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Shower Lovemaking

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-04

I leaned forward a bit and rested my palms on the shower wall in front of me, the water now wetting my hair and rolling over my shoulders and back. I turned back to face the spray still cascading over me and rested my palms on the wall again as he began to methodically but gently scrubbed my shoulders first, then worked his way down my back. With his free hand, he began to lube up his shaft with a body wash we both had found tolerable to use when our showers turned amorous. After a few minutes of feeling my insides lovingly massaged and churned by his manhood, my own sense of ecstasy began to rise to it’s peak.

Starting the Day Right

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-02

He continued to stroke my thigh and we kissed again, this time our lips parting and our tongues duelling playfully. My body began to respond to the sensations and Drew encouraged this as he lightly grasped my hardening member and began to stroke it. I laid on my back as Drew worked on my shaft with one hand and used the other to caress my chest and abdomen to send jolts of electricity through my whole body. I tried to calm my heart as he slowly began to push his way inside of me. We lay there panting, Drew still inside of me. After a few minutes, Drew pulled his erection from inside me.

The Moment

gay-male Martins 2018-10-01

It had taken a long time to get here as I stood at the foot of my bed with Brian holding a tube of lubrication in his hand he just found in my bedside table. I saw Brian rubbing his dick through his pants half way through the sex scenes. I heard Brian grunt and his cum soon crossed over the beads I had deposited on the floor. "Yea. In fact, I was going to suck your dick but you shot your load by the time the thought entered my mind." He said. Brian lubricated a finger and inserted it into my ass as he bent down to kiss my dick. The folds of my ass began to envelope Brian's dick.

Lifeguard on Duty

gay-male talleywitt0071776 2018-09-07

I felt him put his hands on my waist, inviting me to press against his toned body. I took each cock in my hand and rubbed the heads together. I grabbed Julio's cock as I moved to be eyelevel with his swollen penis. I took him by the ass, neglecting my own cock, and I pulled him deep into my mouth. I stopped sucking Julio's cock and sat on the towels. He replaced my hand with his as the head of his cock found my ass. I felt his cock slide past my ass hole a few times but he finally found my bud. As our lips were locked I started to feel him work his cock in and out of my ass.

Fun in My Partner's Old Car

gay-male SDR2000 2018-09-07

At the same time, watching my right hand holding his ignition key in the start position made me so horny, I didn't care if I shot a load of cum in his pants or not. I started to finish myself off, every now and then letting my sensitive hard cock rub against the warm, worn fabric of his driver's seat, where I knew his hot and hairy balls had been earlier that day. I moaned loudly and rubbed out one man-sized cock load of juicy cum once that car finally started and roared to life for me. The last thing I did before red-lining the crap out of his car and driving away was to take off his tweed blazer and wipe what was left of the cum remaining on my cock head onto the underside of his sleeve.

Birthday Surpise

gay-male jared4ever 2018-08-15

Mitch's fingers traced his shoulders, moving around and across his chest, down his body, then slowly removing Jared's own belt. He continued to suck that throbbing cock, abruptly pulling off when he thought the pleasure was growing too near to orgasm, and cracking the belt down across Jared's chest, abs, and ass in turn, letting the pain cancel out the pleasure. Mitch kissed up Jared's torso, letting the belt curl up over the top of his shoulders as he gripped his dick with his free hand, squeezing and stroking until suddenly pulling a chair from the kitchen table beside them, pushing it against the back of his slave's knees until he fell into it, draping his bound arms over its back.

Cub's Next Massage Adventure

gay-male DampBoxers 2018-05-29

Ric returned and we chatted for a few minutes about any health concerns, where I was hurting so he could be sure to address it, and then asked if I would have any problem supporting his weight during parts of the massage. While I was enjoying the long deep strokes and feeling the muscles loosen up, Ric continued to move further down my back and into the gluts. The foot massage felt great and it let me cool back down a bit while he began working his way up my legs. He moved a bit further down to the point where my dick was now in the crack of his butt, but he was sitting on my legs as he continued to massage each of my legs.

Working Alongside Each Other

gay-male Ponty2 2018-05-05

As the time got late the numbers dwindled and it was soon down to just three of us, Anthony was still watching the end of the football so when the other man said he was retiring to bed too I decided I would stay a while with Anthony, my lonely hotel room was not a huge attraction. Anthony stood back and slipped out of his boxer shorts, bending naturally as he did made him look even sexier and I a felt a tingle go through me, I wanted this man to have me so much, common sense and any caution about work colleagues was out the window.

Erotic Confessions: The Tryst

gay-male swarmofpans 2018-04-06

As your loins awaken, and your cock throbs and engorges, you firmly bite each ass cheek and ever so often pepper them with kisses and licks, you want to go wild and plunge your tongue into that tight rosebud winking furiously at you, inviting you with every squeeze, but you take control of your emotions and slowly tease me, licking just behind my balls, working your way from my perineum and finally landing the tip of your wet tongue in the center of my asshole, I moan with pleasure and squeeze my hand tight around the base of your cock while my other hand massages your balls.

Summer Sensations

gay-male Taimur1 2018-03-23

Long summer afternoons, gazing at my naked torso in front of the mirror, stroking my matted bush, rubbing my cock, getting turned on by new sensations, getting rock hard while walking through the men's underwear section, marveling at my curly pubic hair strands wrapped around my warm erection-every time I fantasized about my buddies-smearing my pre-cum all over the swollen uncut purple cock head. But his wet tongue started darting in and out of my ass cheeks, and while he did that, he would smear my pre-cum on his finger tips and then rub it in the middle of my hole, pressing and slapping gently. He squirted more lube into his fingers and rubbed it around my pucker ring, pulled out his cock-to which my hole reacted with a sharp wink-and pushed his slick cockhead back into my tight ass-ring.

Blind Arousal

gay-male raymondbarker 2018-03-21

Blind people across the archipelago work as masseuses and masseurs – it is one profession they can do in a country which has little or no welfare and even the able-bodied find hard to traverse. To my disquiet, blood began to stir, especially when Rafik ran his rough, stained hands around my buttocks, grabbing them and working them in slow, wide circles, my anus blinking a little with each outward push. After I saw his nose twitch at the release, my eyes rolled back and then I too was a blind man, one with cum spurting onto his stomach and chest, a blind man writhing on a grimy bed as the masseur kept on with his work, folding forward to stroke the loins, each push somehow coinciding with a gush from my cock.

Cub's Massage Adventures Continue

gay-male DampBoxers 2018-03-03

I captured his cock and began massaging it more feeling it engorge while enjoying his work on me. Jimmy seemed to enjoy the attention and kind of lingered working on the muscles from the shoulders up into the neck before moving on. From there he began working the arms and we continued with the mutual touch a bit less. He then worked the full length of my legs using a variety of deeper pressure and such a light stroke that you barely felt the touch. He spread his legs a bit further and I could feel that he was pretty moist and seemed to be enjoying the attention I was providing him with.

Working Alongside Each Other Ch. 02

gay-male Ponty2 2018-02-03

I slipped down to my knees and took off his shorts, folded them and then knelt between his legs taking him in my lips, first I let him slip over my tongue very slowly, then my tongue lapped under the tip of his cock, massaging the vee in the stretched gland, now I was no hurry and neither was he, I could tell from his face that I had learnt exactly how he liked it. He gestured for me to turn around and I knelt across his lap, one knee either side facing him, again I guided him into me, it was so easy this time, it felt very natural, he pulled me into towards him and we kissed, we kissed and he fucked me, I made love to him and he fucked me.

First Gay Massage 3rd Meeting

gay-male bendigoboy 2017-12-23

Lifting my mouth from him for only a moment, I said I felt the same, that I wanted to please him, to get his cock hard and wet by swallowed him before taking his length inside my eager arse again. With my desire to cum heard, Greg picked up the pace, pumping his mouth up and down my quivering cock, taking it from tip to base over and over when suddenly I grabbed his head, pulled him to the base of my cock as I thrust up into him, grunting loudly and unloading what felt like the biggest load I had ever cummed down his eager throat. We kept this sucking and fucking for some time until Greg took his mouth from me, stroked my cock, looked back at me and said my fingers fucking his arse felt good but my cock would feel better.

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 01

gay-male ScotishGuy 2017-12-04

As he spoke, I was casually stroking my cock, aware that I was quite turned on at the thought of being surrounded by so many naked men. I hesitated as my hand moved down his chest and over his firm stomach to finally grip his cock. It felt so nice to feel both cocks in my hand. I lay on the bed as I felt Ronnies hands stroking my ass, slowly his finger gently moved towards my asshole. His hands went to grip my thighs and he kept thrusting deeper and deeper with his cock. Ronnie's cock had felt fantastic inside me. I got off Ronnie, giving his cock a final slow kiss and went to the bathroom to wash myself.

Curiosity... And the Massage Continues

gay-male DampBoxers 2017-11-05

As he continued to work on my back, he seemed to extend his strokes further than I recalled from the prior massage – covering more of my back and grazing the top of my ass cheeks each time. Once he had me in the position he wanted, he moved up the table a bit so he could lower his mouth further and began lightly sucking on my dick between my thighs followed by running his tongue up the shaft across my balls and on up into my crack. To add a bit more distraction after a bit, I felt him lean over my back and butt again feeling his stubble along the cheeks of my ass followed by a light sweeping of his tongue from top to bottom while lightly teasing my dick with his other hand.