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Chinese Massage Triangle

group ANcpl 2018-06-27

We were still excited when we got home and one evening, with Jack buried deep inside me, he tentatively asked if I’d really like to take it further, to turn a massage into a threesome? As we chatted I found myself imagining how his hands would feel roaming my body, touching places only Jack should touch; my nipples tightened as I envisaged his weight pressing down on me, his hardness pushing into me. The show over, Max increased his attention to my pussy with the same intensity I had given Jack making me shudder as his thumb pressed against my clit, his fingers delving inside assaulting my g-spot.

Cock for Doris

group CK1 2018-06-25

Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks really sexy tonight, doesn't pushed Keith aside and thrust the dildo against Doris's mouth. "Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt eager hands pulling her thighs Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking as Ruth screwed her Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between Doris's wet cunt lips. beautiful sexy little slut like many cocks have screwed you Doris, how Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop fucking Doris and lie back on impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth prodded her arse with the dildo. push moved Doris forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back onto it

Webmeets Diary Ch. 07

group starbelliedboy 2018-06-22

I could see John wanted a go too though, so when I felt I was nearing a climax, I let it come, groaning and grunting and forcing my eyes open to absorb the sight of her sucking cock and her shaking breasts to add to the waves of pleasure flowing from the wet meeting of our genitals. John's face was contorted with concentration, and I thought he would cum fast, the way he was going, but he kept it up for what seemed like a long time, though this may have been because my position only really gave me enough stimulation to stay hard, despite this being the enactment of a long held fantasy of mine, and I'm sure many other guys.

Hot Fun with Doris

group CK1 2018-06-22

had pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard against her hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. rammed his cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth sucking Vic's cock, Doris was With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, pulled Doris's head to the side and guided my cock Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to

The Waiting Game, Ch 4

group KennethPierce 2018-06-21

As Claire went to cut us all a second slice, Tami casually turned to Sonya and me and asked, “So, what was all that about a ‘Waiting Game?’ Sonya was gonna say something but you stopped her, Michael!” Seconds later, Sonya and Claire were both moaning at the ceiling, gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as Tami and I licked the cake from between their legs. I let out an “Mmm,” of approval, and watched, elated, as Tami continued to kiss her way down my body: past my stomach, sliding her wet tongue through the soft tuft of my pubic hair, finally coming to a stop with the side of my cock laying against her cheek.

A Very Messy Birthday Present

group starbelliedboy 2018-06-20

Once they'd gone I picked up the small round metal tray that looked a bit like a medical dish of some sort by the glass bowl, and looking straight into the camera with her pretty brown almond eyes, Ayumi opened her mouth and dribbled all the cum and saliva out. I was surprised by how much jism I produced this second time, and then just lost myself as Ayumi snuggled her warm, sticky, slimy, cum and custard soaked body into mine, peeling her socks off to stroke my legs with her bare feet, and we drifted off into subconsciousness together.

The Youth Group Party

group fetishdoll 2018-06-10

"Come on you guys, don't be such hard-ons." this one girl said and looked at me uncomfortably. "No, you guys shut up." she said and looked back over at me pleading for me to stop but the dare had already been thrown out and I was desperate to take this party into different territory. I had just turned to see if Sasha would expose her petite little body when this one guy came running in and started spraying everyone with beer and laughing. I turned my attention back to Sasha and I let my tongue run through the light covering of hair and to her sweet pink little lips. Sasha looked back at me with her eyes half closed and Greg really pushed it into me hard.

Mia Six Months Later

group fireman 2018-06-08

When we got to their room, Mia told me to have a seat in the chair.  When I sat down, the two of them started to give me a show.  They started kissing each other.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I wondered if Tia would ever fool around with another woman.  I had a raging hard-on, watching these two sexy women kissing.  Than they started to undress each other.  They took turns sucking and nippling each other tits.  I didn't know if I could control myself.  Mia would look over to me and give me that fuck me look.  Than they were both naked.  Both were very beautiful and sexy.  I stood up, got naked and walked toward them.  Sandy saw me and dropped to her knees.  She took my cock into her mouth and gave a blow job.  I knew I wasn't going to last long because of the show I just saw.  At the same time, Mia gave me a big wet kiss, tongues exploring each other.  I soon exploded in Sandy mouth without warning.  She didn't stop and kept sucking.  Swallowing all my cum.  Than Mia grabbed Sandy head and started kissing her.  Damn what a sight.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 06

group starbelliedboy 2018-06-07

Having achieved this, I glanced at my two partners: Pat was also hard and slowly jerking off watching himself fucking his wife doggy while she sucked another, rather swarthy looking, man's cock on the screen; next to him Ai Ling caught my eye and smiled, as she lightly touched her clitoris with one finger, barely in contact with it, and I saw she wasn't watching the screen but us two. I risked using one free hand to play with myself, managing to get myself pretty hard considering how I usually was with anal sex, then pulled my head away from the juicy pussy, pushing Ai Ling back, not saying anything as I moved forward, going slow so Pat would stay inside me, until I was in position.

Ashley and Brittany Catch their God Next Door

group Tallak 2018-05-31

The Asian girl Ashley asks to see my huge cock again so I open my bathrobe she is in total awe and says it’s bigger than she thought. I tell them to keep their mouths open while I jerk it and then I feel my massive load getting close to fill their mouths. As I finger Brittany, she starts moaning very hard and I let Ashley suck my cock while we are laying on our side. I stop after Brittany cums multiple times and then I begin to finger Ashley; stretching her very tight pussy and then I start to fuck her very hard only being able to put half of my cock inside her.

Sailing into Trouble Ch. 01

group UrsaMajor69 2018-05-06

I told them that I thought it wasn't such a great idea, as Sabrina was did look very slight and I wasn't completely sure she could work the sail and tiller all by herself. During that time, I saw Sabrina's ass moving in slow circles in the air while her hands rubbed up and down his chest. As soon as Scott rolled off her limp body, Zack strode over and easily flipped Sabrina over onto her hands and knees, so I could now see her head, back and ass above the sidewalls of the boat. Scott held her head tightly as he squirted into her mouth while Zack plunged in as deep into her rear as he could go, filling up Sabrina's unprotected pussy with his cream.

Comic Book Sex

group Johnevie 2018-04-28

The following week I get a call from Jen. Emma is ready to draw the scenes, she says, but she needs references. The rest of the time, her eyes were traveling along the shapes of Jen's legs, her pussy, my head. She placed one hand on Jen's abdomen and the other on her back, gently guiding the model -- who was still firmly planted on my cock -- into one pose, and then another. I placed my hands on her hips, as I had done with Jen, but this time my fingers wrapped around the elastic waistband of Emma's pants. We then kissed for what seemed like a very long time, me sitting cross-legged on the studio floor, Emma with her legs wrapped around my torso, her arms around my neck.

Trio at the Pools

group Clouds_and_Rain 2018-04-23

Ana tried to move her body so that Claire would be more accommodating and begin to satisfy her. Without us asking, Ana began to lick Claire's pussy and my cock as we fucked. My cock, as it moved inside of Claire, and on Ana, while she licked my cock, and sucked on my balls. Ana was taking care of Claire; she didn't need my cock thrusting in and out of her. Claire guided Ana into a position where she was on her knees, and with her face and hands resting on the blanket. I handed the champagne to Claire, and then began to alternately tongue both Ana's ass and pussy. We traded places; I sat and watched as Claire began using toys on her, pushing Ana to more orgasms.

Thai, Hawaiian & Chinese Flowers

group lovelense 2018-04-22

My cock went hard when I noticed my trainer pull one of my girlfriends friends on her lap and begin working her magic. Lamai's best friend in the whole pack was a gorgeous Thai beauty who at this moment entered the kitchen asking for lotion. Before us on the floor, the sultry Chinese lass was straddling Lamai's best friend and increasingly, the sight of her pantie clad bottom pressed into the other gals was mesmerizing. My personal trainer was no doubt in a state beyond the arousal we felt in the bathroom, with the combined effects of Lamai's beautiful form sprawled out naked before her, and my hard cock right on the other side.

Welcome To The Panda House Ch. 01.1

group filthygingers 2018-04-06

Ginny was a fetching red-haired twentysomething—a first-year teacher who, like me, knew very little Chinese; it was my second year teaching oral English at our university in Wuhan, so I was making it my business to show her the ropes, and in the process make myself both indispensable and irresistible. (It hurt like hell my first time, but when a girl slides it home and hits that prostate bump while she's jerking me off, it's worth it!) Mimi and I drank when Ginny said "I never" to frequent masturbation, which translated to more than once a day. Despite Ginny's eagle-eye, I slowly and determinedly brought my big toe around the crotch of those shorts Mimi had on, and she obligingly cocked her hips to better receive it.

Study break

group watersex 2018-04-05

I was surprised I didn't cum right than and there, especially as Lisa pushed Jen's hand over my cock before caressing her breasts. I moved my hand from Jen's pussy to Lisa's, slipping it inside her bottoms as we French kissed. Lisa stroked the base of my cock as she sucked the head, and still had the balance to slide her hand inside Jen's one piece so the three of us were simultaneously kissing, licking, fingering and sucking each other. Jen pulled back and stroked my cock, aiming it at Lisa's open mouth for a fourth and fifth spurt. "Just dive in the pool real fast," Jen said, reaching down to catch cum dripping from Lisa.

Best Friend Bedded

group indiajones 2018-03-23

"You know Sonali," Priya started, "Raj loves big tits, all the porn he enjoys watching is about big natural busty women. I think I'm going to enjoy fucking your husband Priya," grinned Sonali, taking my cock in her palm and drawing back the foreskin exposing the thick purple head. We both soaped Sonali's breasts and pussy while they cleaned my foreskin and washed my dick and balls thoroughly. "Fuck me baby it feels so good, I love your big thick cock," she moaned as I proceeded to pound her with deep hard strokes. "My turn now," Priya claimed her conjugal rights over my dick as she pulled my cock out of her friends vagina and proceeded to clean it with a wet washcloth.

My First Threesome

group biggshow13 2018-03-22

I looked down to see Lori running her tongue along my shaft, then Hung lifted my cock to his lips and took it into his hot mouth. The sight of this hot man sucking my cock was an incredible thing to see, and it took all of my willpower not to shoot my load right then and there. The two of them took turns on my cock, slathering it with large amounts of saliva, and then I watched Lori licking Hung's ass, doing the same thing. The rest of the night was spent in exploration of each other, and as dawn peeked over the horizon, I was shooting my third load into Lori's plush ass while Hung filled her cunt with his own seed.

An Eve to Remember

group Ladypleaser10 2018-03-16

Watching them stare in each other's guys as they fingered each other made me push my cock harder against Stacy's ass and reach around and play with the breasts I love so much. I let Stacy lead, moving my hands to Eve's firm tits and throbbing nipples, flat stomach, gorgeous legs, tight ass, and finally, tiny little pussy. "Oh baby, I'm getting close," I said after my cock slid in and out of Eve's tiny ass a few more times, shaking her entire frame. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, Stacy knelt down and slid her tongue up my ass crack as I pounded deep into Eve. No girl had ever done that to me before and it felt weird at first, but there was no way I was going to stop fucking Eve.

The Submissive Babysitter Pt. 03

group writemarksmith 2018-03-14

I gave her a number of chores to do in the house which she was eager to agree to, then I told her she was a good girl and kissed her on the lips, as if offering a reward before we left. Brad and I had had a few drinks at the party when I saw the Rick, the Adonis hedge fund dude, standing against a wall, chatting up a girl. I started to tell him that my husband was in the next room, that I knew people at the party but I had barely got a word out before his big hands directed me down to my knees. May suddenly pulled her hand away from my husband's cock and started to stutter "I...I c...can't Mrs. Taylor.

A Summer's Breeze Ch. 07

group talel81 2018-02-26

I keep telling you if you're more than three zip code numbers away, it's all fair," Saki said, pulling her friend close. "Come here," Saki said, pulling Cassie's face up to meet hers. That'd be hot wouldn't it?" Saki began moving further down, kissing Cassie's breasts, sliding her tongue around the stiff nipples. Saki released her tongue hold on her and began to gently kiss the inner parts of Cassie's thighs. She lowered her head down to where Nick's thick cock was splitting her friend and slithered her tongue around the Saki's clit. Saki nodded her head and started kissing Cassie's close leg. You're going to find that boy you keep talking about, fuck him and then tell him what you did," Saki said, leaning back against Cassie's pillows.

Life's Balance

group SakuraAngel 2018-02-17

After getting my balance back and the initial effects of the cocaine passed through my system, I walked back still smiling a little bit. It didn't take long for Josh's eyes to roll back into his head as he exploded inside my mouth as I moaned down his cock. That quickly ended the arguement and brought a smile to my face as they both agreed that Josh would get my pussy and Thomas would get my ass. My ass never felt so good, and my pussy was finally satisfied for the night....well almost as I looked over to Sam. Very quickly though, Sam, Josh, and Thomas all gave me several hours of my greatest pleasure and ecstacy.

My Gf Threesome (MFM) Experience

group waxxxxx 2018-02-14

My GF said Dan acting like a true gentleman before showed his true colors, he pulled the bed sheets off her and started fucking her right in front of Bryan and this time he didn't even bother wearing a condom and ended up banging her bareback on the hotel bed while Bryan was sitting on a chair nearby. Once the second fuck by Dan ended, he started convincing Cammie to help Bryan too, while his limp dick was still inside her pussy. This time, she said he fucked her really hard while slapping her butt cheeks and instead of cumming inside her, he came right on her asshole and made her clean his dick.

Christmas Fuck Party

group ericrodman101 2018-02-11

I looked at the screens and I drank in the sight of this beautiful slut being double teamed, some guy she'd never met with his fat cock in her mouth and Troy pounding her ass, holding her tight and pulling himself into her in long thrusts. He put his hand on her back and gently leaned her down until she was nearly lying on top of the guy on the couch who was fucking her cunt, and then Mike pulled her legs aside, then splayed her cheeks, and guided his cock into her ass.