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Making Myself a MONSTER

gay-male jamesishuge 2018-11-13

My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing. This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing.

Bigger is not always better

gay-male 2018-09-29

There were a few around that day with dark tanned bodies .You could pick the men that are regular at this beach, standing on top of the small hills between the bushes, bodies oiled cocks hard in firmly griped in hands my cock started growing. I spotted a older man about 60 years old with slim fit, untanned body, lying nude in a small clearing among the bushes.We talked about the many man around that day on the hunt with sunburnt skin, big cocks and egos just looking for a quick fuck. Its wonderful, I could take his shaft fully without choking, we spent most of that afternoon with his cock in my mouth sucking; rolling it around, Keeping it wet playing with his nearly hairless small balls.