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Nadege The Haitian Cuckoldress

group Samuelx 2018-03-05

I've fucked my share of White chicks and Chinese guys but there's nothing in the world quite like a tall, masculine brother from the Caribbean with a great body and a big dick. At the time, Timothy Guillot was dating a tall, blonde-haired and big-booty White chick named Amy Schultz. Like a lot of White women who date Black men, Amy Schultz faced a sharp learning curve. The evening turned out to be a lot of fun, and ended with Jason on top of me, slamming his dick into me until he came, while Timothy came all over Debra's big tits. That's why I like to fuck my husband Timothy with my strap-on dildo after letting him stick his big Haitian dick up my asshole.

Matchmaker, Make Me a Match (Jake 4)

group ian69 2018-03-04

Jake and Helen seem to be hitting it off, so Ann and I go into the kitchen to get the dinner started. “What with Helen’s lovely little tits and thinking about us both fucking Ann last time you visited, I don’t know what to do with myself.” As the night draws on, Helen and Jake touch more and more and I can tell Ann is getting turned on by the sexual tension. I start to rub the palms of my hands over Helen's tits, letting her hard nipples flick between each finger. “That's lovely Ian, but Ann tells be you are dying to rub your cock over my nipples and then shoot all your spunk over them.”

Cruising With Karen: Part 2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-03-03

As much as I wanted to watch the two women get each other off, I said, “Dieter, I think Karen and I would like to have you fuck her…first.” He smiled, and instructed me to lie on my back on the bed with Karen hovering over me in reverse, her moist slit inches from my face and my rampant cock inches from hers. Inge is going to play with a vibrator while Karen sucks your cock, you suck her clit, and I fuck her cunt. Dieter slid the egg inside Karen’s oozing cunt and turned it up, making her scream onto my cock, while bucking on the bed.

The hard way cuckold

group woreout 2018-03-02

As I looked at her stocking top peeking from under the hem of her short skirt she asked in a soft calm voice if I wanted to know how it went? She said I love you with all my heart but after that fucking I just had there isn't any way I'm going to let you back in my panties. She said yes its was stretched but my friend at work told me it will take several times before it remains that way. I sat in the den with the TV on but turned all the way down so I could hear my wife moan with list as Rick tore her pussy up for two solid hours.

Memoirs, Chapter Five

group xhardx13 2018-03-01

Millie turned to leave, then came back and said, "Spencer, I have to ask you a question that I've had on my mind for years." Darrell and I watched as Ursula licked up and down Millie's slit stopping at her clit every so often. When the girls were through, Millie jumped on my cock and Ursula did the same with Darrell, right there on the living room sofa. She pushed Darrell out of the way and started sucking on Ursula like a new born baby. "Darrell you go fuck Ursula while we watch this time. Ursula said two cocks at the same time was distracting just like blowing a guy and being fucked at the same time.

Black Wife Cuckolds Black Hubby

group Samuelx 2018-02-28

Watching my Somali Muslim husband Omar Suleiman's soulful brown eyes, I smiled as I began sucking on Tyson Jacobsen's long and thick Caribbean dick. That other man is none other than my husband Omar's best friend and work colleague Tyson Watson, a six-foot-tall, burly young Black man of Jamaican descent. That's right, I didn't even bother taking off my hijab while sucking another man's dick while my proper Muslim husband Omar Suleiman watched. Happily I knelt beside my husband Omar Suleiman and licked the cum off his handsome face, then together, we licked every last drop of cum from Tyson's majestic Jamaican dick. I took the chastity device off of my husband Omar Suleiman's dick, and then, sandwiched between him and Tyson Jacobsen, I enjoyed the warm shower.


The Yurt, By Mikey

group Shazz 2018-02-27

Whilst I was still trying to work out the implications of what Shazz had just said, she went on; “The futon looks the least comfortable, so I suggest you each take turns sleeping on there and that means that you will take turns on the bunks and in the double bed, as well.” The other lads were no longer looking at the floor but were listening with interest as was I, but for different reasons. After dinner, Shazz said: “Look, Mikey has been very good and let you each have a turn in the double bed but Dave is no longer here, so there is no need for anyone to sleep on the futon.

Becoming A Gangbang Queen

group alison90 2018-02-27

I told him straight, that he and his fellow drivers could take turns fucking me all the way to Adelaide, as often as they liked, if they would give me a lift home. It was only about a four hour drive to Adelaide from here so I guessed I was going to be fucked about eight times on the way. The second driver looked at me in the dim light of the compartment and said I was "fucking gorgeous", as he unzipped his jeans. As I hopped back up on the table, one of the men lifted my legs over his shoulders and looked right at Mark as he stuck his cock inside me.

Gordon and Angela Part Two

group NancyAllbright 2018-02-26

I walk over to Angela and ask her to tell me the numbers of the guys she wants to fuck her. Number One guy is going to come and he is going to fuck Angela in his Range Rover. Angela gets in and this time lies on her back as Number One guy gets in and she puts her legs over his shoulders so I can see his thick cock punishing her tiny slit. On the way back home Angela sits on a towel because I don’t want the car seats stained with the come that has started to seep out of her.

Bella meets some of Rico's friends

group Lucky 2018-02-25

Then Bella pushed the jeans down onto her thighs and Marco saw the thin black g-string that had been pulled down as well, and a long groan escaped his lips as Rico and Simon gave each other high fives. It was Bella, no doubt about it, her gorgeous tits hanging as she took one of the men in her mouth, until his balls were banging against her chin, her fingers between his legs, her sucking him, licking his long shaft, kissing the bulbous head, until he was cumming on her face and tits!   The second clip showed her sucking a different man, the cock almost obscene in its size, but Bella was obviously enjoying herself as she took it nearly to the hilt while a different man, Rico he thought, was behind her licking her ass or perhaps her pussy, or both.

Party in Her Puss

group badboy909 2018-02-23

Bob was married and could be obnoxious and terminally horny, so I went to Ami's room to make sure she was okay. They were naked on her bed with her legs wrapped around Bob while he pounded her puss with his big fat porker. Back in the living room, Phil asked if I thought we were all going to get a turn. When Bob emerged, naked, he told Phil to go ahead and Phil didn't waste a moment heading down the hall, shedding his clothes on the way. I asked Bob if he had told her about me. After trying and failing with her husband, she told him what the doctor had said. A few weeks later, she told me she was moving back to Japan.

Practically Endless

group buffalohunter2013 2018-02-22

Took a bit to get my eyes adjusted, Tammy was already getting down to business sucking the guys cock, then bent over and commenced to let him fuck her. “Let me get more situated.” She stood up turned around, pulled her skirt up, bent over putting her hands on the arm rests of the chair to balance herself if the guy really started to hammer her hole, she spread her legs, reached under pulled her lips apart and helped guide his cock in. Her ass was arching up and down while she was coming wanting that cock to go deeper than it could, she had reached up, started pulling on her tits also, very hard.

Gangbang in the Barracks

group merdockmoe 2018-02-21

A week after my roommate, Jason, watched as I fucked my girlfriend, and then joined us in the shower and helped her blow me to another orgasm, Laura and I decided to save a bit of money and stay in the barracks for the weekend. I went back in mine and told Laura that Steve was on watch tonight, and that he’d let us know when the OOD was about to do his rounds of the building. Jason looked too stunned to do anything as Laura unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them and his skivvies down over his ass to the floor, and began to suck his cock again.

Scandalous Behaviors - A Swingers' Party (Part 4 of 4)

group xhardx13 2018-02-21

Delores said that Kim was a very creative party planner. Back in their luxurious living room, Kim brought out two bowls of fortune cookies. Delores was in the Rose room with Warren, and Kimberly was in the Violet room with Stan. Kim said no one was to be with their wife or previous partner, so there were extra cookies to choose a second or third fortune until they got it right. Kimberly eventually sat on Warren's cock, while Tammy had her legs over Ron's shoulders as he banged into her. Seeing Kim's ass being reamed, Tammy made no secret that she wanted Ron's cock again, but this time up her ass.

My Gangbang is my Husband's Fantasy

group alison90 2018-02-20

We were lying in each other's arms following a wonderful fuck marathon where I came three times, when Mark started talking about fantasies and the subject of watching me with another man came up again. I got a bit annoyed! I felt like this was some kind of test and I said, "If you think I'm fucking any of your mates, you can forget it." Mark tried to turn the whole thing in to a joke and dropped the subject for a while. Paul got dressed and then he gave me one more kiss and copped a bit of a feel as he thanked me and left.I waited a few seconds to be sure he was out of hearing before looking up at the front of the van and asking my husband, "Is that what you wanted?"

Three's A Crowd

group Dickie 2018-02-19

“I want to suck his dick,” said Jess as she knelt between the two of them. Jess turned around as Seb stood up and she started sucking his dick clean of her juices before removing his condom. As Seb and Rich again stood side by side she took turns sucking their dicks and massaging their balls. Kneeling next to Jess and looking up to Seb he asked, “This… this might sound weird, but can I try sucking your dick?” He went quietly down the stairs and sat on the bottom step, watching Jess getting a thorough fucking from Seb. She was slouched in the chair with her hips just on the edge, her legs hooked over Seb’s strong biceps as he repeatedly thrust his cock into her.

Hot Wife Makes Good On A Bet

group ukmarky 2018-02-19

I thought I’d be able to use the GPS on her phone to trace where she was and go to her rescue (although, judging by her lusty smiling face in all the photos that had been sent, she didn’t seem to really want ‘saving’!) Opening the email from my wife, I saw that the attachment was, this time, a video. I’ve been dying to get these big boys into my pussy, but they were very insistent that they waited for you before they offered me up to the biggest dick here!’ She paused to have a cock thrust into her throat, ‘Are you ready to watch me get passed around these boys??’ she pulled away eventually and added.

Carmen's Fantasy

group Dickie 2018-02-19

When he touched himself it’s what he most often thought of or watched when perusing porn; thinking of Carmen moaning, screaming out in joy as she got fucked by a new cock. Rich imagined how excited Sebastian would be to touch her, taste her, tease her, make her moan and, of course, fuck her tight pussy.  Rich looked at her face intently in that moment, noticing with contentment the smile on her face as she closed her eyes and felt Sebastian’s cock in her drenched pussy. “Lay down,” Rich told Sebastian as he guided Carmen to climb on top of him. She looked back at her boyfriend just as his hand slapped her ass hard.

The Adventures of Karen: The Camping Trip

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-02-18

Follow her lead and everything will turn out just fine.” He began to unbuckle his jeans, adding, “Now, pretty lady, you need to get up on your hands and knees.” Turning again to me he said, “You, gomer, you can lay there and watch.” Len, who’s hips were slapping hard and fast against Karen’s ass, added, “I think we’re about to find out!” I watched as his cock throbbed, the muscles contracting, sending gobs of warm sperm into Karen’s willing cunt. I wanted to watch her in the throes of bliss as Jake emptied his bloated balls deep into her ass, so I could suck the cum out. Jake grunted and poured copious amounts of his fuck cream into Karen’s willing ass and pulled out, leaving her stretched sphincter to drip his reward onto her cunt and into my eagerly waiting mouth.

Black Cuckolding: Haitian Style

group Samuelx 2018-02-18

"Got room for one more?" Alexandre said, grinning as he stroked his big dark dick, and without waiting for a response from a moaning Esther or a pussy-eating David, he joined them on the bed. "Bout time," David said, and he shook his ass ever so slightly, turned around and winked at Alexandre, then focused his attention on Esther's cunt, which lay open like a flower sensing sunlight. Laughing, Alexandre winked at Esther, who gave him the thumbs up sign and she watched excitedly as Alexandre gripped David's hips and began fucking the shorter man with gusto, burying his dick deep inside his ass. "Damn, Al, you look so handsome with your dick up Esther's ass," David said, grinning, and then he impulsively kissed Alexandre on the lips.

Black Muslim Cuckolding Night

group Samuelx 2018-02-17

"Sheikh, you already know that I like to fuck black guys up the ass with my strap-on dildo, I should also tell you that I like to make them eat my pussy when they take big dicks up their asses, is that okay with you?" Leyla Brown said sharply as she looked at the tall young black Muslim man who stood before her. Sheikh resumed sucking Mamadou's dick with gusto, even as he watched Leyla get closer, that dildo of hers getting dangerously close to his hungry ass... Just like that, Leyla began fucking Sheikh's ass while watching him suck Mamadou's dick.

Fun for one Vol 2

group wetemke 2018-02-16

After setting up the table and chairs and pouring my wife and Frank each a drink, I left them to chat and become comfortable with each other while I got the fire going. After another drink, and realising by that time that the second guy, Ben, was not going to show, Madelein stood up from her chair and asked Frank if he was ready, He nodded yes. Frank withdrew from her now sopping wet pussy, and as he got himself dressed again, I handed Madelein a wet wipe for her to clean up that now satisfied, bald, shiny, beautiful pussy and pack it away until next time.

Trust Your Senses

group pixiedust65 2018-02-14

At first he had been appalled by the idea of strangers fucking her raw, yet as the weeks went by he found himself hard at the prospect of watching her be taken by the men. The combined sensations of the man pulling roughly at her nipples,and the stroking of her own hand on her clit were making her head cloudy. The stranger playing with her nipples grabbed her right hand, placing it on his fully erect shaft, and she moved it up and down, jerking him off. Her moan was muffled, the man at her head still roughly fucking her mouth and causing her to gag. The men had left, after gathering their things and thanking Justin for letting them 'Have a go at his wife' and 'Letting them fuck that tight little pussy'.

Black Cuckolding In Somalia

group Samuelx 2018-02-14

I sucked on the young brother's long and thick, uncircumcised dick while Omar kissed Shaima passionately and fondled those big breasts of hers. I got double teamed by my sexy wife Shaima and by Omar, the sexy bisexual brother next door, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Hard and fast Omar pumped his dick into Shaima's cunt, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Omar smiled as I buried my face between my wife Shaima's thighs and began licking his cum from her pussy like a true cuckold. I got on my knees and sucked Omar's big Black dick while Shaima watched us, fingering her pussy. Man, Omar's dick was even thicker than my wife Shaima's strap-on dildo.