zx=43dcf7d15b0ae248 I've worked with NNP and they are a great bunch. They are a fairly new publisher but already they're making a name for themselves. This is a great opportunity, especially for unpublished writers.


How long to make a story

2017-09-04 - I'm interested in writing erotic novels or novellas to publish on Amazon. I'll sell them for a buck or two. Any insight on how long they should be? I know no one's going to be looking for War and Peace, but it seems like they'll need some volume. Thanks


Censorship Petition - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO: Drop the clause of removing Erotica and self

2017-09-04 - Alan posted this link in the authors' private forum, but it would be good if our whole community are made aware of the direction the big online publishers are heading in: http://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-barnes-and-noble-kobo-drop-the-clause-of-removing-erotica-and-self-published-indie-authors?share_id=ecrKvjPzoD&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition It's not great news for erotica writers and indie publishers. Selena Kitt, one of the most successful erotica authors of the last decade (for good reason), posted about this a while ago, but it's still relevant today: http://selenakitt.com/blog/index.php/2013/04/30/survival-tips-for-the-pornocalypse-erotica-writers-get-armed-and-ready/ I recently checked several of our own titles, and sure enough, some have been filtered. What it effectively means, is that your books will not appear in the "All Departments" search, and there's a good chance they'll be buried elsewhere. Authors who have existing books published on Amazon, can check the status of their books here: http://www.salesrankexpress.com, it's a very useful tool. Please sign the petition and help spread the word!


Writing Advice from Great Writers

2017-09-04 - Let's start with Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Tips on How to Write a Great Story: Quote: 1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted. 2. Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for. 3. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water. 4. Every sentence must do one of two things—reveal character or advance the action. 5. Start as close to the end as possible. 6. Be a Sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them—in order that the reader may see what they are made of. 7. Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia. 8. Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. To hell with suspense. Readers should have such complete understanding of what is going on, where and why, that they could finish the story themselves, should cockroaches eat the last few pages.


Question about rules

2017-09-04 - I want to post a story but need voice actors first because I want to make a video to go with it. I was wondering if it was against the rules to ask for that and put a email on a forum post? Also is it against the rules to ask in the story too?


Who versus Whom

2017-09-04 - One of the most difficult areas of English, is the use of the pronouns Who and Whom. In general, most people say and write who, rather than whom. Even when people write whom, it's not always right. People tend to use a certain word, because they think it's right but get it wrong. We call this hyper correction. As a graduate in English, this sort of thing fascinates me. Unlike Lie versus lay, which is a question of semantics, who versus whom is purely grammatical. I suspect that few if any moderators will penalize an author for misusing these pronouns, unless it is obviously and consistently wrong and it rarely is. To understand how to use these words correctly, we need to go back to basics. Most sentences have an object and a subject. In the sentence, I licked my dildo. I is the subject and dildo is the object. Put another way, the subject is the thing or person doing the verb. The object is the thing having something done to it. In the same way, Who and Whom are the subject and object pronouns. Take the sentence, 'The girl who borrowed my dildo, has left the country.' Here the girl is the subject of the verb borrowed, therefore the correct pronoun is 'Who.' To test this, you can re-write the sentence by replacing the pronoun who/whom with the relevant personal pronoun. So you get, 'She borrowed my dildo, and left the country.' Since 'She' is a subject pronoun, we know that the correct pronoun is who. As an extra test, it also sounds right! Next we look at the case where the pronoun is the object. For example, 'The girl to whom I lent my dildo, has left the country.' In this sentence the girl is the object of the verb lent, therefore the correct pronoun is whom. Again, we can test this by substitution. So, you could say, 'I lent my dildo.' Therefore, 'I lent it to her.' Her being an object pronoun, we can be sure that whom is correct, in the original sentence. For it to be who, we would have to write 'I lent it to she,' which is obviously wrong! So far so good? Where it gets tricky, is when we turn the pronoun into a question, or in grammatical language, an interrogative. Which of the following two sentences is grammatically correct? 1. 'Who did she ask about borrowing my dildo?' 2. 'Whom did she ask about borrowing my dildo?' I bet 90 out of 100 people would say it's No. 1. Actually, No. 2 is right. Remember the basics? The person doing the asking is the subject, so in this case the person being asked is the object. Then it's quite easy. Whom, we've been told is an object pronoun. Again substituting, we have two alternatives. Did she ask her about borrowing my dildo? Her being the object, we know that it must be whom in the original question. The alternative would be: Did she ask she about borrowing my dildo? This makes no sense, so while Who might sound 'right' it must be wrong. The same general principles apply with whoever and whomever and if you're still reading this, you need to get out more. Danny xxx


29 Famous Writer's "Rules for Writing"...a rather comprehensive resource here...

2017-09-04 - This is pretty comprehensive here actually, with a number of interesting links...should keep anyone here busy for a while... A comprehensive collection of the rules that famous writers force on themselves. Elmore Leonard, Jack Kerouac, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon and 25 more... 29 Famous Writers’ Writing Rules http://www.authorspublish.com/29-famous-writers-writing-rules-yay/


Formatting problems when cutting and pasting

2017-09-04 - Hi In my last story, my cutting and pasting caused some formatting problems on submission. These were not apparent to me in the submission box. From what the mod told me, and from what I could discern from the "see edits" page, most of my paragraphs had an extra carriage return in between. The problem may be in how I compose my stories. I prefer to compose in google docs. However, for times that I know that I either will be away from wifi, or when I need not to run down my battery as much (google docs' constant updating drains battery a lot faster), I will often copy my google doc text into a word doc and work there. When I can go back to google docs, I copy and paste from word back to google. Most of the time, at least from my end, the text looks just fine. The paragraphs translate over seamlessly. There have been times, however, when going from word to google that all my paragraphs lose the carriage return at the end of the paragraphs, and I've had to add them by hand. (And it doesn't seem to me that I'm doing anything different at any time). Most recently, the pasting looked just fine from *my* end, even to the point of looking fine in the submission box. But many of my paragraphs presumably had to be reformatted by the mod (gratitude for her patience!). Any tips for tweaking my settings either in word or google for avoiding these problems? Many thanks!


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