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Cherry Busting

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-10

As Roland took hold of Rusty’s knob he watched in awe as the cock began expanding in girth. Roland then commenced pushing a second finger into Rusty’s hole and in anticipation of a possible overreaction, really began smacking Rusty’s backside very hard. Next, Roland gripped hold of the skin above Rusty’s arse and as his fingers compressed the flesh, he commenced pulling Rusty onto his cock manically. After slowly removing his dick, he said, “Don’t move, Rusty, just stay exactly as you are.” Roland now walked to the cupboard and selected a nice sized butt plug. Rusty’s more powerful hands also clamped Roland’s backside far harder, and Roland knew that he would be sporting the bruises of their encounter for a few days.

Mexican Heat

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-09

After gripping hold of my head, he pushed his cock into my mouth and started skull-fucking me. Soon, the guy doing the fucking removed his dick from the small Mexican’s arse and scuttled up his body to unload all over the small guy’s head. Mario then stood up and gave me a ‘what the fuck are we waiting for’ look, before heading for the door. Mario now pushed his three hairy middle fingers of his left hand into my mouth, and with his right hand tightly gripped hold of my hair. Letting go of my hair, his right hand moved over and gave my face a hard slap.

Living It with Dylan - Chapter 3

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-01-09

“You want your cock to be right in between my cock and his, don’t you?” I was stroking his nice dick this whole time, of course, and smearing his slimy precum all around on his cockhead, and I felt it flex when Dylan said that, so I nodded at Dyl to go beneath the table and finish the guy off, but Dyl shook his head. “You want that cock in you?” I asked, kneeling in front of Dylan and sucking him, pressing my finger into his ass and also gently massaging his balls because I knew exactly how Dylan liked it and it made my guy groan and thrust at me, and fuck my face some, even, before he pulled out and moved Scott into the position he wanted him in.

Simon and Sebastian - Part 3

gay-male jasonshomoerotica 2018-01-08

The other thing we noticed was that many of the straight guys at the gym, quite liked to take our cocks up their arses, for like the MuscleCock competitors, they enjoyed a dose of anal stimulation in addition to regular male-female sex. I went round the table and thrust my rock hard cock into Chris’s mouth and Simon and I managed to climax together so that Chris had our cum shot into him at both ends simultaneously. Simon then offered Chris his butt to fuck, this time face down and again Chris started to perform valiantly but by way of a surprise as everything was going so well, I decided to give Chris a shock and pushed my cock deep into his anus.

Locked Up For The Weekend

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-08

Turning my head, I saw Blake face down with two cushions under his stomach, and Aaron thrusting into his backside. Aaron was on his knees behind Blake, having secured both Blake’s wrists in his left hand. With Aaron’s arms extended under my arms and around both our bodies, Aaron began tweaking Blake’s nipples. As Blake yelped lustfully, Aaron began slapping his quarry’s face repeatedly. With Aaron seated and having his dick orally serviced, I moved behind Blake and entered his sloppy hole. Retracting his tongue he mouthed, “Let’s double fuck him.” After winking back at him we moved to the toilet where I sat down with Blake on my lap facing me.

Stepping Out on Dylan

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-01-06

He moaned with pleasure but Dylan told him to shut the fuck up and thrust the thing almost all the way in, moving it up and down like he was turning an old-fashioned switch off and on, and after only about sixty seconds of that, Craig orgasmed. “I’m coming,” Craig reported, and Dyl said, “Yeah dude,” instead of crabbing at the guy, and Craig moaned and gasped and humped the table a little bit, so I reached my hand around him to grasp his hard-on just as it erupted onto my hand and my coffee table and all over Craig’s smooth tummy.

The Driving Test

gay-male JoeBem 2018-01-06

As we continued with the test my mind kept fluttering back to the way he caressed my hand, and the deep, almost sexy tone of his voice. At the same time his hand shifted from my leg, and cupped my cock, slowly massaging my throbbing shaft through my trousers. “Your friend Jack was begging me to fuck his brains out again after I’d cum in his arse,” he said, the smirk returning to his face. “I’m much better,” I breathed, staring deep into his blue eyes, and giving him the longest don’t-stop-fucking-me look that I could possibly give. I let out a moan of delight as my tongue wormed its way between his pouting lips, our mouths opened as I french kissed him deeply, and passionately.

Me Bird Luvs Watchin' Cock Action Wiv Me And Me Gay Mate

gay-male RobbieW 2018-01-05

I’d only been with my bird for a couple of months when I told her about how Gavin felt about me and how close we were as mates. Thing is, me and Gavin had wanked each other off before, just like lots of mates do, so yeah – the thought of doing things with my gay mate while my bird watched got me well excited. He’s got a nice big cock, my mate Gavin. I thought me and my mate were just gonna wank each other off but no, he got his tongue right up my bum. And anyway, Gavin’s tongue felt amazing up my bum, just think what it’d feel like with his cock up inside me.

From Kickboxing to Cocksucking

gay-male flyhighwithbiguy 2018-01-03

Bryce knew that Jeremy was cool, but Kyle was excited to see him for other reasons: Jeremy’s masculine good looks, taut muscles, and unmistakable bulge were just three of them. “We’re both athletes, I think we’ve both seen enough other dudes in the shower before.” Bryce laughed, “Very true, very true.” He reached behind Jeremy to get his deodorant, brushing both his upper arm and towel-covered leg against Jeremy’s tight frame. Jeremy bit the bottom of Bryce’s lip and sensually tugged at it, and Bryce responded by grabbing Jeremy’s ass, pulling him in, and shoving his tongue as far into Jeremy’s willing throat as possible. Soon, the two of them had a rhythm; still making out, Bryce had his finger fucking Jeremy’s asshole to the same beat that Jeremy was jack Bryce’s cock.

Adult World

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-01

Once the entire foreskin had creased behind the ridge of Zeke’ cock-head, he moved forward again and placed the head of his knob on Phillip’s tongue. With both his hands now securing Phillip’s head, Zeke pushed his dick ever forward as saliva began to build. As he slowly withdrew his knob from Phillip’s mouth he said, “I hope your other hole is more accommodating.” Zeke then pulled his shorts and underpants up over his crotch, before bending over and securing Phillip’s right wrist in his left hand. After a short while, when their breathing began to return to normal, Zeke scooped up all the jizz off Phillip’s body before serving Phillip the fruits of their combined labours.

High and Nasty in the campground

gay-male willduall 2018-01-01

"Are you ready to get hard again?" I asked "Of course, but wouldn't you like me to..." I cut him off in mid sentence"I want to get you hard again and stick you cock in my ass,ok?" He layed back. I started stroking his cock and rubbing his balls while he layed on his back and retreived some k-y jelly out of a drawer next to the bed. He watched as I put my lubed finger in my ass, played with his rapidly stiffening cock and teased him by placing only the head o f my cock near his lips so I could deliver to him a couple of drops of cum my cock had allowed to dribble out the end.

Dicks Fuck Better Than Carrots

gay-male Zhenit 2017-12-31

I knew I had to relax, so I slowly breathed in and out until I felt the top of his cock slip into my ass. Then he took his cock out, leaving me begging to put it back in and then, he would do exactly that and push it all the way back in until I heard his thighs slap against my ass. A few moments later Allan guided my arms to my sides, sat up straight, positioned my ass perfectly in front of him and started stroking my dick. Suddenly Allan took out his cock and my asshole started to contract rapidly as if it was trying to get used to something it was not or to regain something it had lost.

My Final School Year

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-30

Isaac prepared our breakfast in the main house each morning and Timmy made breakfast for Randy, Dusty, and himself, in their quarters. While relaxing on our towels Timmy told me Isaac was a great lover and that he also liked Randy, with whom he enjoyed having sex with the most. After dinner that evening, Isaac asked Seth if he would like to have sex with Timmy, for a change. We moved to Isaac’s room before I was told to impale myself on Seth’s cock, after Seth got onto his back. Later, when Seth and I finally got back our room, I was placed on my stomach and fucked twice more by him.

The Hot Spring

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-29

Upon his return to the bar he informed Zak and Christo that having visited both the warm and hot pools, the men were nowhere to be found. As Logan began caressing Andre’s torso, Oliver and Max, the other couple, started making out in the pool. Oliver placed his right hand on Mason’s head intensifying the up and down oral motion, as Max’s mouth trailed towards Andre’s left armpit. Max and Oliver soon moved their cocks over Andre’s mouth as they knelt on the bed. After extracting both cocks from Mason’s backside, Andre moved off the bed to be instantly replaced by Max. Soon, Mason was again enjoying double penetration. As Mason again began servicing Andre’s log, Logan lay next to Andre fulfilling his earlier fantasy.

The Three Musketeers

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-29

Mac was there, and informed me that Sparky and Tang would not be coming to the bar that evening. As Sparky and I were drying off the last of the dishes, Mac and Tang moved through to the lounge and got into a sixty-nine position on one of the huge sofas. Sparky moved me over to the action, before instructing me to give Mac a hand, servicing Tang’s fat cock. Sparky and I resumed our attention to Tang’s fat dick, and balls, as Mac got into a steady rhythm spearing into me. Tang stood over my body, with his cock pointing towards Sparky’s mouth, and Mac moved behind Tang inserting his knob into Tang’s butthole.

Simon and Sebastian

gay-male jasonshomoerotica 2017-12-29

Yan said he was always tired after a day in the competition and wanted only to come back to the hotel and have a welcoming cock waiting for him there so that he could really enjoy a calm moment of release, and to have his butt fucked in private by an experienced guy with whom he could empathise. The day before I was due to fly back to New York, Yan decided to organise a party for the NBAs, for he had realised that they received very little recognition for their part in the contest and might themselves like to have a chance to fuck butt rather than to be perpetually raped, for that is what their job really amounted to – letting the horny contestants rape their anuses both before and after their appearance on stage.

Uncle Bob And Me

gay-male RobbieW 2017-12-28

I lay there on the sofa, proper stretched out, hands behind my head, squirming around with my Mum’s boyfriend licking and sucking my balls and tossing my nob. I felt well dirty, squirming around naked on the sofa with my Mum’s boyfriend licking my bum and jacking my dick. Uncle Bob, he brought his tongue out of my bum and he spit in his hand, slapped his big cock in his wet palm, covered his cock with his spit. It took some time but he got it all inside me, every fucking inch of Uncle Bob’s big hot cock up my tight bum. I loved it when he pushed back in nice and slow and I got just better and better squeezing his cock with my arse the longer he fucked me.

Kyle And Robbie

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-24

Kyle had a long foreskin overhand that extended way beyond his dick-head and which looked like a rumpled fleshy tube. After my body mist, his knob entered my mouth and Kyle began skull-fucking me. Robbie had a huge bed in his room and Kyle slept on a foldout couch, in the lounge. In what sounded more like a command than a request, he looked at Kyle and said, “I am going to borrow Fulton for a while.” When we finally got out of bed Kyle had departed and left a note to say, that Reg had arrived back late the previous evening and that he would be spending the day with Reg. Kyle moved out of Robbie’s unit early the following week.

Adult Theatre Initiation

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-23

As his left hand began kneading my shoulder, he continued, “Mmm… would you like me to fuck your hole?” More obscene commentary followed, before I felt his tongue licking my ear. ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, ‘now I am going to have to pass by Skanky again.’ As I tugged at the door one final time the curtains behind me opened, revealing Skanky. Jaxon then began to pull my body upwards, instructing me to turn and anchor myself against the wall. After pulling his cock out of my mouth, he snarled, “Lick my fucking nuts, puta.” The pungent aroma, and taste of his balls, was heavenly. “Polish my fucking nuts, puta, give them a proper bath.” Barking abuse at me, Pedro now began to whip my face cheeks with his stiff knob.

The Alley

gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-22

Happy that the ensemble was contented, Bobby pushed Chuck against the wall before their hands got to work on one another’s dicks. Buster, as he would come to know, was a ‘poser.’ A pumped-up gym bunny that couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper packet and Bobby instinctively knew that he could snap him like a twig. Once they got to the motel room Buster asked for a beer. As Bobby looked at Buster’s magnificent body and the incredible bubble butt that awaited him on the bed, his mouth watered. Bobby let Buster squeal for several seconds before stating; “Now you now know your place, bitch… who’s your fucking daddy?”

Budapest Encounter

gay-male thomas61 2017-12-21

After reviewing the gay pages of several sites, I decided to go the Action Bar. I had never been there, but its promise of a cruising area and a large dark room appealed to me just fine. He pushed his ass back into my hard dick whilst bending over a little bit. I started to really lick his ass hole, pushing hard with my tongue to get in a bit. Frank turned his head around and whispered urgently he wanted me, my dick, in his ass, right now. I stood up, opened his cheeks a bit further with my hands and put the tip of my dick against, his ass hole. Apparently I as too cautious as Frank started to push his ass against my dick.


gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-21

Excitedly, he told me that he was having sex twice a week with a hot policeman, named Rob. I smiled, reflecting upon the fact that my mother’s younger sister was married to a policeman, named Rob. When I asked where Rob was stationed, shock number two hit home. Rob banged the living shit out of me, as he pulled and pushed, all the way in, and out of my arse. When he finally came with me yelping like a girl, he slumped onto me, and after biting my ear hard said, “You’re going to be seeing a lot more of me pussy-boy.” Getting up after, he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head into his crotch.

The Driving Test - Part 2

gay-male JoeBem 2017-12-21

My eyes moved up his body to his face, a smirk played upon his mouth, his full kissable lips taunting me. I don’t know what came over me, both the feeling of his strong hand grabbing my leg and the buzz of the alcohol messed with my mind. “You seem a little nervous, Mr Robinson,” he said, as he placed his hand on my leg. As I tore off my t-shirt he began to place kisses on my hairless chest, eliciting moans from me, as his mouth found my nipple. I reached out and held my legs in place near my chest, so I was looking between them as he made love to my cock with his mouth.


gay-male Tuppie 2017-12-21

The overall looked like it had been poured onto Bradan’s body and showed off his bubble-butt to perfection. Then, curiously, with an almost regretful look on his face, Bradan went go on to say that his dad had stopped his spanking regimen a year before. There was a look of wonder on Bradan’s face, as he observed Tiernan’s thick dark Irish knob encircled by a sweaty black forest of hair. After Bradan did as told, Tiernan once more looked at the incredible job he had done on Bradan’s arse. Moving in behind Bradan, Tiernan clasped his body and began to nibble on Bradan’s ear. Looking down at Bradan, Tiernan asked, “Did you like that?”