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Discovering Each Other

gay-male starbelliedboy 2018-01-14

"Do you want to look at some porn," I asked James, my friend from uni who was visiting for a few days. "Shall we... shall we try something together again?" I swilled the sweetness around in my mouth enjoying the taste and texture, before swallowing it, feeling the thick gelatinous cum slide down my throat, then licked up the remaining drops of semen on his cock.. He took my penis out and as I looked up I squirted another three shots in his face, and watched it dribble down his cheeks and out of his mouth and let him lap up the remaining semen on my dick, before he climbed up on the bed and we hugged our thanks, then fell asleep in a post-orgasm slumber.

Verne and Charley The Indian

gay-male Bob_N_Head2 2018-01-14

“Well,” Verne went on, “Rather than stop telling me the details of his being fucked in his youth, Old Charley got off of Trigger and there by the side of the unimproved dirt road, he lowered his Levis, spread apart the split in the back of his long john underwear and told me to take him as Running Turkey used to in the long ago past. Our coupling was over thirty minutes and a better trained ass I have never found except on you, Bob. Finally, as you know it would, I shot one of my greatest cum loads into that hungry hole and Old Charley gave out a genuine Indian war whoop as he poured his seed onto the dry New Mexican earth.

Opposites Attract - Part Four

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-14

Weeks after their initial meeting, Joe spent trying to locate Craig, hanging out at the bar they met, sliding his phone number under his apartment door (which he knew was creepy), and walking about hoping for a chance encounter. Man, I’m sorry,” said Craig, looking at Joe with sincerity. When I saw you here kissing another man I assumed what we had was a one night fling,” said Joe. He pulled out a business card that had his cell on it and slid it to Craig. John loved the aggressive fucking of Craig, showing he had stamina and strength to keep his ass up and still the way he knew the big man liked it.

Opposites Attract - Part Two

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-14

“Where you think you’re going?” said Craig, strengthening the hold he had on Joe. “Coming in here teasing me with this fine white boy ass then wanting to leave,” said Craig as he cupped his hand under Joe’s nakedness, getting a firm grip on his fleshy cheeks. Joe reached up and felt Craig’s hairy man tits, tweaking his nipples, causing Craig to push the head of his dick inside Joe’s ass. “This is going to feel real good around my dick,” said Craig as he continued to probe with his fingers, opening up Joe’s hole for what would be several hours. “I’m know what I’m doing boy, don’t need your help.” With that Craig slowly slid the rest of his dick into Joe’s ass, feeling the incredibly pleasurable moist warmth tightly wrapped around him.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

gay-male Man4Married 2018-01-14

Sex with a stranger was not going to be easy but at least he knew what he wanted and it was my hot sexy bum. Wearing just my red thong I slipped back under the covers and waited for the phone to ring. Martin wanted my ass and that was all that mattered and he would make his way over as soon as I gave him the address, which I did and he said goodbye and I heard the horny need in his voice. Sweat mixed with cum was good for a relaxing after sex massage I was told, but we wont have much time for that this morning as he had to get to work.

Discovery on Neighborhood Watch Patrol

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-13

Thomas smiled and continued, “I don’t know about any of this first hand, but some of the guys at work were telling me about white couples who liked to have sex with black men. I was really surprised at hearing about these white couples fucking black men, and from the activity we had seen on our patrols, it looked like a fair amount of it was going on, even for our small community. But I have to warn you, the guys at work told me that white men sometimes get turned on watching a black man piss, and then they find it hard not to suck his cock right afterwards.”

After Dinner Danish

gay-male bigmeatacolyte 2018-01-12

My hand definitely didn’t encompass all of his balls and I felt a drip of clear saliva run out my mouth, but didn’t see where it landed as his cock jerked at the sight of my drool and the soft lump pulsed. It was an impressive volume in my book, but I didn’t really look as my orgasm caused my ass to pull his cock deeper inside me. His grunts gave way to a quick intake of air and I felt his balls move upward, then his cock grew another inch and flared in thickness, causing me to moan in a pitch I didn’t know I could reach.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-01-11

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

Body Heat

gay-male Rawiya71 2018-01-11

"Don't worry babe, I’ll keep you warm, besides what's better than body heat?" I said in a devilish tone. A tall, well built Caucasian with beautiful blue eyes, long blond hair, seemingly pierced and tattooed everywhere. "Body heat is better than blankets sweetheart, however, I'm not sure how warm it will keep us in weather that's twenty degrees below zero." I melted as his blue eyes met my light browns. As soon as our eyes met, I kissed him long and hard; his manhood rose as I pulled him closer. As I pulled the sweater over his head, I stared at his body; his tattoos were glistening with sweat, his pecs so hard they could cut glass.

Opposites Attract

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-11

Craig turned around to accept Joe’s hand, getting a better look at the handsome white man who was eager to connect with him. “Sorry to hear that man, was just enjoying your company.” At no point during their conversation did sex ever come up but Joe was willing to push the envelope. “Man, I really want to, but I wasn’t planning on anything more than just hanging out,” said Craig, coming closer to Joe. He saw the look of disappointment on Joe and also wanted to have sex with Joe. “Normally I don’t make exceptions, but for a white boy, you have one nice ass.” Craig took Joe by the hand and led him to his bedroom.

Bootcamp Secrets

gay-male Mr_X 2018-01-11

With his mouth clean, Eli began to stroke his cock, feeling it swell tighter as the load he'd been building for days began to churn in his balls. Eli sucked him into his mouth and teased his asshole all at the same time, causing Anthony not to last very long at all. He knew that he did not have all night, the chances of being caught were too high, but he didn’t want to be a one-pump chump either. Eli and Anthony glanced at each other, not so much for not wanting to do it, but thankful Stone wouldn’t rat them out. Unable to resist, Eli wrapped his mouth around Stone’s cock and started sucking him.

The First Time I Let A Man Fuck Me

gay-male blacktopchaser 2018-01-10

"Jamal" had a big dick - 9.5 inches and when I got down on my knees and pulled down his pants and I saw that black monster for the first time, I felt a rush of sexual thrill run through my body that was as intense as any sexual feeling I've had in my life. I masturbate anally all the time so I already knew that I'd love the physical sensation of having his 9.5 inch dick in my ass, and the real thing felt just as good as the diodes and ass beads and butt plugs I had fucked myself with before that night.

Addicted to Teenage Cock and Cum - Part One (Football Players)

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-10

Then David said, “Look guys, I’ve never done anything like that before and I definitely don’t want to be labeled as a cock sucker at school. He and the other guys smiled at David’s reply, thinking they were just minutes away from getting a blowjob. David then sat down on the log and Jeff moved in front of him, lowering his shorts and jock strap. I was just about to stand up to move out and break it up when David pushed Jeff’s hands away and said, “Sorry Jeff, but I just can’t suck a cock. Then David said, “Well, I guess I could come out here with you guys, but I’m not changing my mind about not wanting to suck cock, with or without a shower.”

The Black Mail of a Black Male (volume 1)

gay-male southernman 2018-01-09

Jim pulled back and I started sucking him again.  This went on for about three minutes.  Suddenly he placed his hands on the side of my head and started humping faster.  Knowing what was about to happen I tried to push him away.  Suddenly he gave a loud groan, pulled his cock out so just the head was between my lips, and filled my mouth with cum.  I tried hard to swallow every drop.  Just before he stopped, Jim started fucking my mouth again.  

Sucking My Neighbors at an Adult Book Store

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-09

And better yet, they must be into porn since they talked about getting blowjobs from other men at the ABS, and since Jeff told Bruce about me, as Cock Sucker, sucking his cock. I intended to keep going to the ABS to potentially find other neighbor’s cocks to suck, but I also was going to try to become better friends with Jeff and Bruce to see if I could find a way for us to get together in our homes. Then Jeff said, “I’ve got a little different kind of video now, so let me know if you guys don’t like it.” The cock sucker spent a little time stripping the other men, and as the video showed him taking turns sucking the two men’s cock and balls, I could see that Jeff and Bruce were even more-blatantly rubbing their cocks.

Health Club Sex 2

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-08

Two days after our most recent health club encounter, I received a text from Malcolm saying he "Needed this dick sucked." I dropped what I was doing and headed his way. "Good boy," he said as he pulled the panties back over my ass, then giving it a hard whack. "Been wanting to fuck you since I saw that sweet white ass in the shower," he said as he reached around and pinched my nipples while kissing my neck. "Fuck, you got a sweet ass," he said as he slowly worked his dick in and out as I watched in the mirror.

Opposites Attract - Part Five

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-07

"Get the lube John," said Craig standing with his hands on his hips, looking down at the newly found man below him, legs spread, hole pink and inviting, dick rock hard. "Bitch you better learn to take this dick," said Craig as he quickened the pace, even more, fucking Joe with hard, deep thrusts in a piston-like fashion. After about five minutes of relentless fucking Craig pulled out, sweating profusely, and staring down at Joe. John got up and placed the brown bottle under Craig's nose, then again under Joe’s. "Look how good this bitch sucks dick," said Craig as Joe watched in amazement as John effortlessly took his entire length into his mouth. Joe sat on the bed and took a Craig’s nipple into his mouth while watching John's lips stroke Craig's hardening dick.

The Bighorn Hiking Club

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-07

We continued doing our day hikes for the next couple of weeks, and although nothing more was said about my conversation with Calvin, I did look at his cock every chance I got when we pissed on the trail. As I stepped a little closer to the window to get a better look, I heard a quiet rustling behind me in the leaves, and turned to see that Calvin was in the shadows of a tree, watching Bill and Lea fuck and stroking his large cock, which was now fully hard at 11 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can. Bill and Lea were happy that they had chosen the right hiking group, and they had wanted to see her fucked by a big-cocked black man for a very long time.

A Hurricane in Mexico

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-06

Bolivar then chimed in, “You got that right Ted. I don’t hold it against those maricons who suck my cock and eat my cum, but I damn sure wouldn’t do it myself.” Ted must have woken up and heard and seen everything that Bolivar and I did, and I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence when Ted got up to piss and then he kneeled by my head and whispered, “Damn Ed, that was really hot watching you suck Bolivar’s cock and swallowing his cum. Ted and I talked quietly on the plane ride home about all that had happened, and I decided that since I had already sucked his cock and swallowed his tasty cum so many times, that I wanted to see if I could get Jennifer to fuck him.

The Hotel

gay-male alexb21 2018-01-06

Thinking I had all the time in the world, I began to touch my cock working my hand up and down my shaft. I was naked, with my cock in my hand, having just cum all over the bed sheets, and the waiter looked on shocked but with a hint of a smile on his face. "I know you must find it funny to laugh at what you saw, but that does not mean you can stand their staring at me, smirking." The waiter did not reply and after giving me a quick look began to undress in front of me. I wanted to ensure that I gave him maximum pleasure and I took the time to really pay attention to his beautiful cock.

My Friends Feed Me Cum

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-05

Keith and Lamont really smiled when they saw me taste their juices, and I’m sure they felt that it was only a matter of a little time before I would be sucking their cocks and swallowing all of their cum. After watching this for a few minutes, both Keith and Lamont pulled down their sweat pants and kicked them off, and they were sitting there half nude stroking those big cocks. I pulled off of Keith’s cock and said, “Sorry Lamont, but I don’t want any butt fucking from you guys. Lamont continued to fuck my thighs as Keith fed me his cum and then he said, “Damn Ed, that is so hot watching you suck cock and swallowing Keith’s cum.

I Take The Big Step And Go Meet The Guy I Met Onli

gay-male floridaguy2001 2018-01-05

I looked down and saw his big black hands rubbing my cock up and down pulling the skin back and forth exposing the head, my cock is average size about 7 inches long but extremely thick, 7 inches in circumference and mike was enjoying playing with it. I watched him grimace as he pushed my cock all the way in, what an amazing sight my white cock against his black ass looked great as I slowly started to fuck him. As I said that, mike who was jerking off exploded all over my stomach, I bent down and took his cock in my mouth as he continued to cum while my cock was buried in his ass.

Samuel, Pt. 4

gay-male SixtyMinuteMan 2018-01-04

Afternoons in the barracks complex's communal lounge had become a sort of informal study group since the start of my relationship with Sam. I had to work hard to keep up with the math required by our school and there was no way I could concentrate alone in a room with my lover, making a crowded public place the only real option. “You know,” said the girl next to me on the couch, a blonde midwesterner named Taylor, “it's like sixty five degrees. Sam and I ran much farther than most of our classmates, and our habit when leading a group for a run was to do about a two-mile loop through the base that ended in front of the barracks, let them break off, then do a slightly longer and higher-paced lap on our own.

My second time with a man

gay-male stacilana 2018-01-04

I began to feel the excitement rush over me as I took off my clothes and begin to lightly rub my tight ass with lube. Next, I sat on the couch naked and told him that I was finally ready for him. The taste and feeling of the big cock in my throat made me cum all over myself. I rubbed my cum on on my ass, lips and his balls and cock. I continued to shove his cock in my mouth as he fingered and licked my asshole. After a while his thrusts became rough and finally his cock slid too deep into my ass. He pulled out his massive cock from my throbbing asshole and gave my ass one last slap and kiss on my hole.