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Harry And The Homeless Guys

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

Upon patting the dog, Harry asked me if I had had a good time in the bookstore. Before coming Harry pulled his cock out of me, and moved to my mouth before unloading. Harry said he was pleased about this in a way, because Willie had breath that could raise the living dead. A few minutes later Willie came down my throat, as I shot my load into his mouth. After Willie came in me, Harry took over, and fucked me for the next twenty minutes. On Saturday, Harry and Willie again visited and we followed the same ritual as before. Willie and I had a wonderful time that evening, and he only left late the following afternoon.

Urine The Line of Fire

gay-male DuncanDix 2018-12-04

I said, "Carl, you'd better start the movie quick for this guy, he's in a bad way." The screen was showing a girl with big tits getting fucked doggie style by a long dicked guy. I looked down, he had both hands on his cock pushing and pulling, his hips slightly thrusting forward with every outstroke. He was gasping for breath, and I just kept kneeling there, holding his cock in my mouth, feeling it soften up. He had a hold of his dick now, and he was spraying his tangy pee all over me, my shirt, my hair, pointed down to spray my belly, feeling the hot, steamy liquid soak my own pubes, then back up to cross my forehead, as it slowly reduced to a dribble.

A Fantasy

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-04

When I got horny I’d drive into town and troll the bars until I found what I wanted and then rent a room at a cheap motel where they didn’t ask any questions. I’m sure that Joselito had grown up knowing I was gay, but I guess it was so accepted he had never thought about it, or what it meant. I loved lying there looking up at this viral young man with a beautiful body and a really great face, his nice long cock in my mouth. He decided he wanted to enter the two-year college that was located in town, which meant he had to work and go to school at the same time, so we saw each other much less than before.

My first time with David

gay-male machu 2018-12-04

David walks back in, dropping several condoms beside me, “I want you to practice on some bananas for a few days, the rubbers will keep them from breaking too badly. I’m really there to give David head; I’ve jacked off to that thought all week. David takes my cock into his warm mouth, swirling his tongue around the helmet, sucking it slowly in between his lips until I’m pressing against the back of his throat. I lay back as my climax begins, “Oh, David I’m coming!” the feeling as I orgasm is so intense my vision swims. I feel his erection swell as I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper, and he drops his head forward, his hips trembling against me.

Twisted and Torn Part 3

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-04

His turned his head to the right and saw the shadowy figure playing with his own cock and he looked into the guy's face, but the darkness cut out any eye contact which heightened the sexual feelings as he watched the arm stroke back and forth. Slowly he felt the guy part the towel with his face and could feel the open mouth search for his cock and he almost jumped as the soft lips found the cock head. Keeping his mouth on the wet cock, he let his tongue and lips soak the whole length of the now-throbbing man muscle. Damn, that felt good and Chris let the guy take his hardened balls into his mouth and gently suckle on them like they were some tender fruit.

My First Time with another Man

gay-male Bizkit 2018-12-04

John moaned and I could feel his cock grow harder. I felt John's hand on my head, pushing me down slightly. I started bobbing my head with rhythmic help from John's hand. I felt John's other hand on my head. He pushed my head down on his cock as my mouth and throat was being filled with his cum. But before I could ask for a hand job John asked if I wanted him to suck my cock. John pulled down my trousers and felt my throbbing cock through my underwear. I screamed with pleasure and pushed my hands against the car door to meet John's amazing thrusts. John moaned loudly and screamed as his huge hot load of cum shot up my ass.

Between Two Worlds

gay-male Varrick 2018-12-03

All day long these feelings scuffled, and when Tommy opened his door that evening, Charlie’s nerves had reached a crescendo. Still his striking smile danced, and when their eyes met their words ceased, and Tommy slowly pulled his fingertips over Charlie’s thigh. With his other hand, Tommy swept away the modest fringe of hair that threatened to fall over Charlie’s eyes. Tommy leaned forward, and before he knew what was happening, Charlie experienced the touch of Tommy’s lips upon his. “I’m sorry about what I said.” Again Tommy reached for Charlie’s hand. With the steady rhythm of Tommy’s vigorous thrusts, and the stimulation provided by the synchronicity of their hands, Charlie soon felt a blissfully familiar pressure build within.

My First Time

gay-male OpenMindedGuy 2018-12-03

My cock is standing at full attention, so no denying to anyone how turned on I am and we haven’t really gotten going, but that is all to change. Craig moves to the side of the bed and starts stroking my cock quickly taking me in his mouth, slurping and lapping at the head getting it wet and slippery, taking me all the way down and sucking firmly as he pulls it out of his mouth. Carl and Craig quickly pour a large amount of astrolub over the both of us. I ease my cock head up against his puckered hole and give a gentle push, with a little resistance and then I’m in! 


gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-03

At my local bar, they had a dance floor in their upstairs section, where I spent many happy hours boogieing to my heart’s content. When my feet again began to itch, I moved onto the dance floor and boogied. At one point as I moved and turned my body back to the bar counter, I found him standing before me. After a couple of minutes Blaine moved lifted his torso up and began kissing me. After a fat joint, we moved through to the bedroom where Blaine immediately began arranging the action. With my head off the bed, Blaine was soon face-fucking, me as Darius butt-fucked me. Blaine had effectively moved in with me, and Darius became our weekend fuck-buddy.

The Concert

gay-male bassguitarbubba 2018-12-03

  We were the only ones in the rest room and Kevin said, “When you’re done, go into one of the empty stalls, but don’t lock it.”   I looked at Kevin strangely and he said, “Don’t worry.”   Just then, the two boys with the tight jeans came into the rest room.     From the next stall I heard a stifled moan and I knew Kevin was having his way with the other young man.   I looked at the hard cock in front of me and without hesitation I dropped to my knees and began to lick its head and the underside.   Before I knew it I had this young cock in my mouth and my head was moving back and forth.

Buddy fuckers

gay-male CallmeJulie 2018-12-03

"I'd suck Chris's cock, but from the looks of things it was just in your ass," pointing at the semen running down the back of my leg.  "I don't know where I want to start."  He steps in front of me, squats and takes my dick into his mouth.  Chris walks to the bathroom and wipes his dick with a washcloth and returns.  Canon alternates between our dicks until they are fully erect, leads us to the bed and says to me, "You take my ass first, Chris is too big to start out with."

The Good Neighbour, Part Three

gay-male Damon9888 2018-12-03

The silky duvet under his hands and knees, the firm mattress beneath that; the cool air on his skin; he felt his own nakedness like electricity, every nerve on his bare skin alive to his desire; his cock, hard and still slick and wet from when Jimmy had sucked it mere moments before, leaking precum, aching for a second release already. Yes—the kid was a natural, Jimmy reflected, feeling his own cock return to hardness as he moaned and gasped beneath Tobin. Slick with sweat and cum, it needed no lube, and soon Jimmy started to feel the double ecstasy of a hard cock in his ass and a firm hand on his cock.

Stuck in Weather

gay-male DENordog 2018-12-03

I showered and let the hot water run over my body trying to forget about the sexy man who was going to be in my bed. Along with the bulge under his towel which he dropped to the floor after he turned away, and then walked out to the door. We finally broke the kiss and I finally pulled the sheet back, staring down at his rock hard cock. I shifted again and began kissing and licking the length of his shaft, the head and his balls. I could feel his hard cock against mine as we kissed each other and I slid my hands down his back to his ass. Kissing my way down his tight muscled body until I reached his sexy cock.

Anal Awakenings (Part 2)

gay-male kalle 2018-12-03

I pulled desperately at Alex's long cock and was rewarded as thick cum shot down my throat just as I shot my own seed into Danny's expectant mouth. Danny's hand fondled my balls and then started playing with my cock that was hard again. I loved lubing up Alex's hard cock even through the rubber and took my time running my hands up his whole length. I took Shane's bone in my mouth and felt his lips around my cock and we started doing what we'd done many times. I felt Alex spoon behind me, his hard cock was between my ass cheeks. I felt comfortable with Alex's beautiful tip in my ass and savoured the sensation while slowly licking the length of Shane's shaft.

Steele And Jake Forever

gay-male JohanJohnson 2018-12-03

"Hey Steele...," he said in a cool perfect boy voice, as he tilted his head a little and half-smiled, almost all in slow motion, "Have you gotten anything to eat?" A few minutes later Jake returned with a tin of pancake batter, and wasted no time in taking to our kitchen, ushering me there eagerly, where we both cooked and worked like we know each other forever, and in half an hour or less, we were back outside under the barbeque dining shelter, enjoying steamy hot pancakes, butter and syrup. Jake felt something deep inside him bloom, as the last lights left his eyes, staccato spasms of my release.

Henry's First Time, Part Two

gay-male Damon9888 2018-12-03

I traveled leisurely down his neck with my lips and tongue, tasting him all over again, pausing at his nipples and taking my time there, nipping at them, getting them hard, while I traced patterns with my fingertips up and down his cock and him moaned. I grasped his cock with my free hand and gave it a few slow strokes while I continued to tongue the soft skin beneath his balls, and was rewarded by hearing Philip moan and gasp, and squirm. When they went rigid like that, it was so fucking hot), felt his whole body pause as if on the brink as he whimpered "ohfuckohfuckohfuck" and then his cock swelled in my mouth and twitched, and I felt his cum hit the back of my throat.

Danny Comes To Stay Part 2

gay-male RobertFurlong 2018-12-03

Alex feasted furiously on my old boyfriend's butt, wanking himself off so fast I thought he was likely to cum.  But even in his overwrought excitement, he was lucid enough to know that he wanted to mount my ex fully, because he managed to pull his mouth away from Danny's delicious hole, stand up behind him and start sliding his cock up it instead. Alex directed the thin shaft of his cock towards the wrinkled pink opening between his two splayed cheeks.  He grabbed the burly man by the waist and quickly slid himself back up Danny's hot tight arse, and then the two of them started energetically fucking, working their bodies strenuously against each other as hips were cracked loudly against buttocks.

Anal Awakenings (Part 1)

gay-male kalle 2018-12-03

These are the stories of how I, a recently divorced guy in his early 40s, got to love the feeling of young, hard cock up my ass. Shane moved a hand from the base of my cock and began to caress my ass cheek... The feeling of Shane's tongue and lips and the sight of his head bouncing slowly up and down my cock, made me desperate to cum. I moved Shane's hand away and began to jerk him off violently with his cock in my mouth. I began to love the taste of his cum and I found myself in a state of almost permanent arousal thinking about his young, muscular body, his tight butt and his long, thick cock.

Costa and Son

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-03

Costa attended to me upon my arrival as Dimitri was sorting out a plumbing problem, at one of their other buildings. When he apologised for his sweaty disposition I told him it didn’t bother me at all, adding, “I actually like it.” His face lit up, and once again there was a lascivious look in his eyes. Smiling naughtily, he told me that Costa liked boys and was extremely horny, advising me to keep his dad at arm’s length. With my hands swimming in the swamps under his arms, he lustily started licking my entire face. Three weeks later, Dimitri visited me on a Thursday evening, the night Costa always got together with his gambling buddies.

The best Birthday gift.

gay-male DavidB 2018-12-02

"Hey by the way great party, Totally enjoying it, but I need to ask you a huge favor, I'm kind of lost on getting a ride home, and my parents are out of town tonight, may I crash here with you?" he said. He took my hand and we sat on the bed kissing for what seemed like forever, I felt is rock hard cock against mine and I put my hand into his underwear and felt his manhood and the precum on his head. He pushed in further and a rush ran through my body it was such and amazing feeling, he pumped his cock inside me slowly and I was easing up a bit more, He started going a little faster and I was loving every second of my anus being stretched open by him.

For King and Country

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-02

He stood naked before the fire, and the soldier didn’t know where to look, but he noticed the fine physique of the king, with the golden hair covering his chest and stomach glittering in the firelight. Without thinking, the soldier pulled back slightly and then pushed forward again so his hard tube went even farther down the king’s throat, which miraculously opened to accept it. After half a dozen entrances and exits the king pulled his head back and let the long, slick piece of delicious meat fall free from his lips and slid his tongue down the underside until he arrived at the soldier’s low-hanging sack that contained his large precious ballocks.

Exploring Adam 8

gay-male Damon9888 2018-12-02

He'd get harder then, and, impossibly, get bigger; the first third or so of his cock would swell and expand, and then he'd give a shuddering gasp - if I was sucking him, his hands would go to the back of my head - and he would cum in an ecstatic spasm, jetting his seed into my mouth or my hand or my ass. I was never harder with Adam than when his cock was throbbing in my mouth, or when I looked up as he fucked me to see his face contorted in ecstasy. I could feel my cock throbbing by now, and when his tongue licked up the underside of my shaft it felt for a moment as if I could cum right there and then.

Welcome to the Family

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-02

Mom and Dad had told us years ago that they weren’t looking forward to being empty-nesters and we were welcome to continue living there till we got married, and then they wanted grandchildren. I took a swig of my beer and watched his face as he looked closely and a long time at each picture. He threw the magazine aside, let out a quick breath and said, “Oh yeah, that feels good.” The brute part of his personality took over and he pounded his big fat cock in and out of my ass so hard and fast I couldn’t cry out in protest. I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “I want to fuck you Garret.”

The Wedding Night

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-12-02

Briggs curled his fingers in Gianni’s hair, and for several minutes watched his cock disappearing in Luca’s mouth and then reappearing and then pulled him up and kissed him again, this time with passion. Luca pushed off his pajama bottoms and turned Briggs on his side and kissed the back of his neck, then with his tongue trailed it down Briggs’s back until he reached the beginning of his ass crack. Gianni moved up, licking Briggs’s back all the way, slipped his arm under Briggs's leg to hold it up and pushed the head of his cock against Briggs’s asshole. Luca put his arm around Briggs and placed his hand on his chest, feeling the soft hair he liked so much.