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Business Trip Meetings

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-13

My thong and top were soon discarded as we enjoyed each other’s nakedness. I climbed up and straddled his head and presented my hardness to him, which he relished with much sucking. I climbed back down, methodically kissing my way down his body, pausing at his hard nipples, all the way down between his legs, which he spread for me. I climbed back up and kissed him again, plunging my tongue which had just been deep in his ass, into his mouth. I slowly settled down, feeling him slip past my sphincter and into my waiting love channel. When his last spasms subsided, I slipped off and climbed up to share his liquid essence in a deep kiss.


gay-male RascalRobb 2018-01-12

D. As soon as I'm in Alex is there, grabbing my arm and pulling me across the huge club, under the blaring rainbow lights to a secluded area, behind a gauzy curtain. "The older members of the pack usually stick to headquarters, or they stay home - they're no fun." A tall girl with long blonde hair stands and shakes me hand. "Yeah, take it, like a bitch." He moans and another glob of pre-cum slides down my throat as he thrusts in and out of my mouth. "I'm going to fuck you now, baby." He lifts my legs up, so that they rest on his shoulders and then I feel his cock rubbing against my hole.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-01-11

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

My University Male Relationship - Part 1

gay-male purplepal 2018-01-11

Mike started playfully pushing me to unbalance me and with my trousers around my knees, he pushed me hard I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed, legs over the side. As I finished I thought of Mike grabbing, flicking and smacking me and my cock started tingling and pulsing and growing hard. As he stroked me, he watched my cock dance to his manipulations and saw the pre-cum start to seep out from the little slit. He played with my balls and cock for a good while but all good things cum to an end and I did cum to an end, arching my back, bucking my hips and groaning as I shot and flowed more cream onto my chest and stomach until I was sperm spent.

Adult Arcade Stopover

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-11

I was so lost in sexual ecstasy that I did not notice a visitor in my booth until I felt his rough hands on the sides of my hips. When my spasms finally ceased, I slowly backed away from the wall and turned to face my visitor. At that point, a thick cock with a large flanged head came through the partition opening, and my visitor pulled off of me and quickly consumed the entire length of my neighbor’s beautiful organ. Married guys on their way to or from home or work being pleasured and emptied by total strangers in the darkness and privacy of the video arcade.

Addicted to Teenage Cock and Cum - Part One (Football Players)

gay-male edlangston 2018-01-10

Then David said, “Look guys, I’ve never done anything like that before and I definitely don’t want to be labeled as a cock sucker at school. He and the other guys smiled at David’s reply, thinking they were just minutes away from getting a blowjob. David then sat down on the log and Jeff moved in front of him, lowering his shorts and jock strap. I was just about to stand up to move out and break it up when David pushed Jeff’s hands away and said, “Sorry Jeff, but I just can’t suck a cock. Then David said, “Well, I guess I could come out here with you guys, but I’m not changing my mind about not wanting to suck cock, with or without a shower.”

Mid-day Diversion

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-09

He classifies himself as a straight top, but likes to be sucked off occasionally by a guy. So, I proceed to lick and suck him until he is hard, using several different positions - him lying on his back on bed with me above and between his legs, me lying on my back with him straddling my head, and me lying on my back with my head hanging down over the side of the bed and him standing on the floor facing me. Following his orgasm, instead of slowly going limp like most guys, he stays hard. On one occasion he asked if I liked women's clothing and lingerie. After getting him good and hard with my mouth, I quickly retrieved some lubricant, applied it to his cock, straddled him, and slowly lowered myself down onto him, impaling myself until he was balls deep.

Tanning Salon Visit

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-09

When I tan in the tanning bed I always wear a thong, mainly because of the nice tan lines, but also because of the sexy feel. On one such tanning visit, the proprietor was absent, and the salon was staffed by a trim, attractive guy of around 30 years old. With the lingering visual image of the young man, I completely filled the torpedo, causing it to stretch and conform to the outline of my swollen cock. After resetting the switch, he remained kneeling, looked up at me, and remarked with enthusiasm, “Really nice thong, man!” By now, my growing erection had completely filled the 4-inch long torpedo, and was pushing the thong away from my waist.

On the Drive Home Today

gay-male Totem 2018-01-09

I fish around inside my fly and pull my hard dick out.  I start stroking it, and Earl reaches over the door to grab my cock and play with it.  We've also attracted Blondie's attention; he is looking over his door at the action, running his tongue over his lips again and again. Earl pulls up his pants and walks out.  I fiddle around the sink and comb my hair so it doesn't look like I'm following him.  I head outside in just enough time to see Earl walk over to a big tanker rig and climb into the cab.  Trying unsuccessfully to look nonchalant, I walk out to the big paved apron where the trucks are all lined up.  I'm fooling no one.  I'm sure every trucker in the place knows why I'm there.

A Weekend Stay Part 1

gay-male lvrboy 2018-01-09

"Okay, but," Chris said smirking as he pushed me to my knees, "suck my cock." Grabbing me by the hair he forced my head to his black jean covered crotch. I make it rain!" Chris' voice said and I felt water hit me. Opening my eyes Chris' six inch flaccid dick and dark pubes were in front of me, bouncing and hitting me with water. "Fuck!" Chris said as he went down, spilling his beer on me. After a few minutes I felt Chris' dick start to swell inside me. I want you to take my virgin ass and make it yours so when your dick is not in me I will miss it," Chris growled out. Slowly shoving the rest of my dick in there Chris relaxed and moaned in pleasure.

Sex with my physics teacher!

gay-male Penislover799 2018-01-08

Whenever I watched porn I looked up pictures of middle aged guys like him and whenever I came I would moan his name and imagine his sweet juicy cock penetrating my anus as I fingered myself. He took his time and licked all the way up my 7 inches of juicy cock until he got to my head. He started to suck my head again, but suddenly he moved swiftly down and took in my ENTIRE COCK. He used his legs to lift up and down until he sat all the way down on my cock and felt my veins start to pump a large white liquid in his ass.

Outdoor Park Recreation

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-07

I have often fantasized about meeting a guy in a park for outdoor sex, having read several accounts and stories of such encounters. Usually it is vacant, but on this day, there was a pickup truck parked at the trailhead, I cycled on by as I usually do, but something made me stop a short distance past the turnoff, and circle back. Following a casual greeting, I inquired about the trail loop that began there at the parking area. He paused, seemingly pleased at my answer, and gestured towards the trail and said, “Would you like to follow me into the woods?” Without saying anything, he knelt down in front of me and took my 6-inch cut cock into his mouth and began sucking.

Gay first time with best friend

gay-male bikerbear600 2018-01-06

I gave an involuntary gasp as Kenny put his hand on my left bum cheek to steady him self and then sighed as the tip of the vibrator pushed into my anus. Kenny didn't reply but continued to rub his cock over my thighs, between my legs and over my bum as I fucked myself on the vibrator that he held rigid in his big left hand. It felt so different having a warm, hard cock in me rather than a piece of vibrating silicon and I realised I loved the feeling of his belly pushing against my bum as he began to fuck me properly.

Dicks Feel Better Than Carrots

gay-male Zhenit 2018-01-03

“Hey man, want to come over for a drink?” Alan said unexpectedly. You just go up and down, I’m sure you have practiced plenty on yourself,” Alan said softly as he released my hand. I tightly grabbed his seven inch cock with one hand and started to slowly stroke him, as he let out a small moan. I started bobbing up and down his cock to the rhythm of his moans and his instructions, sometimes long and deep and other times quick and short. Then I would start licking and sucking his balls while slowly stroking his cock. I was starting to realize what I had just done, as I smelled the salty taste of his cum on my own breath.

My First Time with another Man

gay-male Bizkit 2018-01-02

John moaned and I could feel his cock grow harder. I felt John's hand on my head, pushing me down slightly. I started bobbing my head with rhythmic help from John's hand. I felt John's other hand on my head. He pushed my head down on his cock as my mouth and throat was being filled with his cum. But before I could ask for a hand job John asked if I wanted him to suck my cock. John pulled down my trousers and felt my throbbing cock through my underwear. I screamed with pleasure and pushed my hands against the car door to meet John's amazing thrusts. John moaned loudly and screamed as his huge hot load of cum shot up my ass.

Truck Stop Rendez-Vous

gay-male wesley_emerson_1 2018-01-02

This was the first time I’d ever had a man touch my cock and it sent a rush through my body that I almost blew my load right there on his hands. I was completely naked in this public rest room at 3 in the morning, and I was stood next to a man with no trousers on who wanted nothing more than to fuck my ass. He dropped to his knees and I felt his rough hands pull apart my ass cheeks. He reached under and pulled my hard cock underneath so that he could move his tongue effortlessly from my ass hole to my now dripping wet cock head.

My Transition

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-01-01

He gently kissed and licked my hard shaft and sensitive head, and then, looking into my eyes, took it fully into his mouth. At that point, I told him that I wanted him to make slow but passionate love to me, and that I wanted to receive from a male lover all that one could experience. My orgasm, together with the contractions of my spasms around his cock, brought him over the edge as well, and he gave a final thrust and emptied his hot male seed deep inside me. I climbed up on the sofa on my knees, facing him and straddling his chest, whereupon he slid down and took my hard, drooling cock into his mouth.

A Year to Remember

gay-male JasperWalton 2018-01-01

I groan inside and flip over onto my back, stretching out my long, slim arms above my head, arching my back, and lifting my backside off the mattress before I flop back down again. I'm thinking about the school showers, thinking about Alex, and that chav Ed Miller. I like my lube, so I spit into my fist again and smear it all over my already shining helmet, using the fleshy part of my palm to rub over the sensitive sides of my slippery, swollen head. On a day like today, I could happily go back my room, crawl back under the duvet and tug my dick every couple of hours until it was dinner time.

My first time receiving anal and getting a facial

gay-male BiWelshboys 2017-12-30

Hi, this is the story of how I got my first cock up my ass, and first cum all over my face. "Hmm, ok, I'll try it, but I want something in return," I said. And fair enough, after about 20 seconds of staring at my cock he licked the tip, then put it in his mouth and started sucking. I was so horny and worked up that just having his lips around my 7" cock felt amazing. I've played with my ass a bit but I've never taken anything like your cock up there before," I said, just a little bit scared. "Don't worry, I'll take it slowly," he said as he slipped on a condom and lubed his cock up.

Gym Bob

gay-male NatureLover 2017-12-30

We entered the room together and locked the door and I suggested that Bob take first shower whilst I relaxed and I would jump in after him, I suppose a look of minor disappointment came across his face, but he said fine and began to undress, taking off his wet vest, trainers and socks before he looked at me seductively as he removed his shorts, revealing his member, semi erect and about 6 inches long, protruding slightly from his toned and shaven body, I smiled as he looked at me and wrapped his hand around it and gave it a couple of pulls before stepping into the large glass shower cubicle.

Three days in Tokyo Day 1

gay-male oldsailor67 2017-12-30

This is as good a place as any to remind you that there is something very erotic about having a cock between your lips, and feeling the shaft glide over then and the head brushing over the roof of your mouth as it slips deeper into your mouth. Ken was not blowing me in the normal way we all think of a blow job, but holding my cock in his mouth, sucking gently, and lathing the head with his tongue. His tongue teased and aroused me from the tip of my cock to my ass, and then back, and when he had me where he wanted me, he raised himself, turned around, and crawled over me so that when I opened my eyes, his erect penis was dangling just over my mouth.

Lovely Words and Basketball Jerseys

gay-male xFallenDarkness 2017-12-30

what I say, you know, in front of the other guys?" Scott sat down on the chair next to me, "I don't mean it." He tried to look me in the eyes but I looked away, uncomfortable. Scott bent over my body and kissed my boney shoulder as I bit my lip, feeling him slide inch by inch slowly into my ass. Scott ran his muscular hand down my chest and stomach, then gently stroked my cock and caressed my balls, all while I squeezed my eyes shut, holding back a moan. My hard cock was thunking against my stomach with each mighty thrust Scott rhythmically pushed his thick package into my ass with. 

In the Locker Room

gay-male ZapHats 2017-12-28

Cody moaned, transferring one hand from Carson's shoulder to his hair, scratching his scalp and making Carson shiver. Carson was fully turned on now, and the hand that wasn't on Cody's dick wandered down to rub his cock through his jeans. Carson moaned again, causing Cody to notice. "Oh, no you don't," he said, tightening his grip on Carson's hair and giving it a little tug, pulling him deeper onto his cock. Carson pulled his hand from his pants to hold on to Cody's hips, urging him to thrust slightly. Mmm, god, yes." He got louder, moving faster, causing Carson's eyes to water a bit. "I need more." Carson gasped as Cody stroked the skin between his dick and his balls.

Recreation On The Trail

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2017-12-28

Anyway, when I arrived at the trailhead, I noticed one other car parked in the lot and a late middle-aged guy in casual clothes sitting in the shade at one of the tables. I exited the car and went over to the unoccupied table to do some stretching exercises, ostensibly to prepare for jogging on the trail. At that point I turned to face him (he was looking my way), pulled off my top, and removed my shorts so I was completely naked. My visitor moved around behind the chair and slipped his now-erect cock into my eager mouth. So, the next time he pulled out, I got up and took a position in front of and facing away from him at the back of the chair.