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Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-02

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.

The Wedding Night

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-02

Briggs curled his fingers in Gianni’s hair, and for several minutes watched his cock disappearing in Luca’s mouth and then reappearing and then pulled him up and kissed him again, this time with passion. Luca pushed off his pajama bottoms and turned Briggs on his side and kissed the back of his neck, then with his tongue trailed it down Briggs’s back until he reached the beginning of his ass crack. Gianni moved up, licking Briggs’s back all the way, slipped his arm under Briggs's leg to hold it up and pushed the head of his cock against Briggs’s asshole. Luca put his arm around Briggs and placed his hand on his chest, feeling the soft hair he liked so much.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Five

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-01

His light grey suit jacket fitted him perfectly and I saw his head dip down and Martin placed his lips on mine and kissed me. He sure did not want to waste any time this morning as we stood and kissed each other behind the closed door. Dropping his hands towards my rounded ass cheeks, Martin squeezed them as his tongue and lips plundered my mouth. His hands roamed over my back and ass, never removing his lips and tongue away from my mouth. Those strong arms pulled me close again and I opened my mouth and let his tongue and lips show me just what they could do.

The hunky Californian Daddy Part 2

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-30

The only light was coming from the television screen in the far corner and I saw his dark body fill the doorway as he came into the room and left the bathroom door opened a few inches and went to switch off the television. His warm skin against my cool body felt good as he pinned me down and started kissing my already swollen lips. It felt so good to feel those heavy thighs pushing onto me and we kissed as if we had done this before. My body started to feel like one big sex organ as he touched, kissed, stroked and caressed my pliant body.

Cindy's first time

gay-male rushman1uk 2018-11-30

He said, "Cindy, I am going to treat you right, and take good care of your steaming hot wet pussy, so that when I'm done with you you'll be a true cock slut sissy gurl." To say he hit the spot would be an understatement and my only reply was my address and an invitation to come over that same night whenever he wanted. "You feel like a sissy slut don't you, in panties and want daddy to keep fucking you until he cums inside you don't you?" he asked. "Aw yeah," he shouted, "take that big dick, baby, take daddy's big fat cock up that sweet pussy cunt!" We became animalistic in our fucking and I kept looking back over my shoulder into his eyes.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-29

Sex with a stranger was not going to be easy but at least he knew what he wanted and it was my hot sexy bum. Wearing just my red thong I slipped back under the covers and waited for the phone to ring. Martin wanted my ass and that was all that mattered and he would make his way over as soon as I gave him the address, which I did and he said goodbye and I heard the horny need in his voice. Sweat mixed with cum was good for a relaxing after sex massage I was told, but we wont have much time for that this morning as he had to get to work.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 4

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-29

For a few seconds all I felt was his strong thighs on either side of my naked legs, and his hot gaze on the pliant body beneath him. The horny daddy broke off the kiss and slid down my body, helped along by the sheen of sweat, and clamped his gorgeous mouth onto my left nipple; my back instinctively arched as if I was in pain. Teasing my cock with his smooth, hot tongue, it jerked and twitched when he moved away for those few seconds. My balls were so tight and drawn into my body as they do, while my cock was so rock hard and felt just as tight.

Older Makes a Good Teacher

gay-male Totem 2018-11-28

I leaned up against one wall of the shower and tried standing with my feet a little farther apart, in an effort to give him better access.  My dick was also thickening at the anticipation of what this wonderful older man might do to me next.  Carl worked his finger inside me, probing, pushing, pulling out almost but not quite all the way.  The sensation was delicious.  I was worried that I might tighten up or not be ready for this yet, but the feeling wasn't at all uncomfortable.  On the contrary, it was like heaven.

Too Long Between Visits

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-26

When I walked in the back door of his house Jim hugged me and gave me a kiss, first slightly reserved but when he felt my mouth open for him we kissed full on with tongues searching while his hands slid down to grab my ass and pull me into him. When he was all the way inside me I began rocking my hips and rising up on my legs, drawing him out of my tight slick ass and then settling down onto him and driving his cock back into me. Once inside me he let his weight settle on top of me and started thrusting … sometimes easy long thrusts and then suddenly hard strong forceful thrusts that made me groan and my body rock under his.


gay-male Teddy111 2018-11-26

Darren closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands for the umpteenth time that day. He watched silently as the giant crossed to a wooden drawer to withdraw a pair of what looked like freshly washed and pressed bed sheets along with a pillow. Darren looked away from the sight, not liking the way his heart rate sped or the tingle he felt below his belt. His foot long monster dwarfed his own appendage, but Darren found he liked having a smaller cock than the older man’s. Darren reached out a hand to stop Cross’s advance, but when it wrapped around the impressive girth of man meat, something possessed him to kneel down on the floor in front of him.

The Throat Trainer

gay-male brynnboi 2018-11-23

I sorta thought that was that, but she called the next morning and said, "I explained things to Jeffers and he knows a guy who likes to work with newbies." The first few days were okay, but then I started feeling the need for cock and I talked to Mark and he said if I got with another guy, I would prove to myself that it wasn’t personal with Tom. I didn't know what I was learning from getting fucked by three men but Tom knows everything and I wanted to complete the training and have him put “A-plus Cocksucker” on my certificate so I just did what he said.

Sucking cock in a truck

gay-male TommyTudor 2018-11-23

He would respond: he wanted me to suck him and would demonstrate with his hand how my mouth would go up and down on his cock. We decided that I would drive to his town and we would meet in a Food Lion grocery store parking lot. I was worried about sucking a cock in a public parking lot and told him we need to find a safe secure place. I had told him I would probably not let him cum in my mouth the first time but hopefully would be able to do lit later as I got better and more experience at sucking cock. But as he continued to thrust his cock in my mouth, I knew I would not be able to pull off.

Love, Lust and Loneliness

gay-male danielblue 2018-11-22

Ralph was lapping up all the attention that the younger man was giving him; being the object of someone’s desire – so clear to see in Derrick’s eyes – was intoxicated to Ralph’s beer fuddled brain, even if that person was of the wrong sex. Shivers of delight raced up and down Ralph’s spine as his sensitive nuts were stroked and caressed while his cockhead tingled and his desperate desire to have his naked cock in the young man’s warm mouth drove him to beg Derrick once more. He knew that Derrick’s ass was turned on by his cock but the things that Derrick said made him feel like he was the most attractive man in the world.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Eight

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-22

"Oh yeah, that feel so good," he mumbled as I kept his nipples wet and hard for a few minutes until I felt he'd had enough and raised my head. Tracing the outline of his short hair, I let my tongue, teeth and lips explore his flushed face and began to push my naked bottom against the hard ridge of his cock under me. I loved the feel of his wet cock head under me and felt his pubic hair tickle my own bare ass hole at the same time. When I knew he was not going to make any sudden moves, I moved my hands off his stomach so that all he felt was my warm mouth on his hot cock and nothing else.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 6

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-22

His lips and tongue on my ass cheeks and tight fuck hole was just too much to bare and I wanted to feel him fill me with his huge black cock. I hardly felt it when the dark condom covered cock head slipped into my wet puckered man cunt and stopped. The wet tongue had relaxed me well and I was more than ready for the good hard fucking I was going to get from this sexy black daddy. After a few minutes of slamming that cock hard into me, he stopped but kept it deep and I felt it throb and twitch around my tender hole. The pre cum was dripping onto the bed and I used it to stroke my cock hard as daddy fucked my horny hungry ass.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Seven

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-21

Martin's pounding between my now very wet, pre cum stained thighs, stopped as he pressed down hard and we both froze to enjoy the moment. I felt the deep urge to purr like a pussy cat as my first internet lover held me captive under his expert mouth and masculine, hot body. I tried to concentrate on the juicy cock hitting the right spots just under my balls and quivering butt hole, waiting to be invaded but his lips and mouth felt ever so good. My bisexual lover kept up the very slow grinding of his hips into my own pelvis as I ran my hands up and down his naked back, bare ass cheeks and imagined those strong thigh muscles making sure I enjoyed every second.

Surprise Visit

gay-male biguy2play 2018-11-21

I was just returning from a drive one late afternoon and as I came into town I saw the shop of my friend, Dick. Dick was a little surprised and we started to make small talk. He showed me around the first floor … living room, kitchen, spare bedroom … but not upstairs. A few drinks later I’m starting to wonder what’s going on then he asks me if I’d like to spend the night. “You can sleep down here in the spare room,” he says. We go into the spare room and Dick finds a blanket for me as there is just a sheet on the spare bed. “Okay, I’ll see you n the morning.” Dick left the room closing the door behind him.

Experiences of a Late Starter

gay-male john_hope 2018-11-18

As we drove around to look for quiet place, it was clear that he was surprised to meet such an old man like me anxious to get his first fuck. After a few minutes of small talk, he said: “Let’s go to the bedroom.” We undressed and as soon as I was on the bed he embraced me very tight, kissed me and pulled my nipples very hard.  I don’t mind sucking cock and it is a horny experience but I will do it only with a rubber.  All of the men say they are clean, that they don’t “fool around without everybody”, but in all cases we were having sex within minutes without even knowing each other’s names.  If that is not fooling around with anybody, what is it?

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 5

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-13

The pleasure of finally feeling daddy's sucking mouth on my now hard cock was fucking just awesome. Daddy sucked in his cheeks to apply suction to my engorged cock head and I rocked my pelvis off the now wet sheets of the bed. The room felt hot, the bedsheets wet under me as I sprawled naked under my foreign daddy's pleasure giving mouth, lips, tongue and fingers. My eyes closed and head turned to one side, daddy moved over me and I felt his hard cock as it slid against my hot wet skin. He teased with his tongue around the puckered brown hole and I jumped when his tongue left a wet trail of hotness along my ass crack.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Two

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-10

One of my regular online chat dates told me he lived close by and would love to see those round hot ass cheeks up close wearing the same red sexy thong. The horny guy who loves to pound real pink tight pussy but also loves the feel of strong male ass cheeks squeezing every last drop of his baby making juice from his balls. Martin had his oiled hand over his thick cock as we typed to each other and slowly moved his hand up and down, while he told me just what he planned to do with my tight ass cheeks when he got his hands on them.

My First - Part 2

gay-male borntobe 2018-11-09

Then, to my surprise he asked if I would like him to drop by on his way home, for a few seconds. I hesitated, thinking about how good his cock felt in my ass, then immediately told him a resounding, yes! Daryl moved toward my cock and pulled on my balls before taking my member into his slobbery wet mouth, sucking on me very hard. I felt myself getting close to cumming with Daryl's hard and loud sucking, when Chad erupted into my grateful ass. My cock head was so tender from the relentless sucking, my ass was burning and my breathing was labored. It seemed like forever until Chad slowly removed his softened cock from me and Daryl lifted his mouth from my cock.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Nine

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-09

As I marvelled at the huge cock head nestled just inside my warm wet mouth, I realised that I was still a novice when it came to cock sucking. My right hand circled the base of his hard cock and squeezed tight and I slipped smoothly over the throbbing shaft. There was no hurry as I jerked and sucked Martin's manly meat into my throat and soon his pubic hair was wet from spit and pre cum. Opening my legs, he slipped his cock between my thighs and this time I groaned out loud, feeling that thick shaft just under the tender skin of my balls. I squeezed tightly, and Martin pumped his hips into mine and I loved feeling his cum and spit covered cock move between my legs.

Confessions of a Straight Guy - Part 3

gay-male str8butcurious 2018-11-08

I open up one of the messages and see: "I have a short amount of time until my wife gets home. Each time I check my phone and see his pictures my cock starts throbbing and swells up. Muscle Man opens the door and graciously welcomes me into his house wearing a tank top that barely covers anything with his nipples popping out of both sides, pecs the size of small melons, and short gym shorts without anything underneath. Muscle Man starts to choke on my growing cock. The fact that I was intimidated by this guy who was at least 250 pounds of hairy muscle and all he wanted was five minutes of my time to suck me off and swallow my load.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 7

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-05

Oh, I wanted to fuck me so hard and deep so I pulled him down onto me and wrapped my legs tighter to push him deeper as he thrust downwards. He let go of my legs, gritted his teeth, and really started to fuck my pussy so hard, like a man possessed. 'Fucking squeeze my cock hard,' he breathed between his thrusts and I raised my ass higher and did as he wanted. 'Make me you man bitch,' I wanted to say but he was far gone as he pounded and plunged his cock deep and fucking hard into me. I liked the feel of his breath on my neck and as I tried to drift off to sleep but my tender ass twitched from the deep hard fucking for sometime.