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College coed has her first threesome

group Chelsea 2018-11-20

There had always been a great deal of sexual tension between the three friends and on certain occasions when the three were drunk together they would all make out, Liz sitting on Kelly's lap, kissing her passionately and massaging her beautiful round boobs giving Greg, who could do nothing but watch, an incredible hard on which Liz would later relieve once Kelly had left for the night. Do you want your face buried in Kelly's hot little cunt while I fuck you?" "Yes" Liz breathed heavily, "Kelly, let me taste your pussy." With that Liz pushed Kelly onto the bed, her head high up on pillows and legs spread wide.

Frat House

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-11

That didn't stop her orgasm though, it kept going as she screamed her ecstasy at the watching guys; they were grinning as Chris gasped and buried himself into her convulsing pussy, spilling cum into her body. Fingers reached down to her pussy and rubbed the wet, swollen folds, finding her clit and twisting it; the pleasure began to help the pain in her ass recede a little more. when the guys thought that they'd gotten too sloppy they carried her into the bathroom where they pushed a hose into her pussy and ass, filling her with warm water and making her shriek with discomfort. she screamed as he began to work his way into her poor ass, fingers rubbed on her clit and she was forced to cum as he fucked her with his fearful weapon.

Fat Girls Gone Wild

group Samuelx 2018-11-03

He who travels from place to place, amusing himself at the expense of the self-righteous and nasty people of the world. Saint Christopher student-athletes competed in Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Water Polo and Volleyball. Road trips with your buddies are the best thing in the world. No, wait. No, wait. Finally, there was Amelia, a plain-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Latina. Somebody should do a study about that. Kyle was finally fulfilling his fantasy of fucking a large white woman in the ass. Someone ought to do a study about that. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. It was sweetly wicked and nasty. Now I know why some people go off on a power trip while fucking others.

My Coed Sex Slave

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-01

So, on Friday, I got home early after going in early so I would have time to get the place ready and Lori met me at the door naked and asked me to come to the bedroom to leave a nice, warm deposit of my semen inside her to carry around tonight as she served and entertained my friends. "I think it's time all of you guys got naked, come on," Lori said and she sat back down on the sofa, spread open and Troy, now naked, his cock trembling, knelt in front of her and pushed inside.

My First Threesome

group cutecoed05 2018-09-25

Screaming into her cunt, I felt my pussy spasm around James' cock. Mandy buried her mouth into my pussy as I writhed beneath her, watching my boyfriend fucking my beautiful friend. Mandy pulled away from me and started screaming for James to fuck her harder. I turned my head and began sucking and licking at his balls as he fucked Mandy's mouth. Mandy and I both pulled away from James as he grabbed his cock and began to pump it hard. James turned his cock to Mandy and unloaded three more spurts one on her cheek, one on her lips, and one on her eyes, before turning back to me shooting more on my face and eyes.

One Hot Summer - BJ Lesson

group irishcurse 2018-09-24

She looked back down at Jill, and as I settled my arms back down, my hand found a home on Missy's hip. And as Jill worked over my cock head, I clutched and full handful of Missy's round ass. Missy slid her fist down to the base of my rigid cock, turned her head sideways to look right at Jill. I tried to focus on her, instead of the incredible sensation Missy was giving me as she stroked my cock with her hand and licked its bulbous head at the same time I could see Jill's tongue against Missy's lips as the two girls devoured my cock. Jill's mouth still wrapped my cock, and Missy's tongue curled and twisted and massaged my balls.

Mandarin Chinese

group Proust69 2018-09-23

The Mandarin Chinese class consisted of meeting with the professor in his on campus apartment 3 times a week for roughly an hour each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then a general lab in the library where we listened to Mandarin tapes. Come Wednesday, Sydney was again wearing a dress, but Vickie was back to her usual garb, and it being a warm spring time day, she was wearing baggy shorts. Vickie sat demurely through almost the class, till almost the very last five minutes where when the next time in our rotation of answering the Professor in Chinese, it was then appropriate to look over at her and lo and behold, I got a brief crotch shot of her bare essentials.

Kelly's Adventures Ch. 03

group auraazura 2018-09-18

All in good time." Michael smiled as he looked out the window and watched Kelly drive away. "Here ya go, you glass was empty again," Michael said handing Adam another mixed drink. Adam took the drink out of Michael's hand and replied, "Sure, sounds great." "Oh, Adam, it looks like someone wants to come out and see the world," Kelly smiled at him. "Mmm, yeah, that's nice," she purred, then she moved down between his legs and took him into her mouth. "Mmm, you're a big boy aren't you," she said then began sucking Michael off faster. Just as Michael came in her mouth Adam began convulsing with his and Kelly peaked with his last plunge.

Why Go Home for the Holidays?

group nyrjmk 2018-09-10

Lynn took more than half of my shaft into her warm mouth, rolling her tongue over it as her head bobbed up and down. She unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand into her panties, moaning she said, "I want to feel that long thick cock of your pumping my tight pussy hard baby." Lynn brushed my hand aside from my cock and took she lowered her mouth over the entire length of my shaft. Lynn let out a good moan when she felt that my cock was all of the way inside her. I pumped my cock hard and fast into Lynn's pussy, her hips pushed back against me to meet my thrusts.

Hot Tub Threesome for Barbara

group ltp799 2018-09-04

The touch of her soft lips and moist tongue coupled with the smooth skin of her leg was making me crazy; we must have lost track of time because we were still clutching each other when Peter returned, beers in hand. I hoped Peter wouldn't notice Barbara's arm moving back and forth as she teased me beneath the surface of the water. While not as large as Peter's, my full seven inches throbbed thick and firm in the cool night air, water running down my shaft and dripping from my heavy balls, which hung several inches from the base of my member. Wrapping the fingers of her right hand around the head of my penis, she shifted left beneath Peter's erect manhood, tongue extended to caress his balls.

Jennifer Sucks

group jacktar48 2018-09-01

Cathy scrambled out of her bed as Jennifer opened her mouth wide and let his cock all the way in, being careful to only tantalize him by the slightest caress of her tongue before he bottomed out at the back of her throat. "Now you suck out the last of it so you can taste it while he fucks you." Cathy seemed a bit reluctant, so Jennifer grasped her by the back of the head and pulled her down on the boy's still twitching cock. "Maybe this will help you remember then," Jennifer said as she scooped some cum out of Cathy's pussy with two fingers and transferred it to Cathy's mouth.

Four Girls Ch. 04

group Taunus 2018-08-24

Sam had to face her exam in Electronics and Magnetism (AKA EE&M) and Susan had her swim meet. As Sam patted her sore asshole with a damp wash cloth---she dared not use the school brand double-oh coarse sandpaper that they put out for bum fodder---she remembered her late father's complaint's about his hemorrhoids. There were times after the exhausting applications of integral and differential calculus, physics laws and principles, and total lapses of memory that she would have trouble remembering her name, where she was, or even the current month and year. At last Sam blurted out: "Do you want me to kiss you?" In reply Butch shouted: "Yes!" But both were still mesmerized from the physics test. Susan, Sam, and Trisha lived in university dormitories.

Intramural Threesome

group Thorre 2018-08-23

Before I know it we are kissing and Caroline has come over and it is a big three way hug. Caroline and she are kissing and Karla is moaning as I flick my tongue over her clit, up and down her slit and suck each of her lips gently into my mouth. Caroline Grabs my dick and gives it a long hard suck before taking it from her mouth and positioning it at Karla's pussy. Karla worked me with her hand and mouth and Caroline sucked each of my balls hard until they ached. Karla and I kissed as I put one leg up on the bed and Caroline buried her tongue into my sphincter, licking and probing me like crazy.

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 04

group Lionheart72 2018-08-23

After finally washing the cum of something like nine guys off her already well-fucked body, Ally had wrapped herself in a towel and sauntered out into the dorm floor's common area. "The lady thinks you're not the only one who needs to be returning some favors," Ally said in her best sultry voice, looking past him at the other guys. While the other guys hooted and cheered, he reached out and slowly unwrapped the towel, revealing Ally's full, naked breasts, fair skin and bare pussy to his gaze. Ally moaned as his hard dick filled her, sliding deep and touching her in just the right places inside with every thrust.

Sharing Katie

group MagnanimousNight 2018-08-21

Don't I get hard at the idea of you sucking some other guy's cock?" Ron said and rubbed Hillary's pussy through her jeans. She was wearing a skirt and kept pushing my hand away every time I tried to lift it up and show off her little panties to Hillary and Ron. "My baby appreciates a tight little pussy," Katie said, finally getting into things. She had a look I had never seen on a woman's face before or since, like she wanted to let the whole world fuck her; hard. Hillary pulled down Ron's jeans and took his cock out and started sucking it. I came pretty fast too, and I licked Hillary to orgasm and we stopped to watch Katie and Ron.

Canoe Trip

group Sethleham 2018-08-12

Jack was already looking us over when I decided to get brave and said, "Okay." I began to strip and the guys watched me. (I could feel their eyes on our backsides, let me tell you!) We turned around to watch the guys jump in after us. It was great, feeling his hands spread my cheeks underwater and slip his fingers in and out of my pussy...) I began to push against his jamming fingers as his cock, hard and pulsing in my hands, easily thrusted back and forth. I then jerked like mad, looking back at Jenny, who was actaully watching me suck this guy off! His cock looked so hard and good again, I decided to turn around, getting on all fours, and tell him, "Eat my pussy!"

Travis Goes Along For The Ride

group Megamuffin 2018-08-10

Travis watched the way Rachel's ass moved as he followed her and Jason up the stairs. "I can't believe how fucking big this thing is," Laura said as she slowly eased the tip of Nathan's cock into her pussy. He looked over to see Jason fucking Rachel's pussy from behind while he squeezed and pinched her tits. Laura opened her mouth and howled with pleasure as Nathan fucked her and Travis came. Laura licked the last of his goo off the tip of his cock and Travis finally climbed down off the bed and flopped back down in the chair, spent. Nathan stiffened and moaned and Laura backed away in time for Travis to see a big gob of cum shoot out of Nathan's cock into her mouth.

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 03

group Lionheart72 2018-08-07

"Fuck," Ally laughed as Paul's cum sprayed over her face and tits. "Well," Ally laughed, a smiling, sultry look on her cum-streaked face. Ally looked up to see another guy standing the bathroom doorway, his eyes wide at the sight of a hot naked blonde kneeling in front of two guys. Still laughing, Ally seized her newest hard cock and licked the tip, while her other hand continued to stroke Dick's dick. Quickly, Tom moved to the new guy's other side and gently guided Ally's her hand to his shaft while she licked and sucked the third guy. Cheering and laughing, they rained cum down on Ally's face, her breasts, her arms, her back and her hair.

Wild College Days Ch. 05

group Lionheart72 2018-08-04

Liz gagged as his dick pressed into her throat, but she pushed the reflex aside, swallowing convulsively around Gary's shaft. With a deep breath, Liz settled herself and then turned her attention to Kevin's long, hard shaft, still gripped in her other hand. Kevin grabbed Liz's head, pulling her face toward his dick. "I said fuck her, not choke her, Kevin." Becky's voice penetrated Liz's lustful daze. Becky, probably without thinking, reached out to hold Brad's thick dick in her hand, rubbing it slowly as her eyes devoured Liz. Remembering what Becky wanted, Liz quickly flipped over onto her hands and knees, presenting her wet pussy to Brad. The force of Brad's wild thrusts was enough to force Kevin's dick down Liz's throat.

Skinny Dipping Cheerleaders

group DonP 2018-08-02

As Mitch pulled out his cock and sprayed Kristie's bald beaver, she turned and kissed Steve's cum into Marla's mouth. Marla continued to bounce up and down on Steve's dick, watching with delight as he crunched his face up each time her pussy came down on over his cock. Steve, now spent, moved around to Marla's head, pinched her nipples, squeezed her tits, and tried to time her reactions to Kristie's tonguing with his hands on her breasts. Kristie, who had slowed down on the tongue work, now mostly drooling into Marla's open cunt because pleasure was building in her too, taking on Mitch's fast fingers over her clit while he banged her tight little asshole.

Laid and Bred

group arlene548 2018-07-28

In reality both Deb and Kate were pretty cute normal college girls, but this was spring break on Siesta Key. They roomed together at U-Mass and had decided to head south for what evolved into a total week of partying drunkenness, dating and ...... Kate smiled at Deb, plan in mind, "Are you ready to be a slut, girl?" Unlike Kate, Deb had been known to fuck many guys, so she was more confident in her look and knew how to act. "Gotta go Dude, thanks for the great time." and she gave him a short deep kiss, pulled he skirt back into place, straightened her tee-shirt and gave up quickly on looking for her underwear.

Fucking Buddies

group Frolicking_Lass 2018-07-23

Ralf had undone my skirt and it was puddled round my feet as he teased his hands across my bum crack, my legs pressed together by my half down knickers, Charlie clasped my plump front lips through the fabric while Lee stood behind me and pulled down the sides, the pressure was wonderful and my knees started to buckle some. I was spent and sensitive and felt delightfully whorish as I rested my eyes and curled up tight, forehead leant between Charlies humping shoulder blades and vibrated my already shaking finger just against the top skin surface of her clit and held her boobs together in the other hand feeling Ralf pinch the nipples I had balconied over the top of my hand as they came too, and Lee slapped and held my butt cheeks apart making vicious hand prints and grunted at his own end.

Party Dream Come True

group ziller 2018-07-23

She began feeling and touching, and her nipples got rock hard, which was another turn on. The next day, Shane, one of my guy friends, was talking about how his parents were going to be out of town for the next week, and how he was having a party this Saturday. We played some more, Shane kissing me, Kelly kissing Derek, everyone kissing because of the game. Kelly smiled, and said, "I think it's hot." I was so relieved, and the red from my face went away. I kept on riding until I was about half way from cumming, and then he took me off and we moved into a doggystyle position. I gave Kelly back half of the cum this time, and swallowed the rest.

Birthday Gang-Bang

group poisy_rose 2018-07-22

My boyfriend then stated the ground rules: I could only take on up to nine guys at once - one in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth, one in each hand, one between my tits, one rubbing his cock on each nipple, and one between my feet, or any combinations I could think of. As soon as he was finished massaging his cum into my nipples with his cock, the next guy took his place, rubbing his boner all around my tits before he settled it into my cleavage. My pussy, ass, mouth, hands, and armpits had never been stuffed by so many cocks; my tits had never been sucked and screwed by so many cleavage-crazed, cum-spurting boners, and my nipples had never been covered with so much cum!!