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Online friend and I finally meet in a tent

gay-male baconbutty 2018-11-10

One day after college and I had booted up the laptop, Max started talking to me as soon as Msn loaded. I was shocked and didn't know what to say, as the thought crossed my mind my cock had started to stir getting stiffer the more I thought about having a cam session with my new online lover.  The dry humping and passionate kissing lasted only a short time until Max made the first move, with kissing and licking down to my erect nipples and then slowly made his way down to my crotch. He kissed my rock hard boner through my boxers, and then slowly tore them off of my waist and down my limber legs paying attention to my thighs with his lips and tongue and then teased me with lapping at my balls.

First Visit to Bookstore booths

gay-male maxam 2018-10-04

As a matter of fact, he said, he wanted to have me suck him and fuck me through the hole several times tonight. I heard Fred murmuring again and he placed his cock through once more, now all large and hard again from my sucking. Fred told me to turn around and watch the porno with my ass against the hole, he wanted to start fucking me. Fred fucked me for a bit and pulled out, said through the hole to just keep my ass there because he wanted to finger fuck me too or use 3 or 4 fingers, but to just enjoy it. He really fucked me hard this time, again groaning loudly before stopping and I could feel his huge cock coming inside me.

A Story from My Youth Pt. 02

gay-male SpeedoLee 2018-05-20

Since my last encounter with Pete we had crossed paths several more times though the end of my final year in High School. Before I reached the door, it opened and Pete's dark-haired date pushed past, clearly really pissed off. I immediately saw Pete sitting on the bed, facing away from me and naked apart from some white briefs pulled loosely up around his hips. He stood up, hand massaging his semi-hard cock over the white briefs that were stretched across the top of his thighs. Pete smiled again, looking down at his growing cock. As I licked him from under his balls to the slit of his dripping cock, I asked "you're hard enough now, Pete."

Tricked & Used

gay-male goforityay 2018-01-30

I felt another hand move across my stomach, my tone abs, and finally start to play with my nipples before it too lowered down to my cock. She put her hands over my eyes and shut them as I turned to sit down, with my head pressed against the wall. I open my eyes in panic to see Austin, my friend, and his cock inches from my face. He pulled his cock out and slowly started to drop his nuts one by one into my mouth. Still on my knees while Austin was standing Jackie came over and told me she was going to show me how to suck him. Then without warning Austin shoved his cock back into my mouth, and Jackie took hold of my face.