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Closet Confession Ch. 01

gay-male Cherryboi 2018-04-28

Liz spent almost as much time in the tanning bed as Uncle Ed did astride his favorite Justin Morgan, Bo. Liz had honey-blond hair that lay in thick layers all the way down her back, her skin year round stayed just dark enough to compliment her almond brown eyes. It wasn't until later that day that I figured out what had really happened- Seeing my Aunt Liz naked and vulnerable had given me an erection so suddenly and so intense that I had, out of pure instinct, reached down and begun to message my cock through my tight jeans. My thoughts would always start out with a naked, tanned ass, just like Aunt Liz, but would without fail end up with a thick, veiny shaft.

Pussyboy Nephew Ch. 01

gay-male bufmuck1 2018-04-28

My uncle and aunt knew I was gay I had "come out" last year when I was 19, but I doubted I'd find any opportunities up there, so I thought it best to prepare for a few solo experiences. After dinner we chatted for a while longer, but my uncle said he had to get to bed early, and my aunt went off to do the washing up before following her husband. The porn came to its sticky conclusion, as twelve men jerked themselves off all over the face of the young slut, who eagerly lapped up all the cum, swallowing as much as possible.

My First with My Aunt's Boyfriend

gay-male hotttboyxxx 2017-12-31

Bruce opened his mouth and took my little 5" cock into his warm mouth holding my ass firmly and spreading and massaging my cheeks with his silky, lotion covered hands. With my little penis in his mouth, he spread my cheeks wider and gently began to probe my tight, virgin anus with his large finger. Bruce gently replaced his tongue with his large two fingers and started to finger fuck my tight ass while he masterbated on the couch. Bruce pulled my body down on top of him and his veiny cock went all the way in my lubed ass to the balls. With great fervor, Bruce grabbed my ass in the palms of his hand and forcing me up and down on his cock.

The Second Reception

gay-male Deecee29 2017-10-10

"Continuing with our salute to the newlyweds and to help them off to a good start on their lives together, it's now time for the bride, our sweet lovable Betty, to once again let her friends salute her in their favorite way. At the same time, I felt my aunt and mother helping me to stand up, all the while saying "It's time for you to show the men what you have for your new wife sweetie. Betty let me know she loved me enough to enf***e the terms of the prenuptial agreement and sue me, if I tried to divorce her over the reception incident or the fact that she was still sexing other men regularly.