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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

Hot straight Surfer Cock

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-03-05

While Kurt layer back on the bed, I started sucking his thick cock, which quickly hardened to a meaty eight inches. Kurt was twitching and moaning,"Ooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” uncontrollably as I cupped and massaged his heavy cum filled nuts and gave them a nice tongue bath. Then I moved back up and once again took Kurt’s hard cock in my mouth and started sucking it with complete abandonment. Despite his hasty exit, Kurt must have liked the way I sucked his cock because he called later that evening to see if he could stop by on his way to the beach the next morning for another blowjob.

Strapped For Cash (Or How I Became A Sugar Boy!)

gay-male mrer469 2018-03-05

I had been working in a local gym for a while, doing a few massages (turns out not a lot of people are comfortable with a guy therapist!), but the personal training was going pretty well. I actually love looking at your body, it gave me motivation!" Tom said. I continued with the massage, and when it was time for him to flip over, I took the towel off but got a good view of his ass and cock as he turned. "I was hoping for a little more than a hand job," Tom said with a worried look that he might have crossed the line. Tom kept his grip on my hips and started thrusting his cock deep in me.

A Long Voyage to Sydney

gay-male anubis31 2018-03-05

twin brother and I stayed with our grandparents until June, after we had way to the ship's swimming pool, where we stayed all day.   After a few days I became a bit worried because my brother, Peter, Next day I saw him talking to the Ship's Bosun and then walk demanded to know what was going on a the Bosun said " We are playing strip Peter and I were helped onto the table and the randy seamen's hands even when the ship's carpenter started to slide his cock between the cheeks     I looked over to see how Peter was handling the Carpenter's cock and After a time, my ass got used to the abuse it was getting and the



gay-male Simplicity 2018-03-05

Being a spitfire redhead, she rolled her eyes and said, ”You, the boss's son, and me, the boss's secretary, looking over the lake and watching the sunset… is that your subtle way of making a pass at me?" Jay had never discussed such things but I said I hadn’t found the right woman but I had plenty of time and wasn't in any rush. I know you always wondered why we never had the same friends, or why I never talked about my life.” Jay inhaled and looked into my eyes. "I'm not sure Jay. I know it doesn't feel weird, or uncomfortable…” I tried to gather my thoughts, admit how I felt. When I’d held her, it didn't feel like it did holding Jay. This felt right.


gay-male ljdoofus75 2018-03-05

After about ten minutes, she started rubbing Barry’s cock through his jeans, but he said, “I know you want to do this now, but I have a visitor and besides, you’ll feel bad about it later.” Soon he shot another load into my mouth, but I didn’t want to let his cock leave my mouth. I reached around his hips and pulled him deeper into my mouth as I continued to suck him like this would have to last a lifetime. Barry said, “Lay down on the bed.” I did and reached for his cock and began stroking it. He replied, “Now’s the right time because you know how good it felt from your side and you’re wondering what it feels like on the other side.”

The Bighorn Hiking Club

gay-male edlangston 2018-03-05

We continued doing our day hikes for the next couple of weeks, and although nothing more was said about my conversation with Calvin, I did look at his cock every chance I got when we pissed on the trail. As I stepped a little closer to the window to get a better look, I heard a quiet rustling behind me in the leaves, and turned to see that Calvin was in the shadows of a tree, watching Bill and Lea fuck and stroking his large cock, which was now fully hard at 11 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can. Bill and Lea were happy that they had chosen the right hiking group, and they had wanted to see her fucked by a big-cocked black man for a very long time.

Finding myself in a steamy situation

gay-male Marko123 2018-03-05

The thrusting from Chaz caused me to start sliding my cock in and out of Max's tight ass. Chaz started to speed up until he was pounding my ass as hard as he could, his cock rubbing up on my prostate making me want to blow my load. I let out a low groan and felt my cock swell before blowing my load in Max. I pulled out my cum covered cock from Max's ass and put in Chaz's mouth to clean off before I got down on my knees and licked out Max's ass which he enjoyed. Max started to fuck harder using the strength from his abs and hips to force his cock all the way into Chaz's ass.

Salad Dressing

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

His food arrived several minutes later, and when he asked for salad dressing the bottle before me was relocated to him. I immediately began to write a new story entitled, ‘Salad Dressing.’ Cheekily, I even used the names Jarrod and Francis in my story. About ten days ago I read a really good story entitled: Salad Dressing, by an author named FJB. A short while later we were seated at the pub swapping life stories. After dinner, he asked if I was keen to find out if the real Jarrod lived up to the fictional one. ‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, never mind edits, I was going to have to rewrite the entire story.

82% anal

Teacher's Pet Ch. 08

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-03-05

He felt sure that this was the reason Mr. Peterson had gotten in trouble, but now the Headmaster was gripping his hips and pushing his dick into the student's ass. "Do you like it?" the Headmaster grunted, using his hands on Cory's hips to thrust into him brutally hard, almost knocking the breath out of the student, "Does it feel good?" OH GOD!!!!!!" Cory thrashed in front of the Headmaster as the older man pumped his cock in and out of Cory's ass brutally while the younger man climaxed, almost as though his thrusting dick was pushing the cum out of Cory's body.


Lonely Night

gay-male AnnonymousStories2 2018-03-05

Even then, my body temperature wouldn't help and I could feel shivers starting to kick in with chattering teeth soon to follow. I tried everything, breathing into my hands, but it wouldn't warm up my whole body. My body started to become to life again, running through my veins and cock was warm blood. Using that beard for heating my face up as he'd moan in my ear every time he'd thrust into my bubble butt. Nails clawing at the back of his naked, muscly back as his abs would push forward and rub against my body, as he held my legs up above his arms, just slowly fucking me. A kiss again, and eventually we'd catch our breath, fall asleep and wake up and start again.


Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 12

gay-male Samuelx 2018-03-05

My name is Steve Darcy and I am a Haitian-American police officer and part-time community mentor living in the city of Brockton. Right after graduating from Brockton Community High School, I went to Bay State University. The Bay State University Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate archery, baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, swimming, soccer, football, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, rowing, rodeo, rifle, water polo and alpine skiing. For female student-athletes they offered Women's Intercollegiate archery, softball, bowling, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer, equestrian, field hockey, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, rowing, rodeo, rifle, water polo and alpine skiing. And, I am pleased to say, at a time when most colleges and universities had a severe gender imbalance, BSU had an equal number of men and women on its student body.


HypnoSissy: Big Nerd Cock

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-03-05

Rose, after allowing him to go down on her a couple of times, gives him a USB with a dozen videos that he is to watch (unknown to him they were hypno-sissy videos) and slowly be begins to get curious about sucking cock and eating cum. Part of me, of course, was excited as I relived sucking his cock yesterday and how big and hard it was and how oddly natural it felt for him to use me like that and to shoot a load of his warm cum all over my face. After a couple of minutes, as I was dreamily taking two-thirds of his long dick into my mouth, he ordered, "Suck on my balls, cock sucker."


What Makes A man?

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

Jeff’s dad had passed away when he was ten years old, and after his mom had remarried his new stepfather did not get on with Jeff at all. After Jeff and I went to bed we soon got into our normal routine of fondling, kissing, and sucking. The hardware store was already closed, but I was delighted to see a sign on the door notifying, ‘In case of emergencies, call Jeff at (phone number).’ I took down the number, and then decided to book into a small motel for the evening. When Jeff finally got to my place I welcomed him in, not sure if I should hug him or shake his hand.

Conference Stress Relief

gay-male tnbiguy4men 2018-03-05

Our mouths soon made their way to the other's growing cock, and we spent considerable time giving one another slow, sensual oral pleasures. Not wanting me to cum just yet, he had me get on my knees with my head on the bed and my legs spread. He climbed up behind me and teased my shaved furrow and puckered orifice with his wicked tongue, then proceeded to eat my hungry ass with animal passion. As I lay on the bed during the call, he climbed between my legs and gently sucked and tongued my sensitive cockhead. He sucked my hard cock as he reached between my legs with his lubricated fingers.

The Gingerbread Man

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

What did transpire that night, however, was that for the next decade I would always dream of an encounter with a man that looked like him. After a brief pause, he surprised me by asking, “Do you like massage?” I asked Robert what he charged and was surprised by how low his hourly fee was. A silly thought crossed my mind and before I could stop myself, I asked, “Are you cut or uncut, Robert?” Robert let out a laugh before he answered, “I’m like you, bro, and I’m also cut.” I was astonished by his reply. No uncut person has ever asked me that question,” he replied, with a self-satisfied grin. When I asked him why, Robert told me that he had been given his marching orders by his buddy.

Being used on Vacation

gay-male DavidB 2018-03-05

I went straight back to his member and I tasted the salty precum on his head, I kept going at his cock and I could tell eric was close his breathing was loud, almost too loud as I was afraid that Jarrod or Bryan might hear us. He pulled out and slid off the condom in record time, he told me to "make it happen" I got on the floor and Eric sat on the bed, I was licking his cock and letting all my saliva drip down his cock when he reached the point of no return and the jets of jizz hit my face and chest.

The movie theater

gay-male mranonymous7 2018-03-05

I used the booths a little, even watched a blowjob with two guys, but soon I decided to go to the theater. I was alone in the theater for a moment, but soon the next movie started and another guy came in and had a seat. I licked her pussy, alternating between circling my tongue round the sensitive little bud of her clit and licking deep inside her sticky hole. My cock was hard again from eating her pussy full of her hubby's cum and as I stood up it was sticking straight out in front of me. Without waiting for an answer, he leaned down and started licking the head of my cock, sticking his hot little tongue in the piss-hole.

The Clan

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-05

The night we met at the bar, Glen occasionally referred to ‘The Clan.’ I just believed they were fellow bikers who enjoyed riding together. During the weekend he told me a great deal about, ‘The Clan.’ They were a group of eight guys, now seven after his former lover had left, who partied together. When we spent the night together again, twelve days later, he told me that The Clan were dying to meet me, and had invited me to their Saturday gathering the following evening. After general introductions, Spanner immediately zoned in on me, and no sooner had he placed his arm around me before I was being pulled down onto a mattress. After Spanner had unloaded, Lyle pounced onto Spanner’s knob, and Vath began munching my butt.

A Craving

gay-male boo_dreaux 2018-03-05

He sat there, eyes straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, watching as the younger stranger stroked his, now-fully-erect, cock through his suit pants, the bar's overhanging lip providing a bit of 'cover'. Reaching over, the younger guy took his hand, carried it down from the bar-top, and placed it onto his own crotch, onto his own erection under his pants before resuming the stroking of him. Eagerly, he sucked the last drop from the younger guy's dick and when he was finished, he got up, neatened his pants and all, then walked to the door and let himself out, a few drops of cum at the corners of his mouth which he licked with his tongue, the younger guy looking confused that he was leaving, that there wouldn't be more between them.

The Color of Love

gay-male JonahSnow 2018-03-05

Me and Matthew alone in the dark together with a few candles, this is going to be so hot, I was thinking to myself and I felt my dick start to harden slightly, I tried to think of something else to get my mind off it. Matthew started laughing a little and said, “It says lick the stomach of the person closest to you for five seconds”. I bet he’s got a huge dick, does he have a hard on for me, no he couldn’t, I was thinking to myself and I slowly started to stick out my tongue, I gently started at his belly button and softly licked up towards his nipples.

Trying To Fuck A Gay Couple

gay-male speedodave 2018-03-04

I think it was Paul who went into my room and just crashed on the bed so it was Jace and I left in my tiny lounge room wearing nothing but our speedos.  I drove up to Newcastle on a Friday afternoon/evening a little bit on a whim and Paul and Jace were partying it up at Paul’s unit. I stood by the door and the guys were both in bed and Paul told me to come and join them, and that Jace had something he wanted to give me.  The sheets had been pulled back so that Paul and I could enjoy the view of Jace working my cock, my hips were off the bed and my hand was on the back of his head.

My First Gay Experience (With My Best Friend)

gay-male iskotpop 2018-03-04

After a few more strokes his grip loosened and he slid his fingers down onto my heavy balls, softly massaging and feeling up one of them before grabbing the other and doing the same, making me bite my lip as it felt so nice and warm in his soft hand. I felt his hot breath on my shaft, all the way down near my balls as I could hear him slowly sticking out his tongue, gently sliding it forward and finally making contact with my skin. With his left hand massaging my heavy and full balls and his hot warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft I could suddenly feel his right hand move off of my knee and slowly towards my mattress, where he felt around.

Oil Rig

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

As Stacy observed the hunk before him the shower room door opened, and the three guys he had seen in the passage entered the space. Billy, the first guy that Stacy had encountered in the shower, then moved up and took up station behind Stacy’s arse. As Hank began to fuck Stacy arse, a procession of knobs commenced skull-fucking Stacy’s mouth. Jock followed shortly afterwards, and when Billy unloaded, Hank also shot his load into Stacy’s backside. After entering Stacy’s room their towels were flung aside instantly before they got on the bed and started making out. The following evening when Stacy entered the shower area he was taken aback, when six pairs of eyes focussed on him.

The Russian Way

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

Geny was very impressed, and after kicking his shoes off was soon bouncing up and down on the bed, like a small boy. Geny looked at me with a malevolent expression before asking, “Do you like it rough Petrich?” Geny had a lovely body, but like his face there were numerous scars all over him. Turning his body around and facing away from my head, he sat on my back and began tantalising my hole with the disgusting object. After lifting his torso a short while later, Geny swiftly extracted the plug out my arse before replacing it with his large cock. Slumping onto me after Geny asked, “Do you like the Russian way Petrich?”