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Denial and Acceptance

gay-male onejustforfun 2018-03-14

I positioned my bag and phone on the vanity in such a way to make it look like it was just randomly placed, then quickly made my exit knowing Jeff would be next up for a shower. I knew I didn't have much more time before he would be wondering why I was in the bathroom so long, so I skipped forward in the video to find he was jerking off still with my underwear planted in his face. Jeff said "I don't know, I guess I kind of wondered what it would be like to jerk off with another guy". Jeff looked at my crotch and said "take off your shorts, I'm feeling weird here in my underwear alone".

Mini Bar to the Rescue

gay-male Mr Story Teller 2018-03-11

The look on his face was a picture as for the first time in his life he was stoking another mans cock whilst a stranger explore the contents of his pants, I wrapped my hand around his shaft and admire the girth in my grip and had only one ambition in my mind, I wanted Yan on his back, on the bed and his cock in my mouth. I wanted to kneel beside him and offer my cock to his mouth so quickly I jumped up, kissed him and then knelt right beside him, with my dick only a few inches away from his face it was clear what I had in mind and Yan looked only too pleased to have his first real play with another mans cock.

Helping a friend out again11 years later

gay-male beeee 2018-03-10

as I walked in the house his bed room is next to the front door as I closed the door he walks by naked looking at his ass I said hello he stopped looked at me and said hell back walking towards me reaching out I thought to shake my hand but reached over and grabbed my cock in my short he said we are both adult enough while rubbing my cock i reached and grabbed his for a moment he said go to the living room we can watch porn and play a bit.. I did so made myself at home and got undressed he come in looking up some porn and we sat side by side watching porn we were rubbing each others cock for a bit then asked him what was he interested in he said he remembered the blow job I gave him many years ago and since then he has not had one like it., and wanted another one.

My buddy Jerry

gay-male Jmuncut 2018-03-10

I dropped on my knees grabbed his balls and put his cock in my mouth, slipping my tongue around his gland and sucking the tip tasting his sweet precum. Jerry grab the sides of my head and slowly pushed his cock in deep to the back of my throat. He had me sit in the chair and position himself between my legs he grabbed my cock and began to stroke it rolling the skin back and forth over the gland. Jerry pulled me to the edge of the chair, pushing my legs in the air he started sucking on my balls. Jerry moved back up and started sucking my cock, pushing his finger against my prostrate rubbing it.

Craving Kevins cock

gay-male Igivegr8thead 2018-03-09

I got on my knees and started sucking just the head of it rolling my tongue around it. I got down on my knees and started stroking his cock while using my tongue and mouth on the head. I asked him if anybody had deep throated it and he said yes a gay k** use to come by and suck it and he could. This went on for a good five minutes or more just enjoying sucking on this great cock. I began to really pull suction on his cock and tongued the bottom of his shaft and shortly he moaned loudly and pulled my head down against his body.

First Time Sucking Cock

gay-male 2018-03-08

A few minutes later, I heard a man whisper loudly, “God, that feels so good,” and when I looked over at the glory hole between us, it seemed like I could see the back of a man’s head. Maybe it was because this time I didn’t feel attacked by another man poking his finger through or maybe I had been watching porn for so long that I was looking for something stronger, but for whatever reason, this time, as I looked through that hole, I got really turned on by watching a guy suck another man’s dick.

In the Stall

gay-male 2018-03-08

He really didnt want me to put my lips on his little cock so he gave me a TEN SECOND time limit... He didnt want to have anything with me sucking his cock anymore (but i think he liked it) because he said "is that it ?" If you want to be friends you have to suck my cock for 30 seconds knowing after the 30 seconds i would ask for more, I already had the biggest boner I have ever had.. but 10 seconds in he started getting some tounge all around my cock, he tried stroking my dick with his hand but my cock was too small so he used two fingers, He started deep throating my dick and he was loving it, I didnt tell him when the thirty seconds was up because i knew he liked it.

I'm not Gay

gay-male 2018-03-06

We've both just broken up with people, we both think relationships suck right now, and we both like white wine and Futurama. "See, this is what I'm talking about, Mike," I said, pointing to my boner under the towel. I went over, thinking he had some medical trick for easing sore boners, when he undid my towel and started sucking me off. You're still straight, but right now, while you're in between girlfriends, if ever you need a little help with a boner problem, let me know. I asked if there was any chance he was in the mood for relieving my boner issue, and he ran his hand over his ass and said, "Maybe you'd like to stick that thing somewhere else?"

A camping Trip to remember: More fun with Bud, my

gay-male 11austin 2018-03-05

He did as I said, and before long I had his rock hard erection in my mouth, sucking and licking the huge mushroom like head of his cock. The blowjob was expert as always from him, and as I laid back on the blanket, I felt incredibly relaxed, and then the thought of Billy and Max possibly being a couple like us came into my mind, but I told myself just as much as I was picking up signals on my gaydar, that I’m sure these two country boys were straight as arrows, and I’d just be making life hard on myself by constantly falling for straight boys.

Back With Badger, Say No More!

gay-male alexcarr 2018-03-05

That was fine because I knew after another hour of enjoying his pleasure of me, his pampering of my cock and balls and then my ass, I knew he would be hard again, hard enough to give me a good seeing to, but in the meantime I splendour in the thrill of watching him suck me the way he does, so good and firm, like he was eating me all up, my hard cock all inside his mouth somehow, his cheeks stretched tight, me just laying back on the n=bench for him to enjoy me to the full, his fingers starting to prepare me given a spread of lubricant around my aching anus which he made a meal of, moving first one finger then two inside me, stretching me as he grew more demanding, telling me to turn around, bend over the bench and show him what I have got.

The Only Cock I've had Twice, hot naval offic

gay-male IG-88 2018-03-05

i loved seeing guys post pictures of their dicks, and imagined how i'd get on my knees and suck them off. I was young, in great shape and liked to read the responses from guys, telling me my cock was hot, or that i was sexy. His name was jim, he was slightly taller than me, maybe 6 good shape, late thirties, sandy blond hair...again, i don't find men attractive, but he was what i would consider a good looking guy. In my limited prior experience the guy couldn't get his dick hard, but here I felt his warm, pulsing, living cock change shape in my mouth. I had fantasized for so long about sucking a nice looking dick in a comfortable scenario and I was finally doing it.

Adult Book Store Fun

gay-male LSancho 2018-03-05

I put two five dollar bills in the video machine and selected a gay threesome video.My cock needed my hand on it so I undid my pants, dropping them to the floor, and began a slow stroke after putting some of my new lube on it.The video had a hot guy sucking a massive cock with another deeply fucking his ass.I so wanted that!As I stroked away my desire for cock overwhelmed my nervousness and I peeked through one of the holes.I saw a younger guy with a nice, big, hard cock sticking straight up sitting in his chair facing me.I almost pulled away but it was an intoxicating view and my face stayed at the hole.He slowly stood and soon that big, hard, gorgeous cock was sliding through the hole.My hand instinctively gently grabbed it, and began stroking.It twitched up and down as I massaged it, and he shoved his clean shaven balls through as well.I cupped his balls and massaged them as I began licking the shaft and cock head.I slapped my face with it and sucked his balls.I had to have it down my throat!

First time at Aarows Gay sex club

gay-male patty2323 2018-03-04

He had been sucking my cock for about 5 mins when I notice a couple people standing by watching us! I couldnt make out faces because it was so dark but there was 3 people around the cage watching us this slutty chubby crossdresser swallowing my cock. I decided to put on a little show for them and was slapping his big ass, moaning and talking dirty "Suck my cock you naughty slut". I rested his cock on my cheek looked up and asked him to fuck my fat ass. I was so hard and after a couple of strokes i came all over the bed underneath me with his cock still in my ass.

my first black guy

gay-male 2018-03-04

I slid his black cock in my mouth and slowley started sucking his dick. He said he was geting close i keeep sucking and then he said he was going to come i keep sucking his black dick i didnt think he would come much but i got a surprise next thing i now he expolded in my mouth i had a mouth full had to swallow it then finsh sucking him dry it was the most amazing sex i have had he was the first black guys load i had in my mouth it tasted so good wish i had a few black guys blowing there loads in my mouth i love the tast it

A Memorable First

gay-male pdxjo 2018-03-04

Having seen my share of porno movies at a local gay movie theater, I actually thought the scenes of huge hard cocks going into tight little assholes were trick photography. I lifted my head and saw a well-built guy with dark brown hair, and an all-over tan on his cute ass, walking away. Resting on my elbows I watched as several other guys, of various bodies types and builds, walked up and down the beach totally nude. Being nude in the outdoors had always been a sexual thrill for me - and the thought of the guy beating his own meat down the beach, and the sun warming my entire nude body, just added to the sensuality of the experience

Playing in pantyhose( an Xhamster fantasy )

gay-male tonyhose 2018-03-03

Paul lets his robe fall open and I can see his cock stiffening inside his pantyhose as he watches my wife playing with her pussy on the screen. Paul's selected a pair of seamed dark tan stockings and a lovely pink suspender belt that my wife hadn't worn for a few years and pulled the stockings on over his pantyhose and clipped them on the suspenders. We are both wearing seamed tan stockings and I have on her cream suspender belt and a pair of her sheer panties while she has on a lacy see through outfit that has the suspenders attached. Taking a hold of Paul's stiff cock through the nylon I bring it to my mouth and begin to lick him through his pantyhose.

Scratch That Itch

gay-male dlcalguy 2018-03-02

I was going to lick them but George pushed two fingers into my mouth and said I should suck. His cum spurted out of his cock onto my face and lips and some into my open mouth and it dribbled down over my knuckles gripping and stroking his hard shaft and down onto his hairless balls. Holding me tight and locking his lips hard against mine and his other hand came up and I felt it on the small of my back pulling me down onto his so our hard cocks rubbed tightly together. It felt so good in my hand I almost just wanted to wank him off again, but that tickle in my ass...

Making of a Cum-Slut Ch. 01

gay-male xChannaMereyax 2018-03-02

Without realizing it at the time, I leaned forward and rested on her back so I could enjoy watching a close-up of his cock cycling in and out of her mouth. Whether making love to my own girlfriend or stroking my dick, it was the thought of Luke's cock in my mouth that got me off. That's where my journey as Luke's cum-slut began, those few moments have having his cock buried in my mouth was the commencement of my need to feel that beautiful flesh sliding between my lips and savour the feeling of it depositing its load on my tongue. Then I decided I wanted know what you cock would feel like in my mouth and the urge overtook me.

White Hot Beach

gay-male pdxjo 2018-02-27

The act of standing above a beautiful beach, totally nude, pissing while the sun caressed my body became a very sensuous experience. My right hand came up to my left pec, slimy with tropical sun tan oil, and I began to roughly pinch my nipple sending a shot of electrical energy to my cock that caused it to throb. A couple of beach-goers; one a short, stocky nude black man with a sizeable penis swinging between his legs Ð the other a thin redhead wearing a black Speedo; came along the path near the woods. The totally exhausted sunbather was left to clean up the mess left on his body on the white-hot beach.

Black isn't so Bad After All!

gay-male eprise01 2018-02-27

of the event and, like the black man had thought at the time, it assured her silence. DeeDee's clitoris into his mouth and he could tell that Eddy was sucking her clit and "I know better than that, DeeDee. You'll want to suck that black cock, won't you?" Will you want to suck that BLACK, UNCUT, COCK?" Eddy stood up, revealing is lower body to DeeDee for the first time. watching as Eddy drove into DeeDee with his cock, sinking to his balls with each the end of the sofa, presenting his stiff cock to DeeDee and, without even asking, DeeDee could feel every blast of cum from Eddy's cock, and it wasn't long before

Gay faggot used in sauna

gay-male barclay2011 2018-02-26

The second time I went there, in the same room, I joined a few guys and they wanked and sucked me until I came. They weren't going to stop until they wanted to, my cock was being deepthroated whilst my tight ass had his long fat fingers inside it, my other friend was masturbating over me,he told me to look at him while he wanked so I did and I made some sexy noises too.... He knew I was going to cum so he stopped sucking me and he wanked my cock perfectly, making me squirt my spunk all over my stomach.

1st male BJ

gay-male badmojo666 2018-02-24

Waves of pleasure swept over me,I almost blew my load in the first minute I was so turned on,but I controlled his his pace buy grabbing his head,he really knew how to suck cock,teasing my head,gently biting,I told him to squeeze my balls,which he did,not too hard just right,now I'm getting all tingly and we could both tell I was gonna explode,so he backed off and just gripped my shaft as the intense feeling eased. He was jerking my still hard rod as I swallowed his cock,he told me he was gonna cum and I didn't stop sucking as his hips started twitching and he unloaded his hot load in my willing mouth,it was so fuckin hot I had his cum leaking outta my mouth as he pumped his cum into my throat,gagging never felt this good.

First Time Suck Buddies Part 1

gay-male couldhedoit 2018-02-23

Jason would usually cum first this way and I would speed the tempo up stroking his hard smooth cock when I could tell he was about to shoot. I’d then sit back and let him finish me off which didn’t take long because I was still thinking about that thick white load shooting from that hard cock of his. But as time went on and I would be jacking off at home thinking about us blowing each other I decided I did want to do it. As I usually did I was watching Jason stroking his cock but unlike any time before I now could think about how I just had that hard cock in my mouth and loved sucking it.

Mark and Mike and Mr. Jim Ch. 01

gay-male squarejohn 2018-02-22

Later that afternoon they called back and said they had a lot of work lined up and If I could wait a couple of days they would come over and clean up the storm damage. From my bedroom window, I could glance outside and see how Mark and Mike progressing in the yard. I had forgotten about the porn clip I was watching on my computer's big screen and just sat there fingering my hard cock through my trousers when I heard the door open. As if nothing happened, he said, "Mr. Jim, what I really wanted to ask was if it would be all right if I took a beer for me and Mike."