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The Russian Way

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

Geny was very impressed, and after kicking his shoes off was soon bouncing up and down on the bed, like a small boy. Geny looked at me with a malevolent expression before asking, “Do you like it rough Petrich?” Geny had a lovely body, but like his face there were numerous scars all over him. Turning his body around and facing away from my head, he sat on my back and began tantalising my hole with the disgusting object. After lifting his torso a short while later, Geny swiftly extracted the plug out my arse before replacing it with his large cock. Slumping onto me after Geny asked, “Do you like the Russian way Petrich?”

His Slave Boy 'Good Wife'

gay-male keptsissy 2018-03-02

I feel him grip my finger tight and rise up on his toes as I push my fist up into the crack of his butt, my knuckles and fist holding him up high on the tips of his toes. I feel the tip of his tongue licking the hole of my cock, feel his hands on the back of legs just below my cheeks holding me in place as him cleans me, sucks me like the hungry little bitch he is. I cum all over myself thinking about the way he looked up on his toes with my cock up his rear end so far that he could not come back down onto the floor.

Grindr Dom.

gay-male IrishLad69 2018-03-01

After ten minutes or so, I just wanted to start, so I told him..."Put your drink on the floor, turn around on your knees, and stick your ass over the edge of the couch towards me." Slowly, I pulled my pants down, letting my cock flop out, right by his face, I could hear him moan as he took it in his mouth. His hole glistened, as I reached over, pushed his face into a pillow with one hand, and used my other hand to pull his arm behind his back, while I slid my fat dick inside him. I pulled out, took the condom off, and sat above his face, his tongue on my ass while I jerked my cock.

Starting from Somewhere

gay-male pretty_little_homo69 2018-03-01

Unbeknownst to them, however, was that as we were watching that girl in the movie get gang banged by four other men, I wanted so badly to be that girl-- kneeling on the floor, surrounded by a ring of cocks, being pulled to my feet and crowded around, passed around and fucked. Since I’m having a hard time getting inside you, I’ll just lie here and let you work this out.” Not knowing how exactly he expected me to do that, I started working my way into reverse cowgirl being careful not to let his cock slip out of my pussy.

Cage Fighter

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-27

During the following week, Wray made a decision to call it a day with his amateur fighting career. Wray started yelping as I began pushing my hand into him. The following week, Wray spent every night at my place. Wray and I agreed to meet at my place after the party and left my parents’ home at the same time. I had mentally prepared for this and bit on the ball-gag with all my might, as Wray started agitating his hand. Next, Wray placed his thumb into the palm of his hand and started pushing into me. Wray kept this up for a few minutes before he began punching my arse as his fist went completely in and out of me.

Outed and Married

gay-male keptsissy 2018-02-26

A woman standing next to her husband leans in and smiles at him, then looks at back at me, then to my boss. As I bounce slightly forward I feel my face turn bright red. "It's not like we don't know you're a faggot sissy boy." And starting next week will dress like the girl he is at the office. I am perfectly and totally exposed in girly girl sissy underpants only. I sit on the arm of his chair and feel his hand go to my butt. I am like his 'trophy', on display now as his cute sissy 'girl'. That, and my announcement that I am engaged so to speak, to this little sissy girl here.

Barber's Pole

gay-male cayenne 2018-02-25

There was just one leather padded adjustable barber’s chair, but the illusion was completed by all the usual trappings – a huge mirror lit from above, clippers, razors, combs, towels, tubs of dressings, styptic pencils and even a display of what appeared to be fine old Fetherlite and Gossamer condom advertisements. On hooks to the side of the chair hung a back mirror, a razor strop and somewhat incongruously, a school cane. In truth, I’d been caned at school rather a lot and began to enjoy the invigorating sting of the rattan. I did as I was told, bending back over the barber’s chair, slyly catching a quick glimpse of my reddened arse in the mirror.

Tim, the Sissy Bi-Husband

gay-male torpedoman 2018-02-24

Tom tensed up, his legs shot straight out, his cock increased in girth, his balls contracted and then he released his man juice with great fury directly into Tim’s waiting mouth. When Tom finally stopped coming, Tim took Tom’s cock and used it to scoop the remaining cum from his face back to his mouth. He placed Tim’s stocking covered legs over his shoulders, placed his fat cockhead to his opening and in one quick motion drove his entire cock all the way in Tim’s willing man pussy. Tom fucked Tim for a long time before he was able to drench Tim’s rectum with another load of hot thick man seed.

Master Erik

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-22

After observing me for a long while he said “You know I’m going to fuck you tonight,” as he tweaked my other nipple slightly harder. Erik then approached me before put an identical skullcap on my head, before a thick studded dog collar was placed around my neck. “Now it’s time to teach you some manners,” he said sitting on the bed and pulling my body into him, with my legs on either side of his left knee. Pulling it out a while later Erik delightfully proclaimed, “Fuck yeah… look at that gaping hole. We lay like that for some time before he got up proclaiming, “The time for your final subjugation has arrived.” As Erik began lubricating his hand and arm, I went into a state of shock.

Fort Lauderdale

gay-male snowboy 2018-02-22

I caught Grant smiling and staring at my semi hard cock. Grant said, “Your girl is going to enjoy that cock.” The girls left, Grant and I walked back to his bar so he could get his keys to head home. Grant caught me looking at his cock. He said, “Oh, look who discovered they like a hard cock in his hole”. This pushed Grant over the edge and he began to concentrate only on laying waste to my hole and pounding my ass. Grant told me to open and take care of his cock. I shook Grants hand and said my goodbyes and left for sleep and an interesting flight back to the west coast.

Afternoon Encounter

gay-male Totem 2018-02-22

I wasted no time in getting the condom on to my cock, and immediately positioned myself behind Ray and between his spread legs so I could start fucking that splendid ass of his.  After a couple of false starts, I finally found the position that was going to permit this in spite of the difference in our sizes.  I inserted only the head of my cock into his ass, but the tight muscles soon relaxed enough, and I sank the rest of my cock deep into his asshole.

A Kept Sissy Boy

gay-male keptsissy 2018-02-21

He knows he can fuck me, use my mouth and rear end whenever and however he wants. I feel his cum drip from my throbbing rear end, feel it push out of me as I start to quiver, feel it slightly run down the inside of the crack of my butt and down my right inner thigh. I hurry to my hands and knees, start to lick up the puddle of cum on floor behind the whipping horse. He sips his beer, stands naked in my hallway looking down at me on my hands and knees in front of him with his soft but still large cock in my mouth.

Seth and the Barbarian

gay-male CleoDerse 2018-02-20

"And that's because I like to see that sweet little arse jiggle!" Dearg laughed, and in the wake of that laugh his cock head plunged into Seth's oil-slick, craving hole. An amused snort from behind him, then Dearg's hands tightened about Seth's waist and dragged him backwards, impaling him on the rest of his cock, forcing past all resistance to sheath himself to the balls. "You want more of my seed in you, whore?" The barbarian climbed up with him and rammed himself home within Seth, sinking his cock in halfway in one determined thrust then continuing without a pause, seating himself deep inside Seth until he pulled Seth's ass, tender and pink from the spankings, right up against his hips. He plunged in to the balls and gave a couple insistent, short thrusts, making Seth feel the heavy head of his cock wedged deep inside him.

The Alley

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-19

Happy that the ensemble was contented, Bobby pushed Chuck against the wall before their hands got to work on one another’s dicks. Buster, as he would come to know, was a ‘poser.’ A pumped-up gym bunny that couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper packet and Bobby instinctively knew that he could snap him like a twig. Once they got to the motel room Buster asked for a beer. As Bobby looked at Buster’s magnificent body and the incredible bubble butt that awaited him on the bed, his mouth watered. Bobby let Buster squeal for several seconds before stating; “Now you now know your place, bitch… who’s your fucking daddy?”

Cherry Busting

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-19

As Roland took hold of Rusty’s knob he watched in awe as the cock began expanding in girth. Roland then commenced pushing a second finger into Rusty’s hole and in anticipation of a possible overreaction, really began smacking Rusty’s backside very hard. Next, Roland gripped hold of the skin above Rusty’s arse and as his fingers compressed the flesh, he commenced pulling Rusty onto his cock manically. After slowly removing his dick, he said, “Don’t move, Rusty, just stay exactly as you are.” Roland now walked to the cupboard and selected a nice sized butt plug. Rusty’s more powerful hands also clamped Roland’s backside far harder, and Roland knew that he would be sporting the bruises of their encounter for a few days.

Behind The Beaded Curtain Of A Sleazy ’70s Sex Shop

gay-male cayenne 2018-02-19

“Is there a lot of demand for this homo stuff?” Peter asked Rick. That night, young Peter was shown a lot of uncensored material, and ended up sleeping with Rick upstairs in the damp flat above the shop. Soon Rick returned from the bedroom with a swishy rattan school cane in his hands. It hurt like the blazes, but Peter was pleased to hear the cane clatter on the floor as the sergeant threw it down with a grunt. Over the next few days and weeks, Peter couldn’t decide if he’d enjoyed the sex and caning he’d endured courtesy of hunky cop Mark. And it so happened that there were also threesomes where Peter’s bottom entertained both Rick and Sergeant Mark.

Second Honeymoon

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-18

Ruth was married to a farmer named Waldo, and their twin sons Hans and Dirk were nineteen years of age. The following morning during our shower, I felt Hans insert his finger into my backside as we paired off to wash each other’s backs. With their arms totally enfolding me Hans continued fucking my butt while Dirk passionately kissed me. As Hans started cumming I could feel Dirk’s arms manically pulling his bothers backside towards my arse. Waldo was gentle at first, but soon gripped my head in a vice like hold and began face-fucking me. Waldo liked it rough, and my face and arse got regularly slapped by his huge hands.

Sodom Eyes ( Part 4 ) -- Glass Dance

gay-male DuncanDix 2018-02-17

William must have known that I needed release, because he took my dick in his hand and with two or three strokes I was shooting my jism all onto the sheets, and screaming at the top of my lungs, and my ass clenched down on the glass invader, and tried to force it out of my ass, but because the knob was so big, it wouldn't just come out, and I knew if it did, it would shoot clear across the room, so while in the throes of the most powerful orgasm of my life, that glass head just strained against my ass lips, while the muscles strained back.

Little Sex Toy Ch. 05

gay-male keptsissy 2018-02-14

Tasted my salty tears washed away, his urine the only taste in my mouth I felt myself give into this new 'talent', opened my throat wide and let him just piss right down it into my stomach. I know that." He took his hand off me, ran his index finger up between my naked legs, up over my throbbing balls and up the length of my penis. We're going to show off your new trick, should probably try it at least one more time before we leave the house just make sure you learned real good." He cupped my cheek, ran his fingers up the crack of my rear. I saw my felt my little erection go completely hard and start to throb as I looked down at it.

St Mary's - Part One

gay-male bareboy22 2018-02-11

Alex couldn't imagine the army insisting on naked swimming in the school pool followed each boy toweling-off their best friend, as he had experienced this morning, although he couldn't rule it out. "Now, to show the other boys you are to be left alone, I have a special gift for you, young Alex,'' said Hampton. Alex was still naked from the waist down, and Hampton, with a smile he couldn't quite work out, motioned him to lift his shirt again and slipped it over his penis and balls. You and I are going to have a very close relationship, young man," said Hampton, with that smile again.

Der Arbeiter-Sauna

gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-11

Without pause Dieter lifted Tommy off his seat and after clamping Tommy’s body in his right arm, his left hand drew Tommy’s head towards his lips. Not long after, Tommy’s body was turned and as he felt torso being pushed downwards, Max’s strong hands took hold of his head, completing Tommy’s journey towards Max’s pungent crotch. Axel also began to lick Tommy’s head, occasionally turning it from side to side as he leisurely pummelled Tommy arse. Tommy and Markus toyed with one another’s cocks, as Herman began his unhurried entrance into Tommy’s arse. Not long after that, Markus began orchestrating matters by suggesting that Herman lie on the bunk, and that Tommy impale himself on Herman’ knob.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-10

I saw ‘Geil Slave’ nod his head before the good looking man stepped back and began slapping his bubble-butt with meaning. As ‘Geil Slave’ yelped, it was as if a fuck-switch had been turned on, because the four men to my right, and the two guys on the opposite side of the room, all got stuck into one another. After ten mighty slaps, the good looking man again moved behind ‘Geil Slave’ and whispered in his ear, before the two of them departed. Shortly my right leg was lifted and his long uncut cock slithered its way into my freshly fucked hole.

Scene Two at the Boarding School

gay-male torpedoman 2018-02-09

Eric reached out, turned the shower off with one big hand, and with the other pushed down on my shoulder. “Timmy I want you to kiss my cock then suck it until I cum down your throat.” His cock head was just an inch from my mouth. Josh told me to soap up my ass with shampoo and then add some to his hard cock. Josh pushed hard as soon as the tip of his cock was at my opening. Brady reached out and filled his hands with my hair as he pulled my head to his meaty cock. It was difficult to keep Brady’s cock in my mouth because Josh was pounding me so hard.


gay-male Tuppie 2018-02-09

When I eventually left an hour later, as I was about to enter my apartment block, I heard Bull calling after me. I endured ten minutes of submitting to his frantic grinding, and oral onslaught, before he commanded, “Time to turn boy, I want to pound your pussy.” Lifting off me, Bull sat back allowing me to turn over. Minutes later, Bull growled as he unburdened his frustrated sap into my backside. Bull felt, that he and his wife were like two ships passing in the night. When we returned to my bedroom later, although the sex was far less hectic, Bull maintained his dominance. Like his wife, Bull also got to enjoy his own hobby.