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Nude Beach in Berlin

gay-male Calandala 2018-06-21

There were a few people scattered on the beach in front of me but I noticed the sign above my head which pointed right saying FKK. I’m not one for piss play but this was turning me on, that’s why I didn’t flinch when I felt the warm liquid hit me like hard rain. It felt like the shower was pelting my hole but I could feel the muscles loosening to the power of the water. I felt my arse stretching, the cock sliding back and forth through my anus, the cock sliding over my tongue and ramming the back of my throat, the water hitting me from the shower, the vibrations over my whole body as I moaned in pleasure.

Surprise Love

gay-male luckyone007 2018-06-19

"I know that!" I looked up at his lunch table and saw him laughing with his friends. I pulled my hand away and ran to the bus, my pens falling, not thinking Kyle had my notebook. But aren't you going to pin my stories up at school and let me die of embarrassment?" I opened the door and we walked in. "Do you want something to drink?" I asked him. At the bottom of all my underwear." I could hear him open the drawer and shuffle through the box of condoms to find the right size. "Same here." He got up and pulled me with him into the shower, turned on the hot water and we stood kissing. If you liked it let me know.


gay-male DavidB 2018-06-18

Tuesday morning I was woken from a phone call from my father, "Hey Eric, I forgot to mention that Dan's son Ray is coming to everyday from today until next week tuesday to fix the jungle." Ray was Dan's (My fathers' Business Partner) son, he also went to my School before we had graduated before the summer. "Er-Uh Ray rather not, see I gotta look after my dads house." I said, escaping the topic of me drinking at this hour. Ray put the empty beer bottle into my hand and pulled out his iPod, put the earphones in and went back to work, all while I stood there like an idiot. It was him, looking identical like yesterday, dripping with sweat and cap backwards, this time with two open beers in his hand.

Colin's Noisy Neighbour

gay-male clum 2018-06-15

Wiping himself down with a nearby towel that was destined for the laundry room already, he got up and groped about his desk for his iPod. The noise from next door had ceased, but Colin had known Stephen to go up to four times in one night, or at the very least continue to orally pleasure his 'friend' until the wee hours, so he pushed in the headphones and before long had drifted off with the sound of Ultravox (his favourite) in his ears. "Yeah, but it's hard to find time to do the work when your 'social life' is as hectic as mine, if you know what I mean," Stephen said with more than a hint of innuendo as he pulled his t-shirt off, giving Colin another good look at that magnificent torso.

In the Jimjilbang

gay-male JuneFernan 2018-06-12

I wasn’t too disappointed, as my chances with Jane were slim anyways, and when we met up with Julian at the beach, he turned out to be a nice and charming guy who didn’t suck up all the attention from the girls. Julian seemed to have his own post-showering routine, as he flexed his arms and legs a few times and began applying some kind of strange oil to his face and chest. Even though we wouldn’t be able to sleep next to the girls, I was somewhat excited by the notion of sleeping right around the corner from the showers, where Julian and I had plenty of space and privacy to talk until late at night.

Asian Man in a Bathhouse Part 1

gay-male jchoi2003 2018-06-11

While removing my articles of clothing and wrapping the white towel around my waist, I couldn't help sneaking in my first looks at other cocks that were exposed in the locker room. As I left the locker room, I felt the responsible thing to do was to take a quick shower and clean up. I quickly washed the soap off from my face and was presented with a young white lad who was also enjoying his cleaning. My neighbor noticed my gazes and smiled at me as he started to rub his cock with his left hand while motioning attention to his cock with his right hand. As I massaged his cock, he moaned with pleasure as he closed his eyes beneath the raining shower water.

The Jake Stories: Chapter 1

gay-male freeandeasy 2018-06-10

I didn't mean to look but I glanced up as he said something and there he was, standing next to me with his towel, his long smooth cock hanging down about twelve inches from my face. I looked down and Ted's smooth cock was boned completely and at least seven inches long and thicker than I would have thought. I was starting to get the idea and wasn't feeling like it was a good one when all of a sudden he grabbed me tight, pressing me into the wall and his cock, slick with my cum, snaked into my ass with a single savage thrust.


gay-male LarsKaiden 2018-06-07

The warm water felt like a stream of energy trickling over my body. I felt happy that I’d finally come to the realization that I wasn’t like the others. When he caught my eye, I looked away, feeling embarrassed. He took the bottle of soap from my hands and lathered my chest while I stood there, eyes closed. The touch of his hands on my body was like none I’d ever felt. I’d never touched another man’s cock and yet it felt somehow familiar and different at the same time. I stroked it a few times, feeling the ridges of his shaft slide beneath my fingers. I wanted to give him the same sensation as I’d felt from him, but he was on a mission.

Working Out Doctor

gay-male Roberto48 2018-06-07

Hidden to the eye, his cock was not hard yet, but had started to grow; I could feel its warmth and softness, the foreskin covering the head, and the balls hanging down. The cock felt hard, but pliable at the same time and I kept stroking it for a while, until lust got the better of me: I unsheathed the head for one last time, leaned towards it, parted my lips and took Dave’s dick into my mouth. Oblivious to my thoughts, Dave had started swinging his hips back and forth, slowly fucking my mouth: I could hear his loud moans punctuated now and then by a few “Oh, Bob” and “Yeah, babe.”

Showering with a Stranger

gay-male drenchme 2018-06-06

“Hi, I’m Lewis.” He said confidently through that gorgeous smile that I couldn’t help but notice, despite my mental protests. Paying particular attention to my cock, which had twitched and grown slightly; due to the combination of the hot water falling on it and the irreplaceable thoughts of what my current shower buddy had been up to previously after a workout. My mouth switched attention to his shaft, kissing up from the base along the left side of his cock around the head before licking back down the right side to his short pubic fuzz. I began to suck him off hard and fast, my tongue lapping at the underside of his cock, bobbing my head back and forth whilst stroking his curved shaft.

First Gay and Speedo Experience for Eighteen Year Old

gay-male speedodave 2018-06-06

I loved seeing people staring at us, three hot guys in such small swim suits!!! Then all of a sudden when I was staring at the Israeli guy he smiled at me and put his fingers into the sides of his speedo and started sliding it down. Then, wow, I thought I would faint, the guy behind me went to his knees, rubbed my ass, then slowly started to pull my speedo off. When he got the speedo down and my cock was free the Israeli guy slowly went to his knees in front of me. My first time - started by noticing just how hot these guys were in their tiny speedos!!!

Sex for notes

gay-male leoalxnder 2018-06-06

Don't get me wrong I love gay sex, but I don't usually find guys attractive, with the exception of Trent. Trent walked into the furthest shower section from the door. I walked in and turned the shower head adjacent to him on. A couple seconds after I turned on the shower I pushed him against the wall and started making out with him. I turned around and started to bend down, while letting my nice butt brush against his stomach. He inserted his cock into my ass and started fucking. As the guy pulled out of my mouth I couldn't help but make a hmmmm sound, because his cum tasted so good.

Changing Room Fun

gay-male rfvtgbyh 2018-06-03

I knew they had heard me moaning and from the way I was walking probably thought I had been fucked up the ass. For the second time in two days I quickly dressed and ran from the swimming pool without seeing my lifeguard on the way out. Being in another toilet cubicle got me horny again, I stuck a finger against my ass hole slowly stroking it and wondering what his whole cock would have felt like. The next morning we left that campsite, but now anytime I enter a toilet cubicle or a changing room I feel the urge and have to blow my load thinking of my 26 year old lifeguard.

Raw Hunger (part 3)

gay-male SosaGood 2018-05-27

Once more pain racked Shay's body as his hole was stretched even farther, but it didn't last as Caleb took Shayton's shaft in hand and began to knead. Pushing inward, Shay's body trembled with the pain-pleasure the action brought, but soon he became lost in the primal dance as they began to move as one. The friction of Caleb's rod rubbing his slick, interior walls soon had Shay squeezing down as he came in a rush of salty-sweet liquid. Feeling Shay's ass close around his swollen manhood had Caleb shouting Shayton's name as he came hard and fast; with a final thrust, his semen poured into Shay. The final push was a deep thrust inward as Shay's body trembled and squeezed hard on Caleb's bursting rod.

Gym Bob

gay-male NatureLover 2018-05-27

We entered the room together and locked the door and I suggested that Bob take first shower whilst I relaxed and I would jump in after him, I suppose a look of minor disappointment came across his face, but he said fine and began to undress, taking off his wet vest, trainers and socks before he looked at me seductively as he removed his shorts, revealing his member, semi erect and about 6 inches long, protruding slightly from his toned and shaven body, I smiled as he looked at me and wrapped his hand around it and gave it a couple of pulls before stepping into the large glass shower cubicle.

Shower Lovemaking

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-05-25

I leaned forward a bit and rested my palms on the shower wall in front of me, the water now wetting my hair and rolling over my shoulders and back. I turned back to face the spray still cascading over me and rested my palms on the wall again as he began to methodically but gently scrubbed my shoulders first, then worked his way down my back. With his free hand, he began to lube up his shaft with a body wash we both had found tolerable to use when our showers turned amorous. After a few minutes of feeling my insides lovingly massaged and churned by his manhood, my own sense of ecstasy began to rise to it’s peak.

Shower time fun

gay-male Marko123 2018-05-25

Chaz handed me back the body wash and I started soaping up my cock and balls and rubbing them. Chaz started to harden at the sight and eventually his 8 inch cock was hard and throbbing. I took off my swimming shorts, grabbed my body wash and headed into the showers. This really got me off and I felt a pressure rising within my balls, I let out a small groan and before I knew it I was shooting hot semen, Chaz was knelt down in front of me, catching it in his mouth. I then heard Chaz start moaning and before I knew it his cock was spewing semen into my ass and hitting my prostate.

My aching back led to an aching butt

gay-male Toby 2018-05-24

Soon the door opened and a big guy, 6 feet 6 inces at least, said in a loud but friendly voice - "Come in this house - you look like you could use one of our rooms and hot showers". He said I could massage his ass better if I was between his legs, so I quickly got between the thighs and rubbed my hard cock against his ass. Before I could even think about getting a condom from my room, he pulled a bottle of Eros from under his bed and squeezed it on my cock and his own ass and then pulled my cock to his hole and told me to fuck him as hard as I could.

An Open Door

gay-male xsbelle 2018-05-22

I breathed in as the door closed behind me, letting the smell ghost over my tongue and fill my mouth the way it filled the room. When he finished, he set the bowl on the coffee table, pulled up the legs of his shorts to expose the dark hair of his thighs, then lay back with his hands tucked behind his head. I stopped at the foot of the bed and took a deep breath, hoping the pause would help me gain control, but the smell of his body flooded my nose and sent a wave of pleasure from my balls up to the head of my dick.

2,4,6,8 Never Too Late Ch. 01

gay-male CasparStein 2018-05-12

I'm not blessed with a big cock but it's reasonably thick and looks good sticking out its hard six inches on top of a nice pair of balls framed by a gingery wisp of pubic hair. Looking back I must have wanted to stay there and catch a few glimpses of his brawn in the shower but I wasn't conscious of that at the time. I started tugging at myself as I cupped my balls in the shower trying to avoid making the same telltale noises that had given Barry's game away. I went back to my hotel and globbed a large slick of lube onto the head of my dildo and gave myself a good seeing to whilst thinking about the surfer dude's muscular torso flexing as he drove his cock into me.

Gym Buddies

gay-male mrfallenangelxx 2018-05-12

As I'm running on the treadmill starting to sweat, music playing in my ears, I look up and there in the mirror i see Andrew walking towards the changing room with his bag in hand, i just continue running and watching his every move, just watching the way his jeans just cup his bum cheeks like they were delicate, and how huge his bulge looked, how the jeans cup his balls and cock making it look really tight!

Showered with Pleasure

gay-male spokesnpokes 2018-05-10

As I stood there surrounded by steam and hot water cascading down my body, I thought of Nick and wondered if I would ever experience a feeling like last night again. I started to rinse my hair and felt my cock rise as I continued to think about Nick. "Take it easy, Aaron baby, you owe me a favor remember?" Get that cute ass of yours out of the shower and come over here and suck my dick." I did my best to relax, but cried out in pain when I felt Nick's finger invade my ass. I felt Nick's erection at the top of my ass and held my breath as it neared my waiting hole.

Business & Pleasure Ch. 03

gay-male nero957 2018-05-09

We got out and headed a few feet to the private men's area where I slid off my suit and wrapped a towel around me to hide my cock. Jim said he also saw something unusual, that when he was in Chicago, he went to the pool and after in the shower area, a black older gentlemen in the shower opposite was jerking his 8 or 9 inch cock knowing that Jim was watching, the guy finished unloading every ounce of his juices on the wall. I soaped up my hand and slid it over his rigid cock, gently moving up and down, paying special attention to his throbbing head.

Good Workout at the Gym

gay-male fotobr 2018-05-06

He finished washing his hair, never looking at me directly, just backed into the shower and kept his head down. With out even looking to see if there was anyone else in the hallway leading to the showers or in the next shower section only a few feet away, I dropped to my knees and put that long fat cock in my mouth. His mouth was as hot as the water running over my back and he too, took all of my cock in one stroke. I made me so hard cum was dripping from the head of my cock as the hot water washed it away.