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My Teenage God ch. 4

gay-male dominanceaddict 2018-11-27

Max's muscular chest rose and fell with each breath, and David felt his Master's body beckoning him over as the panic lost out to a greater feeling of submission. David whimpered but Max continued to simply rest his cock on his tongue, the head just about entering his mouth. He began to lick Max’s neck and kiss the scruff of his cheek, crazy with lust as Max teased his ass with his cock head. You’re so fucking amazing, Max. I love your huge cock in my ass.” David didn’t even know what he was saying. Max, still holding David up with one hand under the his ass, grabbed the tutor by his hair on the back of his head, holding him an inch away from his lips.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

Thoughtfully, Mr. Peterson removed his finger's from Cory's ass and went around to the front, dragging a chair over and placing it directly behind Sam so that Cory had something to hold onto and lean on. it was almost as though Mr. Peterson's dick was an extension of his, thrusting forward into both Cory's ass and Sam's mouth at the same time. Writhing between his two sources of pleasure, Cory's entire body tightened like a harp-string and then released, he groaned loudly as cum began to spurt out of him and into Sam. With his ass convulsing around Mr. Peterson, he very quickly had cum entering him from the other end, filling his ass as Mr. Peterson swelled even larger and then released.

St Mary's - Part One

gay-male bareboy22 2018-11-12

Alex couldn't imagine the army insisting on naked swimming in the school pool followed each boy toweling-off their best friend, as he had experienced this morning, although he couldn't rule it out. "Now, to show the other boys you are to be left alone, I have a special gift for you, young Alex,'' said Hampton. Alex was still naked from the waist down, and Hampton, with a smile he couldn't quite work out, motioned him to lift his shirt again and slipped it over his penis and balls. You and I are going to have a very close relationship, young man," said Hampton, with that smile again.

Teacher Becomes Lover

gay-male AnnonymousStories2 2018-11-11

He left me in a weird spot, he knows I hate being left alone with teachers, and that's just at normal school times, now we're at supported study, and he packs up without telling me and basically rushes out the door. There's no way I'm going to get to talk to him tonight anyways, seeing as she's such a whore she'll probably be taking his virginity away from him like it was candy from a kid. I can feel the buzz in my pocket before the ringtone starts to play out, and quickly I answer it, just signalling to Mr.Fitzpatrick with a finger that I'll be no more than one minute - not like he needs it anyways, it's verging on half six now, and he's not even said anything about it being late.

Sex with my physics teacher!

gay-male Penislover799 2018-11-11

Whenever I watched porn I looked up pictures of middle aged guys like him and whenever I came I would moan his name and imagine his sweet juicy cock penetrating my anus as I fingered myself. He took his time and licked all the way up my 7 inches of juicy cock until he got to my head. He started to suck my head again, but suddenly he moved swiftly down and took in my ENTIRE COCK. He used his legs to lift up and down until he sat all the way down on my cock and felt my veins start to pump a large white liquid in his ass.

Sir Filmed Boy Orgy

gay-male RobbieW 2018-11-06

The whole class turned into a mass of naked boy cock suckers and Sir got it all on his mobile phone. Cocks went up arses, boys on all fours sticking their bare bums right out, telling their classmates to fuck them really hard coz they were proper lads and hard as nails and they could take it. Cocks fucked fists, slid down throats and slammed tight arses and Sir got all the hot bare wank and suck and fuck action on his mobile phone. Kyle Saunders took the phone off Sir and he got it all on the phone – the boned-up boys taking it in turn putting their juicy hot dicks in Sir’s mouth.

Locker Room

gay-male Soakinwetpussy 2018-11-03

"You can drop your boxers," Mr. Ryan said with a smile. "Oh, I thought you liked me," Mr. Ryan said as he looked to the ground. He started by licking my balls, and slowly he moved his tongue to the top of my fully erect cock. We started to kiss heavier as my cock slowly went down. Mr. Ryan leaned his seat all the way back and climbed to the head of it, turned around and stuck his butt in the air. I slipped the condom on my hardened cock, and spread some Vaseline on Mr. Ryan's butthole. Mr. Ryan leaned toward me and kissed me while grinding on my cock. Mr. Ryan climbed off my cock and pulled the condom off.

Sex with My Teacher

gay-male Penislover799 2018-11-03

I slowly pulled down his soft briefs and finally exposed his dark hairy cock, then I saw his giant bush of hair that twirled in and out, then his whole shaft followed and finally his sweet hairy balls. I slowly took the salty cock head in my mouth, then moved down the shaft, I got to half way and whirled my tongue around and around, precum started to flow into my mouth and the saltiness pleased my taste buds. He moved back and forth for quite some time ,i could feel his tongue under my cock, my head hit the back f his throat several times yet he didn't gag, after some time I exclaimed I was going to cum. He took about half the cum in his mouth then let my cock go wild through his hair and beard.

A lesson to be learned Part 1

gay-male nellieneska 2018-10-29

I had not felt this way in a long time and I wanted to hold onto this amazing feeling rushing through my body. As Mr. Nash bit down on my nipple, I let out a loud moan and my body shook hard against Mr. Nash’s mouth. His fingers moved around my mouth as he kissed at my chest, my body shaking so hard I was almost scared for it, but the excitement was to much for me to want it to stop. Mr. Nash kissed his way up my shaking body, grabbing my hair and pulling my head to the side as he got to my neck before biting down onto it.

A Teacher's Privilege Ch. 01

gay-male BackseatRevolution 2018-09-10

I think he may have noticed the disdain written on my face as I looked at him, because he smiled, all wicked-like. "You must know that it states clearly in the school handbook that if you fail any classes your senior year, you must postpone college education until you redo the course with a passing grade." I was getting pretty into the problem, writing a lot of the stuff on my own now, his hand still lingering on my wrist, when he took another step forward, trapping me between his body and the blackboard. He smiled, and suddenly reached out a hand, tangling his fingers in my hair and jerking me forwards hard, drawing a yelp from my lips.

Pounded by my Lecturer

gay-male atera 2018-09-10

He undid my belt and threw it on the desk and pulled down my trousers until I was just stood there in my white CK briefs with my rock-hard dick showing through. I felt his tight arse, licked my way down his body and pulled down his trousers, revealing his semi in his boxers. I could feel his hard dick slowly slipping inside my tight arse, his hands on my tights. He would pull his dick completely out and force it all the way in again causing my entire body to clench and me to moan in pain, which would turn him on even more. He pulled all the way out, forced me down on my knees off the desk and I carried on wanking him off.

Dominant Pupil

gay-male TheDarkCloud 2018-09-08

I went to bed that night still hard and spent the night tossing and turning and unable to shake the image of me on my knees sucking Darren's dick. At a particularly hard slap of his dick across my nose I tensed up and felt my balls boil over and spat out a load of cum onto the floor in front of me. I looked down at the small patch of my cum on the ground and that made my mind up, I pushed myself up to get to my feet but Darren grabbed me by the hair and forced me back to my knees. Well tough fucking luck, you aren't going anywhere until I cum and I ain't using my hand like you, no, I'm using your face!

Taught a Lesson

gay-male miff69 2018-09-07

So you're not gay but yet you were looking at my cock weren't you?" he asked as he moved he chair slightly closer. I didn't say anything, couldn't say anything, I was dumbstruck, he stood up and dropped his jogging bottoms revealing a semi hard cock that was clearly bigger than my own. He took hold of his cock and I felt him pushing it against my soaking wet opening. He had let go of my cock and I took it in my own hand and began and to wank it as hard as I could. I pushed his wife's picture over on his desk and shot my second load of cum of the day all over her face.

Touchdown Ch. 05: Making the Team

gay-male KenJames 2018-07-26

I stood naked beside my bed, stroking Bill's hair and caressing his muscular shoulders while he sucked my thick hard cock. She alternated between us for a long time, then took both our cocks in her mouth at once, rubbing them together while she licked and sucked their heads. Bill said, "My turn." He fell to his knees beside Sandy and pushed her hand away from my crotch. After reaching the top, he clamped his lips around my corneal ring and licked my cock-head, stroking my stiff rod while probing my cum-slit with his tongue. Sandy came, screaming in time with my finger thrusts and gripping my shoulder for support with one hand while jacking her clit with the other.

Office Hours Ch. 01

gay-male IndianaRealLife 2018-07-26

Summers got up and went to open the closet and brought over a long skinny butt plug a little smaller in thickness than his own monster, and looked at me and said, "I know you're unable to talk right now as your mouth is full," as the smile on his face grew, "but i am gonna lube this up and guess where it's going?" Summers slowly pulled out of me, being sure to hold the glass under my asshole to catch his second load as it oozed out of my newly fucked hole. "So Ben, in order to show me that you truly learned your lesson not only about who you really are inside, but also about cheating, I'm going to need to see you drink that glass full of our cum," he said.

Anal Sub for an A Ch. 01

gay-male HawaiianShirts 2018-06-21

"Now you're going to stay on this desk until you get flaccid again no matter how long it takes and that's how you're going to leave." He gets behind me still holding my arms down and places his balls on my mouth and tells me to suck on them so I do and this isn't helping me get any less horny but after what seems like forever my throbbing red and dripping with pre-cum cock is flaccid and less than three inches.

The Intern Ch. 03

gay-male JabuJabule 2018-06-06

I'm wiped." Jay says, turning the car on and getting on the road. "I want to treat you..." John says, turning to Jay, "to dinner." "So...tell me more about you, John." Jay says, sipping a glass of iced tea. I completely forgot how hungry I was." John says, opening a menu and looking into Jay's deep blue eyes. "You always know your hugs cheer me up, John..." Jay says, with tears falling down his cheeks. "These feelings..." Jay says, looking his dried tears on John's shirt. "These six year feelings aren't going to go away, for either of us...are they?" Jay looks into John's emerald eyes. "Heh, you and your shy, naïve ways...of course I would." John gets up, and comes back with a pair of clothes for Jay to wear.

Teachers Ch. 02

gay-male baroquecock 2018-06-05

Mr. Stone, Mr. Broe, Mr. Sheer, Mr. Ramsbottom and unexpectedly to me- Mr. Byrne, Mr. Dunphy, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Black, Mr. Kinsella & Mr. Healy. Mr. Kinsella roughly started lubing my ass and spreading my cheeks while Mr. Healy shoved his cock down my throat and Mr. Black was in my hands with Mr. Dunphy working on my own cock. I gagged on Mr. Healy's cock as he fucked my mouth, he was really excited and didn't seem to have much stamina. I now took Mr. Black in my mouth and Mr. Healy in my hands, I sucked him as best I could, paying attention to the head, and tickling his balls.

My Teenage God Ch. 02

gay-male DominanceAddict 2018-05-27

He began to lightly stroke his still soft cock through his boxers but each time he paused I took off another piece of clothing, staring at him form the floor of his bedroom. I got on my knees before him and grabbed his huge cock with both hands, beginning to pump up and down, meanwhile max went back to watching porn. His strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled me onto him and soon I felt his huge hard cock rubbing against by butt crack. All my fears were rising up and bubbling to the surface as I tried to verbally fight off the inevitable...max lifted me clearly off his lap, amazing how strong he was and began to lower me onto...

Pull Toy Ch. 01

gay-male thick_eight 2018-05-26

When I finally got what he said, he told me to swim a little harder and keep my chest up myself, I pulled harder and his hand slipped down enough to hold my package for a moment, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time, he quickly adjusted to better balance me. After some time with that, he had me get out of the pool, and start a series of exercise, jumping jacks, pushups, deep knee bends, toe touching and and the dreaded leg lift, modified with scissors. With that done he began to massage, first my head, then neck, arms, back, I could feel the knots dissolve under his touch, all the while he is talking softly, sometimes I could barely hear him, working lower down my back, till he got to my ass.

A Chance Encounter

gay-male farruinn 2018-05-02

With my left hand I pulled his back away from the bed and his chest against mine, at the same time forcing his head back with my kiss, causing his body to arch beneath mine. "Don't worry," I said, "I want to give you the most intense orgasm you've ever had." I leaned forward and kissed his left nipple then tilted my head to the side so that my mouth and chin rested against the side of his chest as I looked into his face. I pulled forward and up with my finger as it entered, causing him to raise his hips with each little thrust, bringing his cock deeper into my mouth.

Lost Virginity to teacher

gay-male Acebottom 2018-04-19

My eyes were watering as my old black teacher face fucked me forcing his huge monster cock even deeper inside and soon I had 7 inches inside me before he pulled out making me fall to the ground gasping for air. I could not beleave what had happened to me and Just before they come to pick me up he told me that I will be going home with him most nights and not doing football because I was now his bitch and I would have to start dressing like one when I am with him and he ordered me for home work to get some of my mums and s****rs underwear and to wear them to school each day so he could fuck me in the ways that he wanted to fuck them.

King University's New Slut Ch. 16

gay-male BlaqJm18 2018-04-14

"Go head an feed on it like a good boy." He said. "You gotta good throat their boy." The Professor said, "I'm glad I found someone like you. I wanna see your reaction when I put my dick in you hard." The Professor said. After the Professor said, the thrusts in my ass quick and short making it a very bumpy ride for me. Your ass better be ready to take some hardcore dick if they lose." The Professor said. "Not yet man, we gotta wait till the game is over." Keon said. I was kind of surprised to hear him sound disappointed that made me ask, "Why is he upset?" Quinn looked up at me and said, "He wants them to lose." 

Mesmerize Me

gay-male LoveIsUniversal 2018-03-31

The long kiss between Lenny and Elliott looked as genuine as the ones that they gave to their teacher. She saw Lenny grab Elliott by the hips before stuffing his hard cock deep inside the butthole that waited for his forward propulsions. All he could do was close his eyes and moan every time Lenny pushed his own cock right into his ass. And to finish it off, Lenny grabbed hold of Elliott's cock and began to slide his fingers up and down for the next several seconds. Seeing Lenny sticking his cock up Elliott's ass and dominating him for a prolonged period of time just didn't feel tiresome to watch.