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first sex toy

2019-01-27 - whats your recommendation?


Anyone currently masturbating?

2019-01-12 - Slowly stroking my hard cock.


Do you like to masturbate?

2019-01-01 - What techniques do you use to masturbate to orgasm?


Gay Chat?

2018-12-05 - I didn't know there was a gay/lez forum on here. Hey is there a place i can talk to gay guys. not just older men who are horny? I'm wanting a place where I can just talk to ppl who are gay or bi or whatever. I've tried Lush for a while but every guy on here just seems to be horny. IDK where to go.


Opinions on "Male Lesbian"?

2018-05-08 - So this is just a general thought gathering post. I want to know what all of you ladies (Homosexual and Heterosexual alike) think about the idea of a "Male Lesbian." This doesn't mean a man who is simply turned on by lesbians, or who is interested in a gender change. This is only about a man who wishes he had been born a woman, but knows that he would then still be attracted to other women. As it is, he might even be uninterested in sex with a woman simply because he is so "turned off" by his own masculine role. To clarify: "Specifically, a "male lesbian" is a heterosexual man who wishes that he had been born a woman, but who (even if he had been a woman) could only make love to another woman and never to a man. Unlike the transsexual, the "male lesbian" does not feel himself to be "a woman trapped inside the body of a man". Moreover, none of the love-shy men studied for this research entertained any wishes or fantasies of any kind pertinent to the idea of obtaining a sex change operation. All wanted to keep their male genitalia; all wanted to remain as males." So my question for you homosexuals is this: Would you tend to sympathize with this so called male lesbian, or on the other side, would you find them repulsive? Is their physical gender too much of an obstacle for them to be considered a lesbian? And for you heterosexuals: If you knew that a man identified as a male lesbian, would that change how you see him and how you would approach relationships with him?


ask me anything

2018-05-06 - I have seen a lot of misconceptions on lush about Trans-women so as a Trans-woman I'm will to answer any questions anyone may have. First up: Tranny is an offensive term.


lesbian sex chat

2018-05-03 - Girls only Feel free to sex chat me


do we have any bi-girls or lesbians on the site?

2018-03-25 - im interested in what girl/girl fucking is like cause ive been daydreaming about it recently


First Experience in a GAY Sauna

2018-03-10 - Hey guys Wondering how was your first time in a GAY Sauna? What did you try? with how many guys? did you like it? Tell us all about it!! Been thinking lately of trying it to explore my curiosity, as the thought extremely turns me on Also any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


Week without orgasm + 4 hours edging. ..... can reccomend to all naughty girls and boys play

2018-02-01 - Finally  I have unlimited time to satisfy my body, it's better then cum in 2 minuts  what would be possible too. I'm pretty romantic petty boy, bi, 42 yo and besides long petting, edging, kissing , sucking and licking here is one think what makes me out of control. I absolutely love to watch my partner doing some hard exercise, preferable I'm hot conditions because nothing can arouse me more than my boy or girl I can get right after exercise, take off all clothes and pet my sweaty lover...  I'm thinking of such intense adventure I had with my good friend. Unfortunatelly she is married but confessed to me that she wants to feel submissive sometimes and wish to be punished for not being good girl sometimes but her husband has no understanding. So I had to give her punishment and it was hard training in heated room on my treadmill after we took nice shower together. Denise really surprised me that she did not give up. Her body got totally bathed in sweat what made me such horny. Her orgasm was such intense, I was holding her body, shaking and dripping sweat and her pleasure triggered mine and I flooded her body with my white juice. now imagine her body sweating from each pore, already over 2 hours edging, week without orgasm so it's pretty crazy pressure but I want also my ex-boyfriend David . It's already 17years, I was 25, David 20 yo prettty blond hair boy with blue yes and nice smile. He was working really hard on his physical shape. He attracted me in many situations but the most I loved to watch how my boy's clean body starts to sweat while riding exercise bike. And he didn't give up and finished whole hour, tired and his whole body bathed in sweat. I was proud of him for such hard exercise, gave him drink big bottle of ion drink and started to take off his clothes, all soaked with sweat and .... I'm such close I just imagined David's body all shiny and covered with drops of sweat and almost cummed. I'm such arused that I'm just caressing my cock, all wet from precum. I'm taking a towel to gently dry David's sweaty face and change his headband. I'm hugging my boy, getting all wet from his sweat, kissing him and caressing his body smearing drops of sweat. Now I start to play with his cock, such hard after few touches. Few days without orgasm can be hard for young horny boy but I love my David and slowly making him more and more aroused to give him strongest pleasure. Now he is really close and I start to such his cock. My boy is moaning louder and louder, and i finish him by licking his cock with my tongue. David has such intense orgasm, his whole body is shaking, he can be pretty loud boy and my face gets flooded with cum. I have to clean my face with a towel and watch my dear boy laying down and relaxing, tired, body totallly bathed in sweat but nicely satisfied. I feel I need to press mine body to his, first give him a kiss and then put my head on his chest. He grabs my pulsing cock and just gently caressing me. I feel so nice such close to my sweaty boy and can smell his clean body after such extreme sweating, fine and intense smell.... I just had such strong orgasm, indescribable pleasure and 5 or 6 spurts of cum, pretty big load. And now such sweet relief, relax....... Hope you all feel same like me, all girls and boys here, we all deserve pleasure, mainly don't be ashamed and your hotttest fantasies will make you explode like I did Just in case here is a nice boy or girl who likes exercising and is ready for sweaty adventures, let me know and maybe we can become a nice couple.    


cybering with lesbians.

2018-01-20 - I love to have kinky cyber sex with other girls, but the problem is it seems like now is either 1. They aren't into it. 2. They don't know what it is. 3. They can't or wont put more then three words to continue. Now don't get me I love reading the stories here, I love seeing ya'lls sexy some nude and not nude pictures, and of course I like watching porn. However there is something that just dose it for me when it comes to cybering. I use to get on Lush and cyber for hours with girls and I loved it, and now I miss it. So I'm hoping there are still girls who are still wanting and just know how to blow the doors down when it comes to cybering. So if you ladies are like me and miss or want to cybet sometime come and say hi, and we can bring back all the sexy hot kinky cyber sex back. Love, Amanda


Bisexuals: have you ever had doubts about your sexuality?

2018-01-15 - When I was younger, I always thought I was straight. A lot of my masturbation fantasies when I was younger always involved straight sex. Most of the videos and pictures I came across involved women or straight couples (I'm male, BTW). It's only recently that I decided to explore the side of me that's attracted to men. Part of that had to do with my cyber relationship with a guy that I met through a nudist site. Even though we drifted apart, I began to wonder. I'm almost certain that I am bisexual, but I'm hesitant to label myself that way until I actually have sex with a man. There is an article that I read at one point that covers this topic: it can be found here. The article also has links to other sites that tell of people's GLBT experiences. Has anyone had doubts about attraction outside of straight preferences? How did you dispel those doubts?


Question for closet Crossdressers

2017-12-30 - I thought about this the other night while laundering my feminine clothing. If you enjoy crossdressing and your family or significant other does not know about your habits, when do you find time to do your laundry - especially things like panties and pantyhose? This is a practical question. It is a needed task but could be problematic if you get caught or forget to put something away after drying.


Mutual handjobs

2017-12-15 - I am sure lots of you have done this. What was your favorite experience and would you do it again?



2017-12-12 - I have never met a guy who was not circumcised, but I think an uncut cock looks so hot. I really want to play with an uncut cock and slide my tongue inside his foreskin, pull back the foreskin and suck the newly exposed head, do some cock docking. So sexy!!! What do others think??


Please read and sign the petition

2017-12-11 - Hi, Attacked, stabbed and thrown naked and bleeding onto the street. That’s what happened to two men in Morocco. They were together in their own home when a homophobic gang broke in and assaulted them. The attackers filmed the whole thing and put it on social media. The worst part? The attacks have barely been investigated, while the victims have been arrested and charged with being gay. Unless we do something, they could end up in jail. The trial of one of the victims is this Monday so the time is running out. But Aswat, our partners in Morocco, are telling us that resistance against this case is growing in the country. If we can amplify these voices of protest with a huge, global outcry, we might be able to get these innocent men free. There’s just 2 days left until the trial: will you ask Morocco’s Minister of Justice to free these two innocent men and investigate this appalling attack? Learn more about All Out: Edit: Signing this petition is no longer necessary. Read my latest update at the end of this thread


Is it strange that if I have a daughter I would want her to be lesbian?

2017-12-01 - I don't want her to be interested in guys cause there are some really shitty guys out there as you all know. So how weird is it that I would rather her be lesbian? I don't think its weird at all but when I tell other people that they look at me like I'm crazy. What do you guys think?


I have desire to suck homeless cock

2017-11-28 - Has anybody sucked homeless cock before?


Irish Drag Queen Miss Panti speaks about Homophobia at Ireland's National Theatre.

2017-10-23 - Earlier this month, The Irish National Theatre, The Abbey, put on a production of 'Lock Out, 1913' a play concerning the rights of workers or Basic Civil Rights. Various Artists and performers were invited to speak after the production on issues connected to the theme of the production. This is what Irish Drag Performer Miss Panti/aka Rory O'Neill had to say about Homophobia. (Notice she speaks without notes of any kind.) This clip has since gone viral, making Panti one of the most popular 'women' in Ireland. Those who know and love Panti/Rory are so proud of her. xx Steph ("In the course of an interview with Rory once upon a time, when I was an activist for Gay Rights writing for a Gay newspaper, he said to me, "Well YOU'RE queer, you must understand..." I explained, rather embarrassed, that I was in fact STRAIGHT! "I know that Sweetie," he said pityingly, "I kinda guessed that... but you're also Queer, Honey..." It's one of the highest compliments I've ever received.) I include this short clip also just so you can meet Rory!


The Power Of Blow Jobs

2017-10-23 - I really enjoy giving head. I love the feeling of power I get when I make a man come with my mouth. I know some other women find it distasteful and even subservient. I am just the opposite. I know many of us have used that power over men to persuade them to do things that WE want. When I was in college I was in a healthcare related program and 5 of us were failing our chemistry class. One of my friends cut a deal to blow the teacher in exchange for all 5 of us getting an A. One blow job 5 A's. Sounds like a powerful gift of persuasion to me. So girls (or guys ?) tell me your stories of oral empowerment.I do have a few more great stories I can relate.


Tattoos, turn on or turn off

2017-10-23 - For most of my life I found tatoos a real turn off but for the last few years they've become a real turn on. So turn on or turn off and has anyone else changed their opinion?


Cumming male with no hands

2017-10-23 - Can any male cum with out using their hands? Girls have you have wanted or got a guy to cum while using a strap on?


Why is lactation so frowned upon?

2017-10-23 - Lactation, as in adult breast feeding, seems to be a taboo practice. Health-wise, while nursing from a woman's tits, some hormones are released in her blood, which induce feelings of attachment and safety too. Given the right age, if suckled regularly on a lover's breast, on a specific time every day for a while, she may start lactating. There are medications which do that for older women, but i believe they could be dangerous, so we dont go for that option often. I definitely feel its frowned upon, though, because its rare to find an erotica describing it in detail and as an important part of the lesbian couples' love making. I dont know the reason for the same. It seems strange because, on one hand, we can easily get to read weird stories where people write about fantasies of making out with fairies pushing stilettos inside us, but no erotica mentioning the joys of nursing from lovers' breasts.


gay saunas

2017-10-23 - am a very bi curious crossdresser av never visited one before could ppl pls tell me if its ok to go in wearing panties etc and r there any that could b recomented in glasgow and how much do they charge a would be very grateful for some info thanks claire


Anti gay hate crimes

2017-10-23 - In NYC anti gay crime has risen by 70% this year, including 1 murder and 41 assaults. Sadly one alleged attack was by Brooklyn police, the very people who should be stamping it out. New anti gay laws in Russia have seen a big jump in attacks on gays, many by the police. Is this a backlash to the progress that has been made towards equality or are there other reasons?


Crossdressing in Las Vegas ... anyone gone out?

2017-10-23 - Gonna be in Vegas for a night. looking for tips about places to go and meet other gurls and guys that want to fuck them. I want to be the biggest slut I can be, but want to be safe and have fun. anyone done it? tips?


Have you ever been attacked, discriminated against or demeaned for your sexual orientation?

2017-10-23 - I never have been. In my mind it is for the following reasons: I am bisexual and I don't look like what the common stereotype of a lesbian "looks" like. There is nothing butch about me so I walk around and no one would guess my orientation. I have always lived in socially liberal communities with large, thriving, powerful LGBT communities. My work environment is extremely open minded and gay people thrive there too. Age. The LGBT community had already done some hard work on this issue. However, I know it exists. I know people go through it and I wanted to maybe shed some light on this issue so that people who say that it doesn't are proven wrong. Maybe someone will learn something. I have heard people say that gay people are too pushy or why can't they just keep quiet and in the shadows like they used to be. I have also heard that the thought that gays have been given enough now so they should be happy with what they have.


Jizz on the rocks?

2017-10-23 - Would you be willing to try Semen-infused cocktails? Please read on the following article and comment...


Should we trust in love?

2017-10-23 - We all know about the risk of giving our hearts to the wrong person... love is definitely a dangerous business. It is quite easy to end up in pieces with our hearts broken. Worse of all there is no magical formula that would ensure our happiness even if you at first succeed to find our soul mate. Some might even go as far as saying that Cupid should be restrained, put behind bars or stripped of his love powers. What do you guys think? Should a normal mortal being cease to believe in love? Does each time that we trust in love and get our hearts broken make us harder on the inside? or perhaps wiser, or is it pickier? How many times is enough? Does it get easier or harder the more we try and fail? How about if life gives us a small sample of the golden nectar, only to rip it out of our hearts forever? Is it different for straight, gay or lesbian people? (I don't see how it would, but perhaps you guys have a different answer)


Do voyeurs detach themselves from our need for human contact?

2017-10-23 - Even though as human beings we are what scientist call ventral, meaning that we need to be hugged and touched by others, do you think that voyeurs detach themselves from our physical need for human contact? Are they satisfied with loving themselves?


First Time Buy C/D Experience

2017-10-23 - I have only shared this story on another site but it is true and I think the followers of this blog would understand. this is a true story and I consider myself to be straight. However, I have long had a fetish for pantyhose and tights and love women who wear them and enjoy wearing them myself at times. This story dates back several years. Like most guys I started wearing pantyhose and tights strictly behind closed doors. I traveled frequently for work and would dress in my hotel room. It was at a time when women still worked out in a leotard and tights. I found that hot and began adding leotards to my collection. I became more brave and would wear them to exercise in the hotel workout room. I would wear sweats over my leotard and tights and check through the door of the workout room. If it was vacant I would remove my sweat pants and go in and workout. If there were people in the room I would leave and come back later. Of course, it would often happen that I would begin alone and someone would come in. Rarely did anyone question my attire. I became much more comfortable with women around than men. I was working out alone in a hotel in Anchorage, AK. (Of all places) in the middle of the afternoon when it was very quiet at the hotel. Typically when I worked out in a hotel I would wear either a gray or black leotard with black glossy tights. Since I had been there earlier in the week at that time I felt very brave and wore a white leotard with a pink, teal and purple geometric design across the bust line. I also had on glossy toast colored tights. I had just begun lifting weights and a guy came in and was very friendly. I was bench pressing and he offered to spot for me. We made some small talk as I was very nervous but he never asked why I was dressed as I was. We then began working out together. He was very well built, handsome and much stronger than me. He also said he was a personal trainer but sold nutrition supplements as well and just added Alaska to his sales territory. We worked out for well over an hour and during that time several other people entered the room to workout. When we finished he asked me to come to his room and he would let me sample a recovery drink that he recommended for after lifting weights. By this point I was feeling a little strange like I was a girl working out with a guy but he never said a thing to me about my tights. We took the elevator to his room and while he was mixing the drinks I went out on his balcony. A few minutes later he brought me a drink and rubbed my back as we discussed the view. I was excited, nervous and paralyzed by what was happening. After he finished his drink he set down the glass and went behind me. He had his arms around me and started to rub my leg and finally asked me if I always wore tights. I replied only to workout and he laughed and said, " I bet it is more often than that." Then he slid his hand inside my leotard in the back and rubbed my butt. Finally he moved his hands around to the front and commented on how hard I was getting. Suddenly I no longer felt like just a tights lover but more like a girl. He lead me by my hand inside the room and held me against the wall as he ran his hands all over me. He mentioned that he thought I had great legs and a very cute ass as he placed both his hands on my butt while slipping his fingers inside my leo. He asked me how I felt and I said, "Girly" and really nervous. Then he replied that he knew what would make me feel very girly and pushed me to my knees and unzipped his workout pants. I could not believe what I was doing but I found myself giving my first blow job. It was so strange after being a guy who had received many over the years to be on the giving end. Feeling his hands on my head made me feel totally submissive. He did cum in my mouth and I was able to swallow it up and even squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out and licked them up. When I left the room I was going to put my sweat pants back on but he ordered me to keep them off telling me if I wanted to feel like a girl I should take the elevator to my room wearing just my tights and leo. He kissed me and walked me to the elevator and gave me a little pat on my butt when the doors opened as he said goodbye. I still consider myself straight but that was an experience I will never forget. I was very excited and my tights were very wet when I got to my room. That experience was also the first time I realized that I had very submissive tendencies which I have pursued. I hope that story didn't offend anyone. I am new to this blog and look forward to sharing pictures and enjoying the forums. Thank you for letting me tell it.


do all lesbians have an anal fetish??

2017-10-23 - watched a video on Redtube...and this female is going to town on this other females asshole which got me thinking if all Lesbians have an anal fetish or do some lesbians say "exit only" lol? I know this may be a weird question coming from a straight guy but I'd thought I'd ask anyways


i think i might be gay

2017-10-23 - I might be


Are phallic sex toys "anti-lesbian"?

2017-10-23 - I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day regarding lesbians and the use of sex toys and I wondered if the opinions put forward were shared by the wider community. She discovered she was lesbian in her early thirties after a string of unsuccessful heterosexual relationships. Her partner has only ever been in same sex relationships. While she uses a sex toy on herself, its banned from the bed when they are together - as her partner puts it "I don't want to share my bed with a man, not even a pretend one". Are lesbians who use sex toys actually bisexual? Or at the least bi-curious? How do you feel about the use of toys in lesbian stories?



2017-10-23 - Bisexuals? Are we accepted or maligned? How do you feel about bisexuals? Be honest, I am interested. I want to know what you think.


What do lesbians think about penises?

2017-10-23 - This video is way too funny... but seriously, what do lesbians think about penises?


Top talent NFL prospect declares he is gay prior to NFL 2014 draft

2017-10-23 - How some in the NFL are reacting to this man's announcement. This cat was voted the top defensive player in arguably one of the most competitive NCAA football conferences, this year. He's a monster, a disruptive force to contend with on the defensive side of the ball. I thought he's talented enough to go as high as the 2nd round (his size is a bit of a limiter in the NFL), but he's a solid player from a big time conference. Reading the comments on the above website (and others) - is this a big deal - in your opinion. People are comparing this to Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. I'd like to see my team, the KC Chiefs draft him if he's around in the third round when they have a pick to spend. We could use his motor on our defense.


Bisexual female in love with a girl.. need help.

2017-10-23 - So the subject it just the tip of the iceberg. There is this girl who I have been friends with for about 6 months and we have become really close. She has opened up to me and so have I. I know very personal things about her. What I don't know is her sexual orientation. She went to prom with a guy last year, but so did I. I can not tell if she is interested in me or not. She is the first girl I have fallen in LOVE with. I have had mini crushes but this girl, i love. I am still pretty young but I am seeing her again soon, as friends. Should I tell her im bi? Should i tell her I am interested in her? Should we just stay friends? I don't know what to do. Help please. Thanks. Thanks BiGFStud.


Gender Question for this Forum

2017-10-23 - Out of curiosity I'm wondering how many females, bi or full Lesbian actually read or participate in this forum? Is it mostly males in the LGBT Forum?


Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help I can get

2017-10-23 - So I came to you after a close friend recommended this place to me. I feel conflicted as far as my sexuality goes, I find myself thinking about various things on which I never had the courage to act on. As strangers give the best advice I would appreciate if anyone at all took the time to chat with me about this. It would mean a lot as I feel frustrated and confused. Cheers


USA + LGBT = ?

2017-10-23 - There's the equation but what is the answer and why is it taking so long. The US claim to be the leaders of the free world but why do they lag behind so many other countries in regard to gay rights. Marriage, adoption and the ENDA what takes the US so long. The Bill of Rights mentions Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but it doesn't say providing that you are heterosexual. It sometimes seems that the USA is more interested in injustices abroad rather than at home.


Being Multi orgasmic

2017-10-23 - I was using a thick dildo on my ass while master bating had cum very nicely once, so I continued. I came again 20 seconds later, was such an intense sensation. Has anyone else experienced this


Crossdressing for Halloween

2017-10-23 - I was wondering if you could get away with it or the courage, what would you wear out for Halloween. Im thinking about mine and will post soon. Please post pics of the costume or something close if you would do regular feminine clothing.


? for bi guys

2017-10-23 - How long curous before acting on it? Ever had same sex fun in dangerous place. Example I let a guy do my ass in shower at gym once because He had the hottest cock I had ever seen and he caught me starring at it and approached me while I was in shower. Have you ever been turned on by site of big cock,like example above. Have you ever been in bi sexual swap or orgy style fun? Wildest thing you have done involving guys playing together?


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