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Carley Ch. 09

group JapleinViera 2018-04-16

Gray-jacket nodded sharply, unzipped his backpack and kicked off his right shoe. I holstered my pistol - no use contributing to the panic by running around with a gun in my hand - and fought my way east through the frantic crowd, past the entrance to Sears. "You saved a hell of a lot of lives today." The voice came from a tall, good looking woman in a dark business suit with a miniature gold badge pinned to the lapel. "I'm pretty dizzy and my head feels two sizes too big." I explored with my left hand. Terrorists in Israel stopped doing that in the '90s when word got around and Israelis started looking for it. Kinda sleepy for some reason." With Carley holding my hand, I drifted down into the peaceful darkness.