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Brian and Tyler

gay-male GeospenceJ 2018-06-24

Or Tyler grew apart from me and started hanging out with the kids who skipped class, smoked and sold weed, vandalized property, and were just all around asses. “Do you want to hear who got the highest score?” Dr. O’Connell asked the class like he always did. “You want to know who got the lowest score?” Dr. O’Connell teased. I tried to fight it, but the feel of his lips and his knee rubbing my cock was too much and when he brought his tongue into my mouth, I let out a moan. He pulled me off his dick and brought my face back to his lips, wrapping his tongue around mine and pressing out bodies together.

Best Friends Finally Fuck

gay-male speedodave 2018-06-21

I just tie off the pull string of my black and red speedo when Stephan exits the tent in his sky blue speedo. I can feel my cock aching, throbbing harder, the tip of Stephan's cock poking out the top of his speedo's, pre leaking onto his lower abs. I roll him onto his stomach, grazing my hands over his speedo covered ass. We lay combined for a moment before I begin to make love to my best friend. I thrust harder and deeper inside my friend, our moans combining in the sunsetting night sky. He wraps one arm around my neck as he grabs my speedo covered ass with his other. We can feel the cool night air on our hot sweaty bodies as we get lost making love.

The Vines

gay-male dfreman 2018-06-20

One summer morning, Kev and I were heading out to the vines and ran into Sean along the way. We didn't want Sean to know about the vines. Look at that!" Sean said pointing up to the nest. Sean was perched on the edge of the nest looking down at me flashing his wide shit-eating grin. Sean pulled me up into the nest and we watched Kev do his climb. Like Sean and me, Kev was built strong. Sean moved his mouth over my cock, teasing me by flicking his tongue around the head. And wouldn't you know, Sean was in the nest naked! Honoring our pact, I stripped naked before entering the vines, feeling that same sense of exhilaration.

Down in the Valley

gay-male dCharlesStuart 2018-06-19

I left the main trail and started walking slowly and quietly on one of the small side paths where in the past I have had luck finding willing partners. By this time I was horny as hell so while I started sucking the second man I undid the drawstring on my sweat pants, dropped them and started stroking my cock. It didn't take long before I was shooting my load out onto the ground and as my orgasm subsided the biker thanked me for a great blowjob, pulled up his shorts and walked his bike back to the main trail while I cleaned up and pulled my pant back up.


Lake Powell Threesome

gay-male speedodave 2018-06-18

Probably half the guys wore speedos anytime they got wet but Jason, Kip and I were the ones who wore speedos all the time. Speedos are an ice breaker and the first afternoon, when we finally got the houseboat out of the marina, Kip and I knew that we would be fucking Jason somehow, someway during the trip. I was wearing my red Arena speedos, Kip was wearing my Aussie flag Turbo speedos and Jason was wearing his black lycra speedo brand speedos. I don’t think I finished my beer before Jason was rubbing the front of Kip’s Turbo speedos. I pulled the bum of my red speedos down, squired some lube between my cheeks and backed up under Kip. I think they call this a train.

The Hunter

gay-male Tyde 2018-06-14

Hiding and watching this hot guy gave me an huge adrenalin rush, and my fingers trembled as they closed around my dick to smear the leaking juice all around the head. The hunter tugged at his prick, slowly working his way to the tip where he pinched the foreskin and stretched it well past the big lump of cock head that it covered. He closed his eyes, spread his knees apart, and started swinging the bottle lightly against his balls, banging them with the hard, cold glass while reaching across his chest to work on the other nipple. As I stepped up and leaned over to drool on his crotch, he grabbed my dick, squeezed it, and held it in his fist while he smeared its pre-cum around with his thumb.

Craig's First Time

gay-male danielblue 2018-05-31

Nick's warm mouth was working its magic on my cock and I greedily slurped on his tasty fuck pole. I felt a cock being forced between ass and Nick's face so I got up, the better to concentrate on Greg. With my free hand I pulled Greg close and started stroking that full, firm, smooth ass of his. I'd worked my thumb into his ass now and stroked his cock as I licked his balls. Nick came and kneeled behind Jack's head and took my cock into his mouth. The sight of Nick's beautiful mouth sucking on my cock got me really hot. I crushed my nipples tight and felt my cock explode inside Nick's mouth.

My Brazilian Adventure - Part 2

gay-male nobulator 2018-05-29

Leandro probably thought it had been a long way already as we got to the half-way point, where a big climb signalled the start of my special route back home away from the main roads. "I need to go too," Leandro let me know, and got his dick out near me on the same side of the path and started pissing like a racehorse. After a couple of minutes of more super-hot face fucking, I plucked up the courage to take Leandro's dick out of my mouth and ask him a six-word question, "Do you want to fuck me?"

Not A Single Cloud - Part 1 - Take Me Like Your Coffee 6

gay-male TakeMeLikeYourCoffee 2018-05-22

"I wouldn't call it a swimming pool," laughed Yann, going ahead and submerging his skinny, pale and buck naked body in to the cold water, "but it sure is amazing." Accident scars along his shoulders, subtle muscles of his lean torso, the pale colour of his pubic hair, starting around Yann's belly button and vanishing out of view into the semitransparent ripples of water. Pete felt that any minute now his pleasantly warm, pulsating erection will touch the knee of his friend and honestly he was not sure how Yann would react. Indeed at the end of thin blond trail of Yann's pubic hair there appeared to be something beautiful, growing and making its way towards the water's surface.

Sail to the Sun Ch. 06

gay-male sr71plt 2018-05-17

Not much more than a rapid stream, rushing over nearly exposed rocks, the river ran between a line of trees at the base of a narrow valley running between high, heavily forested mountains on either side, which showed bare sections here and there that looked like some giant had taken a bite of them but that were the remains of strip mining that Buddy told me had been banned a good decade earlier but that it would take many more decades for the mountains to recover from—if they ever would. As he spread the blanket, Buddy looked over at me and smiled and said, "You want to go into the river, don't you?

Captain's Obsession

gay-male shabbu 2018-05-17

Per protocol there would be a cocktail party for local dignitaries on the destroyer's fantail, and, of course, I and the rest of the staff of the American consulate in Naples would be invited to that—and would be expected to show up and fawn over the local dignitaries. That night, as I lay spread-eagled on the bed in the captain's cabin, my white-knuckled hands gripping notches in the headboard overhead tightly, my legs spread wide, a pillow under the small of my back, me crying out my consumed passion, and a hard and grunting Ted crouched between my thighs and plunging again and again deep inside me, I felt the change in him.

The Campers

gay-male Kary_M 2018-05-17

After about five minutes of slowly stroking my cock I suggested that we move to the tent and spread our sleeping bags on the ground in the shade. I reached over and grasped his penis with my fingers as Bernie wrapped his hand around mine and started to slowly stroke each other. Feeling my own excitement mounting as Bernie's mouth bobbed up and down and sucked on as much of my cock into his mouth as he could until I came. I felt Bernie's penis begin to rise in my mouth again and just the idea that I could make him hard after he had just cum for third time in one day pushed me over the edge and I came a third time also.

ARG - Alternate Reality Gay

gay-male TastyFan 2018-05-13

I kept my cool, wished her a good night, got into my car and started cursing loudly as I drove down the road. In desperation I quickly walked around to the side of the building where the shadows were deepest and, once I was certain I couldn't be seen from the road, I pulled down my pants and released a steady stream against the brick wall. In too short of a time his fingers pulled out and I felt something else trying to push in. The head of his cock was pressed against my tight virgin hole and too late I remembered how thick he had felt in my mouth. I looked down in time to see my cock convulse and release the first spurt of cum against the brick wall.

A Ride in the Country

gay-male shropshire125 2018-05-09

Reaching around an arched back, Darcy grasped at a small and firm arse, and pulling, felt that Michael's cock was as hard as his own. Darcy pushed away slightly and then after another glance into the willing eyes in front of him, pulled the young man into an empty stable. Darcy gathered saliva in his mouth and began to push it all over the writhing little arse in front of him, pushing hard against the opening until he felt it begin to allow him to probe inside. Michael took a sharp breath as Darcy pushed forward, the feeling of the taut muscle relaxing to receive him was exquisite. Michael looked dazed and apprehensive, but soon dropped back into the straw as Darcy began to push again into his yielding body.

Tuscan Twilight Ch. 04

gay-male sr71plt 2018-05-08

I gloried in the September sun raying down on the terraced vineyards of Tuscany, as I followed Paulo, the grandson of the owner of Villa Montebella, the Conte de Ghiberti, into the rows of wooden stakes supporting luscious green leaves and vines interspersed with moist clumps of purple and green grapes nearly bursting with rich juices. I encircled his waist with one arm, my palm fanned out on his lower belly, and, with the other hand, I took the long, thick strand of grass and ran it across Paulo's chest and thighs and cock and balls. The perpetual undulating motion of his torso and legs matched the tracings of the grass on his beautiful little body, and, at length, with deep sighs, he turned his face to me and we kissed deeply, our tongues finding each other, our sweet, wine-infused juices joining together.

Best in Show

gay-male sr71plt 2018-04-28

The young dog groomer felt Sandy's hand on his arm and the older man's hot breath on his neck. The palm of Sandy's hand had left the young man's belly, and the dog groomer felt wet fingers at his asshole. The head of Sandy's cock was now at the rear door of the young dog groomer, who was sighing quietly to himself, beaten, bested. Sandy's dog yelped and writhed under the encasing champion Chinese Crested as it was invaded by a champion cock, while at the same time, the young dog groomer, still standing, but held in the embrace of the older man, felt his ass being entered and conquered and invaded by a master cock.

Camping with Tom Ch. 01

gay-male writedoctor 2018-04-26

When Tom turned to face the tent, Don focused on the fat penis sprouting from a thick forest of red hair. Tom was the physical type, excelling in sports and seemed to have a different girl hanging on his arm week after week. With the campfire's light, Don stared at Tom's ball sack hanging loosely. The best?" Don's grip tightened, his other hand palming Tom's heavy balls. "Hmm...I can see how she'd like that...hearing you beg." grasping the rigid pole, moving the pliable skin up and down eliciting another deep groan from his friend. Nimble fingers encircled Tom's swollen ball sack, erotically pulling. Slowing his strokes, Don milked the cock, emptying Tom who rasped and mumbled incoherently.

The Blossom in the Snow Pt. 01

gay-male Happyfeet141097 2018-04-24

After getting washed and cleaned, I got dressed in faded boot cut jeans, thick snow boots with a red t-shirt I quickly found before zipping it all in my thick white coat and leaving the apartment, making my way down to the grocery store a few blocks down the road. My heart sank, as I stared at eye level into the dark face of the man from last night, his haunting grin baring out at me, like he was pleased with a catch after hours of waiting. I opened the door, and as I turned to close it behind me, I noticed, out the corner of my eye, the silhouette of a man, hulked over in the falling snow, and though I couldn't really see, I could still feel his glare, his wolfish grin hidden beneath the shadows.


gay-male sr71plt 2018-04-17

Pete laid out a khaki army blanket on the ground in front of the altar, and after pulling me to him in a standing position and fondling and kissing me into a lustful mood, he undressed me, pushed me down on all fours, prepared my asshole with his tongue and saliva, and covered with his body and fucked me to paradise. In Pete I at last found my escape from the somewhat tedious routine of the Okinawa assignment, but I had hardly found him and started to be introduced to a very active male-male underculture on the island, when my government decided that the North Koreans were just rattling rockets they didn't actually have, and I was on my way east across the Pacific Ocean, leaving Pete and the fascinating Okinawan castles behind.

Kayak Ride

gay-male southfla 2018-04-16

The sun was shining that morning as I got the kayaking gear together and met Walt down by the lake. What really sealed my fate was when Walt leaned back on the kayak and using his left hand pushed his cock down the left leg of his shorts. Walt then lifted up and pulled back his shorts and exposed about half of his cock to me and asked if I had ever thought about sucking a cock. Having his hard cock in my mouth and feeling it swell right before Walt came was reward enough for me. I felt his hands running through my hair as I washed his cock with my mouth....stay tuned for Walt's reciprocation.........

Friday in Belgium

gay-male sr71plt 2018-04-14

As I moved up to the hill toward him, I let my cloak billow out around me to reveal my bare, mammoth chest tapering down to a thin waist, and my long, thick cock and heavy balls dangling between my legs from the crotch opening in my black leather pants. The long, sharp nails of the slender fingers of my right hand were slowly shredding the young man's flat belly and heaving chest with its pattern of curly black hair weaving below his nipples and traveling down his sternum to his loins. I dug trenches around the young man's nipples with my nails, and when the carotid artery went dry and collapsed, I moved my mouth down to the nipples, ran my tongue around his curly chest hair, and then dug my teeth in around the rim of each aureole in turn, sucking the nipples dry.

Old Man Nickel

gay-male Tygr_grl20 2018-04-14

Old Man Nickel was getting ready to call it in, I told him, "I'd check it out." I knew Old Man Nickel was getting ready to hear them I said "You might wanna be quieter." They about died. He was reluctant, but I told him if he didn't want the whole town to know he'd better give John's dick some attention. He told John "if he wanted his secret kept secret he'd have to suck his dick." John looked at Old Man Nickel, he was 53, medium built body, and his bulge was poking at his pants. Old Man Nickel walked up to Peter's truck. We were getting ready to leave and Old Man Nickel told us.

Lake Powell Threesome

gay-male speedodave 2018-04-13

Speedos are an ice breaker and the first afternoon when we finally got the houseboat out of the marina Kip and I knew that we would be fucking Jason somehow, someway during the trip. As the afternoon approached Kip and I decided to go on a hike to see if we could get up high on the mesa (that is a new word for me), we asked if anyone else wanted to come along but Jason was the only taker. The three of us set off in tennis/running shoes and our speedos (I was wearing my red Arena speedos, Kip was wearing my Aussie flag Turbo speedos and Jason was wearing his black lycra speedo brand speedos. I don't think I finished my beer before Jason was rubbing the front of Kip's Turbo speedos.

Wait for Carnival

gay-male sr71plt 2018-04-11

Just the thing, Ned thought, and when Devin next lay stretched out in the arms of Ned and being stroked to completion—and begging, in vain, for Ned to move their lovemaking to a whole new level—Ned told him where they would be this time next week—fucking in a suite at the Mar Ipanema hotel in Rio and enjoying the sounds from outside of the annual Samba parade making its way to the Sambadrome. Ned finally broke away and waved for Devin to try to do the same, but Devin just waved a friendly smile at his benefactor and smiled broadly as several Brazilian men who had been at the lower edges of the float now start mounting the tiers for their own turn with the highly receptive and achingly handsome young American man.