First Time Buy C/D Experience

DocSavage656 2017-10-23

I have only shared this story on another site but it is true and I think the followers of this blog would understand. this is a true story and I consider myself to be straight. However, I have long had a fetish for pantyhose and tights and love women who wear them and enjoy wearing them myself at times. This story dates back several years.

Like most guys I started wearing pantyhose and tights strictly behind closed doors. I traveled frequently for work and would dress in my hotel room. It was at a time when women still worked out in a leotard and tights. I found that hot and began adding leotards to my collection. I became more brave and would wear them to exercise in the hotel workout room. I would wear sweats over my leotard and tights and check through the door of the workout room. If it was vacant I would remove my sweat pants and go in and workout. If there were people in the room I would leave and come back later. Of course, it would often happen that I would begin alone and someone would come in. Rarely did anyone question my attire. I became much more comfortable with women around than men.

I was working out alone in a hotel in Anchorage, AK. (Of all places) in the middle of the afternoon when it was very quiet at the hotel. Typically when I worked out in a hotel I would wear either a gray or black leotard with black glossy tights. Since I had been there earlier in the week at that time I felt very brave and wore a white leotard with a pink, teal and purple geometric design across the bust line. I also had on glossy toast colored tights. I had just begun lifting weights and a guy came in and was very friendly. I was bench pressing and he offered to spot for me. We made some small talk as I was very nervous but he never asked why I was dressed as I was. We then began working out together. He was very well built, handsome and much stronger than me. He also said he was a personal trainer but sold nutrition supplements as well and just added Alaska to his sales territory. We worked out for well over an hour and during that time several other people entered the room to workout.

When we finished he asked me to come to his room and he would let me sample a recovery drink that he recommended for after lifting weights. By this point I was feeling a little strange like I was a girl working out with a guy but he never said a thing to me about my tights.

We took the elevator to his room and while he was mixing the drinks I went out on his balcony. A few minutes later he brought me a drink and rubbed my back as we discussed the view. I was excited, nervous and paralyzed by what was happening. After he finished his drink he set down the glass and went behind me. He had his arms around me and started to rub my leg and finally asked me if I always wore tights. I replied only to workout and he laughed and said, " I bet it is more often than that." Then he slid his hand inside my leotard in the back and rubbed my butt. Finally he moved his hands around to the front and commented on how hard I was getting. Suddenly I no longer felt like just a tights lover but more like a girl. He lead me by my hand inside the room and held me against the wall as he ran his hands all over me. He mentioned that he thought I had great legs and a very cute ass as he placed both his hands on my butt while slipping his fingers inside my leo.

He asked me how I felt and I said, "Girly" and really nervous. Then he replied that he knew what would make me feel very girly and pushed me to my knees and unzipped his workout pants. I could not believe what I was doing but I found myself giving my first blow job. It was so strange after being a guy who had received many over the years to be on the giving end. Feeling his hands on my head made me feel totally submissive. He did cum in my mouth and I was able to swallow it up and even squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out and licked them up. When I left the room I was going to put my sweat pants back on but he ordered me to keep them off telling me if I wanted to feel like a girl I should take the elevator to my room wearing just my tights and leo. He kissed me and walked me to the elevator and gave me a little pat on my butt when the doors opened as he said goodbye.

I still consider myself straight but that was an experience I will never forget. I was very excited and my tights were very wet when I got to my room. That experience was also the first time I realized that I had very submissive tendencies which I have pursued. I hope that story didn't offend anyone. I am new to this blog and look forward to sharing pictures and enjoying the forums.

Thank you for letting me tell it.

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