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Orchard Road

gay-male JohnKok 2018-12-04

I’m holding his face with both hands, he’s holding me at the waist, we’re pressing our bodies against each other. “Yes, I know,” I answer, but ask him to bend over anyhow, reaching with the shower head between his legs, spraying the water up and down. I’m getting up, get hold of the condom, leaning over his face (he’s still lying on his back), I want him to see how I slip the condom onto my dick, posit it on the tip, the slowly roll the rubber ring down the shaft, six inches, and he’s taking it in as if he’s never seen it before.

The Prince and the Bell Boy

gay-male bronte27 2018-11-15

Prince Charlie looked back at the palace where the bell boy was talking to the queen then turned his way and their eyes met. Prince Charlie sat down in his royal silk robe on his bed and admired the shape of the bell boy's body with his eyes. "For someone who isn't attracted to me you have a rather big erection." Prince Charlie looked deeply into the bell boy's eyes then kissed him hard on the lips. Prince Charlie got in between the bell boy's legs and leaned down and placed his hard, erected dick inside his mouth and began moving up and down. "I better go," the bell boy said, starting to get off the bed but the prince grabbed his right arm and he turned and looked down at him.

Man, you are too big

gay-male JohnKok 2018-11-15

I feel his boner through his pants, undo his zipper, get hold of his uppity dick. "I'd like to join you," the cab driver says, apparently meaning it, the poor guy. "Next time," my black trick replies as he gets out, pushing his dick back into its briefs in an awkward gesture, raising the zipper perfunctorily, the cab driver noticing. "Lie down," he says, and points with his dick to the bedroom, "I need to pee." He gets hold of his dick, slips a condom, brings it back into a lateral position. "Relax," he says, holding still, his dick still in position. He's going in reverse, slowly withdrawing his dick by some inches.

Raw Hunger (part 5)

gay-male SosaGood 2018-11-07

Turning Cobra to face him, Johnathan began tongue fucking Skylark's mouth as his hand began to massage his dangling sausage. Whimpers filled the room as Cobra felt close to coming, pumping into Black's hot hand. To add to the pressure building in Black's loins, Cobra began licking upward, swirling his tongue around the pulsing shaft, to pull and rub as he mad his way to Johnathan's very tip. Pre-cum coated the head, making Cobra flick his tongue lightly over the slit, causing an intake of breath from his partner as more pre-cum flowed out. Glad to see his enthusiastic partner eating his fingers, Johnathan moved them around until he hit the back of Cobra's throat, watching as his face lit with a choking pleasure.

Saved by the Cub Ch. 01

gay-male Adsta 2018-09-11

It was becoming the highlight of my day, where I lost myself in my thoughts and processed all my plans in my head, work, unhappiness, life, death by ballet, my friends and their dramas and real problems that hurt my heart, all of it and I loved it, it helped me keep my sanity and the time would fly by. After I settled I looked up to see the cub rushing back with the towels, "thank you kind sir" I said looking him straight in the eyes, he smiled and blushed a little, I noticed his own shivers and suggested he warm up in the hot tub.

Trysted Mind

gay-male howmanylicks26 2018-09-01

"Wow," he sizzled, "I was expecting to see much more than a black thong and those tall boots under that coat." I pressed my lean body against his stockier chest and felt his cock rise up inside of his plaid lounge wear. Aaron gently kissed my swollen member through the fabric and began to slide his tongue against the exposed head, which was sticky with hot precum. Aaron couldn't take the torture any longer and began to pull down his underwear, exposing his 8" dick and dark, bushy hairs. His wet tongue began pushing its way inside of me, making me squirm and moan loudly. "Oh my god," I begged, "I'm gonna cum so hard." Aaron pulled out and took my hand away from my pulsating dick.

Nickolas and Jason

gay-male RobMontague 2018-08-22

"We need to get them home." Lion held Spider up as Trevor glanced at Nick who was clearly finding the situation tremendous fun. "Come on Nile, let's get you home." Nile was slightly steadier on his feet and walked after Lion, telling Trevor that he loved him. Spider was all vomited out as they got towards Jason's home -- Nick was thankful that he wasn't singing, the houses in this neighbourhood awed him. Nick stood at the door and sent Lion a text to tell him that he'd got him home safely and was amused to get a reply which informed him that Nile had vomited on Lion's shoes. "This is Nick, he helped me home." Spider told him, feeling sick with the smell of bacon.

My Trouser Devil

gay-male Lonar 2018-08-22

If a gay guy told me he liked me, I'd probably tell him he can look but not touch. As I walk home from school, I think of Josh, his nice voice, and his nice legs, what his body looked like under the clothes and- What the fuck?! I broke free from the sick thoughts and when I got home I saw my brother Mickey in my room watching my television. I walked outside quickly forgetting to put a shirt on trying to distract myself only to bump straight into no other than Josh Dannier. I pulled my hand away from Josh like he was on fire. I walked away with him, and looked back at Josh.

Brother to Brother Ch. 03

gay-male thealphamale 2018-08-04

I finally snapped, I stood up and gave answered him fully, "I don't know how long, Aiden. He cut me off, insisting, "Carter, stop, let me go first." Hearing my silence, he continued, "Look last night, I-I just didn't know what to think of all of this. Last night's kiss was me acting upon my urges; testing the waters with my brother and trying to let all of those inclinations out with a single touch. I broke the kiss for a second and slowly ran my hands along his face, "Aiden, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this; how long I wanted to kiss you and feel you kissing back."

Saved by the Cub Ch. 02

gay-male Adsta 2018-07-18

It was a few days before I saw the bear again, he looked very nervous when he came into the gym and I intentionally kept out of sight, I didn't want James to give up or stop coming out of embarrassment that I had caused. So we found ourselves outside the theatre waiting to get in, I had had a couple of drinks to prepare, and Charlie was absolutely bouncing off the walls with excitement, he grabbed my hand and came in close, a public display off affection that caught me totally off guard, so when I turned to him and saw in my line of sight the cub over the road, I was in absolute shock.

Sam and Jordan

gay-male SomethingBetterIn09 2018-07-05

He melts me with that glance, the one you can feel your lover sending you even when you're turned away. Kissing me deeply I could feel his hands running up and down my back. A single tear crept its way down his check, I kissed it away thanking him for his love with my sighs. His hands slowing making their way up my chest and taunting my hard nipples, he flicked the outline of one on my shirt eliciting a moan from somewhere around my navel. His goatee is the sexiest of all, I can't help but to love the feeling I get when it brushes me during a kiss, sending a shiver down to my dick.

Brother to Brother

gay-male thealphamale 2018-07-02

I walked closer to the edge of his bed and responded, "Mom got a call that grandma was in the hospital, so they left to go make sure she was okay." Yet here I am sitting in my same old, having finished mom's traditional birthday dinner, spending time with my big's like things haven't changed a bit" Knowing he'd continue to bug me if I didn't tell him, I explained, "Well when I turned 18, Mom and Dad said that I could spend the weekend with my friends at Connor's lake house. Aiden replied, "Wait, you told Mom and Dad that you got food poising and spent the weekend in bed."

The Party Ch. 02

gay-male highwayman2 2018-06-20

Both had magnificent cocks, and my mouth watered at the thought of my tongue exploring every vein that bulged beneath the skin of their manhoods, and my asshole twitched at the prospect of swallowing those bulging love muscles balls deep. "I bet you can fuck like him, can't you?" I purred, and then closed my eyes as revelled in the sensation of cock sliding out of my asshole, and fresh cum dribbling down my scrotum and balls. I opened my mouth to accept the orgasmic spurts of one of the men jacking off to our wild fucking, and moved upwards until only the head of cock was inside my hole.


Young passion: Forbidden Pleasure

gay-male cutexd 2018-06-11

We of course had some time at night - after they went to bed to play under the covers. I guess he saw me and quickly clamped his hand over my mouth. Slowly as my breathing returned to normal, he slid down on the bed with him spooning me. His hands slid down my thighs and he asked me to pull my leg up to my chest. I just clamped my hands over my mouth harder until first the head and then finally his shaft entered me. My parents' house, Open air, the night sky, People around and we had to keep the voice down. Finally, when both of us had caught our breath, he rolled off and went to sleep on his own bed.

Nickolas and Jason Ch. 03

gay-male RobMontague 2018-06-02

"Poor guy." They got to the end of the path and Spider clambered up the bank with Skye ahead of him, Nick looked unsure and stopped, they had been walking for forty minutes now. Spider moaned softly against his lips and before Nick realised what he was doing he found himself kneeling before him, tongue tracing the head of his cock -- not daring to look up, if he had he would have seen a wide eyed Jason, never expecting his little red head to do this. Spider felt Nick's tongue flicking over him and leant his head back on the sofa, maybe this would stop him feeling so weird, or maybe it'd just make things worse, he didn't really know, or care.

Best Friends Forever

gay-male rawr6969 2018-06-01

"Shit," I say to myself. That's pretty good for an 18 year old. "Oh," he moans quietly, has I wrap my hand around it. We're both breathing hard. I look down, and discover my cock is hard. "Shit," I say under my breath. He starts to fuck me so hard, I couldn't think straight anymore. After about a minute, I moan so loud, I'm sure the neighbors could hear us. I cum immediately on my chest. He cums right away. Now. Hard," he begs. I cum in about three minutes. "Damn it, I think that's it for me," I pant. I fall asleep. I came immediately. Then he fell asleep. But I was already kissing him, hard.

The Chase Ch. 02

gay-male thealphamale 2018-05-29

And as he walked off, I looked down on at the napkin and read it aloud, "Derek." I closed shop right as he left, unknowingly stuffed the napkin in my pocket and took off. 20 minutes later, I found myself outside Derek's room and I stood by the door wondering if I was making the right decision. But as his mouth slipped on and off of my cock, I let out a small moan knowing that Derek was doing just fine. I pulled Derek's head off my cock and instructed, "Get on the bed." He smirked, then hopped on, lying on his back and telling me to come over.

The School of Freedom and Love

gay-male Jam18 2018-05-18

It's not easy for a guy to change the school he's been at for 13 years plus make new friends. In fact, I was so pissed about the situation that I didn't even acknowledge the fact that because it was all guys maybe i wouldn't be completely stuck with my right hand my whole final year in high-school. Three years passed and I still thought of her every day, sometimes I'd try talking to my dad about her, but he'd just nod or leave the room. You're gonna make new friends and I'll drive your car up there so you can take out all the guys out on dates and I'm sure..." Maybe my life would turn out not totally fucked like I thought...

The Fallen Pt. 01

gay-male First_of_the_fallen 2018-05-13

I don't know, look up at the sky with me?" Caleb asked sheepishly, resting his eyes on Oliver's, who was smiling again. Oliver quickly looked over at Caleb, their faces just centimeters away from each other, his mouth quivering. Oliver was so close so soon so he grabbed Caleb's head and pulled him up to his lips, hands making their way down to Caleb's own strained pants. Rolling their bodies over, Oliver wasn't wasting any time, making his way down and taking this beautiful cock as far in his throat as he could. They laid there for a little while, Caleb's head resting on Oliver's chest, rising and falling with each breath, Oliver running his fingers through the other man's hair.

Lust for My Workout Partner

gay-male Bigguy4u2e 2018-05-12

I was in the shower, eye balling a few of the other guys in there, admiring their cocks and ass's when they were not looking. He seemed a bit more relaxed, washing his semi hard cock and balls right in front of me and paying special attention to his ass as he turn away from me to wash it. What a nice firm ass I thought as I got a few good strokes in on my cock as he turned away. Deciding it may not be a good idea for two guys to be sporting wood in a shower room we got out of there and went to our lockers.

Saved by the Cub Ch. 03

gay-male Adsta 2018-04-30

There was no turning back now, my hands ran free and I began to pull at his clothes, I needed to feel his skin against mine, I fumbled with his belt and he helped me, before pawing at my own clothes deftly pulling my shirt over my head, we giggled and struggled between kisses as we urgently removed everything that was coming between our bodies and soon I was there, naked, in the arms of my dream bear, his massive cock throbbing against my belly, it was rock hard and so was mine as I humped his leg like a horny puppy.

Heaven's Angel and Hell's Demon

gay-male KarmaMoonfairy 2018-04-13

Danny reached down and wrapped his hand around Doyle's throbbing manliness and stroked him gently, hearing the long, soft moan that escaped Doyle's mouth into his own. Doyle pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Danny, his eyes fierce and wanting. Doyle arched his back and moaned loudly as he felt Danny's mouth enclose his most intimate areas. I want more than that, I want to hear you scream as you come for me, watch you writhe beneath me as I make love to you," he said in a low voice in Danny's ear. Danny looked down at the hard length of Doyle and felt himself for the first time in over a century. Doyle gently turned Danny over onto his hand and knees, kissing along his neck as he did so.

Shadow-Cat Ch. 03

gay-male kailab 2018-04-12

A wicked gleam flashed in his dark eyes, he walked towards the cell door before leaving he turned and said "You're right I don't think I'm wrong and neither do you" (presumptuous bastard) he paused before he continued momentarily lost in thought "I'll ensure that you have better accommodations and ill be back with something for you to eat- Okay?" Again the unsure Lyken presents himself. And it would be at these points that Samuel awoke with his chest heaving; eyes clamped shut, toes curled, teeth gritted, hands clutching at his sheets, and back arched towards the ceiling as he rode out the final stretch of one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experience. Samuel clutched his head in agony, his back bowed as he felt his wolf begin to claw its way to the surface.

MODE 1 - Beginner

gay-male silvertongueMV 2018-04-12

Currently, there is no place for an openly gay man living in Maldives, if that were to happen, the man would have no alternative but to leave the country for his safety and his family's. Mode told me that he planned on going to the party with a bunch of peeps and invited me to go with them. I was mortified by the thought of asking Mode, he might feel offended or attacked. My mind kept on changing, I went to a point where I didn't know what was going on. I was too nervous to log on Facebook and ask people what time they were going. My mind was going crazy, thoughts and feelings were everywhere.