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A good hard fucking

gay-male dondave 2018-06-26

He got hard quickly, and in seconds his cock was so big I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth. In my CL ad I’d said I didn’t want to get pounded or plowed, I wanted a slow, easy fucking. I’d been more top than bottom up to this point, and didn’t want someone who wasn’t willing to go slow and give me time to get used to the feel of a cock inside me. He rolled me over on my back, spread my legs apart and started pushing his cock against my hole. I felt like my ass was splitting open, but I didn’t want it to stop. I started moving my hips, too, meeting every thrust of his cock by pushing back against him.

Delendi Vi Praedita

gay-male Warrior_Ink 2018-06-24

Otter was quite eager to let me do what I wanted to him, so I told him to hold his hands over his head and against the wall while I teased him, explaining that I was the only one who was allowed to do any touching. I ordered Otter to finger-fuck me the way that Fox had done, and I nearly finished when he started. Otter accepted, taking Fox's cock into his mouth. I was too close to last very long, and I climaxed for the second time that night in the back of Otter's throat. I took Otter's swollen cock into my mouth, teasing him with my hands and endeavoring to make him cum.

A Hot Trio

gay-male SirSpewalot 2018-06-23

“Yeah," Jim answered, "Paula was making out with Jack on the couch while we were watching a movie and I said, ‘Cut it out, you two.’ She said, ‘You know you wanna watch.’ I said, ‘Okay, so show me then.’ She got on her knees and pulled Jack’s pants down and started sucking him. “That’s the spirit,” I said, and smiled as I felt Jim come up behind me and press his stirring cock against me as he reached around to play with me. In less than a minute Jim groaned and emptied into Jack’s bowels, and at the same time Jack spurted a small trio of spurts into my mouth.

The Black Hole

gay-male DarkSide 2018-06-23

However, ten minutes later, while ordering another round at the bar, I told the barman that I would like to enter the Black Hole. The guy in front of me commented on the fresh cream that had obviously spilt over his body and it was seconds later that the guy in my left hand covered it with loads of spunk as it dribbled out of his spent cock. For the first time in the Black Hole, my cock was being stroked by someone’s hand. I looked around the room, and still, I didn’t have a clue as to who had spunked over my hand or who had pulled on my cock for that matter.

The 19th Hole

gay-male Banes1 2018-06-23

He watched as Alberto took my semi-erect cock in his hand as he licked my scrotum. "Oh Master, please let me pull the zipper down," Alberto said, licking his lips. I turned, kissed David on the lips then licked more cum from Alberto's neck and chin. "It's time to replenish ourselves with food and drink," Alberto said as he went over to the ice bucket and pulled out two beers. Pulling the shirt over Alberto's head I told David to kiss him. "Okay David now remove Alberto's trousers," I said while moving up behind David holding his beer. Alberto sucked on David's swollen balls as I put the head of my cock against David's brown hole.


gay-male 1941aaa 2018-06-21

I kept on bobbing my head up and down as I moved my hand in the opposite direction, keeping a firm hold on his cock and felt it start to swell a little more and suddenly felt him really stiffen up and had him cum in my mouth. I think, with getting that extra bit of suction, that he swallowed all of it in one go for the sucking slackened off to just having his tongue rove round over the head as he kept giving me little squeezes of my cock before he finally lifted his head up and gave me a smile before giving the head a kiss and moving up the bed, kissed me.

A Statue of Love

gay-male 1941aaa 2018-06-21

I was fantasising I know, but for those few minutes he was flesh and blood to me and couldn’t stop myself from moving round behind him and let him feel my still hard cock being pressed up tight to the cheeks of his ass, wishing that they could part for me to enter and really make love to him. Oh my love, my statue was now sucking on me, pushing my foreskin right down to tease me the same way and such was my need for relief, didn’t last long before coming into his hot mouth, having him swallowing it as well, feeling that extra bit of suction as he did so.

The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

gay-male Mysteria27 2018-06-20

When you figure it out, it is best just to come out and live your life like you want.” He looked like a guy that wanted to date somebody and have a relationship with. Jay then got on his knees and put my cock into his mouth. “Oh Jay, fuck that feels so good. Jay stood up and I got on my knees and I took his cock into my mouth. I never tasted a cock, but at that particular time I knew I wanted Jay’s. Jay got on his hands and knees and I slid my hard cock into his ass. Jay got on his hands and knees and I slid my hard cock into his ass.

Team player

gay-male SirSpewalot 2018-06-17

My turn in back." He and Cameron switched places, and as Cameron took Chuck into his mouth, Devry slowly pushed inside him and said, "Thanks for lubing him up for me, Cam. You make the best sloppy seconds I've ever had." Soon the three of them were a throbbing, sweating, moaning mass of flesh pushing into and against each other, and in a minute Cameron came hard into Devry's ass as it squeezed tight in his own orgasm. As Coach's spooge pumped hot and thick into his mouth and the refreshed and resurgent Cameron and Devry took up positions behind each of the men on the floor, Chuck realized he was in paradise.

The Rains of Rapture

gay-male latecomer91364 2018-06-13

I literally wiggled and giggled as I kissed Gary all the more ferociously and began raising and lowering, fucking his cock with my ass. It felt so good as the rain danced across my flared anus, but his head quickly provided an awning as he brought his tongue to my hole. The rain that pummeled us rolled down his body and clung to his buttocks as it streamed towards his asshole and dripped into my open mouth as I extended my tongue upward to bathe his puckered hole. In an evening of nasty, this was the nastiest of all as I sprawled with my knees so wide apart that my cock was fucking the wet grass while my asshole, so deliciously open was mercilessly pounded by my lover's fat cock.

Deaf, Dumb Blind

gay-male 1941aaa 2018-06-12

But here I was, in bed with another man, having kissed and sucked his cock and felt happy with him in my arms, feeling content and could now live with my disability. Can we now suck on each other?’ I don’t think I had really needed to ask that question for he was quickly back on the bed and had his mouth close over the head of my cock and as I moved onto my side, I was able to wave my hand about until I grasped his still hard cock and took the head of his into mine.

Deaf, Dumb Blind

gay-male 1941aaa 2018-06-12

I felt my way round this now converted sofa and didn’t even ask Tony which side of this sofa bed he wanted to sleep on as I got myself onto the left hand side, as you would see it from the foot end. Of course he couldn’t reply to me and with him then moving on this sofa bed, felt him moving down and I then got another sudden shock as I felt his mouth cover the head of my cock as his hand kept on with the up and down movement, squeezing it, as he carried on in his jerking me off. Bernie said his goodnights but not hearing my reply or understanding Tony’s hand signals, as yet, he departed the sitting room for Tony the set up the sofa into our bed for the night.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 4

gay-male Man4Married 2018-06-12

For a few seconds all I felt was his strong thighs on either side of my naked legs, and his hot gaze on the pliant body beneath him. The horny daddy broke off the kiss and slid down my body, helped along by the sheen of sweat, and clamped his gorgeous mouth onto my left nipple; my back instinctively arched as if I was in pain. Teasing my cock with his smooth, hot tongue, it jerked and twitched when he moved away for those few seconds. My balls were so tight and drawn into my body as they do, while my cock was so rock hard and felt just as tight.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-06-10

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

Weekend Away

gay-male seeker4 2018-06-10

A couple times, I’d finished the shower with my own cock nearly erect, something that I tried desperately to hide from Tony in case it might put him off. Reaching under Tony with a lubed hand, I stroked his stiff prick while fucking his ass with slow, steady thrusts. Releasing his spent cock, I used my hands to hold him steady and began fucking his ass as hard and fast as I dared. With our cocks pressed together between us, we made out on the bed, lips and tongues joining in kisses as hands roamed over naked bodies. Pushing Tony’s head away, I looked deeply into his eyes and said in demanding tone, “Fuck me.” “Oh yes, Tony, that cock feels so fucking good in me.

More Than A Band (The End)

gay-male MsFreakyGoth 2018-06-09

Flushed face, sweat trickling down your body, fevered skin, and you're whimpering for my stiff cock...," he said as he gently pushed me flat on my back and bringing both my legs on top of his shoulders. To every thrust I felt his cock head hit against a sweet spot that I didn't even know exist. THERE!" Right on command Cliff positioned himself by gripping unto the head board with one hand and the other on my dick. "CLIIFF!!!" My body tightened, and my senses heightened in such a way that I felt every throb of Cliff's beast, up my bum. I heard Cliff gave another hot growl and felt his cock twitching as he deposited his own juices into me.

What Happened Last Night, Pt. II

gay-male dondave 2018-06-07

A couple of heads turned when we walked in, and I definitely felt like we were being sized up, but we apparently didn’t stand out enough, for good or bad reasons, to hold anyone’s attention for long. When the song changed Tom and I split from our partners -- mine kissed me hard before he walked away -- and started dancing together -- by which I meant we stood there grinding our cocks together in the middle of the dance floor, with lights flashing, music pounding, and bodies swirling and bumping around us. Without turning to me, she said, “Whatever you’re doing, whoever it is, however long it’s been going on, I really don’t want to know.”

Just An Experiment

gay-male Mysteria27 2018-06-06

I haven’t had a girlfriend in a while.  I mostly watch porn and chat online to women.  Sometimes, I even hire whores.  I just love the taste of a cunt.  That’s why I’ve never thought of a dick.  I never wanted to suck a cock or hold big hairy balls.  It’s just not my thing. The guy walked to the bathroom and went into the shower.  I cleaned the room fast and left.  I didn’t know what to think.  I knew I liked having my dick sucked.  I wasn’t sure about the rest of it.  I grabbed a coffee and had a smoke and took a break.

Discovering My Idenity As A Top Was Learning From The Bottom

gay-male Blackrain 2018-06-05

I  had just got off the bus going home from work when I decided to stop at a nearby park restroom to take a piss. Looks like you are ready for more than just taking a piss," he said pointing to the bulge growing in my pants. After about five minutes of slow pumps, he began to pound my ass like a jackhammer. After about fifteen minutes of stretching my hole, he pulled out and said, " Now we're gonna let you know what its like to be a top." Never had I eaten anyone's ass before but the sight of his pink hole surrounded by strawberry blond butt hair got me more than horned up.

First time at a gay bathouse

gay-male CindyUSA 2018-06-03

A man walked in to the pool and hot tube area , removed his towel, hung it up on pegs mounted on the wall and entered the steam room. It was not long when he exploded his creamy ooze in my mouth saying, "Fuck yes bitch and swallow every drop." He squirted a few times, with draws his limp dick, and then exits the steam room leaving me alone. One man stopped, looked for a few seconds, and entered my room, closing the door behind him. The bearded man removed his dick, moved to stand in front my face and tells me, "Clean my cock, slut." He leans forward without waiting rubbed his cum covered cock on my face.

Just An Experiment - Part Three

gay-male Mysteria27 2018-06-01

There was nothing wrong with enjoying sex with either men or women.  Mike realized he had a real taste for cum.  He loved the sweaty taste of it.  He liked to feel a big cock in his mouth.  He loved to feel warm balls in his hands while he sucked a dick. Mike took the condom from Jack and rolled it onto his dick.  He grabbed Mike and they passionately kissed while Mike played with Jack’s cock.  Mike got onto his knees and opened his mouth wide.  He wanted to give Jack pleasure. Mike picked up the pace and fucked Jack’s asshole.  His ass felt incredible.  Mike kissed Jack’s back while he thrusted in and out of his asshole.  Jack was moaning and groaning.  Mike put his hands around Jack’s cock and played with his dick while fucking into his tight hole.

While She's Sleeping

gay-male FeliciaGreene 2018-05-31

And Arthur, well… The face of his long-ago classmate was still startlingly clear in Martin’s mind; blonde hair, brown eyes, full, slightly pouting lips that could make him look like either a Renaissance angel or a pagan god, depending on the way he smiled. As Arthur began to move, tiny thrusts at first, all the while stroking Martin’s throbbing cock, Martin felt as if he were drowning in new sensations. Martin pushed back, meeting Arthur with every thrust, his mouth open in a soft, constant moan as Arthur’s hand passed over his cock in a blur. Martin kept his muscles gripped tight around Arthur’s softening cock, not wanting to lose the exquisite feeling.

A Night at the Club

gay-male keptsissy 2018-05-30

If he comes back to talk with you and wants you in the back room, you be a good boy, you show him what that little mouth of yours can do. I know 'the look', meaning let the flirtatious man take me to the dance floor, even feel me up if he likes. His tongue deep in my mouth, down my throat, he reaches back with his other hand and puts his fingers up into the crack of my butt between my cheeks. I feel relief that he only wants my mouth, that I will not be possibly whipped severely for letting another may fuck my butt without his permission. As I walked away to the other sissy girls seated down the bar, I could feel my tight little hole throb.

Goodbye Ass Cherry

gay-male bobapple 2018-05-30

I applied a good amount of lube to my index finger and proceeded to rub it all around his anus. And I got a big, "ahhhh," when I added a second well-lubed finger inside his asshole. I think he liked it because he pushed back against my fingers with each thrust. While he did that I lubed up my other glove and spread it liberally over my cock. I got half my cock inside and then waited a second or two before I drove further in, his ass rising up to meet my thrusts. I fucked him slowly for a few minutes more but then I quickened, slamming against his buttocks, and my cum filled his ass.