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Orchard Road

gay-male JohnKok 2018-12-04

I’m holding his face with both hands, he’s holding me at the waist, we’re pressing our bodies against each other. “Yes, I know,” I answer, but ask him to bend over anyhow, reaching with the shower head between his legs, spraying the water up and down. I’m getting up, get hold of the condom, leaning over his face (he’s still lying on his back), I want him to see how I slip the condom onto my dick, posit it on the tip, the slowly roll the rubber ring down the shaft, six inches, and he’s taking it in as if he’s never seen it before.

Nickolas and Jason

gay-male RobMontague 2018-08-22

"We need to get them home." Lion held Spider up as Trevor glanced at Nick who was clearly finding the situation tremendous fun. "Come on Nile, let's get you home." Nile was slightly steadier on his feet and walked after Lion, telling Trevor that he loved him. Spider was all vomited out as they got towards Jason's home -- Nick was thankful that he wasn't singing, the houses in this neighbourhood awed him. Nick stood at the door and sent Lion a text to tell him that he'd got him home safely and was amused to get a reply which informed him that Nile had vomited on Lion's shoes. "This is Nick, he helped me home." Spider told him, feeling sick with the smell of bacon.

Lovely Tragic

gay-male Alana22 2018-02-02

I walked in the door and stopped mid-step, Nathan was on his hands and knees with Pat fucking his ass, and the door was wide open. "Shut the fuck up, sit down, and wait your goddamn turn, punk." Pat spitted at me and kept drilling my husband up the ass. Pat yanked my husband by the hair and forced Nathan's head toward his throbbing cock. I saw the little tears well up in Nathan's eyes as he looked over at me and bobbed his head on Pat's cock, his eyes never left mine. "Alright, Ben, this is how a real man fuck a twink." Pat said, he lifted up Nathan's legs and positioned himself.