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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

Renting Tyler

gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-20

The first he referred to as, ‘the security guy.’ Fuck knows what he actually did, but he was six foot tall and ruggedly handsome. The second man Clyde referred to as, ‘the rugby player.’ He was stocky and your classic alpha male. With my incessant mental itch festering, I came upon a M2M massage agency. After I heard a knock at the door I was met by a satisfactory looking, six foot tall young man. After retrieving lotion from a satchel he had arrived with, Tyler sat on my thighs. Lying on the bed I placed my hand around his firm backside, and was soon lapping on his juicy foreskin. Once Tyler had left, I observed the condom that he had thrown next to the bed.

My Second Cock

gay-male headandcunny 2018-11-20

I hoped Thorsten was in the shower. I wanted to get a look at his hard body in a towel when he came out. His near naked image would do me for jerking better than any magazine. I thought, if Thor knew that I wanted to get on my knees and suck his cock and that I wanted to ride him like a horse he'd probably beat the shit out of me. I pressed play and the video started again. "You want to suck cock, like that?" I asked. We moved into position. Thor took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. Thorsten was as hard as steel when I reached around and took a hold of his cock. A minute later we came together in a climax I nor Thor had ever felt before.

Confessions of a Straight Guy - Part 3

gay-male str8butcurious 2018-11-20

I open up one of the messages and see: "I have a short amount of time until my wife gets home. Each time I check my phone and see his pictures my cock starts throbbing and swells up. Muscle Man opens the door and graciously welcomes me into his house wearing a tank top that barely covers anything with his nipples popping out of both sides, pecs the size of small melons, and short gym shorts without anything underneath. Muscle Man starts to choke on my growing cock. The fact that I was intimidated by this guy who was at least 250 pounds of hairy muscle and all he wanted was five minutes of my time to suck me off and swallow my load.

Straight Cocksucker Ch. 02

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-11-20

I again returned to the comedian but so distracted by the thought of sucking a college guy's cock I wasn't really listening, even though I had no idea if he was even a college student. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted to do suck a college guy's cock. The first cock I sucked was small in comparison and he came very quickly with me never taking more than a couple of inches in my mouth. This time though, with a firm hand on my head, I slowly tried to take more and more of his stiff cock in my mouth, but gagged at first not used to having anything go so deep in my throat.

My Transition

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-11-20

He gently kissed and licked my hard shaft and sensitive head, and then, looking into my eyes, took it fully into his mouth. At that point, I told him that I wanted him to make slow but passionate love to me, and that I wanted to receive from a male lover all that one could experience. My orgasm, together with the contractions of my spasms around his cock, brought him over the edge as well, and he gave a final thrust and emptied his hot male seed deep inside me. I climbed up on the sofa on my knees, facing him and straddling his chest, whereupon he slid down and took my hard, drooling cock into his mouth.

Don't Look

gay-male Alana9 2018-11-20

Sean couldn’t believe someone like Christian would even give him the time of day. Years later Sean finally asked him about it and he said he’d taken one look at the adorable little new thing sitting in class, looking so shy and sweet, and had fallen hopelessly in love. The day they moved into their dorm room freshman year, Christian took Sean’s hand and told him he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving him. The thing was, whenever Sean thought of Max leaving, he’d get that same black hole panicky feeling that he always got when he thought of years stretching out in front of him without Christian.

A good hard fucking

gay-male dondave 2018-11-20

He got hard quickly, and in seconds his cock was so big I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth. In my CL ad I’d said I didn’t want to get pounded or plowed, I wanted a slow, easy fucking. I’d been more top than bottom up to this point, and didn’t want someone who wasn’t willing to go slow and give me time to get used to the feel of a cock inside me. He rolled me over on my back, spread my legs apart and started pushing his cock against my hole. I felt like my ass was splitting open, but I didn’t want it to stop. I started moving my hips, too, meeting every thrust of his cock by pushing back against him.

Putting on a Show, Part 2

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-20

I stood there, leaning against Rick as the other guys slowly began to head back into the bar. They walked over to me and Rick said, “Craig, I want you to meet Lenny and Mark.” Rick began to rock his hips, moving his cock around inside my mouth as I worked on him. I was really getting into blowing Rick when I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and running his tongue through my crack. I never understood why some guy would want to stick his tongue there, but I was instantly thankful Rick was willing to do it. Rick began to rock his hips the slightest bit, causing his cock to move just millimeters inside of me, but that was enough to make me want more.

The Concert

gay-male bassguitarbubba 2018-11-20

  We were the only ones in the rest room and Kevin said, “When you’re done, go into one of the empty stalls, but don’t lock it.”   I looked at Kevin strangely and he said, “Don’t worry.”   Just then, the two boys with the tight jeans came into the rest room.     From the next stall I heard a stifled moan and I knew Kevin was having his way with the other young man.   I looked at the hard cock in front of me and without hesitation I dropped to my knees and began to lick its head and the underside.   Before I knew it I had this young cock in my mouth and my head was moving back and forth.


gay-male LarsKaiden 2018-11-20

The warm water felt like a stream of energy trickling over my body. I felt happy that I’d finally come to the realization that I wasn’t like the others. When he caught my eye, I looked away, feeling embarrassed. He took the bottle of soap from my hands and lathered my chest while I stood there, eyes closed. The touch of his hands on my body was like none I’d ever felt. I’d never touched another man’s cock and yet it felt somehow familiar and different at the same time. I stroked it a few times, feeling the ridges of his shaft slide beneath my fingers. I wanted to give him the same sensation as I’d felt from him, but he was on a mission.

My Surfer Best Friend

gay-male Bronte34 2018-11-20

Brad turned off his shower and wiped his hands over his hair. My right hand grabbed hold of my dick and I began rubbing it up and down the shaft, the rhymn increasing as I moved faster on it. I walked down to the sandy beach where I saw Brad surfing in the sea on his board riding a big wave. He pulled down his shorts and began rubbing his left hand up and down my dick, making me gasp out loud. I felt his other hand grab the back of my head, pushing it to go harder on his dick. "Fuck me, Brad," I said, once I drew back my mouth to breathe. Brad moved harder and faster against me, groaning and grunting as he fucked me from behind.

Boy Plus Boy Equals Love

gay-male Samuelx 2018-11-20

Otherwise I never would have been able to attend a school like Newton State College. I was a student at Boston College High School a couple years back. This year, for the first time ever, Newton State College was sponsoring a Men's Volleyball team. We had a good team, and played some excellent games against schools like Bridgewater State College and Lasell College. She was also Athletic Director Sam OMalley's daughter and a recent graduate of Newton State College Law School. Cain Whitman was a graduate student at Newton State College who volunteered his services at the tutoring center. That's before I found out he was the first African-American male to be Valedictorian of a graduating class in Newton State College history.


Hot Tub Confessions - When the Wife's Away, the Boys Will Play

gay-male Couple4Play 2018-11-20

Scott embraced each of us in a massive bear hug and kissed Paula on the cheek before we made our way around the cottage and sat down together to share a smoke at the picnic table. Scott and I quickly stripped down to our birthday suits in the cool night air while Paula headed inside the cottage for her shower, the door sliding smoothly shut behind her. Scott was slowly wading across the tub to me on his knees, so as to not rise above the surface of the water and expose himself to the cool night air. The deviant in me couldn't help but imagine the nearly endless sex Tetris combinations of fucking and sucking that had suddenly opened up to me after this startling and cock stiffening interlude in the hot tub.

Twisted and Torn Part 6

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-19

Let me not hurry but enjoy this one for now as he saw Chris relax and open his mouth and take a deep breath as his cock settled into man pussy for the first time. He liked the way the guy moaned with each deep slow stroke and relaxed his body around the hard cock when he needed to. The tight hole underneath him wanted to scream with the pleasure of being filled and fucked so slowly and needed those deep hard strokes to set him on fire, He knew they were coming but he was so fucking horny watching those huge arms and chest muscles work as Chris rocked into this wet ass cheeks.

Spanking on the Ranch

gay-male alspank 2018-11-19

When Derrick finally got up several minutes later, he was having trouble getting into an upright position, but I also noticed that his dick was still hard and that there was huge gobs of cum dripping out of it and all over the chair. I said nothing, but became hard at the prospect of getting spanked, I was pretty sure that was why Mr. Price was there, although I was confused why he waited so long to come if that was what was going to happen. Derrick gave me funny looks the next day, but I just ignored them realizing that he heard it all and probably jerked off to it, maybe even was planning some maneuver to get his own butt spanked hard sometime soon.

Kasper's Den Ch. 08

gay-male tarzanacide 2018-11-19

Amir wasn't happy about any of it, but when Mr. Hamad set it up, Emerson pushed me excitedly to do it. It'll be good practice for you, little one," Mr. Hamad said as he went to the phone and barked some harsh orders in Arabic to someone on the other end of the line. They gave me time to go hang out with Taj. I saw his office and he showed me pictures of his new place on his phone. It's hard for him to accept that Amir isn't his little boy anymore." Emerson swiped out on his tablet. "Kasper, little one, it is time," Mr. Hamad said and came towards the bed. The Hamad family guard who kept a watchful eye over Emerson translated for him.


Life Changing

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-11-19

"Oh god," Sharon said as she rubbed my body with hers, sort of up and down and back and forth, in a kind of circle, feeling my cock massaging her pussy lips. When Maurice started sucking my cock and it was a wonderful feeling, not like when my wife Sharon sucked it. I stared in awe as Maurice encircled the head with his lips and slowly took inch by inch of my seven inches of hard cock into his mouth all the way down to my balls. Almost too low to hear I whimpered, “I’m gonna cum,” and started quivering and holding Maurice’s head as pushed my cock deep into his mouth just as a thick warm blast of cum hit the back of his throat.


Straight to Bi Part 2

gay-male dlcalguy 2018-11-19

I stroked myself and showed my ass and offered my mouth for cock, but I hadn't once considered kissing another man. I got my cock pointing up and was ready to just rub against Pete for a while, but my hand was there and his cock was there and his mouth was on mine and I was hot for him and it just seemed like the right thing to do... Pete unashamedly stroked his cock while he watched and answered my dirty talk with dirty talk of his own. Then he pulled me slightly and I looked down and watched as my cock went into his mouth.  "I want your cock, Pete," I said, and started lowering myself onto him.

Christmas Cheer

gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-19

In the two weeks that Albie played the role of Santa in our store, the compliments never ceased. Albie had told me that he would be alone during this period, so I decided to invite him for having made me look so good in the previous two weeks. Burt, the manager of our food division arranged an inexpensive hamper of goodies for me that had reached their ‘sell-by date.’ Albie was totally overcome by my invitation and, after the store closed on Christmas Eve, accompanied me back to my apartment. “Well Santa would be honoured if you might spend the night in his bed,” Albie concluded. When Albie finally left later that day with a hamper I had packed for him, I had received my doctorate in the art of sex.


My first Experience With An Older Man

gay-male noob 2018-11-19

I instinctively pushed down on his head to take more of my cock in his mouth and when he had it all the way in, I gave him the first of many cocktails of the night. As the movie played and he continued to suck my throbbing cock, he looked up and asked me if I wanted to go to his apartment a few blocks away. While we were walking, he told me how much he loved the feel and taste of my cock and he wanted more. I was ready to feed him again when he asked me to stand over him on the bed and lower my cock into his waiting mouth.


The Pursuit of Manliness

gay-male BradleyStoke 2018-11-19

Of course, as Colonel Norman knew, had the nawab presented one of his fine sons, whose manly frames stood behind their father, their bare breasts gleaming the keen musculature of youth and exercise, then the colonel’s detachment would surely have deserted him. “Well, best of luck, Norman old boy,” said Colonel Nichols making his way with the three whores clinging to him and his clothes, whilst the one grasping the colonel’s erect member was excitedly discussing it with her two colleagues.

Confessions of a Straight Guy: Part 2

gay-male str8butcurious 2018-11-19

Flicking one with his tongue while pinching the other with his hand that wasn't stroking the outline of my now very hard cock through my jeans. I flipped him over on the couch, which was fairly easy with a guy his size, and started working my way down in a similar fashion as he did to me. I flicked his nipples with my tongue, kissed his torso as I worked my way down to new territory. When I went up after multiple times, I stayed with just the dead of his cock in my mouth and flicked it around with my tongue. I quickly worked my way back down to his cock and continued the pattern and rhythm that I'd found the previous time.

A Hot Muggy Saturday

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-11-19

I can vividly remember the first time that I sucked a dick and let a guy cum in my mouth. Up to that point, I can’t remember every actually thinking about having someone suck my dick, and I know for a fact, that I hadn’t wanted to do so myself. I have no idea how long that I worked on Spike’s cock, but I do know that when he shot off in my mouth, I immediately swallowed his boy load like it was a natural thing to do and it tasted delicious. After gaining my compose I told Spike, “I want to suck you off again,” and he let me but this time it took a lot longer for him to cum in my mouth.


Ten Doors - Door Seven

gay-male SailorScottUK 2018-11-19

“That’s right hole, take it all!” The cock is so far down Ross’ throat he can’t scream when his arse cheeks are pulled apart and fingers are forced deep inside him again. A hand rest on Ross’ shoulder, fingers placed on his jaw and a cock waiting at his lips as Karl now stands in front of him, “Time to lube me up hole!” Ross opens his mouth wide and takes as much of Karl’s cock as he is able. Jamie works on Ross’ hole for 10 minutes without stopping, “I think he’s ready for you boys now.” Karl is the first one to move, quickly taking his place behind Ross while Paul continues to be sucked long and deep.