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Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-12-04

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Friend and Lover

group CirceWand 2018-12-01

I can’t say I’m not flattered, and god-knows I’ll enjoy the play, but I have an idea, a twist to the tale if you like that might just help you decide.” My brain was whirring down a million paths, making hurried plans, and I was making it up as I went along. Shifting to the side so that Patrick could also see this amazing moment, the first time I intimately kissed a woman in front of him, I put my tongue at the bottom of her swollen pussy lips and licked all the way up in a smooth and gentle lap until I reached her bud.

Girls Night Out

group asianlover1975 2018-11-22

Imagining hands all over my body, I slide my fingers inside of my pussy as I am so very turned on. Derrick is so fucking turned on, but getting jealous in the shower about the thought of me going out tonight, he whispers in my ear, "I don't want to cum now, you suck cock so good! I hear her light groans, and moans turns me on I pull her pants off and slide my fingers inside of her pussy. He comes over as Tonya sucks his cock, I am eating Tonya's Pussy and he is sliding his large fingers inside of me. I loved watching her getting fucked seeing his cock go in and out of Tonya.

Seduced by the Preachers Daughter III: Astra

group Crossfire307 2018-11-22

By the way Beth and Astra were carrying on, I felt they had been more than friends. Beth moved beside Astra and helped me out of my pants as her friend continued to suck on my heavy sack. Beth moved beside Astra and engulfed my shaft. I felt Astra raise her head, and my shaft slipped from her lips. Beth grabbed the headboard and began to rock her hip, moving her pussy back and forth on my tongue. Astra moved forward and my shaft popped out of her ass. Beth moved beside Astra, and both girls waited with opened mouths. The first jet of my cum hit Astra in the eye, she quickly moved and covered my shaft with her mouth.

A Woman and her Lover have a Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-11-21

Look at you Faith, you’re bent over my bed with my cock deep in your fucking ass. Jason fucked me harder and faster, his balls were slapping into my ass and then he let out a huge moan. Faith lay down and Jennifer lay across her with your ass and pussy in her face. I was aroused as she was licking my clit, and then she put a few fingers inside my pussy and started to fuck me fast. Jennifer got on her hands and knees and Jason slid into her creamy pussy. Jason was holding Jennifer’s hips and fucking her really deep into her beautiful and very creamy pussy. “Oh God, Faith you lick pussy so good.

Threesome with Uncle Raul

group DeliaStar05 2018-11-18

You think I haven't noticed you checking me out?" Brooke asked a little offended." Look if its Lily, I really don't think she's going to mind, if she even finds out!" She walked towards Raul who was backing away again. She pulled away from Raul, got off of him and took off her now wet panties." I know what I want to do." She said seductively looking at Raul's thick cock. Lily began sucking Raul's hard throbbing cock stopped for a minute looked up at Brooke who was watching." Do you want to help?" She asked smiling. "Oh yeah I do!" Brooke got on the opposite side as Lily and they both took turns licking and sucking Rails cock.

Double booked

group au-naturale 2018-11-13

"Well, let’s meet Mr and Mrs Croft." I said trying to sound cheerful about our holiday but Tony rolled his eyes and slotted the key into the lock. Motivated by the recognisable sounds of the couple achieving orgasm, Tony fucked harder, his hands mauling my tits as I reached my fingers down and rubbed rapidly over my clit. Tony held his cock hard in me, revelling in my humiliation but in spite of his obvious excitement, he took hold of the situation. "Cum for me Jim." I said pushing him over the edge, forcing his cock to explode into the water while I continued rubbing and milking every last bit out of him.

Dominance pt 2 – Sharing

group leatherstocking 2018-11-12

The driver pulled to a stop at a light and caught her eye as he watched in the mirror. “As amazing as she looks, you won’t believe how she feels.” He let his hand lightly run along her back. He nodded to Mr. Blond who let his hand glide over her, gently brushing her ribs and stopping at her hip. With Mr. Blonds help she rolled over and watched as Mr. Brown milked his cock onto her breasts. “Lift her.” She felt strong hands lift her hips as he slid the pillows under her, raising her to just the right height. “Massage your cum into her clit.” Mr. Brown looked at how close he would be to that hard cock moving in and out and hesitated.

Washing Day Procrastination - Part 5 (Finale)

group TigersBlood 2018-11-10

So Paul commandeered him by putting his hand on Mike's cock and slapping it (gently at first) against my ass cheeks - and tugging on the nipple clamps as he did so, making me wince. "And this time Ruby, you are going to take it ALL, right the way down until your mouth is stuffed FULL".  My mouth filled with liquid in anticipation and I held my breath, opening my lips wide and allowing Paul's cock to bump into the back of my throat, gagging me and making me grunt. "Let me help you relax Ruby" Mike offered, as he put his hands low on my ass cheeks and spread my lips (his cock still embedded in my ass), He slipped both thumbs into my pussy and twirled them around, eliciting a loud "Yes!!" from my mouth.

Memoirs of a Duchess, Part One

group Gabrielle_d_Estrées 2018-11-07

Perhaps it was the excess of wine she had taken at dinner, or the desire to prove that she - like her husband - was capable of seducing even the most unsuspecting servant-girl, or maybe it was simply the fact that Marie was sweet and Gabrielle, in that moment, wanted to take her innocence from her. Taking her free hand, Gabrielle gripped her sex through the girl’s dress, squeezing tightly."Do you like this, Marie?” “Do you know what is good about being with a woman, Marie?” The girl shook her head ‘no’ as Gabrielle began to undo the back of the girl’s dress. Using her fingers, Gabrielle parted the girl’s lips and made circles around the opening, all the while sucking on her clit gently, taking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue against it.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Four

group storyo 2018-11-07

Maria saw it and turned around sliding under Jackie, pulled her knees his locking around her sucking each others wet, hot sex as Andy slammed hard in Jackie, his balls dragging on Maria's face. His balls tightened once more, he pulled out spraying the last load he had on Jackie's dark pink rose bud and watched it slowly drip down over Maria's nose as she continued sucking Jackie's clit letting it run down her face to her black hair. "Are you going to just stand there all day with your dick in your hand or are you going to fuck us?" She turned back to Jackie's pussy as Andy ran his hands over her firm, perfect, brown ass.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Three

group storyo 2018-11-05

She let a long line of saliva drip from her perfect lips onto his cock then Jackie held her tits around him rubbing around his full length and before he could catch his breath he felt the tingle, his body thrust up into her tits and his balls cut loose flinging white arcs up toward his face. "Jesus fuck!" He gasped as Maria slid up his body, her tits sliding in hot jizz till it pooled between them on his chest till she scooped it up with her hand, tasted it then let it drizzle down off her nipple back on him. Jackie rode his cock hard with an intent, determined look on her face and Andy could feel her contract around him repeatedly.

My Girlfriend's Roommate Chapter 3 - Surprise, Surprise

group sprhr2 2018-11-04

Lisa continued to tease me all night, making a sexy pose when Shannon wasn’t watching, blowing kisses, licking or biting her lips. The scene was setting new levels of sexiness for me, like the whole night had, watching my wife take my cock while she grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, reaching down and grabbing her lover’s hair, pulling her closer as Lisa ate her out. I want to hear my slutty little roommate scream again.” Lisa looked up without stopping her licking and she and Shannon made eye contact, smiling wickedly at one another. After Lisa and Shannon licked and worked the tip several times, I grabbed Shannon’s head and like earlier pushed my cock down her throat.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Two

group storyo 2018-11-03

His cock felt like it would explode standing there as she unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off then sucked for just a moment on each nipple sending shocks to his balls then she began the task of unfastening his belt then trousers then unzipped him slowly never touching his rock hard bone. He could feel his precum drip to his waist then he felt the softest touch tickle his balls making his dick leap in anticipation then his right, big toe was engulfed in her hot mouth then each toe in turn. She climbed slowly onto the bed between his legs letting her soft, warm tits drag up his legs just barely grazing his balls then licked his belly lingering and soaking his navel with her tongue then her hanging breasts dinged against the sides of his leaping cock.

Late Night at the Office Part 2

group Lil-lady 2018-10-30

I push towards him, needing the touch, while rubbing my aching clit against his cock which sits in the perfect position for such a task. I try to sit as my legs are shaking, but no, Antonio stands and helps me out of the tub. I grasp his head in my hands and pull his face to mine, sucking his bottom lip into my mouth and running my tongue along it. My lips don’t leave Antonio’s as we log roll over and I’m now on top of him, his cock sandwiched between our bellies. I rub my still soaking pussy back and forth over it, teasing and enjoying the electric shock I feel every time it brushes against my clit.

What Happens In Vegas Sometimes Does Not Stay In Vegas

group firecat2005 2018-10-30

Mike continued to bury his cock inside Nancy's pussy as Tim took off his clothes. "I don't want to cum yet," Mike moaned as he pulled his cock from her hot pussy after what must have been about five more minutes of continuous fucking. At the same time, Nancy backed up a little and spread her legs apart to make it easy for Tim. She knew what Tim wanted as he pointed his stiff cock at her pussy and pushed it inside.  A few minutes after she came down from her orgasm Mike pulled Nancy on top of him as he began to suck on her tits as she guided his stiff cock to her hot pussy. Nancy began to bounce up and down on Mike's cock as she moaned pleasure every time it went in.

Their Little Stut

group CelebritySkin 2018-10-29

I couldn't keep my screams of pleasure in any more, especially since my fantasy was coming true: two older guys fucking me hard and showing me that they knew what to do. I could tell they were both enjoying the fact that I was so turned on, but Tony realised that if I got louder, their wives would hear and we would be caught, so he moved his hand round and placed it over my mouth to stifle my screams. “Let me have a go with your pussy now!” Tony moved round as Mike swam behind me and placed his hands on my boobs and squeezed my nipples. Tony felt me cum all over his cock and fucked me faster as his orgasm came just as intensely as mine.

The Peaburgs: Funtime Hammock Girls

group leopardskinrocket 2018-10-03

Herbie and Miss Carpenter looked around to see Lindy, Herbie's young wife, stood barefoot a few feet away from the hammock, her hands on her hips, her raven-black hair tied up in a bun. "My dad still thinks Annie had the Holy Spirit in her that morning", said Miss Carpenter. With Herbie fondling her intimate areas, and Lindy caressing her breasts, Miss Carpenter was heading to a state of pure pleasure, yet she still had her wits about her. Lindy and Herbie's eyes met, and, without speaking a word to each other, they set out a plan to bring Miss Carpenter around to their way of thinking. Trying the squat down over a man-mountain like Herbie was difficult at the best of times, but the swaying hammock made Miss Carpenter's task even harder.

My Mans Lover

group Pussywillow0815 2018-09-05

Donna usually brings a few loads of laundry which I usually end up doing naked, with my pussy and ass plugged, while my man watches her show off the various new panty and bra sets she purchased during the last month. I licked her pussy to prepare it for my man, rubbed her feet while she sucked his dick, started a shower for them to enjoy and presented warm towels fresh from the dryer when they were finished. In the extra bedroom, My Man's Lover watched as he inserted a plug in my pussy and another, even larger one, in my ass. "Yes!" I heard from My Man's Lover, "If she's gonna pleasure herself, she can do it while licking your cum from deep inside my ass."

Early Days of Summer Ch. 06

group rhys30 2018-07-16

My ball-sac started to constrict, something that didn't escape Laura's notice as Matt chewed and nibbled on my ear, his cock feeling monstrous and deliciously hot as he masturbated up and down my back, his arms pulling me tightly against it. Slowly he rotated his hips with each thrust, heightening Laura's pleasure, his cock obviously stretching her pussy walls in all directions, hitting her g-spot with each rotation. Matt dipped his head down to Laura's nipples, licking gently, his thrusts massaging my cock under his perineum. Matt stopped with his bloated cock jammed in her twat, looking down at Laura in surprise, still not aware of his slip up.

Prologue to an Affair Ch. 02

group johnny_yong 2018-06-06

She looks intensely up into his eyes as she runs her tongue slowly over her thumb tasting him and then ask sweetly, giggling, "Do you want to cum in my ass?" before she begs, "Please, baby, I need your big, fat cock in my little asshole," as the thick black cock finally spent slips from her dirty fuck hole and he staggers back to rest against the wall. Then she closes her eyes and she whispers, "I need to taste my ass on that fucking cock." The man against the wall staggers forward and spares me a moment's glance but I have already turned and am slamming shut the door behind me having been given my answer.

A Corporate Affair Ch. 03

group tantricjim 2018-05-15

Donna crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder at Howard. She lay back, her beautiful face looking up at Howard from the pillow with her legs spread, her fingers making teasing circles around her swollen clit. Donna wanted to feel him in her and arched her back upward while pressing his cock downward with her hand. "I want you ready baby, I want your pussy to be so horny it will bite my cock off." He lowered his hips so that she could rub his knob in her trembling slit. He tried to keep fucking but his massive cock had met its match and she squeezed him out until the knob was oozing cum in her pussy lips.

A Corporate Affair Ch. 01

group tantricjim 2018-04-04

Howard was busy holding Donna by the hips and slowly rubbing his cock between her cheeks, "Yeah Bryce, you said that you were going to fuck the ass off of her with her heels on." Bryce pulled his cock from her hands and said, "I am going to the bedroom now, come and join me, but first let Howard play with you a little while. He soon realized however that Donna was not going to relax enough, so he kissed her on the back of the neck and said, "Maybe later baby, go and see Bryce, he always gets first pussy." As Donna straddled him, lowering her ass down slowly, letting her radar locate the waiting cock, Bryce said, "Guess Howard did not have any luck," he said as his finger probed her butt hole.

Car Pool Ch. 01

group volumes76 2018-02-03

Jenny was sick and Alfred had taken his own car because he had a late meeting, so Mike only had to pick Lisa up, and she was on the way to the Interstate. They both stared forward, watching the road as Lisa's hand slipped over and began to work his cock out of his underwear. "Somebody's been ready since this morning when you dropped that bomb about needing cock," said Mike. "Oh my, what treasures have you been hiding," said Lisa as Mike's manhood sprung free of its restraints. Mike's hips bucked and with lightning speed, Lisa's head was down in his lap, her pouty lips wrapped around his cock as the spunk began to erupt. Mike groaned and Lisa hummed with pleasure at the taste of a man's seed hitting her tongue.