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Erotic Gay Male stories

A large collection of male gay stories.

Is It Worth The Fight...

gay-male BoldDanny 2018-01-14

Joe furiously pulled my face to his and Nick lowered his head to the end of Joe’s now throbbing cock and took it in his mouth. I pulled Nick up and kissed him I was about to go down but Joe was faster so before I knew it, I was back into bliss, this time with different lips around my cock. Joe leaned it to kiss me and I happily accept then I felt Nick move behind me and I knew what was coming, it felt as though time had slowed down whilst I waited for what I wanted. I felt his well lubed finger enter me and it felt good, I was trying to hold back a moan, but I let a little one slip and I felt Joe laugh into my mouth, though I didn’t care.

Me and my cousin part two

gay-male bobbybrown 2018-01-14

I clenched my arse tighter and said " no your not putting your cock in my ass-hole dale no way" "Dale that actually feels good go harder, oh yeah that is go harder dale, fuck your little cousins arsehole". As i begin to thrust back on my cousins hard cock i close my eyes and take in the feeling of his cock in me, he goes faster and i can tell he's about to cum. fill my arse hole with your big cock fuck your little cousin like the bitch he is" Dale starts fucking harder and harder and Toby slowly tightens his arsehole. Toby sits open mouthed as dale shoots stream after stream after stream of hot sticky adolescent cum all over his face.

Guy sucks my Cock While a horny Woman watches...

gay-male scorpiodragon 2018-01-14

*(1st time a Female actual friend wanted to watch my cock getting sucked by a guy) i said yes, Im getting a little turned on now...I look over and shes rubbing her tits, she took off her shirt/no bra *NICE BIG TITS hard nipples... I got ready now I'M laying on my back only feet away from her, she was sitting on a office chair touching a bit, wow hes pretty good, instantly got hard, then he started to slurp n gag on my cock.. What would be nice, if both of you sucked my cock, She said no no, not today, she wasn't going to give me any oral sex, just watch kinda touching herself, He then eagerly with passion started to sucking n swallow my dick, I was balls deep in his mouth...

The Odd Boy

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-14

On another occasion, I recall overhearing dad ask Sammy, “How the fuck did I end up with a wuss like Joey?” Naturally, we did not have a warm and loving father and son relationship. With a horny look in his eyes, he said, “Turn over boy, I’ve been dreaming about your hole all day long.” After pushing my legs apart, he opened my cheeks with his hands and began rimming me. “Nnnh, nnnh, aaaaah, this butt of yours is fucking awesome. Nnnh, aaah.” Sep groaned on and on as our combined pleasure just kept scaling greater heights. I wasn’t sure how long Sep would be living with us but hoped with all my heart that he wouldn’t be moving out for a very long time.

Freezing to Hot

gay-male TommyTudor 2018-01-14

“It is nice and warm in here, but if your hungry there is a diner right down the street, and I can buy you something to eat there, if you like,” he said. While we were waiting, Roger asked, “How would you like to make some money for a room tonight?” “Tommy I often come to the bus station to find nice young men like you to provide oral service to my hard cock, does that shock you,” he asked? “That may be Tommy, but you do not have a place to stay tonight, if you suck my cock you will have a nice warm place to stay. “Good boy, lets go back to the bus station, you can suck my cock in the restroom,” he said.


Discovering Each Other

gay-male starbelliedboy 2018-01-14

"Do you want to look at some porn," I asked James, my friend from uni who was visiting for a few days. "Shall we... shall we try something together again?" I swilled the sweetness around in my mouth enjoying the taste and texture, before swallowing it, feeling the thick gelatinous cum slide down my throat, then licked up the remaining drops of semen on his cock.. He took my penis out and as I looked up I squirted another three shots in his face, and watched it dribble down his cheeks and out of his mouth and let him lap up the remaining semen on my dick, before he climbed up on the bed and we hugged our thanks, then fell asleep in a post-orgasm slumber.

Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend Ch. 02

gay-male hrny4cok 2018-01-14

Is that what made you cum so hard Chuckie?" Alicia said as she stood there looking at my semi-erect dick. I want you to be at that door when the first guest arrives tonight and make sure you have nothing on but what I put in the bag," Alicia said as she turned out walked out of the bathroom. "I know I couldn't have sucked that dancer off and still stayed faithful to my fiancé, but I'm sure Bob wouldn't object to me paying you for your services tonight," she said as she lowered her lips to the head of my cock.

What Sammy Saw on Her Cam

gay-male Cinner 2018-01-14

He had actually kicked over the laptop in his desperate haste to cover himself! His face was stricken, but his feelings were plain. He winced, in obvious discomfort. Zane released Cooper's cock and buried his face in the man's groin. Kingston's not far. He winced. "You can allow me to buy you dinner so that I can apologise." He would tell her that he had tried to get together with Zane but that he already had a boyfriend, just as she had predicted, and hope that she would stop nagging him about the man. I'm sure that you still have feelings for each other" she declared more stoutly.

Verne and Charley The Indian

gay-male Bob_N_Head2 2018-01-14

“Well,” Verne went on, “Rather than stop telling me the details of his being fucked in his youth, Old Charley got off of Trigger and there by the side of the unimproved dirt road, he lowered his Levis, spread apart the split in the back of his long john underwear and told me to take him as Running Turkey used to in the long ago past. Our coupling was over thirty minutes and a better trained ass I have never found except on you, Bob. Finally, as you know it would, I shot one of my greatest cum loads into that hungry hole and Old Charley gave out a genuine Indian war whoop as he poured his seed onto the dry New Mexican earth.

Opposites Attract - Part Four

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-14

Weeks after their initial meeting, Joe spent trying to locate Craig, hanging out at the bar they met, sliding his phone number under his apartment door (which he knew was creepy), and walking about hoping for a chance encounter. Man, I’m sorry,” said Craig, looking at Joe with sincerity. When I saw you here kissing another man I assumed what we had was a one night fling,” said Joe. He pulled out a business card that had his cell on it and slid it to Craig. John loved the aggressive fucking of Craig, showing he had stamina and strength to keep his ass up and still the way he knew the big man liked it.

Opposites Attract - Part Two

gay-male buck4bear 2018-01-14

“Where you think you’re going?” said Craig, strengthening the hold he had on Joe. “Coming in here teasing me with this fine white boy ass then wanting to leave,” said Craig as he cupped his hand under Joe’s nakedness, getting a firm grip on his fleshy cheeks. Joe reached up and felt Craig’s hairy man tits, tweaking his nipples, causing Craig to push the head of his dick inside Joe’s ass. “This is going to feel real good around my dick,” said Craig as he continued to probe with his fingers, opening up Joe’s hole for what would be several hours. “I’m know what I’m doing boy, don’t need your help.” With that Craig slowly slid the rest of his dick into Joe’s ass, feeling the incredibly pleasurable moist warmth tightly wrapped around him.

The Meter Man Cometh

gay-male deviantlover 2018-01-14

“Oh God that feels good,” he panted, as he held my head still and began fucking my mouth. He did as I asked again and I felt his muscles part and watched my cock slowly slide into him; just the head at first, but as he relaxed, the rest followed until my body was touching his arse. I gave him a few more thrusts and then withdrew from him, slowly, enjoying the feel of his tightness on my cock, until it dropped from him, quickly followed by a stream of spunk, which at first hung from him, then fell to the floor, joining his on the carpeted floor.

Turkish Delight

gay-male Tuppie 2018-01-14

The German man hit the nail on the head, and when I entered the hammam he suggested in an old part of the city, it was just perfect. As he took up station at my head I felt his hands begin to work on my neck and upper back. When his mouth moved forward and latched onto my lips, his arms wound around my body like a ravenous octopus. Once Yavuz was done we got off the table, and as I looked at the clock I saw there were two minutes left. Unperturbed, Fat Knob entered and began fucking like madman. Fortunately, the cubicle had extra towels, and as I began drying my head I observed Fat Knob leaving without uttering a word. Kadir fortunately, did not have an uncomfortable cock-head like Fat Knob.

The Night It All Changed

gay-male MichaelB1979 2018-01-14

Gold star in the mail, dumbass." Little did I know that night that the living room window was wide open, and the retching, wheezing, and gasping sounds emanating from my mouth were making their way inside, indirectly, to HIS ears. He began to ooze like maple syrup from a tree, and in less time than it took for a look of utter embarrassment form upon his visage, the front panel of MY pants were drenched in it. With that said, I pulled my head down and got to business; kissing, licking, sucking the head and as much of the tree trunk-like shaft as I could swallow whole. Lifting his body nearly off the bed, he began to fire into my mouth.

My Secret Fantasies

gay-male TommyTudor 2018-01-14

The first was to watch my wife get fucked by a cock much bigger than my modest five inches, and the second was to suck her lover, after he fucked her. I then explained that my two biggest fantasies were to watch her get fucked by a big cock, and then suck her lover. Each time his cock hit the back of my mouth I would gag a little, but I started trying very hard to relax my throat. I said, “But honey I’m no longer able to perform for you and I know how much you enjoy being fucked and cumming. My friend did not fuck her, and I was disappointed, as was he, but I’m still sucking his big cock.

Straight Cocksucker

gay-male silkstockingslover 2018-01-14

I created a new yahoo username and email, 'straightbutcurious' where I chatted with many, many gay, straight and bi men, as I began to flesh out my uncontrollable intrigue with sucking cock. cuminme: Like I said u may feel that a cock in ur mouth and realize it is not u... cuminme: the question becomes r u a natural cocksucker which u will know the moment that first cock is in your mouth cuminme: I have sucked dozens of straight men...some end up returning the favor, some end up on all fours ass filled by my cock, others shoot their load and shamefully walk away...although they often come back for more


The Pursuit of Manliness

gay-male BradleyStoke 2018-01-14

Of course, as Colonel Norman knew, had the nawab presented one of his fine sons, whose manly frames stood behind their father, their bare breasts gleaming the keen musculature of youth and exercise, then the colonel’s detachment would surely have deserted him. “Well, best of luck, Norman old boy,” said Colonel Nichols making his way with the three whores clinging to him and his clothes, whilst the one grasping the colonel’s erect member was excitedly discussing it with her two colleagues.

school buddy

gay-male dickrider 2018-01-14

 My new friends name was Raymond, he was 19, I was still 17 and would be till April.  I had only know him for a few hours, and here we were on the floor in his room, he'd just fucked me dog fashion, and his dick was just starting to go soft.  A few seconds later we heard a car pull into the drive, and he said oh hell my folks are back already, he quickly got off, we got up and dressed, I met his parents, and headed across the street for home, thinking about that hard black cock.

In the Closet [Pt. 1]

gay-male Candles 2018-01-14

Don’t put a hole in the closet, you clumsy fuck!” the men heard Mark yell from the living room behind Tyler, and everyone let out a slight giggle. They heard Tyler maniacally chuckle beside them before he closed the door and eagerly sit beside the other boys in a circle, picking up the bottle and placing it in front of Adam. “You know you want to be in here with me,” the young male whispered into the other’s ear, making Mark’s eyes widen. The pair leaning against the wall (though Mark was more slumping than anything) were too busy to notice the door being opened, as Adam now had his hands up the older male’s shirt and was gliding his hands around the other’s smooth, pale skin.

White Dicks in Black Men!

gay-male Samuelx 2018-01-14

The look on my boyfriend Jamal's face as I slide my big White dick into his sexy Black ass is absolutely priceless. Man, I simply love fucking Black studs in the ass. By far I prefer sex with closeted gay and bisexual Black men like Jamal Etienne. I sucked his big Black dick and got fucked in the ass by him at least twice a day while living at Flaherty College. I've lost count of how many gorgeous gay and bisexual Black men I've fucked in the ass since those early days. In countries like Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Confederation of Canada and the United States of America, I fucked lots of gay and bisexual Black men.


Irregular Checkup

gay-male Bkkwriter 2018-01-14

The nurse went over the vitals with the doctor, at the same time paying a good bit of attention to me. I had thought of asking my wife to put a finger up my ass during sex, but I was worried should would think I was gay and make me feel bad, so I kept it to sex with myself. I felt his fingers slip out of my hole with a delicious plop and I pulled him closer, placing the tip of his engorged dick against the rim of my butthole. It took what seemed like minutes for him to press the head all the way in until I finally felt a bit of the pressure give.


The Job

gay-male maskedvoyeur 2018-01-14

As Ricky kept pummeling Johnny’s ass with his long hard cock, the director was watching all the action on the monitor as he had done on all the other gay pornos he had directed these past couple of years. With those words, Johnny got back down on his knees and, after prying Ricky’s ass cheeks apart with his fingers, he stuck his tongue up into his asshole, causing Ricky to yelp out in surprise. After several minutes of being reamed out by Johnny, he abruptly took his cock out of his ass and cried out as Ricky did, “Oh, fuck, man, I’m gonna come! With that, Ricky quickly got down on his knees like Johnny had done when he was getting ready to come and rather apprehensively held his face under the flushed head of Johnny’s cock.


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Four

gay-male Man4Married 2018-01-14

Sex with a stranger was not going to be easy but at least he knew what he wanted and it was my hot sexy bum. Wearing just my red thong I slipped back under the covers and waited for the phone to ring. Martin wanted my ass and that was all that mattered and he would make his way over as soon as I gave him the address, which I did and he said goodbye and I heard the horny need in his voice. Sweat mixed with cum was good for a relaxing after sex massage I was told, but we wont have much time for that this morning as he had to get to work.

Scene Six, home for the summer

gay-male torpedoman 2018-01-14

I know when a guy is hitting on me so I smiled back and said, “Bill I’m glad you like skinny because I am skinny all over.” As I opened my mouth he pushed forward and his cock slide right in to the back of my throat. So lost I didn’t at first see the closet door open and his wife emerge with a cam recorder in her hand. Bill’s cock slid right in until his heavy balls were resting on my ass. He kissed me and the said, “I have dreamed of this moment for five years ever since I saw you for the first time in school.