cybering with lesbians.


I love to have kinky cyber sex with other girls, but the problem is it seems like now is either
1. They aren't into it.
2. They don't know what it is.
3. They can't or wont put more then three words to continue.
Now don't get me I love reading the stories here, I love seeing ya'lls sexy some nude and not nude pictures, and of course I like watching porn. However there is something that just dose it for me when it comes to cybering. I use to get on Lush and cyber for hours with girls and I loved it, and now I miss it. So I'm hoping there are still girls who are still wanting and just know how to blow the doors down when it comes to cybering. So if you ladies are like me and miss or want to cybet sometime come and say hi, and we can bring back all the sexy hot kinky cyber sex back.

Love cyber chicks (guest) 2018-01-14

I would love to sext you. 

joyboy (guest) 2018-01-20

hi Amanda

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