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gay-male LateNightWriter 2018-11-23

A million sexy thoughts ran through my mind, such as the trace amounts of Nathan's cum still in my mouth now being snowballed back and forth between us, or the possibility of a new fuck buddy. We started up a rhythm, and Nathan moved to the front of the coffee table and put his dick in my mouth. He began to fuck my mouth like he had earlier, pushing my nose into his pubes while Austin continued to pound my ass. I felt Nathan's tongue begin to lap up all of Austin's cum inside my asshole. He pulled me off the table and kissed me, mixing Austin's cum in with his own. Austin then got down on his knees and began to suck my dick.

My ex Boyfriends revenge

gay-male Jamey 2018-11-16

Lionel blushed a little and tried to shift himself around, "I like a guy wearing tights (Pantyhose) maybe fancy panties or, stockings and suspenders, it really gets me hot fr fucking him, you interested?" He came back with a small case and opened it to reveal, tights of different colours, panties and french knickers, stockings with matching suspender belt, I thought they looked rather nice to be honest. I told him what had happened, he got the pill bottle and NONE of the tablets left said paracetamol on them there were only three,,, Lionel looked at me and started to cry "I had Mike here the night you split up, he must have changed the tablets, let me see what yiu have" I dropped my jogging bottoms, sat on the bed and opened my legs.....

Best Friends Finally Fuck

gay-male speedodave 2018-11-13

I just tie off the pull string of my black and red speedo when Stephan exits the tent in his sky blue speedo. I can feel my cock aching, throbbing harder, the tip of Stephan's cock poking out the top of his speedo's, pre leaking onto his lower abs. I roll him onto his stomach, grazing my hands over his speedo covered ass. We lay combined for a moment before I begin to make love to my best friend. I thrust harder and deeper inside my friend, our moans combining in the sunsetting night sky. He wraps one arm around my neck as he grabs my speedo covered ass with his other. We can feel the cool night air on our hot sweaty bodies as we get lost making love.

Dicks Fuck Better Than Carrots

gay-male Zhenit 2018-11-10

I knew I had to relax, so I slowly breathed in and out until I felt the top of his cock slip into my ass. Then he took his cock out, leaving me begging to put it back in and then, he would do exactly that and push it all the way back in until I heard his thighs slap against my ass. A few moments later Allan guided my arms to my sides, sat up straight, positioned my ass perfectly in front of him and started stroking my dick. Suddenly Allan took out his cock and my asshole started to contract rapidly as if it was trying to get used to something it was not or to regain something it had lost.

The Kidnapping

gay-male BStrees94 2018-11-04

The moaning and heavy breathing and cum-covered faces and tits were back.  I didn’t even try to resist this time, I wanted to watch.  My dick started getting hard again and I could feel it growing up against my cum-soaked boxers.  Once he finally stopped cumming, John said, “You know what to do now.”  He uncuffed my hand and I wiped all the cum into my mouth, swallowing it all down.  It felt strangely satisfying to do so this time.  He stuck his cock back in my mouth and I sucked out the remaining cum.

My First Encounter With a Man

gay-male Just_TM 2018-09-19

Usually I would walk to the back getting lost in the dark maze of halls and doors but this time I stopped midway down the main corridor and took a booth. In a sobering instant a warm mouth took hold of my cock and my dread was replaced with the pleasures that only a man can bring to another man. I pressed in towards the hole as far as I could without gagging on his cock and sucked hard every time he forcefully entered my mouth. I sucked him until I felt I got all the cum he had to offer me and took his cock and wiped his cum from my face into my mouth sucking him clean each time.

First Time Sucking

gay-male wantsexencounter 2018-08-22

The other people in the apartment weren't around very often and I didn't have any friends in the area so I got pretty bored at night. I figured it would be good to have my first experience with another guy that was just looking for some sexual release but wasn't necessarily gay. I got there a bit early so I went into the park and started walking up and down the path looking for a good place where we wouldn't be seen. I dropped to my knees as he started unzipping his pants and by the time I looked up his cock was out and semi-erect waiting for me. Shortly after he pulled out of my mouth and started shooting his cum all over my face.

On a Run Ch. 03

gay-male yeaimbored 2018-08-18

He continued to fuck me as he grabbed my cock and began to roughly jerk me off, not wanting me to think he enjoyed it. Will must have felt my ass tighten or my cock stiffen because almost immediately he said, "Time to swallow your own cum slut, open up!" "Swallow slut," he ordered me as he finished cumming and began to slap my ass with his still hard cock. I grabbed one and began to suck the other, the man behind me forcing the cock in my mouth down into my throat. The one I was blowing grabbed the back of my head and began to cum down my throat as the one in my ass continued to fuck me hard.

Craigslist Adventures Don Ch. 02

gay-male hornyyoungguy69 2018-08-09

I then got ready, got in my car and headed to The store to buy a 3 pack of condoms just in case things went further, as in blowjobs. After a minute or two, Don walked over to me and started playing with my dick. Don was basically too good at sucking dick, as he had me close to coming within around 5 minutes of solid sucking with a little deep throating. I lasted a little longer this time, probably right between 5 and 10 minutes of getting sucked really good again. Don and Rob then said they were both ready to cum. Rob suddenly said he was going to cum. I apologized and every rope of cum after that landed on Don. Rob was impressed that I shot like that.

Dicks Fuck Better Than Carrots

gay-male Zhenit 2018-07-19

I knew I had to relax, so I slowly breathed in and out until I felt the top of his cock slip into my ass. Then he took his cock out, leaving me begging to put it back in and then, he would do exactly that and push it all the way back in until I heard his thighs slap against my ass. A few moments later Allan guided my arms to my sides, sat up straight, positioned my ass perfectly in front of him and started stroking my dick. Suddenly Allan took out his cock and my asshole started to contract rapidly as if it was trying to get used to something it was not or to regain something it had lost.

Strange Encounters Ch. 02

gay-male matthellman 2018-07-15

Soon to my surprise Joe claimed: "I'm gonna cum!" I open my mouth from around his member and look up at him. Well I was just counting down the time until Joe and I left for the club, when Kim came back out into living room wearing an even tighter smaller sports tank top and tight yoga shorts. We made out for a few minutes groping each other before she suddenly left the room saying: "I'm gonna go find Ann and Joe, you wait here." Ann then climbed on top of me in the 69 position, and as the other guy held our dicks together she took both of us into her mouth at the same time.

Teachers Ch. 02

gay-male baroquecock 2018-06-05

Mr. Stone, Mr. Broe, Mr. Sheer, Mr. Ramsbottom and unexpectedly to me- Mr. Byrne, Mr. Dunphy, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Black, Mr. Kinsella & Mr. Healy. Mr. Kinsella roughly started lubing my ass and spreading my cheeks while Mr. Healy shoved his cock down my throat and Mr. Black was in my hands with Mr. Dunphy working on my own cock. I gagged on Mr. Healy's cock as he fucked my mouth, he was really excited and didn't seem to have much stamina. I now took Mr. Black in my mouth and Mr. Healy in my hands, I sucked him as best I could, paying attention to the head, and tickling his balls.

Relinquished Desire... Ch. 02

gay-male Brontebb 2018-05-26

Your back, your ass, your legs, your mouth, every inch of your flesh, all will be made to pleasure me and only me." as he spoke his fingers trailed over each body part my Master was exploring. My body felt like it was thrumming, so real and alive, I wondered if my Master felt the pleasure I was feeling for sure he had to as I realized I was moaning continuously now. I felt his hand rub my stomach briefly as he lowered himself over me, his cock nudging at my prepared opening and I breathed in deeply knowing this was the moment I had been waiting for.

A Favor for a Straight Friend

gay-male BallZucker 2018-05-18

I grabbed the base of his wet, hard shaft with my hand and slowly stroked as I licked on the sensitive part under the head. I began to lick and kiss his balls all over while i stroked his cock. I moved my mouth up and down the length of his cock and balls, kissing and licking everything i could. I slowly moved my head down the length of him until his cock filled my whole mouth down to my throat. I slowly started to bob my head, pushing his cock further into my throat until my nose was again buried in his hair. I pulled his head out of my mouth and swished his thick cum around with my tongue.

Did You Ever? Ch. 07

gay-male riverwatch55 2018-05-06

At first, Tony found it difficult to make eye contact with his mom, still thinking about how she had walked in while Max was giving him a blowjob. Tony didn't know exactly what Jenn had on her mind, but straightening things out with Max made good sense. Max was wearing fleece sweatpants, and Tony ended up with a handful of his friend's giant cock - and it was hard. "Here you go, boys, just like the old days - chocolate milk and cookies, loaded with sugar and bound to eventually kill you, according to the mother of Tony's bestest friend in the world," Jenn said, giggling. "Tony, I guess you won't need any more masturbation lessons," Jenn said, a small smile on her face.

A Craigslist Experience

gay-male hornyyoungguy69 2018-04-16

I mentioned them to him and he said he knew where they were so I then asked if he would like to meet at that spot in about a half hour. The feeling of him slurping, sucking and swirling his tongue around my dick along with being outside on a warm humid night was absolutely amazing. I started to feel like I was close to cumming so I told him and he just mumbled with my dick in his mouth to go ahead and cum. *Just to let everyone know, I used my phone to type this whole story because my laptop is getting repaired, so there may be some small errors like spelling and wrong words that I didn't catch.

A Much Needed Vacation

gay-male DictionDoctor 2018-03-24

Once they had all stopped laughing one of the other two men, an Irishman with dark red hair and emerald eyes, spoke up with a thick accent, "Aye, were only a-kiddin' ya." He placed a thumb into his own trunks and pulled the waistband down a small bit, revealing a rainbow tattoo. The man who had spoke first, a brunette with chestnut hair and deep chocolate eyes, smiled at Jay, "but you should have seen your face!" At this the laughter started again, this time including Jay. Mynx felt all the eyes on him and he quickly looked at the ground, shutting his mouth tightly.

Teachers Ch. 01

gay-male baroquecock 2018-03-21

Mr. Stone had said he wanted me to be involved in a project with Mr. Ramsbottom, Mr. Sheer and Mr. Broe. "Perfection" said Mr. Sheer, being granted a nod of approval from Mr. Stone, suddenly I began to enjoy their viewing of me as an object, a toy, their personal little bitchboy. While sucking on Mr. Broe's hairy cock I saw Mr. Sheer & Mr. Ramsbottom getting rid of their briefs. Mr. Ramsbottom picked up my manhood and began to play with me, he caressed the shaft and tickled my balls, I was already dangerously close to cumming as he began to tease the tip of my cock. I was then disappointed when I saw the men redress but I simply walked up to Mr. Stone, pinched his beautiful nipple and said- "Want to schedule our next encounter?"


gay-male Vorenus77 2018-03-19

Truth is I did want to stay where it was warm, but I couldn't think of any way to prove to him I wasn't a cop. "Well we need to get you dried off, you can't sit on the bed that wet, here is what I propose you take off your sweatshirt and pants and go take a shower and warm up." and the way he said it was reassuring me that he wasn't going to murder me. "Meaning you no disrespect sir, but by offering me a beer and shower and a chance to dry off are you you know?" On my third beer already I told him about the fishing trip and what I had done and that I had thought about it in the shower.

Mixed Signals Ch. 02

gay-male tom_hardly 2018-03-14

"Better be good," I said, "or you're in for a spanking." The subtle motion of his hips turned into brazen leg-humping, like some horny slut importuning her boyfriend. I squeezed my balls, and my hand began moving up and down my stiff cock, it had to. My anus crushed Keith's fingers, and I savagely shoved my ass back against his hand, wanting more, more. Keith's finger would not, could not, stop fucking my ass and squeezing out the cum. "Let's get cleaned up quick then, before we get horny and have to go at it again." I don't know about Keith, but it seemed to me like the ten-minute window might be real, and if we weren't out of the shower by then, we might never get out.


gay-male eronlovesyaoi 2018-03-09

Trey gave Jonathan a hard stare from across the desk and made it a point not to sit. Jonathan let out a small cough, adjusted his shirt, and started looking for a pen on his desk. "Well, you're just going have to make an exception because I'm not go-" Jonathan let out a surprised squeal as Trey slammed his fist into the desk. "Maybe we can..." Jonathan nervously ran his hand through his short brown hair and looked Trey up and down. Jonathan felt his hand shaking as we went to pull Trey's cock from it's prison. Trey's hands gripped the sides of Jonathan's face and he let out a long guttural noise that was all man and whore or not Jonathan was incredibly turned on.

Anonymous Hotel Facefuck

gay-male DWMDenver 2018-01-19

I could feel his erect cock against mine, pushing through the tan dockers, so I took a break from his chest and started massaging his dick through his pants. I wanted to suck it so bad I could almost taste him already, so I sat down on the bed and pulled him toward me, undid his belt and pants and set his bobbing cock free. Then he straddled me and I thought I might fuck him, but instead he sort of crawled up my torso until he could get his cock in my mouth and started facefucking me. And then I could feel the salty fluid start to flow, and I didn't really want to swallow it, but his cock was way in my mouth and I was on my back.

Senior Trip

gay-male erotas 2018-01-17

It resulted in being one of the more popular teachers in school, despite the fact that I require my students to work very hard, and making them fail any time they feel they can cut some corners. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but as soon as I actually started working as a teacher I noticed a difficulty in teaching I never anticipated: when you have over a hundred students every year sitting in front of you, there's bound to be some attractive ones among them. This mostly means keeping horny boys away from the girls' rooms, and making sure they actually go to bed at a decent time that allows them (and other hotel guests) some sleep before getting up in the morning for a full day of visits.

Under the Cartier Bridge

gay-male mbrucknr 2018-01-04

Each time he entered my mouth, I tilted my head slightly and pressed my tongue upward to slide underneath his shaft. He drew his fingers halfway out of my rectum, but rather than plunge them back inside again, he hooked them onto either side of my sphincter and pulled, spreading my anus. But he withdrew and tried again, this time sliding his stiffened cock up between my ass cheeks towards my anus. Leaning against my upraised leg with one hand, the other squeezed against my buttock, he drove his swollen penis steadily into and out of my rectum, never pulling out completely. Instead, one of his hands left my back and as I turned my head to follow it I saw him grip the base of his penis tightly.