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gay-male Simplicity 2018-03-05

Being a spitfire redhead, she rolled her eyes and said, ”You, the boss's son, and me, the boss's secretary, looking over the lake and watching the sunset… is that your subtle way of making a pass at me?" Jay had never discussed such things but I said I hadn’t found the right woman but I had plenty of time and wasn't in any rush. I know you always wondered why we never had the same friends, or why I never talked about my life.” Jay inhaled and looked into my eyes. "I'm not sure Jay. I know it doesn't feel weird, or uncomfortable…” I tried to gather my thoughts, admit how I felt. When I’d held her, it didn't feel like it did holding Jay. This felt right.


gay-male ljdoofus75 2018-03-05

After about ten minutes, she started rubbing Barry’s cock through his jeans, but he said, “I know you want to do this now, but I have a visitor and besides, you’ll feel bad about it later.” Soon he shot another load into my mouth, but I didn’t want to let his cock leave my mouth. I reached around his hips and pulled him deeper into my mouth as I continued to suck him like this would have to last a lifetime. Barry said, “Lay down on the bed.” I did and reached for his cock and began stroking it. He replied, “Now’s the right time because you know how good it felt from your side and you’re wondering what it feels like on the other side.”

Finding myself in a steamy situation

gay-male Marko123 2018-03-05

The thrusting from Chaz caused me to start sliding my cock in and out of Max's tight ass. Chaz started to speed up until he was pounding my ass as hard as he could, his cock rubbing up on my prostate making me want to blow my load. I let out a low groan and felt my cock swell before blowing my load in Max. I pulled out my cum covered cock from Max's ass and put in Chaz's mouth to clean off before I got down on my knees and licked out Max's ass which he enjoyed. Max started to fuck harder using the strength from his abs and hips to force his cock all the way into Chaz's ass.

Salad Dressing

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

His food arrived several minutes later, and when he asked for salad dressing the bottle before me was relocated to him. I immediately began to write a new story entitled, ‘Salad Dressing.’ Cheekily, I even used the names Jarrod and Francis in my story. About ten days ago I read a really good story entitled: Salad Dressing, by an author named FJB. A short while later we were seated at the pub swapping life stories. After dinner, he asked if I was keen to find out if the real Jarrod lived up to the fictional one. ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, never mind edits, I was going to have to rewrite the entire story.

82% anal

What Makes A man?

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

Jeff’s dad had passed away when he was ten years old, and after his mom had remarried his new stepfather did not get on with Jeff at all. After Jeff and I went to bed we soon got into our normal routine of fondling, kissing, and sucking. The hardware store was already closed, but I was delighted to see a sign on the door notifying, ‘In case of emergencies, call Jeff at (phone number).’ I took down the number, and then decided to book into a small motel for the evening. When Jeff finally got to my place I welcomed him in, not sure if I should hug him or shake his hand.

The Gingerbread Man

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

What did transpire that night, however, was that for the next decade I would always dream of an encounter with a man that looked like him. After a brief pause, he surprised me by asking, “Do you like massage?” I asked Robert what he charged and was surprised by how low his hourly fee was. A silly thought crossed my mind and before I could stop myself, I asked, “Are you cut or uncut, Robert?” Robert let out a laugh before he answered, “I’m like you, bro, and I’m also cut.” I was astonished by his reply. No uncut person has ever asked me that question,” he replied, with a self-satisfied grin. When I asked him why, Robert told me that he had been given his marching orders by his buddy.

Being used on Vacation

gay-male DavidB 2018-03-05

I went straight back to his member and I tasted the salty precum on his head, I kept going at his cock and I could tell eric was close his breathing was loud, almost too loud as I was afraid that Jarrod or Bryan might hear us. He pulled out and slid off the condom in record time, he told me to "make it happen" I got on the floor and Eric sat on the bed, I was licking his cock and letting all my saliva drip down his cock when he reached the point of no return and the jets of jizz hit my face and chest.

The Clan

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

The night we met at the bar, Glen occasionally referred to ‘The Clan.’ I just believed they were fellow bikers who enjoyed riding together. During the weekend he told me a great deal about, ‘The Clan.’ They were a group of eight guys, now seven after his former lover had left, who partied together. When we spent the night together again, twelve days later, he told me that The Clan were dying to meet me, and had invited me to their Saturday gathering the following evening. After general introductions, Spanner immediately zoned in on me, and no sooner had he placed his arm around me before I was being pulled down onto a mattress. After Spanner had unloaded, Lyle pounced onto Spanner’s knob, and Vath began munching my butt.

The Color of Love

gay-male JonahSnow 2018-03-05

Me and Matthew alone in the dark together with a few candles, this is going to be so hot, I was thinking to myself and I felt my dick start to harden slightly, I tried to think of something else to get my mind off it. Matthew started laughing a little and said, “It says lick the stomach of the person closest to you for five seconds”. I bet he’s got a huge dick, does he have a hard on for me, no he couldn’t, I was thinking to myself and I slowly started to stick out my tongue, I gently started at his belly button and softly licked up towards his nipples.

Oil Rig

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

As Stacy observed the hunk before him the shower room door opened, and the three guys he had seen in the passage entered the space. Billy, the first guy that Stacy had encountered in the shower, then moved up and took up station behind Stacy’s arse. As Hank began to fuck Stacy arse, a procession of knobs commenced skull-fucking Stacy’s mouth. Jock followed shortly afterwards, and when Billy unloaded, Hank also shot his load into Stacy’s backside. After entering Stacy’s room their towels were flung aside instantly before they got on the bed and started making out. The following evening when Stacy entered the shower area he was taken aback, when six pairs of eyes focussed on him.

The Russian Way

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

Geny was very impressed, and after kicking his shoes off was soon bouncing up and down on the bed, like a small boy. Geny looked at me with a malevolent expression before asking, “Do you like it rough Petrich?” Geny had a lovely body, but like his face there were numerous scars all over him. Turning his body around and facing away from my head, he sat on my back and began tantalising my hole with the disgusting object. After lifting his torso a short while later, Geny swiftly extracted the plug out my arse before replacing it with his large cock. Slumping onto me after Geny asked, “Do you like the Russian way Petrich?”

Me Bird Luvs Watchin' Cock Action Wiv Me And Me Gay Mate

gay-male RobbieW 2018-03-04

I’d only been with my bird for a couple of months when I told her about how Gavin felt about me and how close we were as mates. Thing is, me and Gavin had wanked each other off before, just like lots of mates do, so yeah – the thought of doing things with my gay mate while my bird watched got me well excited. He’s got a nice big cock, my mate Gavin. I thought me and my mate were just gonna wank each other off but no, he got his tongue right up my bum. And anyway, Gavin’s tongue felt amazing up my bum, just think what it’d feel like with his cock up inside me.

Theater Sex

gay-male nomad4fun 2018-03-04

It got so intense that the two men I was jerking off came first and I felt their hot cum running down my arms while the man fucking my ass gave one final thrust and crammed the entire length of his cock deep inside me and he held m e tight while his man juice was forced deep inside my bowels. I felt hands lifting me off of the man I was sitting on and they led me around to the floor behind the last row of seats where the hands pushed me to the floor onto my back.One man straddled my chest and he began to rub his cock all over my cum covered face until he told me to open wide and his cock slipped inside and while his cock was fucking my mouth another man had my legs on his shoulders and he was fucking my cunt.

More Than Just A Band (The Continuation)

gay-male MsFreakyGoth 2018-03-04

Every time you play, you're in like a zone and your green eyes shine from above the stage." Being the type of person I am, I blushed orange. "How about you Keith, are you single?" a pink hair girl asked, looking at me with glittering eyes. I looked away, and just uttered, "Oh, she must be lucky.Good for her." I felt him stare at me, and it seemed like he was going to say some thing, but then we had reached the hotel. The pretty waitress girl blushed bright red, when seeing Cliff walking around in his Calvin Clain briefs. "You look incredible when you cum Keith, and I'll make you mine, " he said with a dangerous hunger in his eyes.

Older Makes a Good Teacher

gay-male Totem 2018-03-04

I leaned up against one wall of the shower and tried standing with my feet a little farther apart, in an effort to give him better access.  My dick was also thickening at the anticipation of what this wonderful older man might do to me next.  Carl worked his finger inside me, probing, pushing, pulling out almost but not quite all the way.  The sensation was delicious.  I was worried that I might tighten up or not be ready for this yet, but the feeling wasn't at all uncomfortable.  On the contrary, it was like heaven.

The Car Salesman

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

They loved the way he always stood between them at launches, with his arms around their backs and convulsed with pleasure as Gunnar’s fingers massaged their shoulders while pointing out the various advanced features of the vehicles. Gunnar then invited Eric to kneel behind him, after which Gunnar’s hands opened his butt cheeks for Eric’s mouth. With Gunnar’s hand continuing to hold Eric’s torso down, he offered his dick to Dries for a cleaning. As Dries began fucking Eric, Gunnar moved up behind him and after folding his arms around Dries’ body began tweaking his nipples. Dries wanted to experience what his lover had enjoyed and holding still in Eric, opened his own butt cheeks as an invitation to Gunnar.

The Gathering

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

The Gathering took place every second Sunday, from ten p.m. till six p.m. There was a cover charge that included lunch and drinks, but the highlight of this gathering according to Blain, was the barn that had been rigged out for serious M2M action. Turning back and also introducing myself to Andrew, Gary then gestured towards the sling and asked if I had ever been twin fucked. Shortly, the twins decided to swap positions and as they did so, I finally got a look at Brad. His uncut knob and balls looked like a huge butternut and the foreskin at the front of his cock was so thick, that it looked like a doughnut had swallowed his dick-head.

Threesome with Two Daddies

gay-male heckstee 2018-03-04

Once daddy A got his cock rock hard from rubbing it between my cheeks he told me to turn over, I rolled onto my back and he put his cock in my face and said, "I am going to fuck your throat until you are hard, boy!" His cock was so thick, I could barely open my mouth wide enough to accommodate its girth! He held his cock over my face and jerked it a couple of times and said i've been a good little slut boy and he's going to share me with all his other daddy friends...and then he shot his hot cum all over my face and chest while I wanked my cock furiously, Then I noticed daddy B had been wanking his little cock the whole time he'd been watching and he walked a few steps over to me and he came all over my chest and cock.

How my girlfriend turned me gay, Part IV

gay-male dondave 2018-03-04

Right after lunch, sitting in the sun and staring into the trees, I got so horny thinking about sucking Steve’s dick that I stripped on the spot. “What do you think, Andrea?” said one, pointing at my shriveled cock. “No, you won’t,” I said, smiling for the first time since I’d opened the door. “Just relax,” he said, and gave me a long, lingering kiss. I felt a second finger at my hole, and with a push it came in beside the first one. I felt the tip of his cock against my hole, and then the head pushing in. “Oh, God,” I said, and Steve took that as his cue.

Sexual Crossroads

gay-male chipmiller 2018-03-04

I would envision taking Ryan’s cock into my hand, and letting it grow firm and hot in my closed palm. I felt the weight of Ryan’s pelvis grind into mine as he got on top of me and whispered in my ear: “God, you’re so fucking hard right now.” I allowed myself to surrender to the moment as Ryan parted my legs and began to circle the tip of his pointer finger around the sensitive rim of my virgin asshole. Ryan had stopped teasing the rim of my asshole, and had moved his pointer finger deep inside, opening my hole. Putting my left hand down on the bed for support, I furiously jerked off my own cock as Ryan moved deeper and deeper into my ass, rubbing my ever-growing g-spot.

Opposites Attract - Part 11

gay-male buck4bear 2018-03-04

As he massaged the area of his dick just under his piss hole with his tongue, the moans got louder and he pulled out of Joe’s mouth, positioning him on the side of the bed where he raised his legs. Billy slowly pulled his dick half way out when Joe reached around to feel its massive girth, trying to stick his finger into his own hole, but unable to do so due to the fact that it was filled so tightly. They rubbed dicks together kissed and made out, Billy’s fingers once again inside of Joe. As they kissed Billy worked in four fingers, feeling Joe’ ass muscles getting looser and more pliable.

Dressing Up with Dylan - Chapter 2

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-03-04

“You’re allowed to say sex shit,” Scott had explained, “You know, like, ‘yeah’ or ‘fuck me’ or whatever, but we’re not including all that corny stuff about how you’re gonna examine him with your dick.” He also changed us around, saying since my penis was bigger it should be the one showing all the time, so I was the patient, this time, and Dylan was the doctor. I spent the time ignoring Scott and focusing entirely on preparing Dyl, who was about to have two cocks in his rectum, but Craig tapped me on the shoulder to talk to me – apparently he’d been trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear him with my head up Dylan’s muscled ass.

Exploring Adam: The Sequel (part three)

gay-male Damon9888 2018-03-04

All the while I ran my hands up and down his thighs and up his belly and chest, teasing his nipples to hardness, every so often pulling back to drink in the sight of his gorgeous cock, so hard and swollen, leaking precum like a faucet.  It was almost a letdown when I heard the front door open.  Trevor joined me in sucking Adam's cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world; but what amazed me was how much it felt like he and I were making out, having our own private moment as we kissed each other around the swollen head of Adam's cock. Our hands found each other's cocks, and after Adam came we greedily kissed, licking and sucking his cum from each other's faces. 

Dressing Up with Dylan - Chapter 1

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-03-03

When he turned over, I reached under him, stroking his dick with my hand and letting it run down lightly over his balls while I said things like, “Hmm,” and “I see,” and “Okay, then.” I was kneeling in front of him again, and I spread his cheeks wide, running my fingers over his taint and his anus in that same professional way, like I was examining the tissue, but then I licked him, ever so lightly, and his butthole puckered in response, like it was surprised. “You got it,” I said, and I brought my cock all the way out of him and moved the head on his anus until he pushed at me again, begging for it with his body and then I drove that cock in, shoving deep into him and groaning with pleasure, myself.