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The Orchard of Infinite Delight - Conclusion

group pandsal 2018-06-10

We discussed swapping with another couple but didn’t fancy getting into that scene.” He looked at me, and said, “Until Evie asked me about you and Trevor.” “Now,” said Evelyn, “if Alec and Jenny take the top half of the bed crossways, Trevor can have his wicked way with me on the other half. Eventually, I felt a firm hand on my head, a signal that Alec was getting closer than he wanted to be at this early stage. Beside us, Evelyn was giving Trevor no less satisfactory a time, and the noises she was making told me that having her underneath him was an experience I hoped he would want to try again another time.

Aunty fucks her twin nephews for a birthday treat!

group SFS 2018-05-10

After she had come, she stood up, and asked the boys if they wanted to do anything else to Sukky, both having fucked her mouth, cunt, and arse. Then she signalled them to join in, she had Sukky sit on the edge of the sofa, legs wide, she knelt in front of her, then she instructed each of the boys in turn to fuck her from behind, whilst she licked Sukky’s cunt. When they had had there turn of Aunties and Sukky’s arse, they stood in front of Sukky, with their wet glistening cocks, which she rubbed and sucked, until, at last they came in her mouth.

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

group kirstymia 2018-05-07

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty's fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn't really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple. Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

Linda's cousin

group jwseekolder 2018-05-03

After a bit, the older man said "I want this one (Alan's) up my arse and the other (mine) in my mouth." So I sat on the sofa and he knelt down in front of me and proceeded to start sucking on my cock. Being young and virile it didn't take me very long before I came in his mouth but he continued to suck and eventually I had to push his head off, even then he licked my cock of every bit of cum he could find. The older guy asked if we could stay the night but Alan said no as he had to get home because he was on early shift with his father so he got dressed and the man let him out.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

group ratlady 2018-04-20

Answering the knock at the door I was shoved backwards into the room; he came after me, pulling the dressing gown off me, his hands on my tits, his fingers twisting my nipples so that I gasped in pain. He pushed me down on the bed, pressed my thighs open and crouched to start licking my wet pussy. One hand reached up to pinch my nipple; the other pushed a probing finger inside me while he sucked my clitoris. I could feel my internal muscles gripping the shaft of his cock as he fucked deep into my arse. Saying I wanted it rough, wanted my tits slapping hard, my nipples abused, my arse fucked raw by all of them.

The Photo Session

group adele.darkstar 2018-04-12

She realised that Ted was getting some close-up shots of this, so she pulled her thongs to one side and spread her legs wide, giving the camera a perfect view of her clitoris as she parted her lips for him. Debbie wanted some pictures for her partner Mike's 40th, so Carol arranged for her to see Ted to take some and got his friend Josh and Karen along to help out too. Karen pulled the back of his pants down, 'hmm nice arse' Debbie was quick to reveal Josh's cock, all 12 inches of it. Debbie lay under Karen, she held her pussy lips open with her fingers and teased and sucked her clit, Josh pushed his cock to it's full depth inside Karen's arse.

Surprise Surprise III continued again

group heyheymymy1984 2018-04-06

She sat next to Nicole on the sofa, spread her legs and rubbed at her pussy as three loads of cum trickled from here gaping arsehole. "Fuck my arse" Nicole said "fill it with cum like Christine's and then get those two to man up and do the same". After fucking away at her arse for a few minutes she asked me to sit on the sofa next to Christine and then climbed on top, shoving my cock straight back into her arse. Once she had got the grasp of two cocks inside he arsehole I pulled out of Nicole and made my way to Christine to try and make it three. My mates pulled out of Christine's arse and each out their dicks in Nicole's mouth, stretching it wide open.

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 02

group Hippoid 2018-04-03

Sue had done up her bra when Barbara returned, but undid it again, and then casually turned over on her back without replacing it, and her little breasts flopped sideways; they were soft, but still small, with their extraordinary deep pink areolas covering much of their flesh; and, when she sat up, they were loose enough to fall downwards towards the folds of flesh on her belly. Sue got us a light supper, and Barbara stayed with us, talking far more than she had the last time I had seen her; she asked me about my work, and told me about the exams she was taking, and the course that she was hoping to take at university that autumn -- in French language and literature, by coincidence at the university where I had previously taught; so she was interested in what I had to tell her about the place.

Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 4)

group pinks43 2018-04-01

All this time Kevin was soothing my shoulders and neck as I gently came down from yet another huge ‘O’, he picked me up with his wonderful tool still buried in my arse, turned my face to him and kissed me passionately on the mouth. He froze, his head came as far off the bed as it could, he tried getting away from the pain, but Jen had her full weight on him now, so I pulled the whole thing out but immediately repeated my action then started a wanking rhythm on the dildo in his arse. He slumped down again, I went mad, Jen was trying to smother him with her fanny and Kevin was smiling at the pain fucker must be going through as his own cock corkscrewed my bum into the bed.

Caught at school

group neond 2018-03-16

She explained how she had been feeling really horny all week and that she really needed my hard cock inside her tight pussy and ass. Miss Gaynor then started to lick and play with miss johnsons pussy as she sucked me off. When miss Johnson was done sucking my cock she bent over and told me to fuck her arse. Deeper and deeper my cock went into her hole, picking up speed I knew I was about to cum, I kept going thrusting really deep and hard as I shot my load up miss gaynors arse. Miss johnson came over and started to lick the cum out of her ass before sharing the taste with miss Gaynor.

Cruising and Swinging 2 - Cabin Serviced

group lankybacon 2018-03-15

Mel sucked my cock into her mouth and as he knelt behind me, guided Roger’s shaft to my back entrance for the second time. I kissed her legs and belly between Roger’s thrusts, Mel was sucking my cock and fondling Roger’s balls and arse as he fucked me relentlessly. Roger’s breathing was becoming harder, Mel began slapping my buttocks with one hand while fondling Roger’s balls with the other, he grabbed my buttocks as he stiffened, he pushed me forward and pulled out of me spurting cum all over my back, balls and cock and smothering Mel’s gorgeous face. We fell on the large bed and began touching each other sexually, cocks were rubbed and sucked, pussy licked and lapped, arses fondled and penetrated.

When the Cock Crows.

group blueeyes57 2018-03-09

"Go on,fuck the bitch hard tommy",said another mans voice. "Take that you fucking bitch",he said and gave her a real hard slap on her arse. Tommy was fucked so he didn't argue the point.He just disingaged from her but before he climbed off the bed he gave her arse one more hard slap. I stood there and watched them have there fill with her.They fucked her two at a up her cunt the other up her arse(another thing she never let me do)Despite all this I could actualy feel my cock stiffening in my pants.I tried to control it,make it go away,but that only made things worse. The two guy's looked at each other.To put them at ease I climbed on the bed behind her and put the nob of my cock right on her arse hole.

Thailand part 5

group daveaverage 2018-03-08

Apparently after some tame one on one fucking doggy style with the 3 that started this, and some encouragement from her the guys started to grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard, the next thing was a cock appeared in front of her face while one was balls deep in her cunt and that started the split roasting, the DP’s, and the airtights’ were next as the guys got bolder. At the pool I found my mate with a G&T and no hair on his body, what the fuck, he decide to get it waxed after the whore complained that he had too many around his cock for her to get through to suck it, it appeared that the whore had gone back to his room after I had left and woke him up with the same technique that she had used on me a couple of hours earlier.

Xhamster meeting

group 2018-02-28

As we make our way to the cars you place your arm around me and whisper to me "seeing her hand up your skirt really turned me on I so want to see her lick your tight little pussy whilst you suck him off and I fuck your arse", I look at you with a huge horny grin on my face. He comes over and straddles her face on the sofa, feeding her his fat cock, forcing her to deep throat him, you can see she loves this along with the dildo inside her and you knee between her legs with your arse in the air and start licking her clit.

Best friends have sex, and then mother joins in.

group bedlam54 2018-02-27

I was putting my washing away in my room, when i over heard a conversation between the pair, Adam said to Carl " Do you want to watch porn... I said " Its ok boys, you're experimenting, i grabbed Carl by the hand, and pulled it away from his body, to see a cock standing to attention. He shouted " im going to cum, Should i pull out " i thought about it, and said " no, son fill me up, i want it to drip out " He unleashed ropes after ropes of cum into my arse. I told them to stand up, Adam placed his cock in my pussy, and Carl in my arse. I pulled away, and pushed them on to the bed, i sucked Carls cock, while wanking of Adam.

Two busty fuck whores

group 2018-02-27

Meanwhile, I pulled Dee towards the bed, pushed he back on it and spread her legs to reveal her cunt- she'd left a landing strip and she looked at me cheekily and said “sorry sir...”. My cock was getting back to full hardness so I decided to check out Roxy's younger cunt- the tightness was a pleasure to fuck and I could easily have cum again but I decided to pull out and wait. I got them both to swap and as Roxy licked at her aunt I pulled the butt plug out of her arse and shoved my now hard cock straight in. I pulled slowly out of her and put my cock straight into Dee's waiting mouth while I butt plugged Roxy's arse again.

another bi night.

group mrspankytoyou 2018-02-26

Lisa is close to me watching me suck her hubby and she moves in towards my arse, I feel her hands parting my cheeks just as Neil had done earlier. Then I see my wife's face reach for Neil's cheeks and together we suck, tongue and slober over his cock and arse too. Next thing I can feel is a tongue on my dick when it leaves Lisa's cunt then it goes again I look down to see Neil licking his wife's arse and my cock while we fucking. Neil moves towards Annie and tells her to get on all fours, he moves behind her and slides his cock over her wet slit of a cunt a couple of times to tease her, she pushes back and he enters her easily.

Lyn In Chains

group lyn_hornygirl 2018-02-25

"Oh god that's nice" said the cock in front of me , as I nibbled the end and stuck my tongue in the hole "Ohhh" moaned Francesca and she gulped "I'm VERY turned on " she explained as her cock twitched twice and she came in me aseries of hot squirts I climbed off her, and took her cock in my mouth, looking into the eyes of Paul and Roger as I sucked the remaining Within 5 minutes Paul was lying on the big bed, and he'd sat me on his cock, this was his first time inside me, Roger came and stood by the bed head and had me suck his big black cock until he came in my mouth.

2nd TV Cottaging trip, And so Friday Cums...

group uktvmaid 2018-02-22

Condom wrappers were heard, and whilst a new short but very very fat cock was stuffed into my mouth, a cock was at my hole, it nudged around, my lower back was pressed upon, this older man's belly was on my arse and lower back, he went in, the pain seared through me, he told me to relax, easier said than done I thought, he took his time though, I was grateful, then he started to put more and more in, he wasn't big, he was just the 1st ever...

Rachel the Secretary - Part 3

group Rachelswings 2018-02-22

Lying on her side, Rachel was so turned on by the scene and became aware of her breasts starting to be massaged and sucked, whilst fingers noisily slurped into her swollen cunt and arse making her even more slick and sopping, the smell of spunk and pussy juices filling the room. Roger slid out of Louise and Rachel buried her head between her thighs, sucking, licking and biting her pussy whilst drinking down the thick spunk and juices that ran out of her. She craned her head and saw Jaideep at the foot of the bed with a video camera in one hand and his cock in the other> Worst of all the fat Samir was pounding away at her arse like a jack hammer.

The Beginning Part 2

group bardeen 2018-02-16

Selena would arrive and we would take turns fucking her arse whilst she sucked the others cock. A minute later my father and Selena`s Dad arrived at the boatshed and walked down the ramp. My father looked at us for a minute and turned to Selena`s father and said, Well that’s doesn’t sound like they are behaving badly does it. It was now almost 8 days since the Boat Shed incident and I had only seen Selena twice since then, both times in her fathers store working along side Rodger and Dana. This time Selena sensed it and slowed, holding the base of my cock hard then she took her other hand out of my arse and on to the end of my cock.

The Garage

group dodger125 2018-02-15

My boxer shorts were next and they were simply ripped wide open and pulled away from me allowing my erect penis to spring out at them with my brown pubic hair that grew across my thighs and round under my balls to come onto display. “You have grown a bit there ain’t you?” They were both admiring my nude state, taking in the sight of my cock, balls, my round arse, my thighs, everything. The tall one pulled out and they traded places as the short male put his cock in my now, gaping arsehole. “You know where to find us though”, the short male said as he pulled his jeans up. The door slammed shut behind me but not before the tall male got in one last slap at my arse.

Bus Gang Bang

group shotgun1985 2018-02-10

Next thing I knew I was picked up in the air and one of the guys laid down and I started to ride his cock while I took another one in my mouth, all of a sudden I felt a tongue start licking round my arse hole, I have never been a big fan of anal but did not stop as I felt a finger slide in first and then followed by a cock. I could feel it getting harder again and he pulled it out and bent me over the seat, he just stood and stared for a bit at my nice tight arse in the air and he knelt next to it slowly kissing my bum cheeks and rubbing his finger over my arse hole which then he slowly started to finger.

Erin and Jenny threesome

group paulywill 2018-02-09

Jenny and I start to push together fucking you from both ends, my cock deep in your throat, her cock pumping your cunt, the throbbing vib up her pussy all of us getting close to orgasm, you are first to cum, you are gasping for breath, nearly passing out as my cock plunges and gushes its sperm down your throat, Jen is hard at work at your cunt, pushing, pulling out, pushing in grinding the vib into her clit, banging into you faster and faster the big hard black cock standing out against your pure white girly bottom, aaaahhhhggg you gasp as you cum powerfully eyes streaming, spunk running from your mouth, I love you Erin screams Jenny as her cunt explodes and gushes her cum all over your arse, I love you to Jenny, I love you Paul you gasp as you collapse onto the floor sex juices pouring from all of your holes, you have been done and you love it, you love us both, Erin you are our young fuck lover and we will be playing together for a long time to come.