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Double Delight

gay-male biguy2play 2018-06-27

I felt his hand reach inside the back of my jeans to cup my bare ass. Usually my visits to these booths were far different and almost always ended with a man's cock in my mouth and me swallowing his cum. "Yes, god, I would love that!" I hadn’t had a lot of experience with anal sex but times I’d had a cock inside me I had loved it! The sensation of him behind me, his hands on my hips while he pushed in and out of me and I stroked myself, was something I had never experienced before. The feeling was sending sensations through his cock and he straightened up to pound it into me fast and hard and then stiffened up like a statue as his orgasm gripped him.

The Darkness

gay-male ThatStoryGuy 2018-06-27

I'd never felt this way before and I wasn't too sure I liked it. I decided a small read could do me no harm; there was no way I would let this guy have what he wanted. I was at this man's mercy and would have to serve his cock and balls in any way he wanted. I felt his hand on my head as he brought me to his cock. Suddenly he pushed my head further away so it no longer filled my mouth—this man knew what he wanted. I licked any cum left on his cock's head until it was clean. I felt used and devalued, like the cum slut I am.

To: You

gay-male ahornystranger 2018-06-27

The night before, you said, you had watched gay porn for the very first time. I jerked off to every single thing you sent me, imagining you watching them with me. I did, loudly, I said things like "fuck me!", and you were grunting on the other side of the phone. I was expecting a semi-hard cock for me to play with, but my hand soon came in contact with a full, hard and terribly wet penis. Your hands were jerking me off, your lips on my neck. I felt you shaking again, you looked at me, smiled, and pushed one last time. Your hand pushed mine off my cock and you made me cum.

I couldn't Help Myself Pt. 1

gay-male dreamingofblowing 2018-06-27

Without realizing it, I actually engaged him on the subject, asking him question after question like how it is done or how it feels to do it, if he’s ever had it done to him, if he’s ever had a man cum in his mouth, etc...I believe he actually found it amusing, my continued questions, but his next response caught me completely off guard. “When you didn’t pull away, and then actually kissed me back, it was like a dream come true, I wanted you so badly, but I was afraid to tell you," he continued. I’ve wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to suck your cock and fuck you since we started working together,” he continued.

My Transition

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-06-27

He gently kissed and licked my hard shaft and sensitive head, and then, looking into my eyes, took it fully into his mouth. At that point, I told him that I wanted him to make slow but passionate love to me, and that I wanted to receive from a male lover all that one could experience. My orgasm, together with the contractions of my spasms around his cock, brought him over the edge as well, and he gave a final thrust and emptied his hot male seed deep inside me. I climbed up on the sofa on my knees, facing him and straddling his chest, whereupon he slid down and took my hard, drooling cock into his mouth.

Threesome with Speedos and Camcorders

gay-male speedodave 2018-06-27

"Hey, Dudes, I got some hot porn vids up in my room if you want to check'em out," Jeff stated as his eyes remained fixed on Andrew's crotch. "I don't know dude, maybe his is a little bigger," said Andrew who had now got his hand down the front of the G string and was slowly working his hand up and down the hard shaft. "Well, I'm not one to pike out on a good thing, besides, this baby needs some air," said Andrew as he stood and pulled the side of G away to reveal a cock that was smooth and seven inches of cut hot meat.

Meet My Bi Online Chatter

gay-male scotal 2018-06-26

It was amazing, the feel of his soft tongue was warm and wet on my nipples, my cock was now hard and straining at my jeans zip. He sat in front of me, my left foot in his hand, and started to kiss my toes one by one, slowly working his way over my ankle, up my calf, my thigh. He worked the head of my cock with his tongue, licking the pre cum off it delicately, savouring the taste as he then lowered his mouth back over my cock again. With deep long strokes his tongue swirled over the head of my cock each time he came up, then took me long and deep into his mouth.

Me Bird Luvs Watchin' Cock Action Wiv Me And Me Gay Mate

gay-male RobbieW 2018-06-26

I’d only been with my bird for a couple of months when I told her about how Gavin felt about me and how close we were as mates. Thing is, me and Gavin had wanked each other off before, just like lots of mates do, so yeah – the thought of doing things with my gay mate while my bird watched got me well excited. He’s got a nice big cock, my mate Gavin. I thought me and my mate were just gonna wank each other off but no, he got his tongue right up my bum. And anyway, Gavin’s tongue felt amazing up my bum, just think what it’d feel like with his cock up inside me.

My First Time

gay-male OpenMindedGuy 2018-06-26

My cock is standing at full attention, so no denying to anyone how turned on I am and we haven’t really gotten going, but that is all to change. Craig moves to the side of the bed and starts stroking my cock quickly taking me in his mouth, slurping and lapping at the head getting it wet and slippery, taking me all the way down and sucking firmly as he pulls it out of his mouth. Carl and Craig quickly pour a large amount of astrolub over the both of us. I ease my cock head up against his puckered hole and give a gentle push, with a little resistance and then I’m in! 

The Best Bachelor Party EVER!

gay-male Touch_MiHotBodii 2018-06-26

When I thought he had had enough pain, I pull him up to a doggey position, but instead of pushing into him, I stuck my tongue up his ass. I take his ass cheek in my hand and push him closer to me with my fist still up his cock. If you do me like that, nobody will ever know, as long as we meet up a few times a week,” he says quietly, caressing my cock. Slowly I feel his ass walls close all around my hard cock. I freeze, “This is it.” I push deep into him, and after a moment of silence, I feel the rush surge through my body, surging through my cock, until finally my hot cum was poured out into Sam ’s ass.

Mankini Bearcub Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

I'd never thought of my bum as being a sexy place at all, but now that Todd's face was pressing right into it and he was tonguing my ringpiece, I was getting so turned on that my knob end was starting to dribble. His hands sped up on both our cocks and I have to admit he was right about how good it felt: having my dick wanked off with another bloke's face slobbering away between my arse cheeks has to be one of the most exciting sensations I'd ever experienced. It was only when I got my chops round Todd's knob, the next time we met up, that I realised it didn't just feel great to have your own dick sucked but it felt pretty amazing to do it to another guy as well.

Starting from Somewhere

gay-male pretty_little_homo69 2018-06-26

Unbeknownst to them, however, was that as we were watching that girl in the movie get gang banged by four other men, I wanted so badly to be that girl-- kneeling on the floor, surrounded by a ring of cocks, being pulled to my feet and crowded around, passed around and fucked. Since I’m having a hard time getting inside you, I’ll just lie here and let you work this out.” Not knowing how exactly he expected me to do that, I started working my way into reverse cowgirl being careful not to let his cock slip out of my pussy.

Giving my first blowjob

gay-male OhioMike 2018-06-26

Sometimes changing clothes after swimming or something, I’d look at Kevin naked and imagine that girl in front of him, on her knees sucking. I’d think these thoughts, try to get them out of my head but they’d come back – especially in changing situations where I’d see Kevin nude. Kneeling with her head tilted up, looking up at me as my pants fell that night and I plunged it into her mouth?” , he said to me in his room one day while changing after swimming. I felt myself tilt my head back… I was looking up at him, just like that girl had been… our eyes locked… I felt my mouth open..

Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

Dane seemed oblivious to surges of life that his organ was revealing and sniffed intently at the front of my pants, turning them this way and that to fully explore and appreciate the odour I'd left on the white material. I moved my nose further downwards, along the warm, dank ridge leading from his balls towards his bum, sniffing hungrily as his scent became stronger and more earthy, greatly enjoying the increasing bitter aroma of his underwear as I pushed my face more deeply between his thighs. Realising that his own cock was now without stimulation, I pulled back from his arse and from the hand he'd been holding my head with and bobbed my face up above his balls to take a look at it.

My first man

gay-male SirSpewalot 2018-06-26

I had decided I’d just have to stand there for five minutes as my tubes relaxed enough to let me pee fully erect (which I can do, but it’s boring, tedious, and hard as hell to aim right) and had my zipper open and my cock out as I barged into the bathroom without knocking. After a second I said, “I want to jerk you off.” He just looked steadily into my eyes, so I walked up to him, pushed him against the wall, and reached down to grab his cock as he kissed my neck. My jaw was quickly sore from the strain, so I relaxed and concentrated on the feel of his flesh in my mouth, throbbing and pulsing in the same ways I knew from my cock but so much easier to pull inside me than mine.

You’re in the Army Now

gay-male DarkSide 2018-06-26

I pulled up my flimsy shorts, which barely covered my erection, opened the door to the loo and faced Sergeant Major Dunster. I felt sure Colonel Jefferson was going to bury his cock in my arse for my little indiscretion earlier. With Sergeant Major Dunster out of the way, I started to push my arse back towards Colonel Jefferson. “Speak up Private Dwight,” the loud order came from Captain Lawrence who was apparently watching the whole affair from the confines of his comfortable chair; I don’t know what he was doing with his cock, but I reckoned it was hard as he handled it. I couldn’t wait until Sergeant Major Dunster would find out and pull me up in front of the disciplinary board; led of course, by Colonel Jefferson.

PE teacher and sixth form boy

gay-male pjm 2018-06-26

For months he enforced a rule of "no underpants", and he would inspect the whole class of boys, making us pull out on our shorts to prove we had none on. My cock went hard and he saw it as he looked over my shoulder. Before I knew it he had turned me round and gone down on me, licking my shaft and then taking it into his mouth and really sucking me vigorously, with both hands groping my bum. He rode me for a long time, pausing sometimes to stop himself coming, and then going again up me with great vigour, fucking what he kept saying was my sexy gorgeous ass until he finally emptied himself deep inside me.


Bicurious no more

gay-male likekissingthighs 2018-06-26

The thought of Josh’s cock getting hard in his shorts began to turn me on and I soon had an erection of my own. After a couple of more tentative brushes with his helmet, I allowed my fingers to follow the length of his cock down to his balls.  The palm of my hand forced his foreskin down towards his balls until It was really tight. I sat on the bed next to Josh and started to slowly stroke his hard cock with my right hand. He groaned loudly with pleasure. With one final slow deep stroke Josh lifted his bum and a stream of cum shot from the end of his penis and landed on his chest.


gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." "One visit to that house and you're like a fuckin' oracle of gay sex info, mate," he chortled. The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

White Briefs Part 2

gay-male Imabadboi66 2018-06-26

Tony held his hand out for them, I handed them over and he brought them to his face as I for the first time in my life took a pair of silky pink panties and stepped into them, I pulled them up, when they hit my dick and balls I almost shot a load, nothing had felt so nice and I liked looking pretty for Tony. I was shocked and surprised at how his finger seemed to belong there, like my ass had been waiting for it all of this time, he worked his finger around my hole as we kissed and I played with his dick and balls. Tony broke lose from our kiss "I need to fuck you, I need a girl" he told me.

My first man, My first cock

gay-male allfours 2018-06-25

My eyes glaze over as I try to imagine how it would be if another man kissed me and let me suck on his dick, just like I had imagined it a thousand times before. After a few minutes I feel his hands on my head, showing me what to do, telling me to speed up or slow down as I look up into his eyes and see his wonderful smile. Tony relaxes as I suck on his deflating cock, making sure no drop is wasted, even spooning the juice on my chin into my mouth with my finger. I have kissed a man and sucked his cock, just like I have been wanting to for so long.


gay-male harbour 2018-06-25

Slowly and more determinedly Christian pulled my my shirt to the side, exposing me completely and taking a good look at the hidden piece I had to offer. Then he placed his hand on my cock and began to slowly rub it, his eyes alternating between intently studying every inch of my sex, and traversing up to my eyes, which were in turn studying him. I let the silence draw out a moment or two, savouring how good it felt as I looked deeply into my handsome friend’s eyes. Now his hands were under my arse, moving my hips upward and I felt the warmth and silky wetness of his mouth trailing south, pausing to pleasure my testicles again before continuing further downward.

A Year to Remember, Chapter 2

gay-male JasperWalton 2018-06-25

“I'm Patrick's son,” says the head, running a nervous hand through his unruly, pale ginger hair. Simon looks on nervously from behind the half open door. He runs his hand through his hair again and looks around for somewhere to sit down. Simon turns his boyish, pale face toward mine and we sit there, looking at each other. I let my feelings pour out into the half-embrace from this stranger. This warm and calm teenager, who has suddenly appeared to make me his friend. Gently grabbing a fistful of Simon's hair, I pull his face onto mine, exploring deep within his mouth with my tongue, lowering his whole head toward me.

My friend Gary

gay-male torpedoman 2018-06-25

I saw Gary liked what he was looking at because his cock started to rise to its full eight inches. I continued to savor his cock for many minutes until he said, “Tammy, I want to fuck you now.” Gary then placed his cockhead at my man pussy and pushed. Gary then started to fuck me like the sissy little slut I am. Do you like when my big cock pushes in your cunt? “Yes, yes, yes and yes,” I screamed as Gary pounded me with long hard strokes. His huge cock got even thicker as he announced he was cumming. Gary continued to push his seed in my receptive body until he finally went limp. His cum flavored cock tasted wonderful.