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The Odd Boy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-14

On another occasion, I recall overhearing dad ask Sammy, “How the fuck did I end up with a wuss like Joey?” Naturally, we did not have a warm and loving father and son relationship. With a horny look in his eyes, he said, “Turn over boy, I’ve been dreaming about your hole all day long.” After pushing my legs apart, he opened my cheeks with his hands and began rimming me. “Nnnh, nnnh, aaaaah, this butt of yours is fucking awesome. Nnnh, aaah.” Sep groaned on and on as our combined pleasure just kept scaling greater heights. I wasn’t sure how long Sep would be living with us but hoped with all my heart that he wouldn’t be moving out for a very long time.

Verne and Charley The Indian

gay-male Bob_N_Head2 2018-01-14

“Well,” Verne went on, “Rather than stop telling me the details of his being fucked in his youth, Old Charley got off of Trigger and there by the side of the unimproved dirt road, he lowered his Levis, spread apart the split in the back of his long john underwear and told me to take him as Running Turkey used to in the long ago past. Our coupling was over thirty minutes and a better trained ass I have never found except on you, Bob. Finally, as you know it would, I shot one of my greatest cum loads into that hungry hole and Old Charley gave out a genuine Indian war whoop as he poured his seed onto the dry New Mexican earth.

Turkish Delight

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-14

The German man hit the nail on the head, and when I entered the hammam he suggested in an old part of the city, it was just perfect. As he took up station at my head I felt his hands begin to work on my neck and upper back. When his mouth moved forward and latched onto my lips, his arms wound around my body like a ravenous octopus. Once Yavuz was done we got off the table, and as I looked at the clock I saw there were two minutes left. Unperturbed, Fat Knob entered and began fucking like madman. Fortunately, the cubicle had extra towels, and as I began drying my head I observed Fat Knob leaving without uttering a word. Kadir fortunately, did not have an uncomfortable cock-head like Fat Knob.

Scene Six, home for the summer

gay-male torpedoman 2018-01-14

I know when a guy is hitting on me so I smiled back and said, “Bill I’m glad you like skinny because I am skinny all over.” As I opened my mouth he pushed forward and his cock slide right in to the back of my throat. So lost I didn’t at first see the closet door open and his wife emerge with a cam recorder in her hand. Bill’s cock slid right in until his heavy balls were resting on my ass. He kissed me and the said, “I have dreamed of this moment for five years ever since I saw you for the first time in school.

How my girlfriend turned me gay, Part IV

gay-male dondave 2018-01-13

Right after lunch, sitting in the sun and staring into the trees, I got so horny thinking about sucking Steve’s dick that I stripped on the spot. “What do you think, Andrea?” said one, pointing at my shriveled cock. “No, you won’t,” I said, smiling for the first time since I’d opened the door. “Just relax,” he said, and gave me a long, lingering kiss. I felt a second finger at my hole, and with a push it came in beside the first one. I felt the tip of his cock against my hole, and then the head pushing in. “Oh, God,” I said, and Steve took that as his cue.

Today with Gary and Vern

gay-male torpedoman 2018-01-13

Both Gary and Vern laughed as I took a sip and said, “You are right about that Gary, I am a girly little sissy and I enjoy sissy drinks. I sucked on his monster cock getting it real wet, then leaned in and took his thick meat all the way down my throat until my nose was on his hairless pubic bone and his balls were on my chin. Gary said, ”Come here my sweet little girl,” as he bent down, cradled my face in his hands and kissed me full on my cum soaked mouth. Vern had slid under me into a sixty-nine position and took my ever so hard tiny skinny pee pee into his mouth.

My Girlfriend's Dad, Part VI

gay-male dondave 2018-01-13

After puzzling about it for five minutes or so, I finally thought, fuck it, and typed, “Hi, we met at the mall most fun I’ve had in a bathroom in a long time.” But it hadn’t occurred to me that he might fuck me, and when I thought of taking his enormous cock in my ass my stomach knotted a little. My hole was stretched open far more than I would have thought possible, and when it reached the maximum point of penetration it felt like a foot long. His cock moved in and out of me like a piston, in long steady strokes that ended with a slapping sound as he bottomed out each time.


Finally I'm not alone

gay-male jackgay 2018-01-13

"I don't know R, I've always wanted to tell them but I just can't find the right time to do it, I'm 18 now I just want to live freely." I said with the same worried look on his face. I gently rubbed it onto the entrance of Ricks smooth asshole, and watched him moan, I pushed my finger inside and I saw his cock jump, I rubbed the vaseline all over my dick and before I put it in I said to him Its been about two minutes and Rick started to speed up, his sweat is dripping off his forehead onto my chest and I rub it in, I'm snapping out my trance more, and realize he's almost at his point of coming, right now he's fucking me while kissing me and I have my legs wrapped around him, his big balls are slapping against my ass.

The Clan

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-13

The night we met at the bar, Glen occasionally referred to ‘The Clan.’ I just believed they were fellow bikers who enjoyed riding together. During the weekend he told me a great deal about, ‘The Clan.’ They were a group of eight guys, now seven after his former lover had left, who partied together. When we spent the night together again, twelve days later, he told me that The Clan were dying to meet me, and had invited me to their Saturday gathering the following evening. After general introductions, Spanner immediately zoned in on me, and no sooner had he placed his arm around me before I was being pulled down onto a mattress. After Spanner had unloaded, Lyle pounced onto Spanner’s knob, and Vath began munching my butt.

Behind The Beaded Curtain Of A Sleazy ’70s Sex Shop

gay-male cayenne 2018-01-13

“Is there a lot of demand for this homo stuff?” Peter asked Rick. That night, young Peter was shown a lot of uncensored material, and ended up sleeping with Rick upstairs in the damp flat above the shop. Soon Rick returned from the bedroom with a swishy rattan school cane in his hands. It hurt like the blazes, but Peter was pleased to hear the cane clatter on the floor as the sergeant threw it down with a grunt. Over the next few days and weeks, Peter couldn’t decide if he’d enjoyed the sex and caning he’d endured courtesy of hunky cop Mark. And it so happened that there were also threesomes where Peter’s bottom entertained both Rick and Sergeant Mark.

Picnic in the Woods

gay-male onlyanalias 2018-01-13

I had a girlfriend who got off so intensely with my cock in her ass it made me want to try it myself. I don’t know them well enough to be certain, but I believe George is a closeted homo, and I’m pretty sure Dave is bi, on the downlow with his best buddy. George looked surprised, but Dave said, “I’d do you. George said, “It’s great.” Then, looking back at the trail, “You sure nobody comes here?” George moved so close I felt his body heat on my ass. With George in my ass and Dave in my mouth I was impaled like a chicken on a spit.

Business Trip Meetings

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-13

My thong and top were soon discarded as we enjoyed each other’s nakedness. I climbed up and straddled his head and presented my hardness to him, which he relished with much sucking. I climbed back down, methodically kissing my way down his body, pausing at his hard nipples, all the way down between his legs, which he spread for me. I climbed back up and kissed him again, plunging my tongue which had just been deep in his ass, into his mouth. I slowly settled down, feeling him slip past my sphincter and into my waiting love channel. When his last spasms subsided, I slipped off and climbed up to share his liquid essence in a deep kiss.

Huey and Me

gay-male AshkeJ 2018-01-13

Well, it would have if I wasn't too drunk to see right there and then what was going through Huey's head. One hand stayed there, the other slipped up to his neck, pushed its way through his hair and held the back of his head. I leaned forward and kissed him again, hard, before moving down his body, leaving a slick trail across his chest and down to his cock. He'd change from furious fucking to slowly sliding almost all the way out, teasing the very outer edges of my ass with the slick tip of his cock before slamming it back in. Huey was still laying on the sofa, but he'd wiped my cum off his body and had one arm bent backwards, his head resting against his hand.

Parole Dad

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-13

Before I left, I gave them a naughty smile and said, “Why don’t you guys use the bigger bed in my room, you’ll be a lot more comfortable.” With a glint in his eye Alf said, “That bed of yours is so fucking big, that I’m sure three people could comfortably sleep on it.” The following Saturday, as I was about to head off to the bar Alf asked, “Why are you going out, looking for something that you already have at home?” After a brief silence he continued, “Are we told old for you?” Before we got too close Alf said, “Get back here daddy, it’s time for you to fuck your boy.” As Duncan scurried to the back of me, Alf took control of my head.

Pleasure Boy

gay-male nomad4fun 2018-01-13

I didn't wanted to stay with any one man because I enjoyed the variety of many different men because they all used my naked body differently and each and every time a man used me it evoked many different pleasures deep inside me and I was always ready for some stranger to make me his own for the next half hour or so, to provide him with the sexual pleasure that he desired, to make me his whore, because that is what I was. When the host said begin, each man would use my body part that he was closest to as a means to provide him with sexual pleasure which meant that I would have a cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth and one in each of my hands.

A Redneck's Bum Boy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-13

Once we had settled down in the lounge after dinner, he said, “I would seriously like to help, but there’s no pressure and you can give it some thought.” After allowing his words to sink in he continued, “You know these people at rehab are really very good. The following day, as my mother lay passed out in her room, I went next door and told Jonas that I was in full agreement, and that he should proceed with his plan. Dinner was a silent affair that night and later when I got into bed, Jonas entered my room wearing a pair of shorts and sat on the end of my bed.

The Train

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-13

One of the aspects of my job I particularly liked, was that being one of those people that hate getting up early, my shift was from eleven a.m. till eight p.m. I took the train to and from work daily, and lived twenty stations away from the office where I was employed. One evening, after stopping at the third station on my way home a good looking guy moved through the carriage approaching my direction, and sat opposite me. When he removed his tracksuit top I got a good look at Boris’ muscular arms. After our first evening together Boris’ absentmindedness escalated alarmingly, and he frequently began missing his exit station when we travelled home at night.


Beer Buddies

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-01-13

It was closing time and Max asked if Steve wanted to go get some coffee, but Steve said his wife was going to be pissed and he’d better get on home. Steve had no problem with that, but was surprised when after another few minutes Max pulled his cock and balls out and continued stroking them. Without a word Steve straddled his head, put his hands on the sofa, lowered himself and continued fucking Max’s face. Steve immediately started fucking Max’s ass, pulling almost all the way out and then forcing his cock back in, again and again. As Steve opened the door Max said, “Maybe you’d like to play some pool next Friday, at the Hayride?”

Teddy's Story

gay-male SusanEngland 2018-01-13

Then I stood close and felt round for her breasts and my knob touched the silk panties covering her bottom cheeks and it felt really good and I knew why Uncle Reg liked feeling his knob on me just there. One of her hands went between us just above my cock and I could feel them twiddling at herself as I went in and out and then her head was rolling from side to and she said “I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” and her lips lifted right up and held me in the air and she was calling out and making noises and “Yes, yes, yes.” Then she fell back on the bed and she held my hips tight to her.

Twisted and Torn Part 2

gay-male Man4Married 2018-01-13

The music was somewhat loud and the heavy beats rumbled in his ears and he felt like he was a young man again walking into a night club as he made his way further into the place and found many grey lockers in a well lit area. He pushed it down over the towel and he almost jumped when he saw someone stand next to him in the semi dark passage and he did not hide his hand under his towel as he played with his cock to the sounds of sex coming from the closed door. Chris stood as still as a rock with one hand pushing his cock down but looked at the other guy from the corner of his eye.

PE teacher and sixth form boy

gay-male pjm 2018-01-13

For months he enforced a rule of "no underpants", and he would inspect the whole class of boys, making us pull out on our shorts to prove we had none on. My cock went hard and he saw it as he looked over my shoulder. Before I knew it he had turned me round and gone down on me, licking my shaft and then taking it into his mouth and really sucking me vigorously, with both hands groping my bum. He rode me for a long time, pausing sometimes to stop himself coming, and then going again up me with great vigour, fucking what he kept saying was my sexy gorgeous ass until he finally emptied himself deep inside me.



gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-13

Russ then offered to stop by my house later and collect the tyre, so that it would be fixed for me early the following morning when I passed by to work. I was again was able to avoid Russ the following morning, after he left for work very early. Garth left after breakfast the following morning and by one-thirty Russ returned from work. With a glint in his eyes, Russ then asked if I had a good time the previous evening. Encouraging Russ to lift his legs further, my lips began moving south towards his pucker. After our session, Russ lifted us up and pushing my body backward placed two cushions behind me on the opposite armrest. Russ really took his time and our fucking continued for another thirty minutes.

Second Honeymoon

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-12

Ruth was married to a farmer named Waldo, and their twin sons Hans and Dirk were nineteen years of age. The following morning during our shower, I felt Hans insert his finger into my backside as we paired off to wash each other’s backs. With their arms totally enfolding me Hans continued fucking my butt while Dirk passionately kissed me. As Hans started cumming I could feel Dirk’s arms manically pulling his bothers backside towards my arse. Waldo was gentle at first, but soon gripped my head in a vice like hold and began face-fucking me. Waldo liked it rough, and my face and arse got regularly slapped by his huge hands.


gay-male onlyanalias 2018-01-12

Occasionally Jon felt like sucking cock and we played 69. My whole body stiffened in an anal orgasm and as my ass muscles clenched his cock he drove it all the way in and came. Feeling the spasms as his cock pumped hot cum into me I began coming too, rising in ever more powerful waves of pleasure until a final spasm engulfed me so intensely I wanted it to end. I realized that several factors had combined tonight—the excitement of the first time with Jon, the length and girth of his cock, my ass muscles supple and yielding, just the right amount of lubrication, and the united energy we expended—joined together to produce as perfect a sexual experience as I was able to conceive.