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group Kandikiss51 2018-11-06

When a friend of mine named Denise, who manages a posh hotel in Nashville, told us they had a weekend special going on, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for another hot encounter. Clay spoke first; "Come on in Denise, the water is good and hot." I watched Clay and her for a while knowing he had a devious sexy plan of fun on his mind. I moved closer to the two and smiled at Clay and nodded, knowing the fun was about to begin. Clay opened his eyes and leaned forward cutting his way thru the water to where she was sitting. I could tell the spray of water was arousing her by the way she moved her body around, with her head back, eyes closed.  Clay moved quickly and began watching me.

The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (A Prelude)

group Coco 2018-11-03

And as that monosyllabic word left my Shirley Temple girl’s juicy lips, as that single word flitted into our lust filled bathroom stall, as she nervously uttered that word into our erotically charged world, my hands flew to her and I grabbed those lovely hips, and I forcefully pulled her into me. An opened mouth formed a word, but damned if I knew what it was, this girl does not speak during sex. For the second time in as many days, Angie went catatonic on me, voice gone; face slack with desire strewn all over it, she moaned and ground herself into my hand. Smiling and still swallowing my man’s cum Angie stood up, approached me and placed her mouth on my sex.

Numbers Game

group hkristofer 2018-03-24

Trinity laughed a bit harder, and Daisy roller her eyes at me, but they turned to face one another, leaned in, and began to kiss. Daisy began to moan louder, and I pushed Trinity's fingers more firmly against her cunt, guiding her hand in small circles as I knew Daisy liked to have her pussy rubbed. Trinity worked her way down, and I watched as she began running her tongue up and down Daisy's pussy, As Daisy's breathing increased; Trinity cupped her mouth over her clit, taking it between her lips. Her lips were sticky from licking Daisy's clit, and the taste of my girlfriend's pussy on another girl's tongue filled me with a frantic, drunken desire.

My Renaissance Ch. 18

group Modern_Citizen 2018-03-17

How's your room-mate look getting fucked?" I asked Amanda. "Oh god I'm coming!" I said as I began to squirt inside Tracy's pussy. I was about ready to come again when I noticed Tracy was looking as though she was getting jealous after Amanda had enjoyed at least three or four orgasms. "Not a clue, but I let him fuck Tracy since that night you first visited, so turnabout is fair play I'd say," Amanda said. Amanda explained how she and her boyfriend Jim had been having some super hot sex since my last visit and had been leaving the door open as they fucked, allowing Tracy to look in on them if she wanted.

Girl's Night Out

group PegSyren 2018-03-02

"Kiss me," I said as I leaned in to my friend and took her lips softly into mine. I called the bartender over to me and told her that I'd like to buy that guy a drink. I took our new friend into the backseat and straddling his lap I began kissing him passionately...first his lips but then his ears and neck as well. Totally nude, our breasts pressed together, she and I again kissed...this time in such a way that he could watch as our tongues met. Kissing her, our tongues entwined, I continued to slide my pussy up and down his hard cock while he ate her like it was his job.