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The Orchard of Infinite Delight - Conclusion

group pandsal 2018-11-03

We discussed swapping with another couple but didn’t fancy getting into that scene.” He looked at me, and said, “Until Evie asked me about you and Trevor.” “Now,” said Evelyn, “if Alec and Jenny take the top half of the bed crossways, Trevor can have his wicked way with me on the other half. Eventually, I felt a firm hand on my head, a signal that Alec was getting closer than he wanted to be at this early stage. Beside us, Evelyn was giving Trevor no less satisfactory a time, and the noises she was making told me that having her underneath him was an experience I hoped he would want to try again another time.

For Dirty, Sexy Mel (aka 'Slut')!

group Electro68 2018-09-26

When my still erect cock flicked out of Mel's hole, Tracy immediately rolled onto the floor of the cab and put her head under Mel's twat, opening her mouth wide, the back of her head resting on Mel's shapely calves. Mel, watching too, smiled at me and said, "Well, it doesn't look like you'll get to fuck Tracy any time soon, Gramps, so I want you to fuck me up the arse! My knob met the resistance of her pucker and suddenly, my knob slid into her arse and she gasped loudly as the purple circle of my knob disappeared inside her secret hole and I gently began to slide more of my shaft into her anus and pretty soon, I was up her arse to my balls!

Holiday sex 2

group horneybial 2018-09-21

I could not resist a look in, so in i went, and theres Steve balls deep up Sharon on the bed, both naked, Steve slamming into her good style, balls banging her arse, while Sharons big tits are swinging back and forward to his thrusts. Sharon came first, gasping and moaning, then Steve gave an extra hard thrust and his cum shot out into her pussey and over her arse cheeks. So i lay on my back, Sharon straddled my cock facing away from me, and lowered herself down, i lubed her ass-hole with my saliva and some of Steves cum that was still in her pussey, and on the second try my cock-head popped in, followed by my shaft, till i was balls deep.

The Submissive Waitress

group miffy 2018-09-19

As you feel my orgasm beginning to build you alternate between my wet cunt and my tight arse knowing that all I want to do is cum when you do that. You handcuff my wrists to the back of the chair and lean over me ensuring I can feel your hot hard cock against my back, you push my legs apart as far as possible and open the lips of my cunt. I close my eyes beginning to enjoy my wetness against the fabric of the chair and when I open them you are on your knees, Jacks almighty hard-on being slammed into your willing mouth. Jack comes round behind me and I feel his fingers and tongue on my pussy, wiping and licking my juices up to my arse.

Xhamster meeting

group 2018-09-13

As we make our way to the cars you place your arm around me and whisper to me "seeing her hand up your skirt really turned me on I so want to see her lick your tight little pussy whilst you suck him off and I fuck your arse", I look at you with a huge horny grin on my face. He comes over and straddles her face on the sofa, feeding her his fat cock, forcing her to deep throat him, you can see she loves this along with the dildo inside her and you knee between her legs with your arse in the air and start licking her clit.

Busy Day

group fasterfaster02 2018-09-13

It was getting too much for me and when one of the girls bent over in her thigh high stockings and had the guys massive cock pushed deep inside her I started to stroke away myself. It didn't take long before he said he was going to cum and he shot his load all Over well hilt guys face, the sight of cum dripping off his nose was too much for me and I started to cum, shooting it over his cheeks and into his mouth. She then started to bounce hard up and down, my dick fucking her so fast until I had a huge orgasm, shooting my cum deep inside her pussy.

Surprise Surprise III continued again

group heyheymymy1984 2018-09-13

She sat next to Nicole on the sofa, spread her legs and rubbed at her pussy as three loads of cum trickled from here gaping arsehole. "Fuck my arse" Nicole said "fill it with cum like Christine's and then get those two to man up and do the same". After fucking away at her arse for a few minutes she asked me to sit on the sofa next to Christine and then climbed on top, shoving my cock straight back into her arse. Once she had got the grasp of two cocks inside he arsehole I pulled out of Nicole and made my way to Christine to try and make it three. My mates pulled out of Christine's arse and each out their dicks in Nicole's mouth, stretching it wide open.

A Hot Evening Pt 4

group heplin 2018-08-27

Liv was staring entranced as I penetrated her lover and then her finger reached out to smear the bead of my oozing around the puckered rim of Stella's arse. Liv and I's mouths met in a passionate kiss and I cupped one of her tiny tits, feeling the nipple rasp on my palm and with my other hand grasped her hot, firm butt. Fingers explored slick tight holes as my engorged prick sought its way ever deeper into Stella's cunt. Liv skewered her finger deep into Stella's arse as her lover gasped and shook. Whereas Stella's cunt was once more gripping my cock much tighter than Liv's had her rectum felt much looser to my probing finger than Liv's arse.

Bus Gang Bang

group shotgun1985 2018-08-19

Next thing I knew I was picked up in the air and one of the guys laid down and I started to ride his cock while I took another one in my mouth, all of a sudden I felt a tongue start licking round my arse hole, I have never been a big fan of anal but did not stop as I felt a finger slide in first and then followed by a cock. I could feel it getting harder again and he pulled it out and bent me over the seat, he just stood and stared for a bit at my nice tight arse in the air and he knelt next to it slowly kissing my bum cheeks and rubbing his finger over my arse hole which then he slowly started to finger.

Erotic Encounter

group ukguy67 2018-08-19

You know that it's a pussy above your face and you begin to probe it with your tongue, pushing it deep inside and savouring the taste of the unknown woman above you. Suddenly you feel it; a tongue buries itself deep into your moist, hot cunt and begins to lick the juice from your sopping wet hole. Opening your mouth you draw it in so slowly and begin to suck on it feeling the hardness of it and the blood pumping through the veins as the more you suck the harder it seems to get. You lift your hips off the bed forcing the emptying cock deeper inside you as your orgasm floods throughout your body.

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 02

group Hippoid 2018-08-18

Sue had done up her bra when Barbara returned, but undid it again, and then casually turned over on her back without replacing it, and her little breasts flopped sideways; they were soft, but still small, with their extraordinary deep pink areolas covering much of their flesh; and, when she sat up, they were loose enough to fall downwards towards the folds of flesh on her belly. Sue got us a light supper, and Barbara stayed with us, talking far more than she had the last time I had seen her; she asked me about my work, and told me about the exams she was taking, and the course that she was hoping to take at university that autumn -- in French language and literature, by coincidence at the university where I had previously taught; so she was interested in what I had to tell her about the place.

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 03

group kirstymia 2018-08-04

The girl in the movie then was subjected to having her arse fucked and Kirsty's fingers were moving the bullet faster, at this point Kirsty was really sniffing her knickers, she loved how the Italian girl didn't really want a cock in her arse but the men carried on, so with her left hand she started to pinch her right nipple. Pete did as she had asked and Kirsty started to suck on Simons cock, she really did like this penis and foreskin, she found it a turn on pulling the foreskin right back and putting her tongue around his head then rolling the foreskin back along his shaft covering her tongue, she then felt fingers pulling down her knickers and she felt one finger starting to enter her pussy.

All the lust I can get.

group 2018-07-20

"Suck my cock some more" he said pulling on it "and let me lick your pussy." I threw my leg over his face and dropped my pussy to his mouth. He returned to licking my juicy pussy as soon as Paul moved over to me and I slipped his cock into my mouth. "You want to fuck your little sluts arse?" I said to Paul as he stroked his cock "Fuck me nice and hard" "Oh fuck, oh fuck" was all I heard Paul say as he pulled his cock from my arse and shot a load of cum all over my open pussy and fucked arse.

Samanth's night at the London Club

group minty69 2018-07-20

At no time did she offer the guys condoms....she wanted every cock bare back and pumped into her til they spunked. I think it took about a hour and a half before she was finished, and all she had where a few 2 or 3 minute breaks for a drink of wine......she reconned she had 10 guys spunk up her arse and pussy and she swallowed another 10 cockls and all their spunk........she was in a real slutty mess, spunk everywhere and dripping out of all her holes..............thats when I added my load to her arse and WOW what a great fuck, all that spunk up her she was lubed and open as I fucked her arse and another guy fisted her pussy.

Sharons first dogging experience

group jamespatterson 2018-07-19

I visited it one Monday night in March and spoke to a couple of guys who were hanging around and explained that I would be bringing a woman along on the coming Wednesday at 20:00 which is early for dogging but Sharon attended pilates from 20:00 to 21:00 so it was a case of needs must. The first guy positioned himself and just slammed his cock into her and encouraged by the others he started to fuck her hard and fast. Somebody else started to fuck her cunt and then she received a cock in her mouth. I was also on a deadline so I just fucked her arse whilst pulling her hair and calling her a dirty slut and a cheating married whore.

Penny's Second Day

group Pleasurist 2018-07-18

Both the guide and Mrs Johnson couldn’t help but admire Penny’s creamy pink cunt and both couldn’t resist a little lick and clit rub. Bridget the guide had just taken the plug out of her arse and made Penny lick it clean and was about to re-insert it into Penny when Mrs Johnson said no. Mrs Johnson gently twisted the butt plug in Penny’s arse and it was enough stimulation to make her cum soiling Mr Johnson’s trousers with her ejaculate. Mr Johnson then announced Penny had completed her first day at finishing school and had mastered anal cum slut training with an A and for her homework she was to be anally gang banged until her arse was over flowing with semen.

The First Time

group darkbrownvoice 2018-07-13

First, the cock I was starting to suck pushed even further through the hole and my companion placed his hand on the back of my head so that I could not pull away. I was now bent double in a public toilet, sucking on a monster prick which despite leaking pre cum was refusing to deliver its load, and with two fingers firmly embedded in my arse. I looked sideways at my companion who was leaning back against the door, wanking his prick with one hand whilst pulling my shirt up so that my back was exposed with the other. As I watched my companion wank himself and felt the warm spunk trickle down the crack of my arse, I sucked harder on the monster which started to twitch and thrust quicker into my welcoming mouth.

I Joined The Builders Who DP My Wife

group nckboy 2018-07-13

Sue sat up and told Ben to stand in front of her on the bed, took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off; he held her head and started to face fuck my wife. I tense up tight inside her, squirting my cum up her arse just as Sue squirts again from her fanny, she screams out in pleasure, panting and breathing heavy while her eyes are wide open looking at me, as to say you fucked my arse you bastard. Scott was lifting off the bed and watching his might shaft penetrating Sue was such a turn on, her flabby lips were past sucking on to his cock and there was a steady splattering of cum leaking all the time.

The Garage

group dodger125 2018-07-10

My boxer shorts were next and they were simply ripped wide open and pulled away from me allowing my erect penis to spring out at them with my brown pubic hair that grew across my thighs and round under my balls to come onto display. “You have grown a bit there ain’t you?” They were both admiring my nude state, taking in the sight of my cock, balls, my round arse, my thighs, everything. The tall one pulled out and they traded places as the short male put his cock in my now, gaping arsehole. “You know where to find us though”, the short male said as he pulled his jeans up. The door slammed shut behind me but not before the tall male got in one last slap at my arse.

Far Too Hot Ch. 03

group wendyhs9 2018-07-09

As I lay over the corner of the bed with my legs splayed, cum drooling out of my battered fanny and my chin still glistening with Kevin's massive deposit, my fucker flops down beside my head, his semi hard cock still slightly drooling its essences towards my sweat covered body. Oh yes, that feels so wonderful, it's like wanting to shit every time you pull all the way out, a little deeper, please, just a little more. I pump his wonderful, long, thick cock with my tiny hand and slurp up the pre-cum as it bubbles out the slit. Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls on my pussy, his giant cock spearing my arse, his hands playing with a nipple and my ever sensitive clit.

The Beginning Part 2

group bardeen 2018-07-08

Selena would arrive and we would take turns fucking her arse whilst she sucked the others cock. A minute later my father and Selena`s Dad arrived at the boatshed and walked down the ramp. My father looked at us for a minute and turned to Selena`s father and said, Well that’s doesn’t sound like they are behaving badly does it. It was now almost 8 days since the Boat Shed incident and I had only seen Selena twice since then, both times in her fathers store working along side Rodger and Dana. This time Selena sensed it and slowed, holding the base of my cock hard then she took her other hand out of my arse and on to the end of my cock.

Gay Sex in the Woods

group 2018-07-01

The young guy bent forward to suck me off for a while but I really wanted some anal sex so pulled out and leaving my cock ot walked further into the woods. The guy behind soon had his cock up my arse and a short while later I felt other hands, two of which directed my head away from the cock I was sucking onto what I can only describe as a monster cock. I reached for the monster cock, almost having second thoughts as I gripped it and pulled it towards my arse. What a night and I hope to repeat it again some time soon so email if you are the guy with the cock or if you just want to meet in the woods.

The Begining

group 2018-06-19

you were panting loudly as his balls banged against you … with one final push he was really deep in you arse ,, he shot his cum deep inside and very slowly pulled his cock out … you let out a very loud moan and it was clear to see you had come as well .. It was impossible to see who came first and in truth you probably all came together , the sound deafening with a mixture of grunts and groans along with lovely white cum all over the furniture , all three of you collapsed in a heap … Slowly the first gent slipped out of you then you got off the second guy ..

Back in the UK, Training a Slut

group daveaverage 2018-06-17

To my surprise my girlfriend asked the guy behind the counter what size we should buy he looked at me and said suggested an 8 inch, thick shafted big bell ended dildo, but if we wanted to check we could use the back room. Over the next 18 months the sex was good very good, my arse was getting a reaming from a range of toys my girlfriend had bought, she felt comfortable in trying different things at least once, and her arse, cunt and mouth always made me cum buckets and if I could play all day with her fantastic tits nothing was better.