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An Afternoon in a Porn Theatre

gay-male bluelaces288 2018-07-29

We were both getting into the rythym - he wasn't just getting sucked, he was thrusting himself into my mouth and had his hand on my head so I wouldn't pull away too soon. He was quite soft and large and I really wanted to put him in my mouth but by this time the oriental had started sucking me while I stroked him with my other hand. All this time I had my other hand on the other guy's large soft cock - a few times they tried to stroke each other as well as me but found the reach across my body was too great. Oriental guy apparently also liked balls/ass play b/c he put his other hand between my legs.

Journey of a Bisexual Male

gay-male fab_guy41 2018-04-24

I quickly decided to go into the mini-theaters so I could check out more movies in a shorter period of time. Eventually, I figured out the finally two rooms had a gay movie and a transsexual movie playing so I decided to stay away from that area. My 18-year-old patience finally wore thin and I returned to mini-theaters to receive a major shock. As soon as I walked back into the door, I crossed paths with a man whom had his dick in hand. So there I was, standing in a mini-theater attempting to not be caught meat watching, but I couldn't help myself. I eventually grew the nerve to walk between rooms with my hard dick hanging out of my fly.

Lost & Found Ch. 01

gay-male SinfulCharms 2018-02-18

I take it you like it?" Troy said, his face clearly showing the pride he felt for his home. Numbly, I followed Troy upstairs and couldn't help but look at his ass again. I couldn't see leavin' ya out there either knowin' that storm is coming." Troy tilted his head to the side a little and continued, "There's something about you though. It didn't help that I could feel my cock beginning to grow and just because of the way he looked at me! I was glad I had heard Troy walk away after I shut the door. Not even thinking, I opened the door and started to walk out into the hall, only to run smack into Troy again.

Cinematic Glory Ch. 01

gay-male glory_first 2017-12-27

His extended cock was profiled against the wall to ceiling screen, about 2 times life size, and he came as I watched, his ass pumping, his jeans barely hanging on his ass - my first taste of any open public sex - even kinkier, it was three men. Sitting in the open aisle seat, only an empty space separated us, and I quickly began stroking my rigid length again, looking somewhat determinedly at the men rubbing their hard cocks on the screen, though glancing a few times at another horny man so close, our cocks free and feeling so good. The reality of just sitting down with a hard cock and getting sucked was intensely kinky and hot - but like stroking myself, having the pleasure last as long as possible is part of the fun.