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My inroduction and pathway to group sex. Part 10

group LuvitAll 2018-12-04

  Regardless of whatever else we did, he always pulled his cock out himself and held my head between his hands while he pushed it into my mouth.   I always loved that bit; loved the feeling of it sliding in and filling my mouth, pressing into my throat, pulling back and pushing in further.   I just knelt there, open, feeling his cock slapping in me and his finger sliding up my arse.   My hips became alive, pushing back against the cock and finger, wanting it deeper and harder.   I felt his cock start shrinking and my arse hole tightening around his finger.

Brittni's Gloryhole Addiction

group Brittni4u 2018-11-22

Heading to Shay and Dawson’s house, like I had previously done dozens of times, we pulled into the parking lot under the sign that read, “The Power of Love.” From driving past it so many times, it didn’t look as big as it did at that moment. Additional reasons I imagined for each guy that I had sucked off at the bookstore ranged from that unattractive high school boy my age who had trouble getting a girlfriend and needed to shoot a load just to keep from having wet dreams to a college athlete who needed to get ready for practice or the big game and needed that blowjob for a better performance. Other styles that guys would use cumming through the glory hole were arching their back, causing their cocks to stick out further which would force them deeper in my mouth.

Leanne. Cum slut

group styxx 2018-11-08

Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn’t felt since she was very young. She felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart and suddenly, a hard cock was pushing against her rose bud anus. Leanne had never been so massively filled, it felt like a rod had been pushed up her cunt and was now fucking her hard, driving the breath out of her lungs at the force of his thrusts. She pulled him out, took a deep breath and then shoved him all the way into her throat quickly, knowing that he was going to blast his load straight into her guts and knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

A Hotwife Gets That Irresistible Urge

group KenLukin 2018-11-01

I told him I was chatting with a friend and wanted to suck his cock while trying to type. My friend sent a, “Hi Rob,” message, and I honestly tried to type a response and begin to suck Rob’s cock at the same time. I messaged my friend to let him know Mark had arrived, then stopped typing and switch sucked both stiffening cocks, back and forth. I wanted to keep sucking, let him soften in my mouth while I savored his hot jizz, but Rob was there, stroking and waiting. Seriously intense cock sucking and deep-throating, lots of stroking, and soon he was ready. I was happy to let him know that I’d sucked and deep-throated Rob and Mark, and both had shot their hot juice into my mouth.

A Birthday Drink

group SouthJerseyMale 2018-09-23

I smiled at him when he asked and he knew I would do it, so he unzipped his pants and I started sucking his dick." Joe said sure and I never stopped sucking his dick. "'How about me?' Ken asked, and when I looked over, his dick was out." "So did you suck his dick too?" I asked, breathing heavy as Sue stroked me. "Yes. And while I was sucking his dick, Justin and Brian came out and sat in the back seat." "Oh god yes!" I said, and Sue gave me one of the most incredible blowjobs I've ever had, swallowing my load and smiling as she snuggled next to me, quickly falling into a deep, drunken sleep.

Video Amateurs Ch. 02

group betwixt_and_between 2018-09-13

Nicole watched intently as Karen grasped the base of Jerell's penis, took its massive head into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Waiting in the wings, Nicole seemed to study Karen's technique as she pondered what it would be like, knowing she soon would be sucking Jerell's cock herself. When he groaned, "I'm fittin' to cum." Karen withdrew and poised her face directly under the tip of his cock and jacked him furiously, her mouth opened wide and tongue extended. Karen reached up and grasped Jerell's cock head with thumb and forefinger, pinched down on it firmly for a count of three and said, "Hold that thought."

The Adventures of Julie Pt. 01

group pastmyprime23 2018-07-24

When the black guy she was sucking was getting ready I said, "Now remember, when I take this blindfold off you have to swallow all of his cum." She acknowledged with a full mouth and I untied the blindfold. I pulled the back of her hair and instructed, "Just take a look at the 6 guys you fucked and swallowed." Tears started in flowing in her eyes as she realized she had sucked off 4 black guys and several guys that she had been a bitch to. I stuck it in her mouth and said, "Show these guys what a slut you can be." I repeated the process a couple of times and then finally started pounding her ass.

Movie Night

group SouthJerseyMale 2018-04-08

She recalled their first trip to the Plaza where another couple was near the front and the woman was sucking a dick when Sue got nervous and they left. Instinctively, Sue opened her mouth and began sucking the stranger's cock, twirling her tongue around the head and moaning in pleasure at the tongue on her clit. The man she was sucking grabbed her hair and began throusting his dick in and out of her mouth and quickly came. "Now clean it up" he said when he pulled his throbbing cock out of her mouth, and he scooped up his cum from her chin and tits with his fingers and made her suck them clean.

Needs Fulfilled

group MsFlsh 2018-03-23

Opening my eyes I saw a hand working on a large thick cock. Tony had started the group with four of his friends and each Friday it seemed to grow I felt a hand on my thigh and my skirt being pushed up. My large heavy breasts, clearly exposed, gave me a "ready" look I knew the men liked. One of the men moved behind me and touched his cock to my wet opening. I closed my eyes and felt one's fingers enter me and a hand cup my breast and raise it to be kissed. Next Friday I would again be the object of sexual pleasure for a group of men and the thought of waiting till then was already stirring my desire for cock.

The Black Bears Ch. 01

group gimmie_your_load 2018-03-18

Keeping Joe very deep in her mouth, Lucia bobbed her head up and down only about a half an inch, just enough to removed the cock from her airway and take in a brief breath of air. Abandoning any attempt to warn Lucia, or shoo away Mike, Joe threw back his head, closed his eyes, and let out a long, low moan that would surely be heard by a few of the other passengers. Pushing on her head, Joe managed to dislodge Lucia, and the unexpected maneuver cause her to spill a small amount of cum she had been swirling in her mouth onto the floor of the bus.

A Birthday Goodbye

group pastmyprime23 2018-01-23

She grabbed the other guy's head and I watched my wife truly orgasm for the first time in probably 2 years. This time, however, she did not look at her lover, but glanced over at me with my cock in my hand and said, "You like watching your wife get fucked like a slut? She looked me in the eyes with the same love that she did years ago and as she came with my cock for the first time in a long time she said, "Come on, give me sloppy seconds - give me another load in my cunt." I pounded home, all the while staring in her eyes and at her cum-covered face.

The Phone Call

group Tween2Legs 2017-10-13

"Stacy wasn't at a concert last night." She left here about 8:30, said she was going to a concert, and, I dunno, got home sometime late last night," I countered. "Excuse me if I'm not understanding, but what does 'doing both guys and girls' mean?" I asked crossly. "You know, Stacy's really hot," he replied, ignoring my question. "I said 'She has nice tits.' As soon as she got to the party, she took off her top and showed her tits to everybody." It's a beautiful sight with her ass up in the air and some guy's cock pounding her cunt while her tits are hanging down and flopping and she's grunting and sucking on some cock or licking some pussy.