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Coastal Funk

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

“Whoa… Looks like you’re ready for action, bro,” Rob said laughing, as he observed my erect cock. With my head strategically placed to accommodate the curve of his cock, my skull fucking got underway. Rob prodded ever deeper into my throat as his hands clamped my head solidly, and once we got a good rhythm going, I happily allowed him to escalate his thrusting. As he was finally about to depart after we had swapped telephone numbers, he looked and me and said, “When you visit next time, please phone me the day before… Then I’ll make sure I don’t shower the next morning.” We both had a good laugh.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

Tapping the bed next to him he said, “Strip, purdy boy… pappy’s waitin fer yer.” Isaiah was a really good looking forty-five year old man. Lying next to me on the bed, Jonah began to caress my face, before pushing his first two fingers in my mouth. Because of his dick-size, there wasn’t the same pleasure I had experienced with Isaiah and Jonah, and I knew his cock would take a lot of getting used to. Tobias commenced smearing my entire face with his dick-head, before encouraging me to lick it clean. Still sucking my cock, Jonah moved his body to the side, allowing Tobias to lift my legs and re-enter my arse. Jonah kept moving his mouth to and fro, servicing my cock to my balls.

Living It with Dylan - chapter 1

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-12-04

“Oh yeah,” I encouraged him, and he pressed his finger up into my butt and swam it around in there while he moved his mouth on my cock, which made me come about three bucketsful and I could feel my rectum, too, flexing on his hand because this orgasm involved my dick, my balls, and my ass in a way that’s impossible to explain, really, except to say it was amazing beyond belief and made me yell “Ah…ah…ah…ah!” until the throbbing stopped and my dick was (temporarily) emptied. “I’m coming baby,” he hollered, and that was true of his whole body, everywhere, because his was like mine, an all-over kind of thing, and his muscular asshole pounded my fingers, squeezing them while he dick shot semen down my willing throat and he held my head there, shoving his cock so deep I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t even care.

Lourens' Itch

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-04

By the time Tom commenced popping his huge dick-head in and out of Lourens’ sphincter, Lourens began to howl. As Rod began to unload, Charlie pulled his dick out of Lourens’ throat and swiftly moved to the other side of the sling. As Charlie fucked him Rod moved to Lourens’ head and began smearing his cum covered knob all over Lourens’ face. Above Lourens face he began to notice that Rod’s dick was once more fully erect, and when Rod moved to the other side of the sling, he knew he was going to be fucked once more. As Lourens’ torso lay over the sling Blackie would lovingly stroke his back as he leisurely fucked Lourens’ arse, and then, when Lourens got pulled upwards again Blackie’s hands would caress Lourens’ stomach and chest.

The Cigarette Bum-Boy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-03

Upon removing Francois shorts, I really got a good look at him naked. Having completed drying his back, Francois turned once more and I began towelling the front of his body. After I knelt before him I was about to grab for his cock when he said, “Put your hands at your sides and keep your mouth shut, I don’t like greedy people.” After a short pause he continued, “From here on I make the rules and you obey, are we clear on that?” I simply nodded. I luxuriated in the jungle of fur surrounding my face as my mouth got comprehensively fucked, and for good measure my right hand began fondling his ample nuts.

Oil Slick

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-02

Shortly, Jed turned to look at Gareth and as he did so he extended his left arm and placed his hand behind Gareth’s neck. As Gareth felt his head being pulled downwards Jed said, “There won’t be any extra charge for this.” The musky smell of Jed’s crotch was incredible and Gareth couldn’t believe how good the thick shaft felt in his hand, as really began to polish Jed’s cock-head. With a look of relief, Jed replied, “I won’t charge you for your stay.” Then, with a naughty look on his face he concluded, “But of course, you’ll have to pay for the motor oil you use.” As the guys giggled, Gareth was pulled onto his stomach.

The Swimming Coach

gay-male bronte27 2018-12-02

I peeked around the corner and my eyes widened in surprise as I saw the coach, Daniel Henney, butt naked taking a shower. His eyes lowered down to my huge dick and his right hand ran over the tip making me gasp. Suddenly, we both looked up and saw a couple of guys from the swim team stare at us in utter shock then hurried away. Daniel stepped up closer to me pushing me back against the wall and his left hand rubbed up and down on my dick. Images of what had happened between me and the gorgeous swimming coach, Daniel Henney, and what would happen tonight made me pull down my shorts and masturbate until I came and relieved myself.

A Statue of Love

gay-male 1941aaa 2018-12-02

I was fantasising I know, but for those few minutes he was flesh and blood to me and couldn’t stop myself from moving round behind him and let him feel my still hard cock being pressed up tight to the cheeks of his ass, wishing that they could part for me to enter and really make love to him. Oh my love, my statue was now sucking on me, pushing my foreskin right down to tease me the same way and such was my need for relief, didn’t last long before coming into his hot mouth, having him swallowing it as well, feeling that extra bit of suction as he did so.

Biker Boy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-02

Half an hour later, as I was returning to the hotel, I observed two guys in conversation next to an underground public toilet area. This threw me somewhat, and quickly zipping up, I began to ascend the path towards the hotel. Lifting his head eventually, Dirk began to lick my entire face, with his thick pink slug, frequently returning to my mouth. Pulling my cheeks far apart his lips suctioned onto my pucker, before the slug began stabbing my butt-hole with intensity. Clamped by his strong hands my face got its second coat of saliva, before his next oral excavation began. Dirk then pulled out of me, and lowering my legs moved up my body with his knees on either side of me.

Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

gay-male oceanrunner 2018-12-02

After giving my head good attention, she lowered her mouth until her lips met Marc’s hand, clenched around my erection. I don’t want to cum too soon.” Marc immediately stopped sucking and gripped hard just underneath the rim of my cockhead with thumb and forefinger, applying strong pressure until the danger was over. Seeing my hesitation, Helena took her hand out from between her legs and took hold of Marc’s erection, all the while she was stroking my cock. At Marc’s almost comically shocked expression, she shrugged and said, “I just wanted to know that I had sucked Marc, even if just for a little bit.”

Small And Cute

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-02

Kevin also did not allow Stevie to touch his own cock, but this wasn’t a problem because Kevin’s hot mouth frequently sucked Stevie’s balls dry. ‘Maybe,’ he thought, ‘I shouldn’t have been so prissy and given into Rory.’ Although he only had the briefest glimpse of Rory’s thick knob, this image now began to play on his mind and Stevie wondered what Jaxon’s dick would look like, given his similarity to Rory. With Stevie in the doggy position at the edge of the bed, Kevin then told Jaxon to move under Stevie’s body on his back, so that he could get a close-up of Kevin’s cock fucking Stevie’s butt.

Nature Preserve

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-12-01

With a shocked look on his face, he glanced both ways up and down the trail to see if anyone was around before saying, “Yes.”  Then he slid down the front of his shorts and showed me his semi hard cock and nice set of hairy balls. He was moaning, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and loving it, then he moaned, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yessssss…Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my fucking cock,” So I deep throated him, sliding his curved cock down my throat, pulling with a suction that I hoped that he could feel deep down inside his balls. I eased my lips back up to where they were clamed around the base of his head so that the rest of his cum would flow across my tongue so that I could get a good taste of it.


My Speedo Fetish

gay-male speedodave 2018-12-01

Each guy wrapped a slippery hand gently around his buddy’s hard cock inside the cum-drenched Speedo, wiping the creamy juice over their cocks and stroking slowly until they each dumped a second load of creamy spooge into their soaked pouches. They were so horny after watching each other jerk off they would collapse onto the bed and lock their bodies into a 69, pressing their mouths over the hard cocks still bulging inside their juice-filled pouches. Justin spread his long legs and pressed his spandex-packed cock into Nathan’s waiting face, while Nathan pumped his thong pouch into Justin’s willing mouth.

My Ex-Girlfriend Barbara

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-12-01

Well there was no way I ever wanted to suck a cock, but I pondered it for a long time. My knees, neck, and mouth were sore and tired, and I gagged several times from the dude's cock and then his cum. Of all the lies my ex-girlfriend, Barbara told me, saying sucking a cock would be ‘no big deal’ was the biggest. Barbara said that she had always wanted to get a straight guy to suck a cock for her, and when I did, she wasn't going to miss an opportunity to get that on film. As I knelt down and planted a kiss on the tip of his hard throbbing cock, I thought to myself, at least Barbara has good taste in guys.


Nurse Rudy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-12-01

Returning from college the following day, I knew that Rudy would only arrive back at the hotel after ten p.m. What would unfold that evening? Looking down at me he commanded, “Clean my feet piggy, lick them clean.” I lifted his right foot and held it in my hands for a few seconds. With my head hanging off the end of the bed he turned around, pulling his arse cheeks apart, before lowering his sweaty butt-hole onto my face. Pulling me up off the bed I got a face licking from Rudy. Pushing me up against the wall in his room, with my arms spread-eagled, he clamped my wrists in his hands and again began frantically ramming his cock into me again.

Discovering My Idenity As A Top Was Learning From The Bottom

gay-male Blackrain 2018-12-01

I  had just got off the bus going home from work when I decided to stop at a nearby park restroom to take a piss. Looks like you are ready for more than just taking a piss," he said pointing to the bulge growing in my pants. After about five minutes of slow pumps, he began to pound my ass like a jackhammer. After about fifteen minutes of stretching my hole, he pulled out and said, " Now we're gonna let you know what its like to be a top." Never had I eaten anyone's ass before but the sight of his pink hole surrounded by strawberry blond butt hair got me more than horned up.

Fabulous Guy, Fabulous Cock

gay-male bobapple 2018-11-30

We eyed each other and said, “Hi,” followed by the customary, “How are you… nice day…” and such like until Mike asked if I would be okay with leaving my truck and riding in his car to his house. I took a short break from blowing this delightful specimen and put my hands to good use, stroking, jerking, caressing and fondling his cock and balls. He took my cock from his mouth and, holding the fleshy foreskin on either side, he pulled it open and stuck his tongue inside. With his other hand cupped under his cock head, Mike rapidly stroked his fabulous meat and his cum spurted into it the waiting palm.

The hunky Californian Daddy Part 2

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-30

The only light was coming from the television screen in the far corner and I saw his dark body fill the doorway as he came into the room and left the bathroom door opened a few inches and went to switch off the television. His warm skin against my cool body felt good as he pinned me down and started kissing my already swollen lips. It felt so good to feel those heavy thighs pushing onto me and we kissed as if we had done this before. My body started to feel like one big sex organ as he touched, kissed, stroked and caressed my pliant body.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-30

My audition was arranged for the following morning at ten a.m. I continued checking out the rest of the town that afternoon, and really liked the place. That evening, I again perused the local newspaper, encircling the other job prospects that I would look into the following day, after my audition. From their interaction, I gleaned that his name was Ned. Minutes later, Ned was taken into the adjoining office, which I presumed belonged to Selwyn. Ned and I would be fully clothed as we sat on the sofa, before being introduced by Selwyn. Ned bashed my arse incessantly to the delight of all in attendance, presumably hoping to secure future call-backs. The following day at ten a.m., Ned phoned and asked me to join him at the diner.

Hot Tub Confessions - When the Wife's Away, the Boys Will Play

gay-male Couple4Play 2018-11-30

Scott embraced each of us in a massive bear hug and kissed Paula on the cheek before we made our way around the cottage and sat down together to share a smoke at the picnic table. Scott and I quickly stripped down to our birthday suits in the cool night air while Paula headed inside the cottage for her shower, the door sliding smoothly shut behind her. Scott was slowly wading across the tub to me on his knees, so as to not rise above the surface of the water and expose himself to the cool night air. The deviant in me couldn't help but imagine the nearly endless sex Tetris combinations of fucking and sucking that had suddenly opened up to me after this startling and cock stiffening interlude in the hot tub.

Skanky Park

gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-29

“This oily rag (fag) has got the tightest hole I have ever fucked,” Tommy declared, almost breathless, before he asked, “How good is his north and south (mouth)?” in cockney slang. “Jesus, mate, this cock sucker’s mouth is like a suction pump,” Harry replied, gasping between grunts. Not long after, Harry said, “I’m getting too close, let the bum-boy polish your knob while I cum in his arse.” “Jesus, mate, you have an incredible knob,” I said in total awe. Kirwan, as I would later come to know his name, now headed toward the stump and leaned back with an inviting look on his face. As Kirwan hammered my arse his mouth began to nibble my ears.

Team player

gay-male SirSpewalot 2018-11-29

My turn in back." He and Cameron switched places, and as Cameron took Chuck into his mouth, Devry slowly pushed inside him and said, "Thanks for lubing him up for me, Cam. You make the best sloppy seconds I've ever had." Soon the three of them were a throbbing, sweating, moaning mass of flesh pushing into and against each other, and in a minute Cameron came hard into Devry's ass as it squeezed tight in his own orgasm. As Coach's spooge pumped hot and thick into his mouth and the refreshed and resurgent Cameron and Devry took up positions behind each of the men on the floor, Chuck realized he was in paradise.

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 4

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-29

For a few seconds all I felt was his strong thighs on either side of my naked legs, and his hot gaze on the pliant body beneath him. The horny daddy broke off the kiss and slid down my body, helped along by the sheen of sweat, and clamped his gorgeous mouth onto my left nipple; my back instinctively arched as if I was in pain. Teasing my cock with his smooth, hot tongue, it jerked and twitched when he moved away for those few seconds. My balls were so tight and drawn into my body as they do, while my cock was so rock hard and felt just as tight.

Deaf, Dumb Blind

gay-male 1941aaa 2018-11-28

He was quickly off the bed and I heard the rustle of the tissues he used to pull it off of himself and then felt the head of his cock touch my lips and I opened my mouth and took the head in, the foreskin having rolled right back and got that taste I wanted, sucking out the last of his coming. I didn’t know at the time, that when the phone had first rung, Bernie had been in the room and it was only when he saw the tears running down my face and Tony holding my hand, knew that it was a personal thing and so had gone off into the kitchen to leave us alone.