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Studs Breeding My Ass

gay-male subdudebibottom 2018-06-24

Hands exploring different parts of my body, tweaking my nipples, pulling my cock and or balls, a finger in my already wet asshole and a couple of firm slaps to my ass cheeks. I feel his pubic hair brushing my ass and balls slapping against my taint as my semi-hard cock bobs up and down with each thrust. A stocky but firm tattooed white biker dude will be fourth and I start sucking his cock and balls getting him prepared, the black stud is still hammering away at my hole. Five is taller than the biker so he takes his thick eight inch tool his hand and gives my balls a couple quick whacks with the head letting me know to raise my ass up some.

A Crappy Day

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-06-22

I felt it twitch as the moist warmth of my mouth brought it to life. As the two inches turned to four and then six, I could feel its heat and power increasing. God, I loved the feel of a cock in my mouth. As my soft lips moved up and down its hard shaft I felt its big head pushing against the back of my throat. Closing my eyes in concentration, my sole reason for existence became giving pleasure to the cock in my mouth. As I savored the taste of his cum in my mouth, he quickly zipped up and exited the booth. Before I could get up off my knees, the door opened and closed again and then I heard the jingle of tokens in the slot.

Waiting for Albert

gay-male spinneroftales 2018-06-21

I decided I didn’t want to take him all the way to my house, so we went to a cheap motel that catered to prostitutes and their johns, and I rented a room.  All he wanted to do was fuck me.  I mean he wouldn’t let me suck his delicious looking dick.  He dropped his pants and boxers to just below his knees and lay across the bed with his feet on the floor.  I stripped down to only my T-shirt and following his instructions sat on his erect cock, facing him. 

First time with a Tranny.

gay-male LucyLou62 2018-06-18

She looked amazing and as she spoke Stevie felt his cock getting hard. Stevie didn’t mind going out with Daisy because she looked like a woman, and a very attractive one at that. Stevie placed his hand on his cock and placed it into her mouth. Then Stevie, moved down and kissed her full on the mouth. The feeling that he was actually sucking a guys cock made him want more. As Stevie sucked he suddenly started to think of Daisy cumming. Stevie pulled out, hand on cock and wanked himself off over her stomach. So, both Stevie and Daisy started this night thinking that it would be a nice evening of horny sex, but ended up being the start of a wonderful friendship.

The Throat Trainer

gay-male brynnboi 2018-06-12

I sorta thought that was that, but she called the next morning and said, "I explained things to Jeffers and he knows a guy who likes to work with newbies." The first few days were okay, but then I started feeling the need for cock and I talked to Mark and he said if I got with another guy, I would prove to myself that it wasn’t personal with Tom. I didn't know what I was learning from getting fucked by three men but Tom knows everything and I wanted to complete the training and have him put “A-plus Cocksucker” on my certificate so I just did what he said.

An Afternoon Blowjob

gay-male MrMaxErotica 2018-06-09

My strange internet man reinforced his words with actions - he put his hand on the back of my head, pulling my open mouth towards his dick. I looked him in the eyes while I swirled my tongue around the head, savouring the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the taste of his shaft. "Alright cock sucker, it's time for a good old fashioned face fucking," I felt his hand grab the back of my head, and the other hand wrap around my neck. He pulled out and started stroking the shaft of his cock, keeping the head inside my mouth. Sucked a cock, swallowed the cum, and felt like a total submissive bitch, just like I imagined when I fantasized about it.

The right circumstances

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-06-05

Sitting on his lap facing his feet, she told me, “It felt so good to get fucked and ate at the same time.” It turned out that she wanted me to lick her clit while she rode Kevin’s big cock. "Now I'm going to fuck that mouth good," Kevin whispered as he lifted his hips a little, guided his big head back into my mouth. When Kevin pulled back so that only the head was past my lips, I started sucking like a greedy bitch as he erupted, shooting about four or five good spurts of cum into my mouth. Standing by the bed, Kevin looked down and said, “Oh shit, my cock has cum all over it now.”

The Truck Stop

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-06-05

I was moving my head, bobbing my mouth up and down the length of the hard thick cock until I finally felt my nose bump up against the wall. I'm cumming in your mouth,” as his cock started to pulse and spasm just before I felt the first hot load of cum hit the back of my throat. I just opened my mouth wide and waited for what I knew was going to be a big hot shot of black cum. Then he wrapped his lips around it but before he could start to suck it down my cock pulsated hard against his lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down his throat.

Hot straight Surfer Cock

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-05-30

While Kurt layer back on the bed, I started sucking his thick cock, which quickly hardened to a meaty eight inches. Kurt was twitching and moaning,"Ooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” uncontrollably as I cupped and massaged his heavy cum filled nuts and gave them a nice tongue bath. Then I moved back up and once again took Kurt’s hard cock in my mouth and started sucking it with complete abandonment. Despite his hasty exit, Kurt must have liked the way I sucked his cock because he called later that evening to see if he could stop by on his way to the beach the next morning for another blowjob.

The Realisation That I Was Gay

gay-male LucyLou62 2018-05-29

I had also tried swallowing, but I hadn’t liked it and thought that I never would. For many years I had bought soft porn magazines and had found the pictures of girls in stockings, panties and bras much more sexy than those horrible pictures of wide open legged girls. As I approached the counter it suddenly struck me that if they asked to look in the bag they would know immediately, that not only was I gay and was probably going back home to wank over pictures of gay men, but was also a transvestite. I loved the fact that as I sat alone in the restaurant, drinking and eating, and I was the only person who knew that I was a gay, wanking, cum swallowing, transvestite and had just done it twice and was going back to do it again.


gay-male mranonymous7 2018-05-29

Oh, god, I thought, I'm actually doing it, I really am sucking another man's cock, well, kissing it really, but it comes to the same thing. Pushing me down on my face, Kevin pulled my butt cheeks apart and licked in between them, his tongue darted at my taint, that acutely sensitive skin between my balls and my ass. Then he was poking his cockhead in my asshole as he slowly entered me, it hurt like hell and for a minute I thought my ass was going to split in two. Finally after about 10 minutes of real hard fucking, Kevin cummed deep in my ass. Then usually either Wednesday or Thursday when I felt like sucking cock, I’d give him a call.

The Rest Area

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-05-28

I guess I’d committed myself to making something happen because before I headed to the rest area I went home and took a shower, making sure to wash my cock and balls carefully. But in a few minutes, the guy got out of his car and came around to my window and asked, “Do you have the time?” My new friend at the rest area was doing a nice job of stroking me while he slowly sucked me, taking his time. I knew I'd cum quickly because it was so good, so I pulled him up and said, “Let me suck you for a while,' knowing that I wanted to finish him off first.

Sucking cock in a truck

gay-male TommyTudor 2018-05-26

He would respond that he wanted for me to suck him and would demonstrate with his hand how my mouth would go up and down on his cock. We decided that I would drive to his town and we would meet in a Food Lion grocery store parking lot. I was worried about sucking a cock in a public parking lot and told him we need to find a safe secure place. I had told him I would probably not let him cum in my mouth the first time but hopefully would be able to do it later as I got better and more experience at sucking cock. But as he continued to thrust his cock in my mouth, I knew I would not be able to pull off. 

Unexpected Experience

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-05-25

He still kept a good hold on my head and worked into a steady rhythm of fucking my face without ever letting the tip of his cock past my lips. I tried to pull away but he had too good of a hold on me as he thrust forward one more time, grunted and started to cum. By the time he put his cock back in my mouth so I could clean him off, my hair and face was a mess of cum. As I knelt there covered in their cum and watched them zipping up their pants, I realized that I was nothing to them, nothing but an anonymous warm mouth to service their hard cocks.

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 39

gay-male tnwriter 2018-05-15

Apparently savoring the slightly salty taste before circling my cock head with his tongue, then opening his mouth he takes the head in. He continues to work his tongue on the underside as he slowly lowers his mouth down on my cock. He slowly sucks back to the head and concentrates there with his hand wrapped around the base and jerks me back into his mouth. My cock head was lodged in his throat and he worked his swallowing muscles on it. He kept the head of my cock deep in his throat, working it. Fred lets my cock flop out of his mouth, releases my balls and panting, he collapses. Fred has sort of a stunned look on his face but finally says,"I never thought that far ahead.

Life Changing

gay-male charlessmythe 2018-05-06

"Oh god," Sharon said as she rubbed my body with hers, sort of up and down and back and forth, in a kind of circle, feeling my cock massaging her pussy lips. When Maurice started sucking my cock and it was a wonderful feeling, not like when my wife Sharon sucked it. I stared in awe as Maurice encircled the head with his lips and slowly took inch by inch of my seven inches of hard cock into his mouth all the way down to my balls. Almost too low to hear I whimpered, "I'm gonna cum," and started quivering and holding Maurice's head as pushed my cock deep into his mouth just as a thick warm blast of cum hit the back of his throat.

My Journey As A Slut Continues

gay-male calneslut 2018-05-01

Richard and I had discussed my likes and dislikes at length over the previous few weeks and I had told him several times that although I loved sucking and, perversely, enjoyed the degradation of being forced to swallow a load, I absolutely hated the taste of cum. Richard had told me that he hated the taste of cum too, so I wasn't surprised to see him spit it into the glass with the other two loads. I wished I had parked closer to his house as I walked back to my car, still dressed in stockings and short skirt, with Richards cum now seeping out of my arse into his wife's panties.....

Acceptance Ch. 01

gay-male Kisput 2018-05-01

Andy knew he was attracted to Al. Al's boyish face, his contagious smile, and his toned muscles all appealed to Andy's desire to be intimate with another man. On occasions, Andy got a brief peak at Al's smooth chest or a glance at his crotch, which, by the way Al's jeans seemed to bulge, appeared to be well endowed. Al stopped kissing Andy and whispered quietly in his ear "before this night is over, you will experience all there is to learn about truly being with another man."They had been friends for quite a while. He was openly bisexual and had the boyish good looks and youthful build that Andy found himself attracted to. He was openly bisexual and had the boyish good looks and youthful build that Andy found himself attracted to.

A Bar Hook-up [CS-72] Pt. 01

gay-male charlessmythe 2018-04-30

Then Frazer got a little bolder and put his hand on my thigh and edge his hand closer to my cock, which incidentally was starting to get harder. Frazer lowered his head and started to suck on my nipples and then moved on down my cock. Taking his mouth off, Frazer turned me around, bent me forward a little, and started rimming my ass out. Then I chickened out and before Frazer realized what I was doing I turned around and started sucking his cock to buy myself some more time. Then, Frazer pulled his cock out of my ass and cummed all over my face. As he was winding down Frazer put his cock in my mouth, so I did taste at least get a little taste of his cum.

Military School Ch. 01

gay-male hotchat 2018-04-29

Weeks went by and one night Joe said, "I bet I am bigger than you." He stood and peered over the bed at me and said, "Let me see your cock." I sheepishly pulled back the covers and exposed my semi-hard-on. Joe started to wipe himself off and said, "Shit man, if ya had told me you didn't want to get cum on ya, you should have warned me. Something was happening to me....I was starting to look forward to playing in Joe's cum and smelling it as I went to sleep. When I got back to the room Joe was standing next to my cot ....he said "Shit man you have cum everywhere....damn what the hell's going on?"

I Met Men on Line [CS-70] Pt. 01

gay-male charlessmythe 2018-04-18

After a couple of years seeking one-way cock sucking from anonymous men, I got curious what it would feel like to have a dick in my mouth. Kevin told me, "With so many naked bodies all-day long, touching, jerking off and having men shooting off in my hands, I come home horny. Cupping his balls in one hand, I used my other to rub his cock head across my mouth and lips like I was putting on lip stick. I removed my mouth from Kevin's swollen shaft and again moved down to his nut sack where I suck, kiss and lick his hairy balls, his ass hole and his taint and everything.

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 07

gay-male tnwriter 2018-04-10

A blessing for me as it was my first as it was my first cock sucking cum shot. I, milked his cock and licked the small drop of after cum. My most pleasure comes from servicing your cock, your wants and needs. I've never cum like that even the few times I've fucked my wife. Maybe, I can make your cock become hard like it is now. "With that said Fred, gets up dresses, pats my ever shrinking cock and leaves. OK, Mack, you sucked a cock. I guess I won't waste my time looking for tits and pussy. I guess I'm going to have cock and balls in my life forever. Just cumming, my cock being satisfied. Maybe all he really wants is sex?

Meet Me in St. Louis, Stud Ch. 03

gay-male 4degrees 2018-04-01

I wanted to grab you up and hold you to me tightly; to begin covering you with kisses and letting you feel my enthusiasm by rubbing my hardness against your warmth. I put my hand on your naked thigh and rubbed it lightly as I looked back into your face, wanting so much to tell you things; to let you know just how much I was feeling all this. Your cock pushed against me and I felt myself open up to you, my spread ass sucking the head of your dick inside it right away. My hands moved to your asscheeks and locked you in place there, wanting to feel every twitch of your cock as you succumbed to this pleasure.

Best Friends Experiment

gay-male impact499 2018-03-25

From his sitting position Thomas took his friend's dick in hand and guided it into his mouth. One hand was on James' shaft and another was on his balls while he bobbed his head back and forth taking him fully in his mouth each time. He stopped stroking him and squeezing his balls and put his hands on Thomas' thighs bobbing his head up and down. He could only try for so long until like his cum he could hold it back no more and shot his load into James' mouth. James lay his head on Thomas' virgin ass and pushed slowly the pressure building until the flared hard head pushed pass his anus into his rectum the remainder of his shaft following.