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Forced Straight College Boy

gay-male Dracthyus 2018-06-15

Sam was around a little more, kept asking me how things were going, if I was making friends and meeting people. If you don't start fucking my hand, I'll stop and let you go right away, in just a minute." "You like it," Sam said, as he sped up his hand a little. His sucking, licking mouth brought that tingle from the tip of my cock all the way to the back of my ball sack, and I knew it was going to happen. He released my throat and grabbed my hips in both hands, fucking me like his bitch. Do you want me to suck your cock first, or would you just like to fuck me in the ass?

Day of the Gila Monster

gay-male Randall_Austin 2017-12-25

But the fears of disappointing his brothers abated when Ty turned off the main desert highway they had been on and went down a rough, unpaved, road named, 'Gila Valley Road', and Ty looked at Marty and smiled, "This is where the trek begins, at our old friend Castel's oasis and hideaway." One of the brown faced young men who accompanied Castel, and who looked like a sophisticated gentleman, spoke Arizona English without an Hispanic accent, and he took up the conversation, "Come on everyone. As the Hispanics took the bound Dale to where the rest of the captured men were secured, and started securing his arms to the overhead grid work, Ty looked at Castel, anxious.

Eastern Delights

gay-male IAmThePuppetMaster 2017-11-10

And so, with Vikas' 19th birthday approaching and Bodie setting off on a backpacking trip around India with his buddies, it came to be that these perfectly opposite boys from opposite ends of the worlds would come to meet. It was the way Vikas would stroke Bodie's face with just his fingertips, tickling him with a smile both adoring and comfortably superior. Vikas shuffled his feet back into his shoes and snapped his fingers, commanding Bodie to follow him upstairs. Vikas looked on with wide, ecstatic eyes while the young man yelped in conflicted pleasure, finally falling on his hands and slumping his humiliated face against his cruel teen master's shoes.