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Making Myself a MONSTER

gay-male jamesishuge 2018-11-13

My thinking is that I want to absolutely push beyond the limits of natural length and expand way larger, thicker than any human partner would ever need and above what they’ve imagined possible. no, this isn’t for any useful purpose, it’s my challenge to grow my genitals larger, bigger, thicker, longer and to keep pushing. This doctor made all legit … but I told him straight up that I want to enlarge my penis in length, girth, shaft, head, all past any sense of «normal». I think it’s partly the hormones but I’m more agressive and super super horny almost all the time. Now totally cold soft girth is also noticibly growing.

The Fallen Ch. 06

gay-male Acacia_wolf 2018-09-27

"With autumn almost over, it would be nice to stay somewhere warm and by the ocean." Saki gave a small smile and looked at Tenshi. He felt Seiji's cock growing bigger inside of him and his knot slipped in his ass as well, he came buckets into Tenshi's little body. Large wolf ears partruded from his head and a long white tail dangled from his rear, his neck and right shoulder were covered in bandages. Through the water he saw his cock grow, it was longer now by two inches and looked more like Seiji's wolf dick. "I know, pup" Seiji warm tongue licked Tenshi's new ears. Tenshi held onto the sheets with his fists, he felt like he would burst from Seiji's teasing mouth.


gay-male AssWhisperer 2018-06-01

I started to feel like he was bumping right up against my prostate, which was unusual; most guys weren't hung long enough to reach it, and/or their dicks weren't shaped right. With each thrust, I was feeling sexual tingles in both my dick and my ass, and he and I started to move in sync with each other, his hand on my dick moving in time to his thrusts up my ass. Weirdly, it felt like my dick was vibrating after the whole-body convulsions stopped...and whatever he was doing with his hands down there felt increasingly intense, though I couldn't see what he was doing exactly, just that he was changing the angle at which he was jacking me off.

The Cafeteria Ch. 03

gay-male trikon309 2018-05-14

"Ryan, how long have you known these men?" He held up a picture of Kyle and Travis. "It looks like Woods gets a job in the IT department of a big company and starts to work on their software. Agent Stevenson, or Michael as he wanted me to call him, was single and too busy with the FBI to have a personal life. We broke our kiss and Michael said "I want to make love to you Ryan. But it helped me realize that I am feminine in every way and I want you to make me feel like the woman I know I am." Michael started to suck on my toes, and he kissed his way up my legs.

You Dirty Little Demon, You

gay-male WAAlexander 2018-05-10

And then, Marcen felt Cade's warm, luscious lips touch his neck and his wet tongue taste his anxious skin. Immediately, Marcen felt a strong hand strike him across the face, sending a warm and pleasurable feeling through his body. Marcen couldn't help but moan further as he felt Cade's hot, large dick stretch his hole farther than he ever felt. Marcen grabbed his bouncing shaft and began to jerk off as he saw Cade's eyes turn from bright blue to silver and his skin from hot to scorching. Cade continued to thrust away, slower and slower with every moment, until he finally removed his enormous cock out of Marcen, leaving him feeling empty.

Abs and I

gay-male abadmirer 2018-04-09

One day Jim came down while I was doing my workout, looked at me and ran his fingers lightly down the front of my belly then he remarked 'Your abs are starting to show and they're looking good." The touch of his fingers had rather interesting results and from that day on I looked at him a bit differently. Jim, with his boxing background, recommended that I use weights with my abs exercises, so I started to do that as they got stronger. One day while Jim was massaging my stomach he remarked "I reckon if I give you a really hard massage here we can increase the separation of your abs." "OK, give it a try" said I..

The Wolf-Orc

gay-male theGaytistic 2018-04-06

It wasn't much of a romantic night, if that's what they thought, but Thorg seems to admire Lance through his jet black hair and his icy blue eyes. The one thing that Lance couldn't help thinking is that what will Thorg will even look like when he turns into one. Lance, seeing the whole thing, was completely freaked out, his blue eyes opened wide with terror, his breathing was rocky and rapid, heartbeat like a drumbeat of a metalhead, his tail spike out with fright, and the tip of his cock trying to get out from its shaft. Lance sparked a new fear as Thorg approached him, with eyes of gold, fur of woodland green, boar-like teeth of ivory and a cock of cherry red.

Spells and Sea Stars

gay-male xXxAmorexXx 2018-04-05

After numerous porn websites ("Gross, Ryan, hetero-love!") and numerous gay porn websites ("Erik, I will never be able to look at you the same way again."), we had somehow ended up on a sad, strange little fantasy blog. Poking my head above the water, I yelled out that I was fine to Ryan. Right after yelling to Ryan, I felt out of breath and began panting. "I know you're a virgin, Erik," He whispered as he placed his hands on my shoulders, leaned up with his head and licked the shell of my ear. I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer being that it was my first time, so as my thrusts got sloppier and sloppier, I reached one of my hands down and grasped his shaft.

Brother Turned Breeder Ch. 01

gay-male TheUntraditional 2018-03-10

Sean was asleep in the next room, and I quietly entered the bathroom and flicked on the light switch. Above me was a great beast, its eyes a deep scarlet and its body covered in a shallow black fur. This wolf-like beast bent down and sniffed the growing bulge and formed a deep growl in the back of his throat. In one quick motion the beast shoved his great cock down my throat. My erection started to shrink and shrink, going past flaccid and receding into my body. The beast growled and without warning shoved his behemoth deep into my womb which I was sure I developed. The sensations of pain and pleasure made me finally explode, sending hot pussy juices onto the beast.

My First Night of Sex Ch. 01

gay-male bottom9 2018-01-29

My ass couldn't lie still, meeting his finger thrusts as I felt his now engorged dick hitting the side of my head. I felt light-headed as a glow seemed to emanate from my body, I was in a new dimension as I started to feel a pleasure I never knew existed. He pounded away and I could feel the wonderful sensation of his cum leaking out of my ass, yet I still held him by his cheeks as I met each thrust with my own. An orgasm inside my love canal, a cock still in there , the feeling of being filled if not totally stuffed, cum slowly draining out of me, and a wonderful lover still ramming his tongue down my throat in a passionate kiss.

Doctor Knows Best Ch. 01

gay-male Wynneboi 2018-01-16

"'re parading around like a chick of your own free will." He pointed out, the fact that he's tried to help me get down those stairs but I kept running back or flat refused to leave the apartment "I've been cooking for you, getting you to work out, trying to help you overcome your fears, just look at yourself, you run ten kilometre's a day now, you couldn't do one when we started." Such an ass, hiding behind 'helping' me like usual. "I can't do that 'for' you...but just know I'm going to keep pushing you, there are going to be some new rules around here." Ian told me that my time as a 'guest' was about up and I had to start contributing despite paying him for therapy I couldn't just lay about the condo, watching TV and drawing.

The Fallen Ch. 07

gay-male Acacia_wolf 2017-12-20

Seiji looked at him and smiled, "How are you feeling, pup?" Before he could answer, Tenshi's stomach gave a loud growl and left him blushing. "But since Tenshi is better we can get there in no time." Kat slapped Alex's arm and gave him a look. Tenshi blushed softly and looked at his hands as he spoke."Well, Seiji had bitten me during-- I felt weak and passed out. "No one wants us here" Saki finished Seiji's sentence, "I was looking around in the market and everyone was silent and avoided me." She dug a delicate hand into a fabric bag she was carrying and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. Tenshi was being fucked by the man he loved and he hardly felt that his body was shifting again and so was Seiji.

Personal Trainer

gay-male pornoperson 2017-11-17

I expected to meet another overweight twentysomething but, instead, the person waiting for me in the parking lot that day looked more like he had just graduated from boot camp. You need toning and a lot of cardio," he said, looking at me more like a piece of meat than a coworker or walking partner. The inside of this rather innocuous garage looked like some kind of twisted version of Gold's Gym. Benches, weights, and other odd implements of exercise filled the room. I thought that he was going to cut me open and gut me like a deer there in his garage. I went back into their house and changed into my street clothes and left as she was starting dinner.

Becoming a Sex Pig Pt. 01

gay-male AssWhisperer 2017-11-09

Whatever he was doing to my nip--kind of kneading it beneath the base, under the skin, though I couldn't tell how he was doing it--it was sending waves of pleasure through my chest and right down to my dick, which jerked and dripped a little precum. I closed my eyes, and experienced a weird sort of psychedelic light show as I greedily sucked out every drop of precum he produced, which turned into a slow stream, almost like he was pissing...but this wasn't piss. "These are now super-sensitive, and they will be until they're fully milked." He placed my hand onto my nipple, which was at least twice the size it was before I went to sleep, and squeezed my fingers around it, garnering another moan from me as waves of pleasure echoed through my entire body.