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Lonely Night

gay-male AnnonymousStories2 2018-03-05

Even then, my body temperature wouldn't help and I could feel shivers starting to kick in with chattering teeth soon to follow. I tried everything, breathing into my hands, but it wouldn't warm up my whole body. My body started to become to life again, running through my veins and cock was warm blood. Using that beard for heating my face up as he'd moan in my ear every time he'd thrust into my bubble butt. Nails clawing at the back of his naked, muscly back as his abs would push forward and rub against my body, as he held my legs up above his arms, just slowly fucking me. A kiss again, and eventually we'd catch our breath, fall asleep and wake up and start again.


Conference Stress Relief

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-03-05

Our mouths soon made their way to the other's growing cock, and we spent considerable time giving one another slow, sensual oral pleasures. Not wanting me to cum just yet, he had me get on my knees with my head on the bed and my legs spread. He climbed up behind me and teased my shaved furrow and puckered orifice with his wicked tongue, then proceeded to eat my hungry ass with animal passion. As I lay on the bed during the call, he climbed between my legs and gently sucked and tongued my sensitive cockhead. He sucked my hard cock as he reached between my legs with his lubricated fingers.

Being used on Vacation

gay-male DavidB 2018-03-05

I went straight back to his member and I tasted the salty precum on his head, I kept going at his cock and I could tell eric was close his breathing was loud, almost too loud as I was afraid that Jarrod or Bryan might hear us. He pulled out and slid off the condom in record time, he told me to "make it happen" I got on the floor and Eric sat on the bed, I was licking his cock and letting all my saliva drip down his cock when he reached the point of no return and the jets of jizz hit my face and chest.

The Color of Love

gay-male JonahSnow 2018-03-05

Me and Matthew alone in the dark together with a few candles, this is going to be so hot, I was thinking to myself and I felt my dick start to harden slightly, I tried to think of something else to get my mind off it. Matthew started laughing a little and said, “It says lick the stomach of the person closest to you for five seconds”. I bet he’s got a huge dick, does he have a hard on for me, no he couldn’t, I was thinking to myself and I slowly started to stick out my tongue, I gently started at his belly button and softly licked up towards his nipples.

Trying To Fuck A Gay Couple

gay-male speedodave 2018-03-04

I think it was Paul who went into my room and just crashed on the bed so it was Jace and I left in my tiny lounge room wearing nothing but our speedos.  I drove up to Newcastle on a Friday afternoon/evening a little bit on a whim and Paul and Jace were partying it up at Paul’s unit. I stood by the door and the guys were both in bed and Paul told me to come and join them, and that Jace had something he wanted to give me.  The sheets had been pulled back so that Paul and I could enjoy the view of Jace working my cock, my hips were off the bed and my hand was on the back of his head.

My First Gay Experience (With My Best Friend)

gay-male iskotpop 2018-03-04

After a few more strokes his grip loosened and he slid his fingers down onto my heavy balls, softly massaging and feeling up one of them before grabbing the other and doing the same, making me bite my lip as it felt so nice and warm in his soft hand. I felt his hot breath on my shaft, all the way down near my balls as I could hear him slowly sticking out his tongue, gently sliding it forward and finally making contact with my skin. With his left hand massaging my heavy and full balls and his hot warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft I could suddenly feel his right hand move off of my knee and slowly towards my mattress, where he felt around.

Desmond's First Cock

gay-male BattleRavyn 2018-03-04

He reached under his towel and began to stroke his shaft slowly, all the while watching my face. He used his left hand to continue teasing my nipples as he slowly worked his way down my stomach, licking and nipping along my abs. His hand began to move a little faster and I almost yelled as he finally took my quivering member into his mouth. I felt his hands entwine in my own hair and I rolled my eyes to look up into his face. As I continued working him with both hands and mouth he became more animated and soon started thrashing his head from side to side, arching his back, making me take him deeper into my throat.

My first clumsy man on man experience

gay-male BushBuns 2018-03-04

I didn’t know what I had expected, but his hand was warm and it felt nice to have someone dig around in my jeans. I was a little taken back, but soon my cock started to respond and feelings of pleasure were drifting through my loins. Here I was, my jeans and boxers around my ankles and a GUY was hungrily and expertly sucking my cock. He had a slightly worried expression on his face until I explained that he was a brilliant cocksucker, but it was time he freed his cock. It felt so good to have Jay’s cock in my mouth. I popped Jay out of my mouth and rubbed his now very hard and dripping cock over my left cheek, then my right.

Cody. Ryan. Leo.

gay-male JohanJohnson 2018-03-04

But then my cock was all the way inside Ryan’s tight wet bellybutton and I was fucking that hot taught abs and smooth tummy of his. Leo was in mind-blowing pain and never-felt-before ecstasy asRyan’s cock was blocking his cum from coming out, which had to be forced back down into Leo’s balls. After which Ryan pulled out of Leo. I expected Leo’s cock to explode with twice the cum, but it didn’t. I loved the way Leo’s fresh boy-lips of his ass opened to let Cody’s cock emerge from the inside. And at that same time too, Leo came what seemed like gallons of accumulated cum up Ryan’s ass, and Ryan came for the second time that night.

Sex with My Teacher

gay-male Penislover799 2018-03-04

I slowly pulled down his soft briefs and finally exposed his dark hairy cock, then I saw his giant bush of hair that twirled in and out, then his whole shaft followed and finally his sweet hairy balls. I slowly took the salty cock head in my mouth, then moved down the shaft, I got to half way and whirled my tongue around and around, precum started to flow into my mouth and the saltiness pleased my taste buds. He moved back and forth for quite some time ,i could feel his tongue under my cock, my head hit the back f his throat several times yet he didn't gag, after some time I exclaimed I was going to cum. He took about half the cum in his mouth then let my cock go wild through his hair and beard.

Me Bird Luvs Watchin' Cock Action Wiv Me And Me Gay Mate

gay-male RobbieW 2018-03-04

I’d only been with my bird for a couple of months when I told her about how Gavin felt about me and how close we were as mates. Thing is, me and Gavin had wanked each other off before, just like lots of mates do, so yeah – the thought of doing things with my gay mate while my bird watched got me well excited. He’s got a nice big cock, my mate Gavin. I thought me and my mate were just gonna wank each other off but no, he got his tongue right up my bum. And anyway, Gavin’s tongue felt amazing up my bum, just think what it’d feel like with his cock up inside me.

The Howling Wind

gay-male ToshLoveCC 2018-03-04

The fond memories I had from before I met my wife were too distant and my body was growing weary for the torrid, loving touch of a sexy woman that wanted me. I fucked her to the hilt, grinding my swollen cock head against her soft, hot pussy walls until she quaked above me with a hushed squeal. Unlike my late wife or any other girl I've fucked, my torrent of cum resembled a strong river with Ava. Within three deep thrusts, I flooded her pussy with each intoxicating spasm. As the large man climbed the stairs, Ava threw herself into a seat in the back of the bus to remain hidden. Before I turned to him from the driver's seat, I slammed the bus door shut with the lever next to my right hand.

More Than Just A Band (The Continuation)

gay-male MsFreakyGoth 2018-03-04

Every time you play, you're in like a zone and your green eyes shine from above the stage." Being the type of person I am, I blushed orange. "How about you Keith, are you single?" a pink hair girl asked, looking at me with glittering eyes. I looked away, and just uttered, "Oh, she must be lucky.Good for her." I felt him stare at me, and it seemed like he was going to say some thing, but then we had reached the hotel. The pretty waitress girl blushed bright red, when seeing Cliff walking around in his Calvin Clain briefs. "You look incredible when you cum Keith, and I'll make you mine, " he said with a dangerous hunger in his eyes.

The Apprentice

gay-male Rawiya71 2018-03-04

I wish I could stay in bed with my lovely girlfriend Sasha; light brown eyes, long black hair, elongated cocoa colored body with curves in all the rights spots. Seemingly, Jessie felt the heat and tension in the air and added, “Well, I hope that they find more houses to build, I mean that will determine how long you work close to our store won’t it David?” You and David were definitely making some eye contact there and I wanted to make sure he would still be close so you guys could get to know each other better.” “I’m not hungry for food now David, I’ve dreamt of this moment and I don’t want to delay it anymore.” He returned the touches then walked into the kitchen to turn off the oven.

Threesome with Two Daddies

gay-male heckstee 2018-03-04

Once daddy A got his cock rock hard from rubbing it between my cheeks he told me to turn over, I rolled onto my back and he put his cock in my face and said, "I am going to fuck your throat until you are hard, boy!" His cock was so thick, I could barely open my mouth wide enough to accommodate its girth! He held his cock over my face and jerked it a couple of times and said i've been a good little slut boy and he's going to share me with all his other daddy friends...and then he shot his hot cum all over my face and chest while I wanked my cock furiously, Then I noticed daddy B had been wanking his little cock the whole time he'd been watching and he walked a few steps over to me and he came all over my chest and cock.

Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Part 1

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-03-03

What we're talking about is hypothetical – I understand that – but I'm curious to know what you might ask for from a male hitch-hiker if you wanted some kind of sexual payment from him." He nodded, and I went on, "So we have a hypothetical straight and happily-married driver contemplating asking his younger but equally male hitch-hiker for something which he wouldn't be able to get from his wife." I was tempted to quickly hitch my trousers down and give the crack of my arse a quick wipe with the back of them to get my scent more strongly onto the material, but I worried that might make their smell too intense for him to enjoy and that I would actually spoil things between us in my haste to try and arouse him.

Budapest Encounter

gay-male thomas61 2018-03-03

After reviewing the gay pages of several sites, I decided to go the Action Bar. I had never been there, but its promise of a cruising area and a large dark room appealed to me just fine. He pushed his ass back into my hard dick whilst bending over a little bit. I started to really lick his ass hole, pushing hard with my tongue to get in a bit. Frank turned his head around and whispered urgently he wanted me, my dick, in his ass, right now. I stood up, opened his cheeks a bit further with my hands and put the tip of my dick against, his ass hole. Apparently I as too cautious as Frank started to push his ass against my dick.

Surprise Love

gay-male luckyone007 2018-03-03

"I know that!" I looked up at his lunch table and saw him laughing with his friends. I pulled my hand away and ran to the bus, my pens falling, not thinking Kyle had my notebook. But aren't you going to pin my stories up at school and let me die of embarrassment?" I opened the door and we walked in. "Do you want something to drink?" I asked him. At the bottom of all my underwear." I could hear him open the drawer and shuffle through the box of condoms to find the right size. "Same here." He got up and pulled me with him into the shower, turned on the hot water and we stood kissing. If you liked it let me know.

My College Roommate

gay-male tossoffwriter 2018-03-03

Lee was up early each morning and very busy each day but had time to help me with orientation, building locations, and introducing me to other guys on the football team. All I could think about all day in class was the visual of Lee having a wet dream and shooting a monster load right in front of me the night before. I told Lee all the details about my revelation of how hot I thought the contrast of black skin and white cum made me horny; not to mention all the compliments I paid about his body. I was honest about it all telling Lee how hot his smooth skin, armpits, tight bush, thick uncut cock and foreskin were to me.


gay-male LateNightWriter 2018-03-03

When I realized he had snapped a photo of me in my vulnerable position, I tried to pull away from Nathan, only to feel his hand grip the back of my head and shove my face into his crotch. Austin finally took his cock off my face and put it into my mouth, as I was still being bent over by Nathan. Nathan stepped onto the couch and directed his dick into my open mouth, and began fucking it as Austin got deeper into my asshole. I felt one warm spurt hit the roof of my mouth, and immediately began sucking the rest of the cum out of his cock.

A New Pathway!

gay-male snowboy 2018-03-03

I called Jim. He was busy so I quickly told him that it got out of hand and that was not me, or what I wanted. After only a few minutes my hand stoked his cock and pulled him deeper into my mouth. Jim continued to work on my ass and started to shove two or three fingers in my hole. My whole body was twitching from his fucking my tight man hole, while making pre-cum drip from my cock. While pounding me hard, and in a very pleased dominate voice, Jim said, “You want to be my slut don’t you?” Jim sat up and took my rigid cock into his mouth and sucked so hard.

First Experience With a Guy

gay-male rexl2 2018-03-03

I came across this site several months ago and love reading some of the stories and experiences posted on here, so I thought it was time I shared some of my own. This story isn't the dirtiest or most intense out there, however it always makes me horny thinking about the day I started to realise my sexual desires and what put me on the path to who I am now. Aaron was in his twenties, tall, seemed in quite good shape and always seemed to be the voice of reason in his group; I had spoken to him several times before so it wasn't long before we were the only two left sitting on the mound while he finished off a smoke. “Listen,” Aaron said, “Have you ever thought about what it would be like with a guy?” A light came on, I panicked and turned around but it was only Aaron's phone.

Lifeguard has a Speedo Boner

gay-male speedodave 2018-03-03

Chris got his gaze stuck in the tanned stud's defining feature, his swelling bulge positioned tight inside his navy-blue speedo. Chris quickly took his attention off his chest and began arching his back far enough back so that his hard cock was the object in contact with the stud's body. "This dick?" said the hunk flicking the hard cock so that it flopped hard against Chris's lower abs. Chris couldn't believe what was happening, he looked down again to see the same muscular stud working his hard cock to perfection. Hearing this, the hunk took all of Chris's dick in his mouth and began pumping it hard.

Yanni's decision . . . . .(chapter 19)

gay-male Vacheron58 2018-03-03

Then, once my pussy is open, and well lubed, I get the big boi dildo we have, I connect it (suction cup) to the outside wall of our shower tub. The dildo is about 10 inches long and about 2 and ¾ inches in diameter. My legs are over the outside wall and my pussy lines up perfectly like if it was Yanni. Many times Yanni prepares some of his other boi friends which he knows well, and I get all the loads in my love canal that they can drop on me. We, Yanni and I, also get fucked by the lesbian friends of our mistresses and their strapon dildoes. I continued fucking Gaby or Nancy and then I had two lesbian fighting for my boy pussy.