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The Clan

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

The night we met at the bar, Glen occasionally referred to ‘The Clan.’ I just believed they were fellow bikers who enjoyed riding together. During the weekend he told me a great deal about, ‘The Clan.’ They were a group of eight guys, now seven after his former lover had left, who partied together. When we spent the night together again, twelve days later, he told me that The Clan were dying to meet me, and had invited me to their Saturday gathering the following evening. After general introductions, Spanner immediately zoned in on me, and no sooner had he placed his arm around me before I was being pulled down onto a mattress. After Spanner had unloaded, Lyle pounced onto Spanner’s knob, and Vath began munching my butt.

Oil Rig

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

As Stacy observed the hunk before him the shower room door opened, and the three guys he had seen in the passage entered the space. Billy, the first guy that Stacy had encountered in the shower, then moved up and took up station behind Stacy’s arse. As Hank began to fuck Stacy arse, a procession of knobs commenced skull-fucking Stacy’s mouth. Jock followed shortly afterwards, and when Billy unloaded, Hank also shot his load into Stacy’s backside. After entering Stacy’s room their towels were flung aside instantly before they got on the bed and started making out. The following evening when Stacy entered the shower area he was taken aback, when six pairs of eyes focussed on him.

The Russian Way

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

Geny was very impressed, and after kicking his shoes off was soon bouncing up and down on the bed, like a small boy. Geny looked at me with a malevolent expression before asking, “Do you like it rough Petrich?” Geny had a lovely body, but like his face there were numerous scars all over him. Turning his body around and facing away from my head, he sat on my back and began tantalising my hole with the disgusting object. After lifting his torso a short while later, Geny swiftly extracted the plug out my arse before replacing it with his large cock. Slumping onto me after Geny asked, “Do you like the Russian way Petrich?”

The Car Salesman

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

They loved the way he always stood between them at launches, with his arms around their backs and convulsed with pleasure as Gunnar’s fingers massaged their shoulders while pointing out the various advanced features of the vehicles. Gunnar then invited Eric to kneel behind him, after which Gunnar’s hands opened his butt cheeks for Eric’s mouth. With Gunnar’s hand continuing to hold Eric’s torso down, he offered his dick to Dries for a cleaning. As Dries began fucking Eric, Gunnar moved up behind him and after folding his arms around Dries’ body began tweaking his nipples. Dries wanted to experience what his lover had enjoyed and holding still in Eric, opened his own butt cheeks as an invitation to Gunnar.

The Gathering

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

The Gathering took place every second Sunday, from ten p.m. till six p.m. There was a cover charge that included lunch and drinks, but the highlight of this gathering according to Blain, was the barn that had been rigged out for serious M2M action. Turning back and also introducing myself to Andrew, Gary then gestured towards the sling and asked if I had ever been twin fucked. Shortly, the twins decided to swap positions and as they did so, I finally got a look at Brad. His uncut knob and balls looked like a huge butternut and the foreskin at the front of his cock was so thick, that it looked like a doughnut had swallowed his dick-head.

Dressing Up with Dylan - Chapter 2

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-03-04

“You’re allowed to say sex shit,” Scott had explained, “You know, like, ‘yeah’ or ‘fuck me’ or whatever, but we’re not including all that corny stuff about how you’re gonna examine him with your dick.” He also changed us around, saying since my penis was bigger it should be the one showing all the time, so I was the patient, this time, and Dylan was the doctor. I spent the time ignoring Scott and focusing entirely on preparing Dyl, who was about to have two cocks in his rectum, but Craig tapped me on the shoulder to talk to me – apparently he’d been trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear him with my head up Dylan’s muscled ass.

Dressing Up with Dylan - Chapter 1

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-03-03

When he turned over, I reached under him, stroking his dick with my hand and letting it run down lightly over his balls while I said things like, “Hmm,” and “I see,” and “Okay, then.” I was kneeling in front of him again, and I spread his cheeks wide, running my fingers over his taint and his anus in that same professional way, like I was examining the tissue, but then I licked him, ever so lightly, and his butthole puckered in response, like it was surprised. “You got it,” I said, and I brought my cock all the way out of him and moved the head on his anus until he pushed at me again, begging for it with his body and then I drove that cock in, shoving deep into him and groaning with pleasure, myself.

Budapest Encounter

gay-male thomas61 2018-03-03

After reviewing the gay pages of several sites, I decided to go the Action Bar. I had never been there, but its promise of a cruising area and a large dark room appealed to me just fine. He pushed his ass back into my hard dick whilst bending over a little bit. I started to really lick his ass hole, pushing hard with my tongue to get in a bit. Frank turned his head around and whispered urgently he wanted me, my dick, in his ass, right now. I stood up, opened his cheeks a bit further with my hands and put the tip of my dick against, his ass hole. Apparently I as too cautious as Frank started to push his ass against my dick.

My First Time With a Man

gay-male selzmun 2018-03-03

Parking next to him I was slightly disappointed that he didn't look anything like the pictures he had sent, but after talking to him for a few minutes I decided he was a nice enough guy. He told me that he couldn't stand any longer and wanted to sit on the couch. Reluctantly I pulled my mouth from his cock and let him sit on the couch. Barely letting him get settled I crawled between his legs and sucked his cock back into my mouth. Sitting up on the couch he reached out and touched my cock through my shorts. Alternating between sucking and stroking me he dragged the blow job out for at least twenty minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore.

The Three Musketeers

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-02

Mac was there, and informed me that Sparky and Tang would not be coming to the bar that evening. As Sparky and I were drying off the last of the dishes, Mac and Tang moved through to the lounge and got into a sixty-nine position on one of the huge sofas. Sparky moved me over to the action, before instructing me to give Mac a hand, servicing Tang’s fat cock. Sparky and I resumed our attention to Tang’s fat dick, and balls, as Mac got into a steady rhythm spearing into me. Tang stood over my body, with his cock pointing towards Sparky’s mouth, and Mac moved behind Tang inserting his knob into Tang’s butthole.

Fabulous Guy, Fabulous Cock

gay-male bobapple 2018-03-02

We eyed each other and said, “Hi,” followed by the customary, “How are you… nice day…” and such like until Mike asked if I would be okay with leaving my truck and riding in his car to his house. I took a short break from blowing this delightful specimen and put my hands to good use, stroking, jerking, caressing and fondling his cock and balls. He took my cock from his mouth and, holding the fleshy foreskin on either side, he pulled it open and stuck his tongue inside. With his other hand cupped under his cock head, Mike rapidly stroked his fabulous meat and his cum spurted into it the waiting palm.

First time at a gay bathouse

gay-male CindyUSA 2018-03-02

A man walked in to the pool and hot tube area , removed his towel, hung it up on pegs mounted on the wall and entered the steam room. It was not long when he exploded his creamy ooze in my mouth saying, "Fuck yes bitch and swallow every drop." He squirted a few times, with draws his limp dick, and then exits the steam room leaving me alone. One man stopped, looked for a few seconds, and entered my room, closing the door behind him. The bearded man removed his dick, moved to stand in front my face and tells me, "Clean my cock, slut." He leans forward without waiting rubbed his cum covered cock on my face.

Paint Job

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-01

Mateo then shook his dick a few times before once again pressing moisture out of the front of his foreskin, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Mateo then pulled his foreskin back and rubbed his fingers over his cock-head. Once this ritual ceased Mateo lifted his fingers to his nose for a good sniff. Finally extracting his hand from my grasp, Mateo began to strip. As I lay on the sunbed he reversed his body position, pulled his hairy cheeks apart, and shortly I was licking his sweaty pucker. After he had secured his dick at my entrance he placed his hands on my shoulders, and pulled my body onto his thrusting cock.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-01

As his knob enters my lips he grips my head and begins face-fucking me. My body is moved further back until Forsie wedges my head in the corner of the shower walls. “I’m not gay, but when a guy gets horny… Besides, he’s a lot better looking than most the girls I’ve seen you fuck.” Forsie sniggers his reply. After Forsie and Bryant depart, Geraint asks me to turn my body and lie on my back. My girlfriend, Gayle, is saving herself for marriage, so I’m not getting any sex.” Shrugging, and with a smile on his face he concludes, “Whatever blows your hair back, bro, I’m cool with it.” Truthfully, I believe that Drake always suspected I am gay.

Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

gay-male oceanrunner 2018-03-01

After giving my head good attention, she lowered her mouth until her lips met Marc’s hand, clenched around my erection. I don’t want to cum too soon.” Marc immediately stopped sucking and gripped hard just underneath the rim of my cockhead with thumb and forefinger, applying strong pressure until the danger was over. Seeing my hesitation, Helena took her hand out from between her legs and took hold of Marc’s erection, all the while she was stroking my cock. At Marc’s almost comically shocked expression, she shrugged and said, “I just wanted to know that I had sucked Marc, even if just for a little bit.”

Lourens' Itch

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-01

By the time Tom commenced popping his huge dick-head in and out of Lourens’ sphincter, Lourens began to howl. As Rod began to unload, Charlie pulled his dick out of Lourens’ throat and swiftly moved to the other side of the sling. As Charlie fucked him Rod moved to Lourens’ head and began smearing his cum covered knob all over Lourens’ face. Above Lourens face he began to notice that Rod’s dick was once more fully erect, and when Rod moved to the other side of the sling, he knew he was going to be fucked once more. As Lourens’ torso lay over the sling Blackie would lovingly stroke his back as he leisurely fucked Lourens’ arse, and then, when Lourens got pulled upwards again Blackie’s hands would caress Lourens’ stomach and chest.

Weekend Away

gay-male seeker4 2018-03-01

A couple times, I’d finished the shower with my own cock nearly erect, something that I tried desperately to hide from Tony in case it might put him off. Reaching under Tony with a lubed hand, I stroked his stiff prick while fucking his ass with slow, steady thrusts. Releasing his spent cock, I used my hands to hold him steady and began fucking his ass as hard and fast as I dared. With our cocks pressed together between us, we made out on the bed, lips and tongues joining in kisses as hands roamed over naked bodies. Pushing Tony’s head away, I looked deeply into his eyes and said in demanding tone, “Fuck me.” “Oh yes, Tony, that cock feels so fucking good in me.

Swedish meat and balls (part 1)

gay-male potnox35 2018-02-28

It was firm and...well it was I suppose a little bit sexy and at night my dreams went from feeling his cock in my hand to the touch of it elsewhere. Suddenly Johann ripped back the duvet cover revealing my boxers half way down my thighs with my hard cock in my hand. I wanted him to do the same to me and sure enough I felt his hands pulling my boxers down over my hard on and holding my cock. I took his cock as deep as it would go in my mouth as I tried to push my finger deeper into his tight hole and suddenly I felt him arch his back.

Roadside Service

gay-male Noni 2018-02-28

He grinned and nodded, "I've got some better stuff than that in my saddle bag." He turned and walked over to his bike and I felt my dick begin to wiggle as I watched his bubble butt going to the bike. I felt kind of like a shit looking at him after he was good enough to stop to help me but I couldn't turn away. I looked around and there was a patch of woods behind the wayside and I said, "Let's go back there?" He nodded and off we went down a little trail into the woods. I kept sucking as his dick began to soften and soon he started wiggling "You've got to stop, that's tickling like mad, " he said.

Not So Lonely A Night After All

gay-male bobapple 2018-02-28

As casually as possible, I glanced over at him — and saw that he was looking down at my cock. I leaned and took his mighty cock in my mouth. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, his tongue probing and twirling deep in my mouth. “My turn,” he said and got down on his knees, taking my rigid cock in his mouth. He kept on worshipping my cock, sucking and licking, until I withered in his hot mouth. I opened wide and put the bulging head of his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue around the engorged glans. “Thank you,” I mumbled, looking at the closed door and shaking my head while we got off our knees.

Cage Fighter

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-27

During the following week, Wray made a decision to call it a day with his amateur fighting career. Wray started yelping as I began pushing my hand into him. The following week, Wray spent every night at my place. Wray and I agreed to meet at my place after the party and left my parents’ home at the same time. I had mentally prepared for this and bit on the ball-gag with all my might, as Wray started agitating his hand. Next, Wray placed his thumb into the palm of his hand and started pushing into me. Wray kept this up for a few minutes before he began punching my arse as his fist went completely in and out of me.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-27

Tapping the bed next to him he said, “Strip, purdy boy… pappy’s waitin fer yer.” Isaiah was a really good looking forty-five year old man. Lying next to me on the bed, Jonah began to caress my face, before pushing his first two fingers in my mouth. Because of his dick-size, there wasn’t the same pleasure I had experienced with Isaiah and Jonah, and I knew his cock would take a lot of getting used to. Tobias commenced smearing my entire face with his dick-head, before encouraging me to lick it clean. Still sucking my cock, Jonah moved his body to the side, allowing Tobias to lift my legs and re-enter my arse. Jonah kept moving his mouth to and fro, servicing my cock to my balls.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-27

There was a brief look of confusion on Calvin’s face before he smiled and answered, “Fuck, yeah.” Then after a brief pause, he continued, “Would you like to whiff how good it smells?” delivering his retort with a shit-faced grin. When Calvin finally let go of Donnie’s head, there was a look of horny confusion on Calvin’s face. After dropping the face cloth and blushing like crazy, Donnie passed by Calvin and left the room with the sound of Calvin’s mocking laughter behind him. As Calvin’s excitement escalated he leaned forward, anchoring himself on the headboard with his left hand and aiming his dick-head at Donnie’s open mouth. When Calvin finally began to reach fever pitch, he tugged on Donnie’s knob simultaneous, encouraging his stepbrother’s release.

The Pizza Guy

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-02-26

Next thing I know the pizza guy is at the door and I’m still naked with my lube all over my hand and cock. Lowering my face back down, I was eagerly licking his stiff cock when Rusty murmured, "Get down under my balls now," and that was when I found that spot right where his ass crack began and started mouthing and tonguing him there. He started moaning real loud, and I couldn’t even understand his mumbling, until I felt the cock in my mouth pulsate wildly, and I heard young Rusty shout, "Here it cuummms," as he grabbed onto my head and shot off in my mouth and down my throat.