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Orchard Road

gay-male JohnKok 2018-12-04

I’m holding his face with both hands, he’s holding me at the waist, we’re pressing our bodies against each other. “Yes, I know,” I answer, but ask him to bend over anyhow, reaching with the shower head between his legs, spraying the water up and down. I’m getting up, get hold of the condom, leaning over his face (he’s still lying on his back), I want him to see how I slip the condom onto my dick, posit it on the tip, the slowly roll the rubber ring down the shaft, six inches, and he’s taking it in as if he’s never seen it before.

Alley Man

gay-male siktici 2018-12-02

"Him," the Owen-look-alike said and pointed to Gerald, currently captivated by a go-go boy. Normally, I would take a taxi on such cock-shrinking nights, but I was still smarting from the truth of the Owen Wilson look-a-like. "I think I can eat a little of that food,” he said with a weak smile and deep dimples that appeared and disappeared. “We both need it,” he said and looked for the truth in my eyes. As Sean lay beside me, his head on my chest, I said, “Wake me anytime you get the urge. He raised those clear brown eyes to mine to say, “Hey, a year will go by before we know it, right?” Then looked away before I could answer.

The Wrong One ~ Chapter 1

gay-male Quil 2018-12-02

“Hey Jace, whatcha doin tonight?” Jordan’s voice called from his room across the hall. “What’s your problem with her?” I don’t know why I asked; I didn’t care. “I don’t have a problem with Kinsey.” Happily, he stopped dragging his words out. He smiled, “So weird, I was just across the hall and this little shrimp kept sayin' I was hittin' on his woman…” He stood up and his arms snaked around my back so fast I didn’t register it had happened. I know they say there isn’t a gay gene, but I think they have it wrong. Maybe Mom and Mother felt that way when they were his age, I don’t know. He just doesn’t know many gay people, at least I don’t think he does.

A Year to Remember, Chapter Three

gay-male JasperWalton 2018-12-01

“Adam, want to have the guided tour?” Simon suddenly says, jerking me out of my 'sitting and smiling inanely, sipping orange squash like it's a pint of lager' daydream. Great.” My mum looks over and pulls the kind of face that says: Simon, do not let me down. Looking down at my sock-clad, size ten feet, I notice these stairs are way steeper and the treads narrower than ours at home but what I don't realise is that Simon has stopped halfway up. Simon pulls his head off the bed and looks down across his supremely flat chest, past the inch of bare flesh and peers down at his feet. “Well, I'm busy, looking at your great socks.” Simon says, like he's reading instructions in a manual.

He Cried Wolf: CH1-Alpha Not Omega

gay-male SweetestSins 2018-11-30

Two years had passed since Tristan came back to Howls Grove, and both Cassius and Landon were in their senior year of high school. Aside from Cassius’s nonexistent love life, Howls Grove had finally found a sense of harmony, but all of that changed when Tristan Northam decided to step down as Alpha and abandon his pack without any rational explanations. Cassius justified Tristan’s decision, explaining to Landon that because Tristan trusted him the most, he believed he had what it took to be a true Alpha. Cassius wanted nothing more than to pick his wounded ego off the floor and haul ass out of there, but he chose to believe that Tristan was only wearing the mean-guy mask because he couldn't accept his feelings for him.

The Victoria’s Secret Male Model Part 2 of 2

gay-male Andrew74 2018-11-29

Let’s order for the pizza before I waste away from starvation,” Frankie said smiling, pleased Lance seemed to want him again so soon. Frankie said, “Please Tiger mark me as yours, only yours sweet man.” Lance bite hard and sucked harder, that mark would be there a while. Lance collapsed on Frankie and in all his creamy cum on his chest with such deep satisfaction of cumming in his Baby’s sweet ass, the man he loved deeply. David will drive you home.” Lance escorted Frankie into the elevator and as the door closed he said, “I will be waiting Baby.” “Yes. Yes Baby, I will listen to anything you need to tell me,” Lance closed his book and waited, eyes focused on his one true love.

Guy sucks my Cock While a horny Woman watches...

gay-male scorpiodragon 2018-11-29

*(1st time a Female actual friend wanted to watch my cock getting sucked by a guy) i said yes, Im getting a little turned on now...I look over and shes rubbing her tits, she took off her shirt/no bra *NICE BIG TITS hard nipples... I got ready now I'M laying on my back only feet away from her, she was sitting on a office chair touching a bit, wow hes pretty good, instantly got hard, then he started to slurp n gag on my cock.. What would be nice, if both of you sucked my cock, She said no no, not today, she wasn't going to give me any oral sex, just watch kinda touching herself, He then eagerly with passion started to sucking n swallow my dick, I was balls deep in his mouth...

The Color of Love

gay-male JonahSnow 2018-11-28

Me and Matthew alone in the dark together with a few candles, this is going to be so hot, I was thinking to myself and I felt my dick start to harden slightly, I tried to think of something else to get my mind off it. Matthew started laughing a little and said, “It says lick the stomach of the person closest to you for five seconds”. I bet he’s got a huge dick, does he have a hard on for me, no he couldn’t, I was thinking to myself and I slowly started to stick out my tongue, I gently started at his belly button and softly licked up towards his nipples.

He Took Me By The Hand

gay-male BillyCistra 2018-11-28

"I bombed the last test and Ms. Sims said I should pair up with someone, why not you?" I bit my lip to keep from grinning like a fool and saw his eyes warm, a slight flush showing on his cheeks. I topped out at 180 on the back roads by Hangman's Corners," he said as if stating simple facts but his smile and the gleam in his eyes told me he was a man who was turned on by cars. I also think it's obvious that you probably like me too." I felt his heart beating fast, rapid beats under my hand and pushed down the desire to burrow into his chest and let his arms wrap around me.


I Can't Help The Way I Feel

gay-male RobbieW 2018-11-26

I would never ever take advantage of my beautiful mate while he was asleep but I couldn’t help noticing that a big meaty hard-on was growing in his trackies. I sat back down in my chair and I just sat there looking at my mate lying there deep in sleep with his big horny dick trapped inside his tight clinging shiny trackies and I thought: I’d never seen my mate’s erection before. I just stood there and took in the beautiful sight of my mate lying there looking so sweet, deep in sleep with his beautiful cock fully aroused.

Dance with Me : Chapter Two

gay-male Andrew74 2018-11-23

“I don’t want to mess up your special plans Bradley,” I said as I nuzzled his neck and kissed it softly. Once we were on the road Bradley said, “You ready to dance the night away in my arms Honey?” As we walked up the gangplank he held my hand and asked, “Ready to dance in my arms all night Honey?” “Clark, I need a kiss Honey,” Bradley said sweetly while pulling me into his arms. This was the most romantic moment in my life by far and I never wanted it to end but soon the band finished their song and Bradley released me from his arms with a soft kiss. When I was completely naked Bradley suddenly stopped, “My God, you’re the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life Clark,” he said softly.

You Can't Be Mad Forever

gay-male Candles 2018-11-21

“You don’t want me to and you know it,” Kevin whispered back huskily, continuing to bite, suck, lick and kiss on the same spot as his hands traveled down from the other’s hips. Kevin’s pleasured moans and grunts contrasted with Ian’s sobs and cries of agony as he was continuously pushed to stare at his face, eyes wide and tears making lines all over his face, as well as the man thrusting his huge cock into his virgin hole over and over. He smirked as he watched the boy’s reflection, his head thrown back, his mouth open to let out quiet moans and pants, his eyes closed tightly and hips moving back to meet the elder’s thrusts in a steady rhythm.

Amor Vincit Omnia

gay-male clum 2018-11-21

Not once looking up from what he was doing, Valentinus warned sternly, “Don’t fuck about in my control room, Paul.” The message, both verbal and physical, was well and truly received; Paulus whimpered an acknowledgment and began to struggle to his feet. They continued to grind together as Paul let his fingers creep under the waistband of Mario’s trousers and down to grab a handful of his now fully-hard cock through his underwear, stroking it through their kiss. Paul held his lips tightly just beneath the head and, with two zealous jerks, Mario wailed in ecstasy as his balls tightened, his cock spasmed and thick ropes of hot, creamy semen gushed forth into Paul’s welcoming mouth and rushed down his furiously contracting oesophagus.

Dance with Me : Chapter One

gay-male Andrew74 2018-11-20

I went to my class the next morning with some pep in my step and looking forward to talking to Bradley at lunch time about our date and just to hear his deep rich voice. “Clark, I’m so happy you’re here with me and you know I’m going to want to hold you in my arms and dance with you,” he said his emerald green eyes twinkling. “Only for you Clark, the one special man in my life… only for you,” he said laughing and looking so sexy. Bradley stood and took my hand, “Please Dance with me Clark?” he asked in that deep voice. “Of course Bradley, lead the way my sweet man,” I said standing and praying I could hold back.

The Beach House

gay-male JonahSnow 2018-11-19

Wes took my cock into his mouth at the same time and instantly it felt better than any crappy blow job Lexi had attempted to give me. I began to feel myself getting closer and I stopped sucking his cock for a second so I could tell him I was going to cum in case he didn’t want me to shoot my load into his mouth. “Wow, that was incredible, the best blow job I have ever had, and I didn’t know I could cum like that!” I told Wes. “Jesus I’m gonna cum Luke,” Wes told me and I grabbed a hold of his cock and stroked it as I continued to fuck him.

Completion: A Love Story

gay-male siktici 2018-11-18

“You saw what it did to the street, to the store; sure as hell looked like something came through here,” he said while watching a boy, his blue cut-off overalls stained with streaks of mud. I looked into his glistening eyes, and for a moment the sadness and longing had been replaced with my own images; and as much as I wanted to reside in them, I settled for the squeeze of his hand as the sun lowered over a wet row of trees and over a neighborhood forever changed. He grabbed my ass and began pushing me but I moved his hand away and continued the slow rock, causing my shaft to plop across that ring of flesh that drove every man insane.

A Year to Remember

gay-male JasperWalton 2018-11-15

I groan inside and flip over onto my back, stretching out my long, slim arms above my head, arching my back, and lifting my backside off the mattress before I flop back down again. I'm thinking about the school showers, thinking about Alex, and that chav Ed Miller. I like my lube, so I spit into my fist again and smear it all over my already shining helmet, using the fleshy part of my palm to rub over the sensitive sides of my slippery, swollen head. On a day like today, I could happily go back my room, crawl back under the duvet and tug my dick every couple of hours until it was dinner time.

Meeting For The First Time

gay-male NakNak 2018-11-15

I knocked on the room 126, and I heard him say "Its open baby, come in", and once while we were talking he said he never had a blowjob and I promised that would be the first thing I did for him. I walked over to him, and told him that I've waited months for this, and he grabbed me by my jacket and started to kiss me, and Then I kicked my shoes off and climbed on top of him, and we made out for 10 minutes. I stood their naked and he said to me "Give me my first fuck ever, and it better be good Baby", I laughed and said "I promise it will be".

Dance With Me : Chapter 3

gay-male Andrew74 2018-11-14

“Pick the ring you want Honey, for our engagement,” he said smiling. I need you to let me ride my big cock and make you cum hard,” I said smiling down at him. “Yes, take me, I’m all yours Clark, no one else’s,” Bradley said laughing softly. We got out of the car and the Lady came closer, “Hello Bradley, nice to see you again and this must be Clark,” she said looking at me. “Honey, let’s go down and talk on the porch, there is something I need to confess to you,” he said softly as he whispered something to the older Lady. “Honey you need to know, I’m independently wealthy,” he said softly grabbing my hand and moving closer to me.

My Bodyguard Lover

gay-male soupersouper 2018-11-14

My eyes began to lower as I could tell from his wet boxer briefs that he was getting hard, so I moved my right hand towards his cock and began caressing it through the damp cloth of his underwear. “I’m a big boy now remember, you don’t always need to protect me, I already feel safe with you” I assured him, and then gave him a kiss before proceeding to his cock. Because Miguel’s dick was almost completely erect I swiftly opened my lips and began to suck the head of his cut penis while I massaged his balls with my right hand. He grabbed my still hard cock with his right hand, gave a few pulls, and I blew right in his face.

My Charlie

gay-male 007Lover 2018-11-10

I can’t begin to describe the closeness and affection that grew alongside us all those years ago, and I can only put to words the affirmation of this and hope dearly that you’ll understand what it means to truly love someone, as I did Charlie. Behind his glasses, his eyes glimmered strangely, out of anger or hurt, I don’t know, but they grew intense and he stared at me the way he used to before he went away. There he was, there was my Charlie, his lost youth suddenly recouped and alive in his dancing eyes, smiling and dreaming his worries away and for a moment, it seemed we were only sixteen, learning each other’s bodies by heart and proclaiming true love for one another.

The Wrong One ~ Chapter 3

gay-male Quil 2018-11-09

We were good friends, but we didn’t spend a lot of time talking when I was in the chair. The second the ink was pushed under the skin, I felt better, it wasn’t a sharp pain, like getting cut, but a steady ache with occasional sharp moments thrown in. “You think suckin' some dude off isn’t a big deal?” I was horrified by how high my voice went. Because he was a good lay and I wasn’t interested in him, I didn’t mind. “What took you so long?” Alex pulled me into the house and pushed me against the wall. “You okay?” Alex asked, closing his mouth around me, his tongue and lips mixed with warm saliva was mind numbing.

A Year to Remember, Chapter 2

gay-male JasperWalton 2018-11-07

“I'm Patrick's son,” says the head, running a nervous hand through his unruly, pale ginger hair. Simon looks on nervously from behind the half open door. He runs his hand through his hair again and looks around for somewhere to sit down. Simon turns his boyish, pale face toward mine and we sit there, looking at each other. I let my feelings pour out into the half-embrace from this stranger. This warm and calm teenager, who has suddenly appeared to make me his friend. Gently grabbing a fistful of Simon's hair, I pull his face onto mine, exploring deep within his mouth with my tongue, lowering his whole head toward me.

Finally I'm not alone

gay-male jackgay 2018-11-03

"I don't know R, I've always wanted to tell them but I just can't find the right time to do it, I'm 18 now I just want to live freely." I said with the same worried look on his face. I gently rubbed it onto the entrance of Ricks smooth asshole, and watched him moan, I pushed my finger inside and I saw his cock jump, I rubbed the vaseline all over my dick and before I put it in I said to him Its been about two minutes and Rick started to speed up, his sweat is dripping off his forehead onto my chest and I rub it in, I'm snapping out my trance more, and realize he's almost at his point of coming, right now he's fucking me while kissing me and I have my legs wrapped around him, his big balls are slapping against my ass.