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Being used on Vacation

gay-male DavidB 2018-12-01

I went straight back to his member and I tasted the salty precum on his head, I kept going at his cock and I could tell eric was close his breathing was loud, almost too loud as I was afraid that Jarrod or Bryan might hear us. He pulled out and slid off the condom in record time, he told me to "make it happen" I got on the floor and Eric sat on the bed, I was licking his cock and letting all my saliva drip down his cock when he reached the point of no return and the jets of jizz hit my face and chest.

A Different Kind of Brother-In-Law

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-11-30

I don’t know what that triggered in Val, but he rose up and bent over and took most of my cock in his mouth in one gulp, pushing my hand all the way down to the base. I grabbed hold of his head and helped him go down as far as he could at the same time thrusting my cock up into his mouth as far as I could. He kissed my still mostly hard cock and licked it and sucked it some more like he couldn’t let it go. Still lying with his face inches from my cock Val said, “God, it’s been a long time since I did that.

Bi Teen Club Chapter 1

gay-male BiHottie69 2018-11-29

I never got around to saying 'weird' because he suddenly dropped to his knees in front of me and took my cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around my head. He was giving such a good blow job that I forgot where I was and begun to slowly thrust my hips, like I sometimes do when me and my girlfriend are feeling particularly dirty. Dougie continued to suck my cock, occasionally licking all the way up the underside of my 9 inch hard on. Having been invited to fuck him hard, I began pounding his ass, my balls slapping against his ass with every thrust, which also elicited a grunt from Dougie.

A cock-filled Cruise

gay-male Marko123 2018-11-29

Kris started undressing in the lounge while I turned on the TV, as he took of his underwear I noticed what a good looking guy he was, he had short black hair, nice blue eyes and an amazing smile. I got out of bed and forgot I was stark naked, I quickly grabbed a towel and caught Rob having a good look,“You can’t afford this” I joked and turned to walk into the bathroom. Finally I felt his cock swell in my mouth and before I knew it Rob was moaning fiercely and I was having steady strings of his hot salty cum hit the back of my throat.

My Brother's Fuck Toy...Me

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-11-26

I couldn't stop staring at his large cock and I answered, barely processing the question, "Yes, you should coat her face with your cum." "I mean, I'd like to really fuck her face," Johnny continued, "I love the slobbery sounds of a mouth hungry to please." "I need a mouth on my cock, baby brother." Johnny said firmly with intent as he looked directly into my eyes. "Oh yeah, Mom. Suck your boy's cock," Johnny moaned, his eyes closed and imagining it was Mom and not his brother bobbing on his hard meat. After a couple more minutes of hard fucking, he grunted, "I'm going to come baby brother," and shot his hot load into my tight ass.

The Locked-Out Neighbour

gay-male AshkeJ 2018-11-24

I briefly debated putting on some trousers but then figured what the hell – if someone wants to knock at the front door ten minutes after I've got home from work then they'll just have to put up with me in my white Calvins and shirt. My hot as fuck straight neighbour with no shirt on. My hot as fuck straight neighbour with no shirt on who my wife and I both want to fuck. I kind of grinned as I thought about what she'd said, and felt my Calvins get that little bit tighter. As I did so I almost dropped the damn bottles as he was stood there leaning against the fridge, smiling.

Straight Surfers Experiment in Speedos

gay-male speedodave 2018-11-22

And though I loved women and fuckin’ women – that moment when you slide into a wet pussy has to be one of the best around – I didn’t want responsibility and all that stuff. He was amazin’ly handsome, with thick curly brown hair bleached tan at the ends by salt and the sun; pale blue eyes, a straight, thin aristocratic nose, the kind of chin which still looks good even when you get jowls, a dancer’s neck column, shoulders like Superman, and pecs to match. Mattie took one look at my face and asked, “Everythin’ OK, Jamie?”

Confessions of a Straight Guy: Part 2

gay-male str8butcurious 2018-11-18

Flicking one with his tongue while pinching the other with his hand that wasn't stroking the outline of my now very hard cock through my jeans. I flipped him over on the couch, which was fairly easy with a guy his size, and started working my way down in a similar fashion as he did to me. I flicked his nipples with my tongue, kissed his torso as I worked my way down to new territory. When I went up after multiple times, I stayed with just the dead of his cock in my mouth and flicked it around with my tongue. I quickly worked my way back down to his cock and continued the pattern and rhythm that I'd found the previous time.

Tricked by my best mate

gay-male Marko123 2018-11-15

As he did this I noticed my cock starting to become firm and push against the tight fabric of my little pink shorts. I looked at Tom and he nodded at me so I forced my hand down the front of his body suit to lubricate the space between his underwear and his costume. I bent down to pick up my shorts but just as I was about to pick then up I felt Toms hands grasp around my hips and his throbbing cock pressing into my ass. I could feel the erection growing between my legs and I decided that I also had sexual feeling for Tom. I turned around to face him and grabbed his hard 10 inch cock.

Huey and Me

gay-male AshkeJ 2018-11-14

Well, it would have if I wasn't too drunk to see right there and then what was going through Huey's head. One hand stayed there, the other slipped up to his neck, pushed its way through his hair and held the back of his head. I leaned forward and kissed him again, hard, before moving down his body, leaving a slick trail across his chest and down to his cock. He'd change from furious fucking to slowly sliding almost all the way out, teasing the very outer edges of my ass with the slick tip of his cock before slamming it back in. Huey was still laying on the sofa, but he'd wiped my cum off his body and had one arm bent backwards, his head resting against his hand.

St Mary's - Part One

gay-male bareboy22 2018-11-12

Alex couldn't imagine the army insisting on naked swimming in the school pool followed each boy toweling-off their best friend, as he had experienced this morning, although he couldn't rule it out. "Now, to show the other boys you are to be left alone, I have a special gift for you, young Alex,'' said Hampton. Alex was still naked from the waist down, and Hampton, with a smile he couldn't quite work out, motioned him to lift his shirt again and slipped it over his penis and balls. You and I are going to have a very close relationship, young man," said Hampton, with that smile again.

Straight Cocksucker Ch. 02

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-11-11

I again returned to the comedian but so distracted by the thought of sucking a college guy's cock I wasn't really listening, even though I had no idea if he was even a college student. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted to do suck a college guy's cock. The first cock I sucked was small in comparison and he came very quickly with me never taking more than a couple of inches in my mouth. This time though, with a firm hand on my head, I slowly tried to take more and more of his stiff cock in my mouth, but gagged at first not used to having anything go so deep in my throat.

The Locked-Out Neighbour: Part 2 - The Evening Continues

gay-male AshkeJ 2018-11-07

I love looking at her face, her tits, at my slickly lubed cock as it pumps in and out of her sticky cunt or between her lips. I'm not sure how long I stood there before I heard a door bang and, peering out the window, saw Warren leap the low fence that stood between our gardens, still wearing his running outfit. As he spoke he leaned forward and I felt his hardness, still sheathed by his running shorts, press against my ass. His fingers reached down and gently stroked my hair, but instead of going to his cock I slipped down and under his balls. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and kissed down his length, before licking and gently sucking on his balls.

My New Brother-In-Law

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-11-06

Rodney apologized, said he didn’t know I was home, that he was looking for the fly swatter, all of that tumbling out in a confused few seconds. I got up on my knees, turned to face Rodney, straddled his left leg, bent forward, opened my mouth and went as far down on his dick as I could. After several minutes of doing that Rodney began jacking his dick while I was sucking on the top half. When I started sucking it he placed his hand on my head and pushed his dick in and out of my mouth in a fucking motion. Rodney pulled his dick out of my mouth and was jacking off too.

I Take The Big Step And Go Meet The Guy I Met Onli

gay-male floridaguy2001 2018-11-04

I looked down and saw his big black hands rubbing my cock up and down pulling the skin back and forth exposing the head, my cock is average size about 7 inches long but extremely thick, 7 inches in circumference and mike was enjoying playing with it. I watched him grimace as he pushed my cock all the way in, what an amazing sight my white cock against his black ass looked great as I slowly started to fuck him. As I said that, mike who was jerking off exploded all over my stomach, I bent down and took his cock in my mouth as he continued to cum while my cock was buried in his ass.

Mistaken Identity

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-10-29

"Oh yeah, I always love it when suit and tie rich white boys can't wait to drop to their knees and gobble up black cock," he continued, continuing to enjoy the racial aspect of this act. Oddly, as I looked at the big juicy black cock, as I tasted his cum still lingering in my mouth, I knew I was. in both senses," he ordered, as he pulled his cock out of Wally's mouth and said, "You'll get a week's fix of black dick tonight, cock suckers." He put his dick away and walked out chuckling to himself, "Dad and son cock suckers, and they're mine!

My Bi Fantasy Part 2

gay-male 2018-10-02

"Er just got a bit short there mate, hmm nice day isnt it?" What a lame thing to say, I thought, it must have been bleedin obvious what I was up to. "Dont mind me mate" He said, "just carry on with your run" he then paused, looked down at my bulge and said "Unless you want to watch me having a little tinkle!" Steve took hold of mine and we began mutually masturbating each other. All of a sudden i just dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He greedly knelt down and began sucking my dick like a fucking vacuum cleaner, before I knew it I'd filled his mouth with creamy jism. No woman had ever come close to sucking my cock like that.

King Cock! Ch. 01

gay-male dirtyword 2018-10-01

I took a step back and I looked into Eddie's eyes and I said, "Just watch. Eddie and I looked on as my dick started to grow in length and in girth. The head of my cock begins to peek out of my foreskin and the veins start to show up on the shaft of my meat. Eddie finally looks up into my eyes and says, "Fuck, that is the biggest fattest cock I have ever seen. A huge rope of cum shoots out of my cock and lands on the crotch of Eddie's pants. I look down and see Eddie's hard dick is outlined through his pant leg. As I watch Eddie clean off his pants, I see a growing wet spot at the head of his dick.

Oiled and Used

gay-male GGandG 2018-09-27

Robert told his brother to wait and he went over and talked to a particularly large man, shirtless wearing a leather vest and ass-less chaps, and red jockstrap with a huge bulge. Scott didn't know why but watching the image of this huge man do what looked like sodomy from the angle in the mirror, it was really turning him on. Charlie smiled, "He's getting his ass-fucked, what does it look like." He pulled out his cock a little then thrust hard, making Scott loudly exclaim "UH!" Your asshole feels so good wrapped around my huge cock." And with that Charlie started really fucking Scott's ass while his brother and the group walked away in disgust.

Best Buddies

gay-male NattySoltesz 2018-09-25

I kept thinking about that threesome we had, and it wasn't the first time I'd thought about it, but finally I mentioned it and asked if he ever thought about it and he said "Duh, it was hot," and I laughed and agreed. "It's not hard to imagine that mouth would feel really good right now," he said and then it was just like, fuck it, let's do it again. And we were still laughing about it as we did it but when I finally did get it in all the way and pull back and thrust in again he gave this little groan, like it felt so good for him.

The Best of Friends Pt. 02

gay-male tvdude17 2018-09-23

Since my newfound desire for dick I fondly remembered all the times Jerry would pick me up and sling me over his shoulders, messing around. A closer look and it was Suzanne, her moaning muffled by one of Jerry's strong hands. Luckily, in that moment both Suzanne's muffled scream and Jerry's muffled grunt betrayed Franz wasn't the only one orgasming. Whether the sex was any good was irrelevant, Franz had to let me and Jerry know that he was a master at fucking Suzanne. Jerry started bucking his hips, I had expected him to go as hard as he did with Suzanne, but it appeared that everything changed once he was inside.

Room Service

gay-male lorimer82 2018-09-22

After 2 or 3 minutes more sucking in this position, I realised Andy had sat up on the bed, and was starting to buck his hips in rhythm with my bobbing head. Andy was stroking his shaft and gently tea-bagging his balls into my mouth, moaning and smirking at the tingling feeling I was producing in his scrotum, I sucked on his little eggs, licking and nibbling on his sack the way I wished my girlfriends had done for me – most girls don't seem to like sucking balls but I've fantasied about having mine sucked good – I guess it was the same for Andy and he was enjoying this treat.

New Roommate

gay-male ozzietosser 2018-09-21

The problem Nathan had is that he'd assumed he was going to be sharing with his best mate Brendan. Nathan was one of the best looking guys on the team and Jay had always held a small hope that he'd get to see a little more of this particular team mate. "Well," Jay said, breaking the awkwardness, "I'm going to have that shower now," he grabbed his towel and headed into the bathroom. He relaxed and let his cock be enveloped by the soft, wet lips and he knew it wouldn't be long before he couldn't hold off any longer. He felt his cum working its way up his long shaft and let out a deep, involuntary moan as the first shot fired from his cock.

Horrible Day, Turned Gay?

gay-male HeatherAnne12 2018-09-21

Thoughts swirling in my head as I realized this was it, I was going to be shot in this alley on the worst day of bad days. I began to suck trying to pull the rest of his cock into my mouth while pressing my tongue against the shaft. I kept sucking now moving up and down on his cock, and swirling my tongue around his thick head. I felt the gun slip away from my head and without taking his cock out of my mouth I looked up at him. This got a low deep growl out of him and I felt my cock leak a little pre-cum at the sound. I focus on the head of his cock, sucking hard as I swirl my tongue around it.