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My Best Friend

group BigD325 2018-12-03

I had wanted to fuck my best friend Mari since the day when we were 17 and we fooled around in the movie theater. The movie was boring, and soon we were macking on each other, Mari straddling my lap with her jean skirt hiked up, one of my hands up her tight sweater and the other under her skirt, two fingers in her wet pussy, thumb rubbing her clit. My hand worked at her pussy and clit as she moaned, but soon I could no longer resist the sweet smell coming out of her pussy and knelt on the floor, pulling her ass to the edge of the sofa.

Cora & Suri

group kornslayer1 2018-12-02

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, Suri," Cora warned her, taking her hands off her head. Suri failed to move and just let her splash her face with all the lady juice that Cora could give out right at the moment. Cora began thrusting her lips ever so slowly and then Suri got right below my balls. Fuck, Cora, I'm gonna cum now," I moaned, slanting my head back and closing my eyes. "Yes, now you are turning me into a life sized vibrator for your husband's cock, Cora," she moaned, rubbing her head nonstop. My eyes were stuck right on Suri's face, but I did manage to see Cora a few select times.

Caught my Boyfriend Cheating

group KingNikki 2018-12-02

My boyfriend fucking some girl like she was me. I spread both legs over the arms of the chair and started fingering myself. "So I see you like fucking my boyfriend. Well let me tell you this, this is the last time you're ever fucking him and unless you want me to beat your ass today, you'll do exactly as I say." I motioned for her to come between my legs and suck my pussy. "Baby, come fuck your pussy.” He shoved his dick and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I told Alex to sit in the chair and finger herself while she watched me fuck him. She quickly got on the bed and sucked every drop of his cum from my pussy.

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 11

group Kali_Urriah 2018-12-02

“I bet you like cock in both holes at once don’t you slut,” Larry said as he pushed a second finger in my ass. They grabbed my tits and slapped my ass, as Larry, Matt and the leather jacket guy slammed their cocks into me. Gordo, the fifty-nine year-old bearded-guy was slamming my cunt and sucking my right tit, guy-with-glass was fucking my face and squeezing my left tit and eagle-tattoo guy was pumping my sweet young ass like he was drilling for oil. Larry pushed his hard cock into my mouth, Leather-jacket-guy fucked my cunt and Matt pushed his hard meat into my sore ass. Larry fucked my cunt, Matt was in my mouth and leather-jacket-guy opened up my ass.

The Girl and Her Box

group InUtopia 2018-12-02

The girl pulled away and looked at Dan. He was watching them with a pleased expression. The girl addressed Jane again, pushing their lips together and pressing into her. The girl’s hand traveled beneath Jane’s baggy shirt and up to her small breasts, pinching a nipple. The girl was fixated on her exposed middle, Jane’s slender arms showing beneath the shirt, armpits and collarbone glistening with sweat. Finally Jane found the clasp in front and slid the garment over the girl’s hips, down her long tan legs and off her feet. Jane brought her hands to the girl’s hips and pulled her downward. The girl pulled one of his hands to her breast and then fingered her own clit.

My Roughest Adventure

group allflavorsboston 2018-12-01

I began chatting with Paul on my favorite site, choosing him because his profile picture was a close up of his awesome cock. He told me he knew and asked me to hold up the paper as he took another picture with me holding it. Tommy was in the other room setting up. I began to feel like some of my favorite porn-stars, ones that Paul and I shared in common. Paul told Tommy that I had never done double penetration before and it was going to happen now. Tommy came on my chest and fell over laughing saying, I was a great fuck as he watched Paul begin to really take me hard.

Arab MILF 4 Bisexual Black Man

group Samuelx 2018-11-30

Said dated women of all races prior to his longtime partnership with Karim, but he'd never met a woman like Fathiyah, that's for damn sure. "Hmm, that's why I love the most about you black men, you really know how to worship a woman's body," Fathiyah squealed, as Said fingered her wet pussy while worming his tongue up her asshole. Rubbing his hard dick against Fathiyah's pussy lips, Said got ready to fuck her, but much to his surprise, the voluptuous and supremely freaky lady put a halt to his progress. "It was fun for me too, lovely lady, a pleasant moment that I hope to repeat," Said replied, and then, much to Fathiyah's amazement, he took her hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it.

Garter Ardor - Part Two

group Fogticus 2018-11-30

Megan pushed her tongue into my mouth and clawed at my body, one hand tugging on my shirt, the other clenching my butt. The thumping bass that crept into the suite from the main party room accompanied the sounds of our sex – my body repeatedly smacking against Megan’s ass, our raspy anxious panting, and the soft wet squishes of my cock sliding back and forth in her pussy. Karen bent her body next to the bridesmaid and brought her face between Megan’s and the mirror. Soon Megan picked up where she had left off moments ago, caressing Karen’s full tits with her hands and mouth.

Hot Tub Fun

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-29

I thought this was an open door, so I slipped back in fast and said, “Thanks, my husband agrees!” I think he got the hint and went back to his end of the tub. He asked about the sex and I told him about the party the week before and how dead it was last night. A loud goodbye came from the other room as the older gentleman closed the door behind him. Harry said the older guy felt uncomfortable with my nudity as he was married and from the Middle East. I said, “Letting two strange men touch me naked.” They laughed and almost like it was supposed to happen Joe wrapped his arm around me and lowered my head to his waist which he raised in the water.

Andee's Trip To Denver Turns Naughty

group Andee 2018-11-29

Andee thought about it for a moment – as the guys all half-heartedly begged – and said she would join them but needed to slip up to her room for a minute. “No … uh … I don’t want to sound crude, but like … you know … in person?” Andee smiled at Cooper’s youthful embarrassment and glanced at both Dan and Steve. “Make sure you get lots of shots,” she said, turning towards Dan. Andee then placed her hands on Connor’s thighs and licked his hard dick before taking him into her mouth. Sensing Dan was about to cum; feeling his cock grow just a bit harder like men do just before they reach the point of no return, Andee pulled herself off of him and climbed onto the bed.

Conspiracy to Wife Swap

group taylorsam 2018-11-27

Jason, I’m Patty, your best friends wife who is going to fuck your brains out.” Annie said in a sexy voice. “Oh Patty, you pussy is on fire, I can’t believe my wife is letting me shove my cock into your cunt.” Jason said being intentionally nasty. I’m sure my husband is giving your wife’s pussy a good fucking too.” Annie said bouncing on Jason’s cock till they both came. Annie reached up to Jason’s crotch, “You’re right Patty, Jason is just as hard as Adam.” Annie said slurring her words a little. Annie sucked on Jason’s cock as Jason watched Adam lean down pulling Patty’s shirt and bra off.

Between Friends

group Syren74 2018-11-27

“I’m just so curious to experience some of those things you’ve told me about, you know, I’ve orgasmed but, not in the way you describe it – I just feel like there’s so much I haven’t experienced, and Kareem... Thing is, a few years back Kareem had gotten a big promotion and the extra cash he was bringing in went straight to his head like a fine wine. “You know those lazy girls won’t dare show their face in here until they’re sure the table’s set,” I countered, matching his tone. I don’t know how Simone feeds these desires that she’d kept dormant for so long, no more than I tell her of my own adventures.

Annual Meeting

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-26

It warmed her inside and she smiled as she stood, straightened her dress and leaned over his shoulder to whisper into his ear, "Don't worry, you'll be great." She pecked his cheek and stepped from the table as the man onstage finished praising Winston’s accomplishments and announced his name and the mannequin crowd delivered a smattering of polite applause. And five years ago she'd first kept her end of the bargain, meeting them in a room upstairs, her first time with someone other than Winston since they were married. Thomas' hands slipped to her ass, spreading her cheeks and she felt the firm bulb press at her lubed pucker. She smiled and pulled the door quietly, slipping inside and making her way around the perimeter of the room.

An account of cheating with Rach

group p1ayful 2018-11-25

Now my cock is slamming into her pussy from behind, my hands reaching around her - one onto her clit, rubbing fast and the other grabbing hold of her breast as I fuck deep and fast into her feeling her pussy spasm around me and then empty my balls as I thrust into her for the last time. Watching your partner getting fucked while fucking someone else is a very strange experience, but watching Rach staring down at my cock in a strange pussy, I realized that we had matched the timing of our thrusts. Facing the girl who had just given her this orgasm, Rach reaches for her face and they share a kiss, my cock now just held still in her pussy as she slowly clenches and releases in the afterglow of her own cum.


group Buz 2018-11-25

“You guys just relax, sit back and watch.” Candi's eyes peered seductively underneath the top of her eye lids, her lips pulled wide, creating dimples and a mischievous sexy smile. Maneuvering together into a bunch in front of her spread legs, the guys all wanted a good look at her open pussy. Candi was immediately turned on by their prying eyes. Devon and Pepper broke out laughing and turned toward the right bedroom, opening the door just in time to see Bob’s ample ass swinging back and forth slightly as he was up on the bed with his face buried between Candi’s legs. As Bob lay there spent, his cock in its condom wrap, going flaccid, Candi spread her legs toward the guys in the doorway.

Rachel Fucking To Make A Sale

group Scorpio2015 2018-11-23

He slowly started to fuck me, fucking me faster and faster as I moaned louder and louder, making me cum in a powerful orgasm John stopped and pulled out. Just then, John started to fuck Lauren faster, increasing in speed every time Lauren moaned, making her cum in a powerful orgasm. John put his cock back in my pussy and continued to fuck me making me cum again seconds later. John then inserted his cock into Lauren’s pussy and started fucking her making her moan loudly. As we took another break, I asked, “So John, earlier you said that Amanda is going to kill you if she found out about you fucking us.

Mia Six Months Later

group fireman 2018-11-22

When we got to their room, Mia told me to have a seat in the chair.  When I sat down, the two of them started to give me a show.  They started kissing each other.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I wondered if Tia would ever fool around with another woman.  I had a raging hard-on, watching these two sexy women kissing.  Than they started to undress each other.  They took turns sucking and nippling each other tits.  I didn't know if I could control myself.  Mia would look over to me and give me that fuck me look.  Than they were both naked.  Both were very beautiful and sexy.  I stood up, got naked and walked toward them.  Sandy saw me and dropped to her knees.  She took my cock into her mouth and gave a blow job.  I knew I wasn't going to last long because of the show I just saw.  At the same time, Mia gave me a big wet kiss, tongues exploring each other.  I soon exploded in Sandy mouth without warning.  She didn't stop and kept sucking.  Swallowing all my cum.  Than Mia grabbed Sandy head and started kissing her.  Damn what a sight.

A Hotwife's New Years Party

group KenLukin 2018-11-22

Then I gave the head of his dick a luscious lick, moistened my lips and slid his lovely manhood deep into my mouth. I absolutely love having a new cock in my mouth and I moved my head in and out rapidly, giving him the beginnings of an intense blow job. I took him fully down my throat, and used it like a velvet pussy to fuck his dick as it stroked through my lips, over my tongue and right through the back of my mouth. I clamped my lips just past the head of his cock, stroked the hard shaft with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. “My husband likes me to be happy, and he knows how much I love sucking cocks.

Seduced by the Preachers Daughter III: Astra

group Crossfire307 2018-11-22

By the way Beth and Astra were carrying on, I felt they had been more than friends. Beth moved beside Astra and helped me out of my pants as her friend continued to suck on my heavy sack. Beth moved beside Astra and engulfed my shaft. I felt Astra raise her head, and my shaft slipped from her lips. Beth grabbed the headboard and began to rock her hip, moving her pussy back and forth on my tongue. Astra moved forward and my shaft popped out of her ass. Beth moved beside Astra, and both girls waited with opened mouths. The first jet of my cum hit Astra in the eye, she quickly moved and covered my shaft with her mouth.

A Hotwife’s New Years Party (Part Two)

group KenLukin 2018-11-22

Brian gave me the warmest smile, looked at the other three guys standing near him, gestured toward the distant bathroom and wistfully stated, “Lucky fuckers.” Vince joined in and their dark purple cock heads pressed together as I opened my mouth wide like a hungry baby bird in the nest.They grunted at the same time and both shot ribbons of thick, white goo into my mouth. His timing seemed pretty good, too.Heather quickly gave Brian the once over, smiled and said, “Let’s go!” I could tell Lee was going to be first, and I focused on him as I held his cock head in my mouth and stroked his lovely shaft until he surrendered his creamy juice in powerful spurts against the back of my throat.

Brittni's Gloryhole Addiction

group Brittni4u 2018-11-22

Heading to Shay and Dawson’s house, like I had previously done dozens of times, we pulled into the parking lot under the sign that read, “The Power of Love.” From driving past it so many times, it didn’t look as big as it did at that moment. Additional reasons I imagined for each guy that I had sucked off at the bookstore ranged from that unattractive high school boy my age who had trouble getting a girlfriend and needed to shoot a load just to keep from having wet dreams to a college athlete who needed to get ready for practice or the big game and needed that blowjob for a better performance. Other styles that guys would use cumming through the glory hole were arching their back, causing their cocks to stick out further which would force them deeper in my mouth.

A Woman and her Lover have a Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-11-21

Look at you Faith, you’re bent over my bed with my cock deep in your fucking ass. Jason fucked me harder and faster, his balls were slapping into my ass and then he let out a huge moan. Faith lay down and Jennifer lay across her with your ass and pussy in her face. I was aroused as she was licking my clit, and then she put a few fingers inside my pussy and started to fuck me fast. Jennifer got on her hands and knees and Jason slid into her creamy pussy. Jason was holding Jennifer’s hips and fucking her really deep into her beautiful and very creamy pussy. “Oh God, Faith you lick pussy so good.

The chips are down

group LunaClaire 2018-11-21

Eventually she finished her 6th thrust and slipped off me as Suzie reluctantly got off my face, Diane quickly took her place and the smell of her sex was overpowering, Tara lined herself up on my cock before slowly sliding down it, allowing me to penetrate her for the first time ever as I started licking Diane out. I quickly pulled Tara down onto my face and speared my tongue inside her pussy as Suzie slid up and down on my cock, moaning in pleasure with every stroke, I’d forgotten just how good her silky-smooth pussy felt in the months since I’d last had her, but it was certainly coming back to me now!

Jamaica Surprise

group Mister_E 2018-11-21

The doors closed and Sally pulled me to her and kissed me with her lovely full lips until the lift stopped at our floor. “You’re the problem, John,“ she said as she stepped forward, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me – pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her naked body against my fully-clothed one. Sally laughed and told her that she either had to stand and watch or join in like we agreed because she wasn’t going to stop in the middle of a lovely fucking. Sally muttered through Sherry’s wet cunt for me to fuck her harder as she was cumming; Sherry grunted out loud and closed her eyes to concentrate on her own orgasm as I just went over the top and thrust umpteen spasms of cum into Sally.