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Making Myself a MONSTER

gay-male jamesishuge 2018-11-13

My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing. This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing.

A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 03

gay-male LBPlayer 2018-08-22

His tan, strong body ran back towards his house, his perfect ass moving back and forth as he ran, and his dick slapping up and down and side to side as he ran and maneuvered through his yard. My dick stood erect right over his ass; I paused for a few moments to soak it in until I finally worked up the nerve. I fucked his tight ass until I finally had to shout "I'm about to cum, Daniel!" He pulled away and crawled towards me on his knees. Then suddenly, Daniel's cock began shooting upward, his cum shot all over our bodies, covering us head to toe in his sweet man juice.

A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 02

gay-male LBPlayer 2017-12-21

I smiled as I put my hands on Daniel's broad, strong shoulders and began to massage him. The warm water continued to rain on Daniel's beautiful body, and as I looked up at his face, I saw only lust and anger. He carried me over his shoulder like a baby, my hard dick pressed against his pecs, with his cock sticking out straight forward, leading the way to the small ledge in his shower. "I'M GONNA CUM." Daniel yelled as he closed his eyes and began stroking his cock vigorously up and down his beer-can thick shaft. His spurts kept coming as he shot all over my face, and soon moved down my body, covering my chest and legs entirely in cum.

lonely night with monster dildo

gay-male cumcraverbottom 2017-11-16

I went into me and the wifes toy chest and pulled out a large butt plug to tease my asshole with and loosen it up for the dong later. I take another breath, and let my asshole swallow the last of the dongs length, finally cumming to rest at the fake balls at the bottom. I started to yell out, "Fuck me in my bitch ass with your huge fuckstick!!!" My asshole gripped the dong as I pounded away, I moved into a doggy style position, so I could rock back into the cock and continue the wonderful assfucking this toy was giving me. I then quickly reinserted the cock in my fuckhole, my ass was dripping with lube and ass-cum from this monster ripping my insides apart.

Teacher with a Monster Cock

gay-male LBPlayer 2017-11-09

"At least, I always thought you were good looking.." I was shocked and I searched his face for some hint of a joke, but I couldn't find anything under his beard. He leaned down and we began kissing, the hairs of his beard tingled my face as our tongues danced between our open mouths. He pulled his massive pole out of my mouth and, using his huge arm muscles, he picked me up by the under arm and placed me on his desk. He slowly positioned his dick head at my hole and asked, "Are you ready, Kyle?" He fucked my hole for what seemed like hours, then he yelled "I'm going to cum!" He pulled out and began using both of his hands to masturbate furiously.