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Debauchery in a Filthy Toilet.

gay-male 2018-09-15

My cock felt lovely encased in the sexy panties and my legs rubbing together with the stockings soon had me in heaven. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and gave it a good suck. My hole was filled, his cock was slowly massaging my prostate and I was being fucked to the highest heaven of sexual depravity. Now the partition had a gap at floor level of about 9 inches and I remember pushing my leg under it as he kept fucking me. I also got my cock through and it must have been rampant on the other side, because I felt a fucking mouth close over it.

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 34

gay-male tnwriter 2018-09-14

Fred's got a scowl on his face and as I sit he says, "I should ask you the same question and I will." Fred still has the scowl on his face but only angrier and says, "What the fuck! Fred gets up and comes over to me, gently rubs his hand on my face and says, "Mack, if you want a bitch gurl I can be her. I never thought I'd have a relationship like ours and I don't want to lose it or have to find another one," Fred says. He then grabbed my hands and put them on the back of his head, grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled me into his mouth.

Flight Delay Fellatio

gay-male BiMax 2018-09-13

Frank quickly zipped up and answered the was a flight attendant telling us that our flight was going to leave sooner than scheduled, and they needed time to clean up the plane. After the plane was comfortably in the air, they started the beverage service...the same pretty blonde flight attendant, Beth, handed me a bottle of water and then whispered into my ear, "John wants to see you in the cockpit...after we're finished serving drinks, I'll let you in to see him." I wondered if she knew. John laid back in his seat and gave me the same compliment that Frank had, "That was the best fucking head I've ever had." I loved hearing that.

me,dad and uncle fred

gay-male 2018-09-10

I took off all my clothes i was already hard got on the bed opened my legs wetted my middle finger and inserted it into my asshole and started to finger myself as they both watched and wanked each other. I felt Uncle Fred's cock get harded and him bucking then he shoot his load into my mouth this turn me on so much i shot my load into my dads waiting mouth."Get on the bed on all fours as your dad is going to take your virginty" uncle Fred instucted i did as i was told and had both my dad and uncle behind me looink at my ass .

Late in Life and It Is Great!

gay-male seeape 2018-09-09

The best thing about finally getting my curiosity and feelings out into the open was I could confront them with the help of a loving caring wife. His flaccid cock and tight high balls were fresh on my mind and I wondered at the fact I was still here and following a naked gay man around his house. I loved the feel of his hard cock in my mouth, the head of his dick just in my throat. Just a nice just right hard cock sliding in and out of my willing mouth and throat. As I continued to play with his nipples he started moving his hips, his hard shinny cock sliding in and out of his fist.

When spending the night with my closest friend.

gay-male Mrwolf3005 2018-09-08

It was heaven for me but I think he felt guilty for letting me do all the work because as I gorged myself on his cock, Augustus grabbed my waist and pulled me sideways. I gave my all as I stroked his shaft, suckled the head and tickled the balls; even going down there time to time to suck and lick them. I just wasn't sure if I would care for the taste and feel of cum so I gave him one last good thrust and pulled him out of my throat. I stroked him hard though, working that cock like as if it was my own and I could tell he was seconds away by the soft moans and heavy breathing.

Taught a Lesson

gay-male miff69 2018-09-07

So you're not gay but yet you were looking at my cock weren't you?" he asked as he moved he chair slightly closer. I didn't say anything, couldn't say anything, I was dumbstruck, he stood up and dropped his jogging bottoms revealing a semi hard cock that was clearly bigger than my own. He took hold of his cock and I felt him pushing it against my soaking wet opening. He had let go of my cock and I took it in my own hand and began and to wank it as hard as I could. I pushed his wife's picture over on his desk and shot my second load of cum of the day all over her face.

sucking at the adult bookstore

gay-male middleman502000 2018-09-04

Well I go into the store one morning and started looking through the swingers books in the bi/gay section and I notice a guy watching me from the doorway to the video booths. I go to the token machine and buy $5 of tokens and go in to meet this guy I walk past him and give his cock a little stroke as I go to the very last booth. Next thie he grabs me head and with one last push shoots stream after stream of cum in my mouth and down my throat, when he's finally done I milked him down to get the last drop, he zipped up and walked awaythat's when I noticed another one had been watching, and from the look of the bulge in his pants liked what he saw.

Awakenings Part 3

gay-male J-B-S 2018-09-03

Malcolm started to kiss me with more passion his hand gripped my thigh, I found myself hoping that he would place his hand on my cock which was as hard as his, however he seemed to be putting his hands anywhere but on my man parts. I then took the top of his erection in my mouth pushing the foreskin back with my lips as I did so, running my tongue around his glands savouring the taste, (which at the time I thought was similar to sweetened baked beans!!!) I was starting to wonder whether I should ask to be fucked when Malcolm started to move his hips up and down, he placed his hand on the back of my head and started to pump his cock into his mouth.

Sucking My First Cock

gay-male John Hamilton 2018-09-03

He then came around the edge of my doorless stall stroking himself and showing me his big, hard black cock. I began to really wonder what a cock would feel like in my hand and in my mouth. I began to fantasize about being a cocksucker on my knees,having a big, hard cock dominating my mouth. We chatted and it turns out this guy was bisexual with very little time to look for a relationship because of a work schedule that keeps him on the road. I would take it out of my mouth, licking it up and down, sucking on his balls and rubbing his hard powerful cock against my face. Finally, I did finish him with a nice handjob, firmly grasping his rock hard wet cock, sliding my hand up and down it.

Surprise 3 some!

gay-male Almostthere 2018-09-03

After about 15 minutes Lisa said it was time to change and she pulled me over to Phil's cock to take over for her and I wasn't sure about this, but she told me not to be a dud and join in. It didn't taste as bad as I thought and I start sucking him dry and licking Lisa's ass to clean it up. Lisa and Phil start sucking me and I couldn't hold back and they both were fighting over who was going to get the most of my cum. Needless to say Phil as been a regular visitor to our house and he said I was getting pretty good at sucking his big cock.

My first blowjob(s)

gay-male goodlovingky 2018-09-03

The nice thing about the ABS is the theater area with the video booths. Through the gloryhole, I saw an average length cock (about 5 inches), but it was huge around at the base and tapered to average size at the head. I dressed myself and found a booth showing a cute, young brunette with small tits sucking on a cock. The booth that I was in this time was much smaller, and it was harder for me to get into a good position to suck. After a very short time working on this amazing dick, he pulled it out of my mouth, and I watched as he shot four ropes of cum onto the floor.

Blow Job Asleep

gay-male amodelman 2018-09-02

The first one I'll tell you about was Easter a couple of years ago, my mate and I were staying at his sister's house in our nearest capital city. I put my hand under the doona and could feel his naked hard dick, I stroked it for a while before putting my head underneath and I started off by licking his dick. So I waited until I was sure that he was asleep then proceeded across the floor to the other couch, I put my hand on top of the doona where his thigh was.

The Sexy Train Ride

gay-male 2018-09-02

I knew he was a good cock sucker as he had already done that in the bar but now I was ready to fuck his big ass throughout the weekend. I asked him “more?” He nodded while sucking, I said “o-k!” He was burying his face onto my cock and taking it all the way in, with the heat of his hungry mouth in about ten minutes I had another boner. He said no and quickly got down on his knees and opened his mouth to receive my load. As his tongue was whipping and turning around my cock head, I shot another big load into his mouth and all over his face.

Sensory Overload

gay-male benimble 2018-09-01

"Yeah Tommy" he groaned, "mmmm just like that." I was swirling my tongue around the smooth ridge of his cock head and caressing his huge, smooth hanging balls with my left hand. With their naked bodies straining, each jerked every last drop of cum from their drained balls, moaning and groaning as their tight fists brought spasms of pleasure from their throbbing cocks. "I'm gonna cum..." As I stroked Andy reached down and fondled my smoothly shaven balls, while Tully wrapped a few thick fingers around the base of my cock, pumping in rhythm with my own tempo. "Thanks for the midnight interlude." Andy continued to bathe the head of my cock with his mouth and I leaned back, eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensation of his warm wet tongue lapping and swirling.

Games Boys Play Ch. 02

gay-male hylyfe 2018-08-30

Fergus, I want to suck David's fucking cock." His tongue was flicking across the end of David's cock and then I saw Fergus's cheeks sink as he sucked hard on the prick. Then in synchronisation our lips moved up and down the shaft and each time we reached the glans end our lips briefly touched before starting the trip back towards David's balls. I didn't want to let go but Fergus had other ideas and pushed my head back thus releasing Dave's cock. David moved forward till his prick was an inch from my face; now he started to masturbate his cock.

My First Touch of another mans cock (fictional or

gay-male 1superhornyguy 2018-08-30

I felt his cock against my belly as he kissed me... He reached down and took my cock in one hand and began feeling my ass with the other. I tried to pull back, but he held me close as my balls erupted and sent long spurts of my hot cum up onto his belly. He told me how good it felt and kept massaging my balls until they were empty. I needed to find out what it was like to suck a guy's cock. I kept sucking him for over five minutes and then he said he was going to cum. I just kept sucking and then I felt his load explode into my mouth and down my throat.

The bi-curious professor in the sauna. Part 10.

gay-male tim3196 2018-08-30

When he finally stops sucking on my balls the professor tells me “I need to taste more of the cum these wonderful balls make” and begins sucking on my cock. The professor stops sucking but not moving his mouth up and down my cock. I can feel my cum in his mouth as his lips move up and down the shaft of my cock. The professor stops moving his head up and down with my cock deep in his mouth. I can feel the professor start to swish my cum around his mouth with his tongue. “The cum from your wonderful balls is delicious” the professor tells me with a grin. We keep kissing while his keeps thrusting his cock in my ass.

His first cock

gay-male kevinj631 2018-08-27

He said he really loved shemales, trannies and cd's and that he'd found himself wanting to suck cock more and more but had never gotten up the nerve to actually meet anyone. I leaned in and licked him from the base of his shaft to the head a few times before taking him in my mouth and sucking him right down to the back of my throat. He was getting really turned on by the lipstick and as soon as I finished applying it I said to him, "very sexy, such a perfect bow shape, I want to kiss them" and I leaned down and our lips pressed together.

Hotel Kenworth

gay-male lionel_collins 2018-08-27

"I never would've believed how incredibly comfortable these cabs are; it's opulence is overwhelming, Kurt...I can't remember ever being so wiped out by a truck." Ken began to laugh, when he realized what he'd just said and remembering the near death experience of the cop. "It's not something I'd normally do while someone else is nearby, but I got to thinking about the mess we're in, and thought I'd like to enjoy what could be a last orgasm," he said, adding, "I hope you understand." It was some time before Ken was able to respond. "Good," Ken said, proudly, "That was my first time, sucking a cock, and I loved it, Kurt."


gay-male hothothot103 2018-08-26

I hear the sound of latex squeaking as I feel hands sliding from my hips under my body and up my stomach to the fake breasts. He said something like you're super hot and I want to suck catwoman's dick and with that he unzipped my crotch and went down on me. Finally he pushed me to the bed, climbed on top of my slammed his cock back into my ass, he locked lips with me and pumped harder than before until I could feel his giant cock pumping cum directly into my ass like a firehose. I could feel his cum sitting in my ass waiting to leak out but I kept my sphincter squeezed tight holding on for dear life.

The bi-curious professor in the sauna. Part 11.

gay-male tim3196 2018-08-23

While we sit there relaxing the professor tells me that fucking me in the ass is a wish come true but he loves having sex with his wife even if it is limited. Kelly tells the professor “Old man go ahead and pull out your cock out of your pants and masturbate if you want.” The professor does as he is told. After 5 or so minutes Kelly asks the professor if he would like to see my cock in her ass. After 5 minutes Kelly asks the professor if he would like to fuck her in the ass. The professor and I DP Kelly for 10 minutes before the professor pulls out and shoots his load on Kelly’s ass cheeks.

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 18

gay-male tnwriter 2018-08-22

"Mack, I have to confess that from the moment of my first experience I knew I wanted male sex. But, how do you tell your family, friends, who ever, that you want to suck cock and be fucked. Just as long as you let me suck your cock. It just bothers me a little that our situation seems like it makes me gay also and I've never thought of myself that way. I, know I've sucked your cock and I suppose that makes me gay but I just think it was spur of the moment reaction." I want to continue making you have those feelings. "Lets do it and later I'll tell you more about my dream," I said.

Swallowing his load Part 2

gay-male cumcraverbottom 2018-08-22

He grunted and smiled, and says, "Hope you don't mind sucking the whole trip there and back, I want to try to see if I can beat my old record of consecutive loads by cumming four times, two loads on the way there and two on the return trip." I smile, say nothing at first, too busy slurping on his big mushroomhead and licking the shaft up and down, and lathering his hairy balls with my slut tongue. He rolled down the window of the van and then he says, "I was soo close to cumming a minute ago, if you didn't stop when you did I surely would have shot my load into your mouth!" I smile and start gently sucking his cock, stopping only to plant wet kisses all over the length of his cock and his balls.