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A cock-filled Cruise

gay-male Marko123 2018-11-29

Kris started undressing in the lounge while I turned on the TV, as he took of his underwear I noticed what a good looking guy he was, he had short black hair, nice blue eyes and an amazing smile. I got out of bed and forgot I was stark naked, I quickly grabbed a towel and caught Rob having a good look,“You can’t afford this” I joked and turned to walk into the bathroom. Finally I felt his cock swell in my mouth and before I knew it Rob was moaning fiercely and I was having steady strings of his hot salty cum hit the back of my throat.

Making Myself a MONSTER

gay-male jamesishuge 2018-11-13

My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing. This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing.


gay-male nowai 2018-04-08

Joel's weight kept him pinned, and Todd felt the rock hard cock slide into place, laying in his lubed cleft, with the tip touching him in the mid-back. Joel demonstrated his strength as his lubed cock pushed through the now-tightened passage, and forced itself past the internal sphincter, putting him balls deep inside Todd, conquering any resistance Todd had to offer. Todd felt the burning of a wrecked anus with each thrust, the lube chemically stinging his open flesh, followed by chafing from the moving man-meat as Joel sawed into his stretching anus. Joel roared as he pulled harder on Todd's hips, pulsing deep into Todd's bowels, to the point that Joel started to feel pressure from all the cum now forced inside him.

Trapped by Three...3

gay-male d4david 2018-02-09

Thankfully he too took his time working his enormously huge cock into my distressingly tortured butt hole. Tears of shame and pain flowed from my clinched eyes as this bastard enjoyed his agonizing torture of my ruptured butt hole. He poised his immensely huge cock head at my anal orifice and hunched his hips forward piercing my puckering fuck hold. Positioning his massive cock at my painfully stretched butt hole he rammed forward into my bowels one more time. As they walked away laughing slapping each others hands as they left me there on the floor of the weight room trembling like a massive pile of jello with their cum running from my savagely sexed anal opening.

Bedroom Surprise

gay-male joesal 2018-01-14

I said "I know what you want" and i one move he flipped me around to hold the chair and began wetting my crack with his spit. Then before I knew it he began easing his hard dick into my wet arse and to my surprSse I loved it. My dick was so hard it begn throbbing out of control until I said "keep doing that and I'll blow in you" to which he said "do it" and with that he picked up the pace, thrusting faster and faster "give it to me...every fucking drop"he shouted. He finally slowed down and smiled at me and said "payback time" and rolled on his back - my cum still around the edge of his arse.