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To: You

gay-male ahornystranger 2018-06-27

The night before, you said, you had watched gay porn for the very first time. I jerked off to every single thing you sent me, imagining you watching them with me. I did, loudly, I said things like "fuck me!", and you were grunting on the other side of the phone. I was expecting a semi-hard cock for me to play with, but my hand soon came in contact with a full, hard and terribly wet penis. Your hands were jerking me off, your lips on my neck. I felt you shaking again, you looked at me, smiled, and pushed one last time. Your hand pushed mine off my cock and you made me cum.

My Transition

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-06-27

He gently kissed and licked my hard shaft and sensitive head, and then, looking into my eyes, took it fully into his mouth. At that point, I told him that I wanted him to make slow but passionate love to me, and that I wanted to receive from a male lover all that one could experience. My orgasm, together with the contractions of my spasms around his cock, brought him over the edge as well, and he gave a final thrust and emptied his hot male seed deep inside me. I climbed up on the sofa on my knees, facing him and straddling his chest, whereupon he slid down and took my hard, drooling cock into his mouth.

My First Time

gay-male OpenMindedGuy 2018-06-26

My cock is standing at full attention, so no denying to anyone how turned on I am and we haven’t really gotten going, but that is all to change. Craig moves to the side of the bed and starts stroking my cock quickly taking me in his mouth, slurping and lapping at the head getting it wet and slippery, taking me all the way down and sucking firmly as he pulls it out of his mouth. Carl and Craig quickly pour a large amount of astrolub over the both of us. I ease my cock head up against his puckered hole and give a gentle push, with a little resistance and then I’m in! 

Adult World

gay-male Tuppie 2018-06-26

Once the entire foreskin had creased behind the ridge of Zeke’ cock-head, he moved forward again and placed the head of his knob on Phillip’s tongue. With both his hands now securing Phillip’s head, Zeke pushed his dick ever forward as saliva began to build. As he slowly withdrew his knob from Phillip’s mouth he said, “I hope your other hole is more accommodating.” Zeke then pulled his shorts and underpants up over his crotch, before bending over and securing Phillip’s right wrist in his left hand. After a short while, when their breathing began to return to normal, Zeke scooped up all the jizz off Phillip’s body before serving Phillip the fruits of their combined labours.

Travis Trunk

gay-male Tuppie 2018-06-26

I would saunter over at around five-thirty and have a drink or two with her, prior to closing her doors at around seven p.m. On the occasion in question, I arrived to find Naomi, her eldest son Bennie, and Travis at the bar. The following Sunday, only Naomi and Travis were at the bar when I arrived. I finished my second drink, aware that Naomi liked to close up by seven, so I made my way home fifteen minutes before closing time. At around seven o'clock, a short while later, my doorbell rang and Travis asked if he could view the gallery, having never visited it before. I placed the tip of his penis in my mouth and started lolling my tongue over the head of his cock.

Mankini Bearcub Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

I'd never thought of my bum as being a sexy place at all, but now that Todd's face was pressing right into it and he was tonguing my ringpiece, I was getting so turned on that my knob end was starting to dribble. His hands sped up on both our cocks and I have to admit he was right about how good it felt: having my dick wanked off with another bloke's face slobbering away between my arse cheeks has to be one of the most exciting sensations I'd ever experienced. It was only when I got my chops round Todd's knob, the next time we met up, that I realised it didn't just feel great to have your own dick sucked but it felt pretty amazing to do it to another guy as well.

Bookstore Secret

gay-male Torquatus 2018-06-26

There was no one around, and I happened to pick up a large handsome book that turned out to be filled with pictures of naked men in hard-core sexual action, man on man, sometimes in groups. It was second-hand and not really expensive for something so beautiful, but the embarrassment of taking it to the cash register and especially of waiting in line holding such a large book that was so obviously…well, homoerotic…just was not thinkable. “That’s a beauty,” he was saying, “I love the way the head is just starting to push its way into the mouth, and you can see that little drop of pre-cum on the lips…”

Giving my first blowjob

gay-male OhioMike 2018-06-26

Sometimes changing clothes after swimming or something, I’d look at Kevin naked and imagine that girl in front of him, on her knees sucking. I’d think these thoughts, try to get them out of my head but they’d come back – especially in changing situations where I’d see Kevin nude. Kneeling with her head tilted up, looking up at me as my pants fell that night and I plunged it into her mouth?” , he said to me in his room one day while changing after swimming. I felt myself tilt my head back… I was looking up at him, just like that girl had been… our eyes locked… I felt my mouth open..

Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

Dane seemed oblivious to surges of life that his organ was revealing and sniffed intently at the front of my pants, turning them this way and that to fully explore and appreciate the odour I'd left on the white material. I moved my nose further downwards, along the warm, dank ridge leading from his balls towards his bum, sniffing hungrily as his scent became stronger and more earthy, greatly enjoying the increasing bitter aroma of his underwear as I pushed my face more deeply between his thighs. Realising that his own cock was now without stimulation, I pulled back from his arse and from the hand he'd been holding my head with and bobbed my face up above his balls to take a look at it.

Afternoon Encounter

gay-male Totem 2018-06-26

I wasted no time in getting the condom on to my cock, and immediately positioned myself behind Ray and between his spread legs so I could start fucking that splendid ass of his.  After a couple of false starts, I finally found the position that was going to permit this in spite of the difference in our sizes.  I inserted only the head of my cock into his ass, but the tight muscles soon relaxed enough, and I sank the rest of my cock deep into his asshole.

My first man

gay-male SirSpewalot 2018-06-26

I had decided I’d just have to stand there for five minutes as my tubes relaxed enough to let me pee fully erect (which I can do, but it’s boring, tedious, and hard as hell to aim right) and had my zipper open and my cock out as I barged into the bathroom without knocking. After a second I said, “I want to jerk you off.” He just looked steadily into my eyes, so I walked up to him, pushed him against the wall, and reached down to grab his cock as he kissed my neck. My jaw was quickly sore from the strain, so I relaxed and concentrated on the feel of his flesh in my mouth, throbbing and pulsing in the same ways I knew from my cock but so much easier to pull inside me than mine.

You’re in the Army Now

gay-male DarkSide 2018-06-26

I pulled up my flimsy shorts, which barely covered my erection, opened the door to the loo and faced Sergeant Major Dunster. I felt sure Colonel Jefferson was going to bury his cock in my arse for my little indiscretion earlier. With Sergeant Major Dunster out of the way, I started to push my arse back towards Colonel Jefferson. “Speak up Private Dwight,” the loud order came from Captain Lawrence who was apparently watching the whole affair from the confines of his comfortable chair; I don’t know what he was doing with his cock, but I reckoned it was hard as he handled it. I couldn’t wait until Sergeant Major Dunster would find out and pull me up in front of the disciplinary board; led of course, by Colonel Jefferson.


gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-26

Even while I'd been watching the two gay dudes wanking off, I'd known Brian would just about laugh himself silly hearing how I'd walked in on my gay hosts having a good pull together. "Then the older one pulls his mouth off his cock and says, 'Maybe this is more like how you do it, Dave,' and cranes his neck right down so his face is pushed between lover-boy's legs..." "One visit to that house and you're like a fuckin' oracle of gay sex info, mate," he chortled. The older one knelt down in front of me with his mouth working its magic up and down my veiny chub, while the younger one went round the back of me to crouch down and feast between my cheeks like he loved other fellas' arse-stink.

White Briefs Part 2

gay-male Imabadboi66 2018-06-26

Tony held his hand out for them, I handed them over and he brought them to his face as I for the first time in my life took a pair of silky pink panties and stepped into them, I pulled them up, when they hit my dick and balls I almost shot a load, nothing had felt so nice and I liked looking pretty for Tony. I was shocked and surprised at how his finger seemed to belong there, like my ass had been waiting for it all of this time, he worked his finger around my hole as we kissed and I played with his dick and balls. Tony broke lose from our kiss "I need to fuck you, I need a girl" he told me.

The Contract

gay-male Tuppie 2018-06-25

Abe worked on a nearby farm and always frequented the bar on Thursdays, finding Fridays and Saturday nights much too rowdy. A month later I again bumped into Abe in the bar on Thursday evening. Immerging from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist, Abe placed the clothes he was carrying on a small table in the room. As his hand began caressing my body a while later I knew that we were far from done. “You’re going to learn to ride a horse tonight buddy,” he said adding, “You’d better secure yourself on the saddle properly.” I instinctively knew what I had to do and guided his cock into me with my left hand.


gay-male harbour 2018-06-25

Slowly and more determinedly Christian pulled my my shirt to the side, exposing me completely and taking a good look at the hidden piece I had to offer. Then he placed his hand on my cock and began to slowly rub it, his eyes alternating between intently studying every inch of my sex, and traversing up to my eyes, which were in turn studying him. I let the silence draw out a moment or two, savouring how good it felt as I looked deeply into my handsome friend’s eyes. Now his hands were under my arse, moving my hips upward and I felt the warmth and silky wetness of his mouth trailing south, pausing to pleasure my testicles again before continuing further downward.

Tastes Like Virgin

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-06-25

I perused the text for a few moments, smiling to myself.  Whenever he thought I wasn't looking, his eyes gravitated towards the magazine.  I decided to lean closer to him so my cheek was almost touching his.  He didn't flinch.  "Oh dear, you must be in Dr. Turgin's class.  I never liked this textbook.  I prefer the one Dr. Diehl used to use.  It explained things much better." "Sure thing," he said.  I thought he hesitated just a moment before picking it up.  I turned and weaved my way through the rows of shelves.  I found the shelf for the Hindu book I'm reading and started looking for its proper spot.  Matt finally spoke.  "So, would you be offended if I asked you a personal question?"

My friend Gary

gay-male torpedoman 2018-06-25

I saw Gary liked what he was looking at because his cock started to rise to its full eight inches. I continued to savor his cock for many minutes until he said, “Tammy, I want to fuck you now.” Gary then placed his cockhead at my man pussy and pushed. Gary then started to fuck me like the sissy little slut I am. Do you like when my big cock pushes in your cunt? “Yes, yes, yes and yes,” I screamed as Gary pounded me with long hard strokes. His huge cock got even thicker as he announced he was cumming. Gary continued to push his seed in my receptive body until he finally went limp. His cum flavored cock tasted wonderful.

Tanning Salon Visit

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-06-25

When I tan in the tanning bed I always wear a thong, mainly because of the nice tan lines, but also because of the sexy feel. On one such tanning visit, the proprietor was absent, and the salon was staffed by a trim, attractive guy of around 30 years old. With the lingering visual image of the young man, I completely filled the torpedo, causing it to stretch and conform to the outline of my swollen cock. After resetting the switch, he remained kneeling, looked up at me, and remarked with enthusiasm, “Really nice thong, man!” By now, my growing erection had completely filled the 4-inch long torpedo, and was pushing the thong away from my waist.

My first time with David

gay-male machu 2018-06-25

David walks back in, dropping several condoms beside me, “I want you to practice on some bananas for a few days, the rubbers will keep them from breaking too badly. I’m really there to give David head; I’ve jacked off to that thought all week. David takes my cock into his warm mouth, swirling his tongue around the helmet, sucking it slowly in between his lips until I’m pressing against the back of his throat. I lay back as my climax begins, “Oh, David I’m coming!” the feeling as I orgasm is so intense my vision swims. I feel his erection swell as I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper, and he drops his head forward, his hips trembling against me.

Go Ahead

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-25

He positioned himself in front of the partition, facing forwards with his bum level with the hole in it, grabbed the cock poking through it, and pushed it between his flabby-looking buttocks, waddling like a duck as he worked it up into his arse. As he ground my face into his coarse, hairy backside and as I sniffed and then licked at his hot, sticky hole, I managed to unzip myself and work my cock out through my fly and started wanking myself with excitement at the sheer power of his bum stink.

The Halfway Inn Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-06-24

Pete laughed at the sensation and worked his hips gently back and forth again, this time matching the rhythm of my fingers, and announced that he liked what I was doing. This was the part I liked best: having another man push his cock against my ring so firmly that it yielded to him and feeling him slide upwards past my rectum and into my bowels. "But I'm still hard, Pete," I said, teasing my foreskin back and forth across my swollen cock head a couple of times as if to stress the fact. Pete laughed at how ridiculous I must look: crouching behind him pumping my cock like an over-sexed adolescent, while I slobbered away with my nose and mouth wedged in his arse crack.

Dave The Elevator Guy.

gay-male bobapple 2018-06-24

Dave has a fine, cut cock and it has now grown to about seven inches long. There is pre-cum leaking from his slit and he rubs his thumb over his cock head several times to lube it up good. It’s not a very busy road and, about ten miles out, he bluntly asks, "Feel like sucking some cock?" The first night, when am leaving the lone shower stall, he is entering and says, "Hey boy, if I get you alone someday, I’m going to fuck that sweet ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week.” Dave is a sweet guy and I want him to be happy.

My Girlfriend's Dad, Part VI

gay-male dondave 2018-06-24

After puzzling about it for five minutes or so, I finally thought, fuck it, and typed, “Hi, we met at the mall most fun I’ve had in a bathroom in a long time.” But it hadn’t occurred to me that he might fuck me, and when I thought of taking his enormous cock in my ass my stomach knotted a little. My hole was stretched open far more than I would have thought possible, and when it reached the maximum point of penetration it felt like a foot long. His cock moved in and out of me like a piston, in long steady strokes that ended with a slapping sound as he bottomed out each time.