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Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-02

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

Man-to-Man Intimacy

gay-male sparktj 2018-12-01

I had more confidence this time to tell him exactly what I wanted; I got him to slow right down and give me delicious long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out, teasing me with his helmet, then very steadily entering me until he was balls deep. He clearly felt the same way, telling me it was a rarity for him to fuck in this position and so I wasn't too surprised when he warned me he was cumming inside me. He says he wants to play with my nipples at the same time and use his fingers to feel his cock sliding in and out of my slick hole.

Love, Lust and Loneliness

gay-male danielblue 2018-11-22

Ralph was lapping up all the attention that the younger man was giving him; being the object of someone’s desire – so clear to see in Derrick’s eyes – was intoxicated to Ralph’s beer fuddled brain, even if that person was of the wrong sex. Shivers of delight raced up and down Ralph’s spine as his sensitive nuts were stroked and caressed while his cockhead tingled and his desperate desire to have his naked cock in the young man’s warm mouth drove him to beg Derrick once more. He knew that Derrick’s ass was turned on by his cock but the things that Derrick said made him feel like he was the most attractive man in the world.

Twisted and Torn

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-21

Feeling like a kid on a first date, he smiled inwardly and staring ahead, he walked towards the sign and without looking left or right he pushed open the door without realising the strength behind his hand. The adult book store and sauna shared the same entrance, so the guy at reception assumed this hunky piece of man was looking for the shop as he spotted the shiny gold wedding band on the left hand. Handing over the locker key, towels and with a wistful look in his eyes the young receptionist watched the tight jeans stretched over the long legs walk away and licked his lips at the married daddy going to break his sauna virginity.

The Apartment, Part 1

gay-male fog43 2018-11-05

“So Roger, now that you’ve visited my profile on Lush, you know that I’m a nudist as much as I can be,” I said during a commercial. I’ve turned a blind eye and let him think he’s getting away with things on occasion, but I know for a fact that he’s been too scared to even try to sneak around on me for a couple of years. “You know, I was thinking about jerking your cock out and stuffing it down my throat when the phone rang,” he said with a smile. I kept a vacuum job going on Roger’s cock to suck out every drop of male elixir, and he ran his tongue around my peehole, making me jump and squirm from the intensity of physical pleasure.

An Older Man

gay-male riochxxxx 2018-11-03

For what seemed like ages I couldn’t get or find the right couple and after only a few days realised that most swinging couples don’t want single, slightly overweight, hairy, 43 year old guys joining their nights of passion. I felt George shift a little and brush his right arm gently against my left. George or Henry (At this moment I would have called him the messiah) started moving his head up and down, gently but firmly taking my foreskin with him on each movement. After only a few glorious minutes he cried “Richard, I’m going to cum!” His face looked contorted as he pushed his cock right down to its hilt and held it there.

Balls Through The Wall At Sin City

gay-male pdxjo 2018-09-30

I wanted to feel the silky soft skin of another man's hard, pulsing cock in my mouth. I needed to feel the spewing hot salty liquid shoot from a guy's prick, coating my tongue and mouth, and running down the back of my throat. The movie screen was filled with a vision of a small Asian kid getting pounded from behind by a large muscle-bound daddy, while sucking the sizeable cock of a well-built black guy. Slowly the hand began to disappear back into the dark hole in the wall, dragging my prick, and the body attached to it, to the wall. Never one to be quiet during sex, I started panting, grunting and moaning as I involuntarily began tightening my ass muscles and prepare for thrusting my cock deeper and harder into the willing orifice.

The Lightness of the Touch

gay-male sabb 2018-09-11

He lay there under me as he had each night, holding his hands over his head waiting for me to tie them to the steel frame of the old bed. I wanted to feel our bodies twist and slide against each other, our hands on each other. I entered him slowly, watching his face, still denied his hands, his caress. He writhed and moaned beneath me, my thighs straddling his waist, my balls resting on his back, my cock hard and bouncing as I moved across him. When I was done I hid it, and he sat up and we embraced, he wanted to kiss now, a last moment of sharing before he left, thanks for the final thrill I'd given him.

Dave and Sally

gay-male DougsLair 2018-09-04

" Dave honey" she said stroking his head and neck "If you do not do what the nice man tells you, I am going to let him fuck me while you watch, then I am going to beat your ass, and throw you outdoors, without your clothes." I'd like to see you suck him, him suck you, I'd really enjoy watching you fuck his asshole" Dave began violently shaking his head "No", but never let my cock out of his mouth. Pulling my mouth off Sally, I said "After you are done getting lubed, I want you to slide your cock in my ass. Then, still looking Sally in the eyes, I drove all the way into Dave's no longer virgin shit chute, my balls slapping his balls as I buried my cock in his ass.

Scratching an Old Itch

gay-male loneguy01 2018-09-03

As we kissed and felt each other's bodies, I let my lips and tongue range all over from his neck to his balls. After we had been doing this for around 20 minutes, Gary ended up sitting on me with his ass rubbing against my cock. Gary and I had not discussed having anal sex in our several e-mails but with him sitting on my cock I decided to try my luck. I started ramming my cock in and out of his hole, even slapping his ass a few times which he seemed to enjoy. I began fucking harder while he stroked that long pencil thin cock of his. I felt about to burst and I pulled out, tore the condom off and started to stroke my cock.

Getting to Know the Preacher

gay-male shedontknow 2018-08-30

I loved the sight of him pulling on that hard cock and how he would slow down when he got close to cumming. We both looked down to the screen and saw one guy sucking on another guys long hard dick. "It is so hard and so soft at the same time." He took my dick in his hand and said "That's true. "Want to find out what it feels like to cum in a warm wet mouth?" I knelt in front of him and told him to lean against the desk for support. The last few blasts I pull back and let his shoot them into my opened mouth and chin like He had see the porn guys do before.

Introducing Brad

gay-male Ganistaniro 2018-08-28

I opened up my mouth and began to suck on the head of his cock as I wrapped my hand around his thick meat. I worked his cock hard with my mouth and my hands to the point where he was about to lose control before backing off slightly letting him settle back down. I told him that if he took my number, he could feel free to call or text me whenever he wanted and that I would meet up with him again - no pressure and that he didn't have to reciprocate in any way if he chose to meet me again. I gave him my address, as he wasn't to fond of meeting at the store, and he agreed to visit on his way home from work the next night - 5:30/6:00.

First Experience with Another Man

gay-male RaleighBoy 2018-08-18

As we wrapped up our play and put away our rackets, Mike asked me if I'd like to join him for a cold beer at his condo, which was just a few steps away from the tennis complex. Mike commented on it and asked me if the soreness often happened after I played tennis. "Let me drop your shorts, so they're out of the way." Without waiting for an answer, I felt Mike pull on my tennis shorts, which easily stretched over my hips and fell to the floor. By the time his hands moved to the top of my other leg, I could feel my cock rapidly hardening. Mike reacted by wrapped his hands around my ass and pulling me deeper into his mouth.

Being Neighborly Has Its Perks

gay-male Story guy 2018-08-12

I asked him if he wanted help and he said, yes please climb up and hold one end while he leans the other way to measure. Jim looked at me with what I would describe as kind of a devilish grin on his face and asked me if there was any way that I could call my wife and tell her I was staying here and not to wait up. I felt Jim's cum dripping down my chin and cheeks as he raised up and pulled his cock from my mouth. Smiling and then kissing me again, he told me that he thought it would take a VERY long time to build the patio and I had to agree.

A Surprise at the Gym

gay-male jnw001 2018-08-10

"Get ready for your surprise, Bitch!", Steve and Butch said in unison, with a glee in their voices that told they knew what was coming. "Yeah, fuck him he likes it rough," Steve added, in between stroking Butch's cock with his mouth. Adrian started fucking me harder at the sight of this and I was moaning loudly as I could feel my cock approaching it's climax. I wanted to let go completely, but I had no control until Adrian drove his cock into me with so much force that it pushed me down off of my knees and my head hit the shower column.

What Do I Want?

gay-male Jayski 2018-08-07

Rob and I had continued our phone and email sex sessions. As I was waiting for a taxi home I sent Rob an email. It was Rob, he was offering to drive to mine right now and fuck my face. I slipped into his bed and my hand snaked round his hip to find his soft cock. Without giving it a second thought I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and he immediately started to spunk. As I kissed him deeply he wanked my cock with firm strokes until I erupted all over his leg. By 9 am I was back in my car, the taste of his cum in my mouth and thoughts I never dreamed of having flooding through my head.

Letting Go

gay-male Luctari 2018-08-05

"Yeah, man," he said, "that feel great." His hand pushed a little, pulling my head toward him and down toward his cock. He pushed again, my mouth now maybe six inches from his cock, the head of it huge that close to my face, watching my own hand moving up and down the shaft like it belonged to someone else. I tried desperately to take more, opening my mouth wider, changing the angle of my head, until finally, he was able to force the head of his cock into my throat and I could feel his pubic hair against my nose, his sack and balls pressed against my chin.

Boys Will Be Boys

gay-male Dannycmm 2018-08-03

I never had done this with another guy before but was soon enthralled watching Bob stroke his cock. As I got seated, Bob grabbed my cock, slid on to floor and slid my cock into his mouth. He soon was bobbing (no pun intended) on my cock, and all I could do was sit back and moan. Soon, a stream of cum spurted hitting Bob in the face, my chest and generally all over the place. As I sat back and was recovering my breath, Bob sat up in the seat next to me and slowly jerked his cock and mine. I licked his head and shaft as I had seen in the movie and soon, Bob was gasping for breath.

Confession Ch. 01: First Time Swallow

gay-male Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-08-01

He said, "hold it in there for a few minutes, taste the cum, and suck my dick clean as it softens." Larry finally pulled the dick out and said, "kiss it." He guided Billy's head to kiss the tip, up and down the shaft, all the way down between the balls, and kissed the balls. Then Sammy took some personal lube and holding Billy's asshole open a little squirted some drops in it, then he rubbed some on his own cock. Larry came behind, momentarily rubbed his cock in Billy's ass crack, "do you like that?" Then he pulled the panties down. Billy snuck away with Larry's wife's panties, and as he said good bye with speaker wire in hand, he pulled some pubic hair from his mouth.

Winter Snow 1987

gay-male Dannycmm 2018-07-26

As he tongued my slit that was now oozing with precum, his fingers now began to play with my ass. He now massaged my ass hole with the lotion and slowly stroked my cock. "What did I do wrong?" "Nothing he said, it was great, but I want to cum in you?" All the times we had fooled around were just jacking off or a blow job, we never fucked. He slathered the lotion on his cock and hand and again began sliding his fingers into me. He then took his hand away and pushed his cock into my ass. My cock was hard and leaking precum again as is slid across the sheets every time he pushed in.

The Other Side of the Window

gay-male EaglesFlyte 2018-07-25

At this point she daily started giving me grief like calling me fagot or telling me to admit I wanted to see the neighbors cock. Now I know everyone at this point talks about the pain of anal sex but as god (and the neighbor ) is my witness I did not hurt I felt the opening just stretch then snap back tightly around his shaft as the head went through as if it were as natural as breathing. He started fucking me with these long slow strokes pulling out and resting the head against the opening of my ass till I begged him to fuck me .... Even though I finally got to fuck my wife a few more times I spent many days (and nights) sucking and riding my neighbors amazing cock.

Taking the Big Step

gay-male Shady_Lady 2018-07-15

It was at this point Tony was never sure what to say as would sometimes say he was experienced and make up a fantasy life so they would cum together, tonight he decided to tell the truth and typed "never touched another man, don't think I am gay but like the thought of having my ass used which is why I use a dildo" "Good boy" said Gary "and I think that hungry ass wants more." Tony introduced a second finger, twisting it deep as he prepared himself for the dildo. "Good boy" said Gary as he pulled back a little before pushing further, each time he moved his cock in Tony would moan and writhe under him.

Union Station

gay-male Maiyeko 2018-06-17

Turning into the bookstore I caught glance of a familiar profile out the corner of my eye. When I saw his head angling for my prick, I turned to look him in the eye and gave a half smile. He slyly started stroking his cock and turned without shame to stare at me and did something I hadn't expected, he reached over, grabbed my throbbing meat and pulled me to him. He jerked off furiously and grabbed me harder than I liked as though trying to pull my cock from where it stood. Looking down I saw his cock point straight up pressed against his belly. Jason was slowly stroking his cock to the rhythm of the other mans steps that neither of us had turned to see.

The Man I Was Ch. 02

gay-male blendover 2018-06-15

I thought about Anna a lot and what happened, but I had compartmentalized that one little incident in my mind, and I felt like I could get by with the occasional fantasy and the normal routine of my life. "Do you want to suck my cock for the tape then?" Chris was now sounding more in control and I couldn't deny that I had lost control of the situation. Tell me how much you love my cock!" Chris was now grunting a little as I sucked and his hands were all over the top of my head, playing with my hair and occasionally reaching down to move some of the spit and precum that was coming out of my mouth around my face.